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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. adrienne: here it comes. a winter storm warning right now for most of us. the snow is moving in, just starting to , sometime tomorrow. we're already getting some snow closings. you can see them across the bottom of your screen. i'm in the weather watch 12 weather center with meteorologist lindsey slater. what is the latest? lindsey: it is starting to move in. the darker colors indicate some of the heavier pockets. most of us are getting the light snow, but this will not be the only time we see this.
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winter weather advisory's to the north, 3-5 inches of snow. winter storm warnings in the pink. 22 milwaukee. not a lot at cathedral square or in racine, but some pictures are coming in. look at that camera. it does show the snow falling on i-94 and us 18. tonight and tomorrow, not recommending driving. it will not be pleasant. the side streets will be. this is a powdery snow. -- this side streets will be bad. this is a powdery snow. stay inside, watch christmas movies, and stick with us for the latest updates. next, amounts and the full
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adrienne: thank you. several local communities already declaring snow emergencies. pleasant prairie and burlington are in effect right now. kenosha starts at midnight . watertown's snow emergency is set to begin tomorrow evening. we will keep you updated on that. and don't forget about the parking rules in the city of milwaukee. the dpw says they will let us know if and when the four-inch rule starts. so pay attention to the signs on the street. street, you could get a ticket or be towed. salt trucks hit the streets in milwaukee at 2:00 this afternoon to get ahead of the snow. and it's important for you to be prepared as well. 12 news' ben hutchison joins us live from 13th and galena. i know that that is pretty much a command post, lots of trucks coming and going there. >> it is. adrienne, as you mentioned, trucks have been out this afternoon pre-treating main
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streets here at the salt yard. we're still waiting on most of the snow to make it's way to milwaukee. the 102 trucks that are getting a jump start on the storm are laying down a pre wet salt meaning it has more of an , oatmeal consistency. that will prevent the salt from bouncing off the roadway. public works director of operations laura daniels says once the snow really starts falling people on the roads , should be aware of crews clearing the streets. >> miles per hour in a soul truck, you are plowing at the right speed, so our trucks might be slower than what you would like them to be, but be patient because it provides us an effective snow removal operation. >> back live, you can see the street next to me. it is starting to see some of that wetness, and the snow continues to fall.
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350 workers ready to tackle the storm. we'll be following developments throughout the night. in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. adrienne: ok, thank you. better call ahead if you're flying anywhere the next few winter weather is hitting days. several parts of the country this weekend. frontier airlines is allowing customers flying into and out of milwaukee to change their flight plans. you can track the snow from your phone or tablet. just download the wisn 12 news app. you can find the latest weather conditions, including weather alerts, and snow closi in other news milwaukee police , are investigating two separate baby deaths within just six hours. the first one at 33rd and west garfield just after 5:00 this morning. a three-month old baby girl died there. a autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. then just after 11:00 this morning, police found a five -week-old girl. you can see the police tape around the building near 51st and north.
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died. mpd tells us they haven't made any arrests in either case. a sad update to the search for a missing woman. you see her here on the screen. milwaukee police say they found the body of 30-year-old sabrina allen outside a home near palmer and townsend late this morning. she was missing since december 6. we know she had some kind of mental issues but investigators , aren't saying how she died. two greenfield police officers are hurt after their squad car was involved in an accident this afternoon. this is video from loomis and layton. police say a vehicle driven by an 1ar crossed the median on layton and hit the squad. you can see damage there to one of the cars. that driver and the two officers were all treated and released from the hospital. we're also hoping to get more information about the man who died after falling through the ice on a local lake. rescue crews arrived at lake como in walworth county yesterday afternoon and recovered the body of a 40-year-old man. authorities say because of the warm weather we have had, no ice is safe.
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when it's forming and when it's thawing. adrienne: officials don't know why the man was on the ice in the first place. milwaukee police are investigating a deadly car accident. it happened late last night at the intersection of 12th and hadley. police say a chevy suburban crashed into a dodge stratus. a 66-year-old man inside that car died at the scene. the driver of the suburban stayed on the scene and is cooperating with investigators. it looks like president-elect donald trump is getting closer secretary of state. today, he met for the second time in a week with exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson. tillerson would be a controversial pick because of his past ties to russia. exxon-mobil cut a major deal with a russian company three years ago. at the same time, trump's team is blasting suggestions that russia may have interfered in the november presidential election.
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with intelligence agencies right now that are saying we have not been hacked. adrienne: president obama has ordered an investigation into possible foreign cyber attacks during the presidential race. the president-elect will be in wisconsin on tuesday. donald trump will hold a rally at state fair park as part of his thank you tour. the rally starts at 7:00 p.m. another wisconsin county is just about finished recounting presidential ballots. dane county is expected to wrap up tonight. wisconsin elections commission said the statewide count was more than 88% complete. the deadline is 8:00 monday . we will keep you updated on that. in the meantime, one of trump's earliest backers in wisconsin says he'll be at that rally, tuesday night. state senate majority leader scott fitzgerald also tells upfront host mike gousha that upfront host mike gousha that he'd be interested, if trump had a job for him.
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that? >> i mean, it would have to be significant. it would have to be something that would be interesting and something that we could really be helpful on. adrienne: sunday on upfront, how fitzgerald says trump won wisconsin, and what the message is for the state republican party. upfront airs tomorrow morning at 9:00 right here on wisn 12. a battle over logos may be brewing between the bucks and a popular liquor maker. wisn 12 news' andy choi shows us how a logo meant to fear the deer might be infringing on a drink. of the milwaukee bucks is, of course, the basketball team's logo. and while these fans are more focused on golden eagles and badgers, we had to ask, does milwaukee's deer-ly beloved logo remind them of anything else? >> the neck is an "m" for milwaukee. >> yes, according to our
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jagermeister has filed its opposition to the bucks trademark application with the u.s. patent and trademark office. jagermeister says the bucks adopted the logo last year in bad faith and with an intent to cause confusion. would you mistake these two logos for each other? >> i would not. >> marquette marketing major katherine koridek says the deer clearly look different side-by-side, but she can understand jagermeister's concern. >> i don't see an issue. i see how they coul jagermeister. >> jagermeister argues confusion between the two companies will lead to jager's brand suffering, particularly if the bucks don't play well. adrienne: they argue confusion between the two companies will
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particularly if the milwaukee bucks do not play well. the big story tonight a winter storm is closing in right now. lindsey: i am tracking it right now. i will talk about who gets the most and the impact, coming up in weatherwatch 12. adrienne: we're not the only place battling winter weather. take a look at this. we'll show you where drivers are already getting stuck. and from milwaukee to the north pole. the special flight bringing a
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adrienne: and, taking a live look outside right now. in just a few hours, this scene should be blanketed wither we're running a list of weather-related closings along the bottom of your screen. in ohio, heavy snow is creating a lot of problems on the highway. cars are getting stuck on interstate 90 near the city of euclid. what a mess. you can see all of the powdery snow, which makes it tough for cars to get any traction, as we know here. fire officials are helping to get people out. in the meantime traffic , officials closed the highway.
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, ice instead of snow. a massive ice storm hit earlier this week. drivers say they're losing control even in four wheel drive , and with chains on their tires. coming up meterologist lindsey , slater will track the winter storm heading our way tonight. a holiday dream come true for dozens of kids suffering from some life-threatening illnesses. the kids, along with their families, flew from milwaukee to the north pole. the event started here in 1985. it's now in 20 other cities across the country, truly an unforgettable day for fali who really need the holiday spirit the most. >> just to come to the north pole, they are just having a wonderful time. they are happy, having fun, enjoying themselves with the other families here. adrienne: the kids certainly stayed busy. getting their faces painted.
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wrapping presents to unwrap smiles. more than 150 volunteers gathered at bayshore town center today, wrapping holiday gifts for the 44 boys and girls clubs throughout milwaukee. nearly 6000 presents will be passed out during the clubs' holiday parties this month. today's event marked the sixth year that the club is surprising its youth with holiday gifts. decorating sugar cookies. sounds good. that's how a group of eighth graders chose to spend their saturday. packages of their holiday cookies, called boxes of love, will be sold to support pathfinders. it is an organization providing southeastern wisconsin. cookie orders are closed for the season, but you can still help by sending a monetary donation to pathfinders online. temperatures are dropping, snow is on the way, but a reminder that ice on local waterways is still very thin. we have a picture for you of of cedarburg firefighters rescuing a dog that fell through the ice on a pond today. three divers managed to get the
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so that is the good news. all of us wondering about the storm heading our way. lindsey: i want to give you a timeline. here is a look tonight, light snow moving the end, accumulating, temperatures chilly, 20 three degrees, a couple of inches possible overnight. tomorrow between 6:00 and noon, this is when it will be at its heaviest, and that's why the traveling when ne from milwaukee through ozark he and a little bit of sheboygan county, it will be slippery and hazardous to travel. if you are going, allow yourself extra time, drive slow, and carpool. between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. on sunday, 5-8 inches. see the darker colors? that indicates the heavier amounts of snow.
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the heavy snow. the whiter colors indicate the light stuff. a lot of folks in sheboygan county are asking me where is the snow. the system is coming west to east, and this is where you are under winter weather advisories, the purple color. a lot of folks ask me this, first a watch is issued, den whether you get a winter weather advisory or a winter storm warning. a winter weather advisory is an upgrade from al quach, three--- from a watch, 3-5 inches. this goes all the way to sunday. i'll area of low pressure is in nebraska and bringing in all this snow. this will be a very long-lived
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, forward about two hours. this continues and will look the same for hours and hours. it will keep coming in from the west, moving its way towards the east. as the low gets closer toward sunday, we get more moisture and that heavy stuff. if you have church tomorrow morning, it will be hazardous to travel, so like i said, i hope you went to the grocery store today, because tomorrow will not be pleasant to drive at all. even i am scared to drive home. as we move through time, right around noon, maybe a few breaks, a signal this system is getting ready to wrap up. towards 2:00, 3:00, the last little push. that is the cold front pushing that system off towards the east. that is all over with by 9:00 at night.
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consistent with previous forecasts, 3-5 to the north, 5-8 inches is a good bet here. easy to shovel, hard to drive on. if you're near the state line, some folks could easily get seven-nine inches, and maybe more and local spots. get those shovels ready. the heaviest between 6:00 a.m. and noon, then after that, it gets stupid cold. these are windchills. that is awful. it will be really cold after the snow, and a lot of that is because the sun reflects right back on fresh snow, like having a mirror. as you can see, this is our plan this evening, snowy, road conditions as i have said multiple times not going to be great. if you need an excuse not to go
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snow continues through the day tomorrow, monday a break, then we are back to the bitter, bitter cold. adrienne: i am already looking ahead nervous to that. no thank you. lindsey: it's awful. adrienne: we will check back with you. thank you. coming up in sports, what the uw oshkosh football team is doing for the first time in school history. plus state bragging rights on , the line today bet stephanie sutton and stephen watson have team coverage up
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? marquette and wisconsin met today on the hardwood, renewing the i-94 rivalry. the 17th ranked badgers looking for revenge after losing to the golden eagles last year in madison. state bragging rights on the line this year in downtown milwaukee at the bmo harris bradley center. early on, khalil iverson making his presence known with the
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he had two dunks in the first half. game is tied at seven. marquette freshman markus howard answers back, the drive and one. he led the golden eagles with 22 points. also a big first half for senrio katin reinhardt. he hit his first four three-pointers. he finishes with 16 points. marquette up five at the half. but then the badgers start clawing at the scoreboard in the second half. the senior bronson koenig nails one from behind the arc. he led the badgers with 18 points. wisconsin goes on a 16-0 run. ethan happ scored zero points in the first half, but had a eleven in the second. wisconsin pulling away. nigel hayes, the dunk and the dagger. the badgers shoot 58% and earn state bragging rights this year. they beat the golden eagles on their home court 93-84. 12 sports stephen watson reports from the bradley center. stephen: six different badgers scored in double figures, one of them being ethan happ. the key to this game for the badgers was there 16-0 run early
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nine empty possessions from marquette. >> our offense helped our defense. we were able to score at the rim. >> you can't make a run if you keep trading buckets. so we had to make sure we had some stops. >> we wanted to come here and play hard and get the loose ball's first. >> we allow a t playing a team that has a chance to make a final four run and you get momentum, that is a recipe for disaster. stephen: in the last seven meetings, six games decided by 10 or less points. in the last 15 games, wisconsin leads marquette 8-7 in wins. stephanie: thank you, stephen. after a heartbreaking loss last night in milwaukee, the bucks
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the game against the wizards tipped off about 20 minutes ago. we will have highlights for you at 10:00. finally uw-oshkosh hosting john , carroll in the semi-finals of the division three college football playoffs. after a scoreless first half, the titans took the opening drive of the third quarter 71 yards, and capped it off with this three-yard quarterback keeper by brett kasper. but this sack by brandon llyod seals the deal for oshkosh. john carroll only had two losses this year, and both were to the titans. for the first time in school history, the titans will be playing in the division three national title game, otherwise known as the stagg bowl uw-oshkosh wins today 10-3. dan needles attended that
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adrienne: here is a live look outside. the snow starting to come down. lindsey: our radar is lit up. there is snow all over. we have several hours of this event, probably 36 hours, so make sure you get everything done now before the travel gets
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? announcer: right now, this is big 12 sports saturday, brought to buy pottawatomie hotel and casino. dan: good evening and welcome to big 12 sporttu i am dan needles. he is drew olson. he has offered to snow blow all his neighbors. what a guy. yes the latest, most important , game of the season for the packers is tomorrow at lambeau field against the seahawks. snow is expected to be even more of a factor than it was during last sunday's win over houston. seattle comes into this game, winners of four of their last


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