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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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did not cause too much trouble. it will go all the way until the middle of the night on sunday night come ending around -- night, ending around monday morning. many do not understand what a winter storm watch is? it means it could impact travel. it could be sixnc advisory, which will likely happen later this evening. we have snow on the way. we will let you know how much to expect, coming up. patrick: thanks, mark. kathy: 12 news adrienne pederson is live with the plan to make sure the streets stay safe during the snow. adrienne: good evening. this is what you could call the home base. they just closed the gate within
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they are done for the night. but hundreds of people with public works will be on duty this weekend. and you should know salt is a bit different this season. it's pre-wet, meaning it has more of an oatmeal consistency. so what does that mean? according to laura daniels with dpw, this will make it much better for us drivers. the salt won't just hide under parked cars, but be spread out. >> our employees, up to 350 of them, will be have safe and passable streets. adrienne: and of course we will be on top of it as well. there is something interesting to put it in perspective, , tackling a storm like the one we're expecting this weekend, not even our biggest, will cost about $1.5 million. that is according to public works in milwaukee, i'm adrienne . pedersen, wisn 12 news. patrick: a reminder, winter parking rules are in effect in the city of milwaukee. the amount of snow that falls will determine whether the 4 inch rule will take effect.
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so be sure to read the signs carefully. ? kathy: if you aren't ready for the big snow, you still have a little time. this is the ace hardware in wauwatosa. the store has plenty of shovels and bags of salt in stock, but people were already busy buying their supplies. >> my snowblower i got all set a couple of days ago. and you know, now the salt i i have to get because i need to put it on after i snow blow. kathy: stay with 12 news and weather watch 12 through out the weekend as the storm develops. you can also track the snow and check any closings online or on our app. an icy water rescue is underway in walworth county. patrick: divers are in lake como, searching for a man. they're navigating the dark, and the bitter cold. 12 news ben hutchison is live in the town of geneva. and you are getting an idea of what happened. reporter: i am told it is a recovery efforts at this point.
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couple of hours offshore and to the boast -- the boats have come in. we have information from sources, learning that a man left the clubhouse at geneva national and walked out onto the ice. and assistance call was made. and when he fell through the ice, some were called in. because of conditions, it made the rescue operation difficult. back out here, you see the emergency lights behind me. i spoke with a woman who is with the homeowners association. she says this lake breeze is extremely quickly during the year. i checked online, it is nine feet at maximum depth. but everybody says it was too early to be out on the ice. patrick: thank you. a waukesha county teenager is
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local children into sex acts for cash. wisn 12 news nick bohr is at the waukesha county courthouse, where the teen is facing more than twenty felonies. reporter: 18-year-old adam rosman was just in intake court here in waukesha facing 21 felony counts, accused of grooming boys he found on snapchat to provide sexually explicit videos and photos and eventually sexual contact. reporter: 18-year-old adam rosman of sussex in court to to face charges, he victimized seven 16-year-old boys over the past year. prosecutors say rosman knew some of the boys from sussex hamilton high school, and many of the sex acts took place behind a lisbon strip mall this summer. >> a paid thousands of dollars to different teenage boys were sexually explicit videos and sex acts that he would perform on
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counts, he could face 21 years in prison. he is due back in court next month. patrick: rosman is accused of paying the boys hundreds of dollars each, and telling several of them they would have to go to juvenile detention if police found out. rosman's father was in court this afternoon but didn't comment as he left. new tonight cudahy police say , they've made an arrest in a child enticement from earlier this week. a 13-year-old girl told police a man approached her as she was walking home from school on and yelled sexually explict tuesday, comments at her. police arrested a 33-year-old cudahy man last night. kathy: a key thief caught in the act. this is surveillance video from the iconic ambassador hotel. police say this man stole the master keys tuesday to all the rooms. investigative reporter colleen henry is live there with a story you'll see only on 12 news. reporter: the hotel security
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he walked through the front door like a guest. an art deco gem, the ambassador has hosted the famous and the infamous. now a local burglar has added his name to the hotel's storied lore. >> walks right in, says hello to the security guard. reporter: once they discovered the burglary hotel staff went to the surveillance video, there was another suspect. walking through the hotel lobby like he owned the joint. >> he looked just like a normal hotel guest away. >> jon jossart says the suspect made his way through the basement conference area into the bowels of the ambassador , where he found a set of master keys in the housekeeping area. he used the keys to steal about $5000 worth of property, including cash, cell phone and power tools. >> we changed the locks, we rekeyed the entire guest room floors and made sure there was no way anybody could access any 58 back end of the hotel or
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immediately recognized the guy in the video from an earlier prowling complaint and arrested him that night just a few doors , from the hotel. police say he lives just a few blocks away. no one answered there friday the -- the gm is just thankful friday. police caught him so quickly. >> by taking all those types of keys and things he thought he had access to, he had intention to come back. reporter: the hotel says it does not know which case or -- keys work what kind of access you would have had. now that suspect is waiting for the prosecution to decide whether -- kathy: an elderly man accused of shooting two of his neighbors pleads not guilty by reason of mental disease. police say hubert smith shot the two men back in october 2015 , after a backyard dispute. both survived. smith is also charged with assaulting a hotel worker while
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patrick: wisconsin's presidential recount is almost complete. the wisconsin elections commission says 64 of the state's 72 counties have finished their recount. that's 88.5% of the ballots that have been recounted. milwaukee and waukesha counties are done counting. they're just finalizing their reports to send to the state. >> all the errors that we encountered were minor human errors, and human errors are going to occur. the election results did not change as a result of the recount. the recount is monday night. on tuesday, the state will officially certify its election results. a federal judge earlier today refused to stop the recount. two pro-trump groups filed a lawsuit last week wanting to stop the process. the judge this morning said no, noting the recount is almost done and there's virtually no chance the results will change. kathy: house speaker paul ryan met with the president-elect this morning at the trump tower
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reporters the two talked about policy priorities. >> we really enjoyed meeting with the president elect. we had a great meeting and we are excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running to get this country back on track. kathy: the president-elect will be in wisconsin on tuesday. donald trump will hold a rally at state fair park as part of his thank you tour. the rally starts at 7:00 p.m. you can register for tickets. we have the link posted on the 12 news app and patrick: one of trump's earliest backer w night. state senate majority leader scott fitzgerald also tells upfront host mike gousha, he'd be interested, if trump had a job for him. >> so if you were asked to serve in some capacity in a trump administration, you'd be open to that? >> i mean, it would have to be significant. it would have to be something that would be interesting and something that we could really be helpful on. patrick: sunday on upfront, how fitzgerald says trump won wisconsin, and what the message is for the state republican party.
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9:00 here on wisn 12. ,kathy: new tonight at 10:00 am a local basketball players take a knee during the national anthem and colin kaepernick retweets it. the consequences those players will face if they repeat the move at their next game. and so much more than a paycheck, i talk about how cancer and chocolate have new meaning for one woman. patrick: we then the cold. mark: i am talking about the snow and the cold and temperatures, next. >> and a special milestone reached today. ? patrick: and tom petty is coming
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? >> ? i'm free free falling ? patrick: from snow to summerfest, tom petty and the heartbreakers will celebrate their 40th anniversary at the big gig.
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marcus amphitheater. they'll be joined by special guest, chris stapleton. tickets go on sale one week from today. petty is the third summerfest headliner announced. red hot chili peppers play opening night, wednesday, june 28. pink will perform sunday, july 2. tickets for both those shows are already on sale. new at 6:00, a historic day for the wisconsin state patrol. kathy: captain tony burrell was officially promoted to major. burrell is only the second african-american ever to be promoted to this rank in the state patrol. >> is an honor and privilege. i am looking forward to the opportunity that this position allows me to have. i believe hard work pays off. being with the patrol for 26 years, you get the knowledge and experience to do this job. kathy: burrell was the commanding officer in charge when trooper ryan casper was killed on his first day on the job.
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burrell helped carry trooper casper from the shooting scene. patrick: fake news versus real news, it's becoming a real issue. so how do you deal with it? plus, democrats looking for a way to connect with voters. soledad o'brien tackles those issues and more this week on "matter of fact." >> the democrats severed a on election day, so where does the party go from here? >> rebuilding the democratic brand in small-town america and the middle of the we have to start right away. >> and in the internet inundated with fake news, so how can you distinguish between a credible news source and a fake one? we will 10 about that on "matter of fact" this week. patrick: watch this sunday morning at 10:30 right here on wisn 12.
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that could make this storm worst. -- worse. it will not be the entire weekend. you still have time tonight and most of the day tomorrow. if you have plans tomorrow evening, different story. it is snowing in franklin. and at the sports complex where they are making snow. it works. they are making the base and it will be a winter wonderland moving ahead to saturday and sunday. it will start on saturday evening. and sunday will be nice. highways and major interstates, i think we will be ok for the most part. you will need to slow down, distance between you and the car in front of you. use common sense and turn on your lights. side street and driveways, those will be slippery, so you need to
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are going to lambeau on 43 or on 41. be ready for that. and chicago will be rough. and more snow toward the twin cities. but the road conditions, those will not really be fine. and all models coming into agreement. 5-7 edges of snow -- inches of snow in milwaukee. most places getting 5-8 inches of snow out of this. it will be sticking around. and we will get cold and lesser amounts in those counties, 3-5 inches. everybody will need to shovel. this will be starting sunday -- saturday evening through sunday evening. we could have slippery roads slowing things down, but i do not think it will stop travel. if you have airline travel into saturday and sunday, it will
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it will be powdery different from the wet snow. i suggest that you shovel sunday morning and sunday evening. it will be slippery and travel could be tough, but it will be possible. and we have this sitting in wyoming, making its way to the south. and taking a look at future cap, look at this as it goes into the planes -- plains, quickly into wisconsin. 8:00 on saturday, we start to see it really -- filling in. it will be slippery on saturday night, no question. sunday morning, same story. it will be snowing most of the day on sunday. and by 5:00, you start to get a break and that things taper off on sunday. 24 hours of snow.
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really any problems tonight. 24 for the high on saturday. it will be mostly cloudy skies and dry. the snow coming on saturday evening. and then it will continue all day on sunday. it will be a high of 32 bit and then it will get a little bit wetter sunday afternoon. and with all of that snow on the ground, it will make a colder as cold air arrives on tuesday. and nasty cold front coming in thursday. and then on friday, this cold air lasting into christmas. this is what we have on the ground. anything we add on to it, could be sticking around. kathy: shovel twice on sunday. ok. it could be the next making a murderer. a college sophomore found dead, the person serving a life sentence for her murder, says
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and should be a free man. abc news elizabeth vargas says, there's a lot of smiliarities here to steven avery. >> two men who are very similar. they come from very poor backgrounds. in this case, mark carver didn't even go to high school, he has a very low iq of about 61 and was questioned many, many times about the murder of a young woman who was found dead about 100 yards from where he was fishing on the river. kathy: you can watch 20-20 at 9:00. then stay tuned for 12 news at 10:00. patrick: a busy weekend for sports. and it's rivalry week for marquette and wisconsin on the hardwood. reporter: and we will hear from aaron rodgers, up next in sports.
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? stephanie: head coach mike mccarthy said today, not only does he watch video of the packers' next opponent, he also watches what the weather will be
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showdown against the seahawks at lambeau field, simliar to last week's game against the texans. snow. and if the white stuff comes again, the packers are ready on offense and defense. both sides of the ball know the key to winning in cold, winter weather conditions is to hang onto the ball and try not to turn it over. >> it is a big part of any bad weather games. keeping the football opponents with high socks -- sacks. >> the more turnovers the more it will help us out. and definitely, that is a heavy interest for us. every week we want to have a high turnover ratio. that is what we got to do on sunday. stephanie: bucks are back in action tonight at the bmo harris bradley center, when they host the atlanta hawks.
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games. tipoff is at 7:00. college hoops. this is not only rivalry week for marquette and wisconsin, it's also freshman guard sam hauser's birthday week. he turned 19 yesterday. so far, the stevens point native is having an impressive year with the golden eagles, including already being named big east freshman of the week. and hauser would like nothing more for his birthday than to get a win over the badgers tomorrow on marquette's home court. >> enjoy the be a good birthday present to win it on saturday, said that is the goal. we are 2-07 are this week and we will make it 3-0. stephanie: and finally in some suprising news, anthony showtime pettis misses his weight by 3 pounds. meaning he can't win the ufc featherweight title tomorrow night. he can still fight, but if he wins 20% of his earnings goes to , his competitor, max holloway.
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missed his weight for a fight. patrick: three pounds. stephanie: i went on the scale this morning and i gained those three pounds. kathy: stay inside over the weekend and to celebrate a little holiday cheer. >> ? i don't want a lot for christmas, this is all i'm asking for. ? patrick: special encore presentation of the kickoff of the holiday lights festival. hosted by 12 news ben wagner and melinda davenport, you can see it tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 right here on wisn 12. patrick: it was warm that night. kathy: and a great show. mark: right before we see those snowflakes around here. it will not be warm for the weekend. it will be dry on saturday and saturday evening is when the snow will begin. it will continue on sunday.
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it will not be an onslaught of heavy snow, it will be a long time of heavy -- of snow. you will be shoveling in the morning and during the day.
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?? ? angelina out of hiding. where we spotted her and the kidssafter her war of words with brad. >> then a bristol palin baby bombshell. her exclusive announcement to e.t. >> an office christmas party ar night in jail. >> >> we deliver a message from his friend and former co-star betty white. >> congratulations, ryan. oh, how wonderful. >> she has no idea she's the mother. >> and our one-on-one with betty still cracking us up at nearly 95. >> is there one thing out there that betty white still wants to do? >> robert redford.


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