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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CST

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find it at 7800 stores across the united states. it is available for a limited time. i didn't know they are still doing that. >> well, apparently starbucks is. >> 6:00. the news continues. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, friday, december 9th. big announcement from the milwaukee county. >> late night rescue, the latest on the crash that sent a car through a home. >> plus, we are on weather and traffic watch, it is a cold morning and matt is coming up, first to meteorologist jeremy nelson. >> good morning, it is cold across southeast wisconsin, the temperatures close to 20
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windchill to contend with. clear to partly cloudy downtown milwaukee. 24 degrees. the west to northwest breeze and taking the temperature and making it feel like like 13. the temperatures teens to 20s statewide. the overnight low in the lower 20s. again, it is feeling brisk out there with a little breeze. the temperatures low 20s. not much of a temperature climb in the afternoon. 25 or dry tonight. we have snow over the weekend. the updated snowfall forecast, seeing is believing on that one. now up to matt. >> good morning to you and everyone, we are over 41 #, 45, this is where capitol drive under the freeway. right now both directions are looking great.
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no crashes reported on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. a sheboygan deputy involved in a crash along i-43 near pp. the interstate was closed for two hours this morning while the crews worked to clear the scene. we are told that the deputy was trapped inside of the cruiser, but th able to get her out. >> with a few days to spare t rekoint in milwaukee county is finished. the county election workers wrapped up yesterday evening and now waiting for the results of the recount. hillary is live with a look ahead. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, melinda. it is a wrap here where the poll workers have been recounting for a week now and it is done and
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how that works, election officials are starting to tabulate the vote results and file the final numbers with the wisconsin election commission tomorrow and we are able to see the results. in the first count, president-elect donald trump won wi by 22,000 votes in wisconsin and the first republican candidate to win the state since 1984. now, milwaukee's recount is that deadline was the 12th. so they are ahead of schedule. and once the tabulation is finished, again, you are able to see it online. we have a link at for now, live on the south side, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. now according to latest information from the wisconsin elections commission, 48 of the 72 counties in wisconsin are
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sheboygan, waukesha and kenosha. >> all 72 counties are on track to finish by monday night. those results will be handed to the federal government on december 13th. the electoral college is meeting december 19th to elect the next president. >> president-elect donald trump is helicoptering to travel around the country as part of a thank you tour and expected to hold mti cabinet. we are in washington with the latest. >> president-elect donald trump with more meetings in new york and then travelling to iowa and michigan. back on the road to thank the battleground iowa. >> we will make america strong again. we are will america rich again.
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and we will make america great again. >> the president-elect struck a unifying and softer tone even as a protester interrupted. >> oh, that is okay. that's okay. >> along with donald trump, mike pence and iowa governor, who was selected for the ambassador to china. >> i am proud to serve america in this very important role. he's one of the picks rolled out this week. the president-elect defending his choices. >> i want people to make a fortune because they are negotiating with you, okay. >> before the president-elect heads to the next thank you rally tonight in michigan, he meets with democrat senator from west virginia and going to baton rouge to candidate for a senate
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west allis next week as part of the thank you tour. mike pence will be with him. he's at the wisconsin state fair expo center tuesday night. >> new, a serious accident, it happened near highway p and wisconsin avenue. look at the video from the crash that happened last night. we know at least one person was air lifted to the hospital. no word on the condition this morning. >> also, serious condition this morning after being shot overnight. this happened around 11:00 near 26 in milwaukee. he was taken to the hospital. the shooting is under investigation. >> milwaukee police are investigating a double homicide from thursday morning. the officers say a man and woman shot and killed in a home. two children were hiding in a closet.
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florist. the names are not yet released. >> only on 12 news, the milwaukee police are cutting down on the police chases and taking the suspects into custody by using technology. check this out. it is called star chase, it is a gps monitoring device on the police vehicles, this surveillance vehicle of the officers attempting to pull over a black car on tuesday night for speeding and reckless driving. the police activated chase nigh their car and the squad carte shoots a dart that sticked to the suspect's vehicle. >> it is nice to have another piece of technology and tool to help us do our jobs. >> it is making you look forward to catching the guys and taking them to jail, taking their drugs. >> milwaukee police say since
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spring, it is used successfully more than a 150 times. >> that is cool. >> yes. star chase. >> something a lot of people love or hate, the snow is coming. >> and yes a lot of it. i won't give it away, jeremy. >> well, enough to shovel or plow here. that doesn't begin until later on saturday. what is late? , saturday no. concerns for snow. dry conditions out there this morning. temperatures are around 20. warming up to the mid 20s for the afternoon. the snow coming in later on saturday and continuing into sunday. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> we are over 894. beloit over the top of the
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of 894 from the hale up to zoo. good spacing, dry pavement and full freeway speeds. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> looking ahead, a new record could be set at the bucks game, closing in kareem's franchise records. the greek freak got his second triple double of the season wednesday night. he had 15 points, 12 boards and 11 assists for the 7th career triple double. the second most with the franchise who has 8. he could tie the record tonight against the hawks. >> now the packers are preparing to take on seattle on sunday and
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top two outside line backers. rick perry is ruled. clay matthews questionable for the weekend with a shoulder injury. and aaron rodgers was limited in practice but is expected to play. kickoff is 3:25. >> the milwaukee ice fishing show opens today at state fair park. check out the gear and get advice from the experts. now this is the third year for this show. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:10. honoring one of the last space pioneers. >> he was an american hero, john glenn, memories that one community is sharing. >> prehistoric evidence frozen
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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>> tgif. we take a look outside in
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there. we are not expecting the temperatures to approach 40 degrees for a few days. we know we have temperatures close to 20, add in the breeze, here with the windchills, feels like 9 in west bend. 5 in waukesha and the kids at the bus stop have dry pavement but chilly out there with the temperatures right around 20. we talk about the snow in the weekend forecast and how much we are now to matt. >> we are over the south side, 43, 94 northbound, southbound. beecher is under the freeway. if you follow the taillights no problems right now. no delays at this point. in fact, no delays on the system right now. all after the travel times are in the green.
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>> matt, now to slippery road conditions in michigan, they are blamed for a 40 car pile up yesterday. this happened 50 miles west of detroit during the morning commute here. take a look at this. the officials shutdown the highway inning both directions. three people were killed and 11 taken to the hospital. >> another pileup, this along the ohio pennsylvania border yesterday. a crash involving 13 vehicles. the highway closed for 1 # 4 hours, 15 people were hurt and sent to the hospitals. >> also, the world is remembering astronaut john glennn, the first american to orbit the earth died yesterday at the age of 95. he was hospitalized a week ago
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the cause of death is not disclosed yesterday. the people here in wisconsin are remembering glenn. >> these people are like columbus going to places we'll never get to and did it for the first time. >> now, in a statement, president obama said quote john always had the right stuff inspiring generations of scientists, engineers, and astronauts who will take us to mars and beyond. >> new, south korea impeached the president. he was the country's first female president that became involveed in a corruption scandal. hundreds were protesting. the prime minister is taking over why the court decides whether she should step done for good. >> defense secretary ash carter
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consult with military commanders. this is his last planned trip to afghanistan beforehanding the responsibilities to successor. carteer is scheduled to meet later on friday with the afghanistan's president. about ten thousand u.s. troops remain in afghanistan training and advising the security forces. >> 99 million year ole fossil almost became a piece of jewelr were found preserved. it was found in a market in asia and it is a once in a lifetime find and it is a creature that was the size of a sparrow. >> early gift for the salvation army in waukesha county a gold south african county found in a red kettle.
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worth 1 # -- $1,200. they are thrilled with this generosity. >> it is very special and it is important to us, because right now, we are running behind in our kettles by $25,000. so we have a long ways to go. >> they are saying they may auction off the 1978 coin to bring in more to meet the >> arctic blast on the way has delayed the grand opening of the red arrow park ice skating rink. it was scheduled for december 15th, but with the temps expected in the single digits they have postponed it until december 21st. we hope it will be a little warmer. the crews are filling in the rink with the water. >> before you know it, people
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colder. >> you mentioned christmas, actually a warm up is coming our way close to christmas. now, in the short term, we have a lot of cold and snow to deal with. the cold right now, snow in the weekend forecast. now to if you are travelling across the area, green means go, no issues. green light for most of saturday. it is not even we throw up the snow across the area on saturday night and sunday. temperatures 20s. maybe around 30 degrees. so this is a snow that sticks to the pavement. unlike last weekend when it melted away. clear skies at the moment. i expect the river to be icing up next week with the single digits.
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12. it is brisk feeling this morning. with the windchills in the lower teens. radar network, a couple of flurries near janesville. we focus on the next storm system, the snow is just beginning to develop now in the high plains. that streams east today and arriving here later on saturday. let's go over the updated timing. we have sunshine through midday on saturday. here comes the snow. i would say by 7:00 p.m. we see the approach waukesha and and fond du lac. snow is continuing through saturday night into sunday morning. could be a band of steady snow across the area. potentially a real brief break going into sunday morning. then this is winding down by sunday evening. a general band of 4-8 inches expected across the area. allow extra time for the travel
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temps 20 to 30. by next week, check this out, temperatures are plunging into the single digits for the highs, thursday high of only 9. bitter cold is headed our way after the snow. >> thank you. >> aaron rodger's girlfriend has an unusual hobby. >> she talks about the love for mushroom hunting. >> i come in, aaron, you have to see this mushroom that i found, and he's really nice and then throws it away. but yeah, he's not into mushrooms. i'm really into it. >> that is funny. >> i feel like i would do that too. you don't want to mess with them. >> yeah. >> catch the interview on ellen at 4:00, followed by the wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya and patrick. 6:21 #. he just wanted to make himself
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>> police arrests a man after taking a shower in his old home. >> plus, wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix are here with weekend picks. good morning. >> good morning, it is about the holiday music. >> i could be in the band. >> we are giving away tickets. you said what are your favorite lyrics to the song. come on, wes? >> there are none. show is sunday. it is a great time. coming up next, a local competition with a $5,000 prize and we need your help to be part of it. i'm in. >> that is coming up. you are watching "wisn 12 news
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>> all right. good morning. thanks for the great friday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the schools across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. >> if you are interested in a visit, head to and
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nominations also for the top teacher award. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:25. >> it is friday, this weekend plenty to do to get in the spirit. >> yes, wes and elizabeth from 99.1 are here with the weekend picks. >> good morning, this weekend is all about the choir competition. it is happening on saturday at the meijer in waukesha. it is a choir between a lot of schools, marquette is out there, and they are competing for $5,000 prize. it is starting at 12:30 and the community needs to vote for the winner. >> and you are at meijer. >> yes, shop. and take part in this. they need your votes. $5,000 prize, that is a big deal. that is happening tomorrow at the meijer in waukesha. that is the weekend pick. back to you guys.
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wisn 12 news time now is 6:26. keeping the water you drink safe. >> what the leaders are going to
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tim: overnight a deputy in sheboygan county trapped in her vehicle after a crash. what we're learning about the crash and where it tied up traffic early this morning. melinda: and summerfest set to make another announcement today. the details we learned overnight about who's joining the lineup at the big gig next summer. tim: plus, a cold start this morning. there's snow in the forecast when you may see flakes start to fallyo good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this friday, december 9th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. good morning, jeremy. >> we have the cold air in place, not many clouds across southeast wisconsin. a couple of flurries near janesville. temperatures close to 20 degrees
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check this out, they are making the snow at the rock sports complex. a little glow there on the horizon. sunrise is 7:11. the first cut forecast, have the coffee nice and warm early on. the temperatures not warm today, mid 20s. we look ahead to the snow in the weekend forecast. time to get the shovels out. how much we are expecting coming up. now to matt up in news chopper >> jeremy, we are not far from the rock, by the hale interchange. this is a cool shot from the air. getting the runs filled in ahead of the weekend enhancer. the pavement is dry across the system. in fact, turning the camera to 894 looking good here. no delays on the travel times. everything is in the green. that's a look at the morning
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>> matt, thank you. melinda: new from overnight, a sheboygan county deputy involved in a crash along i-43 near county highway pp. that's between sheboygan and kohler. the interstate was closed for about two hours early this morning while emergency crews worked to clear the scene. we're told the deputy was trapped in her cruiser but responders were able to get her out. tim: looking ahead, addressing concerns about milwaukee's water safety. there is a meeting today addressing the topic. hillary mintz is live with a good morning, hillary. reporter: tim, replacing miles and miles of pipeline across the city below ground, that is not cheap and the city officials are talking about with the ways to come up with the money to do it. at 9:00 a.m. the task force is meeting at city hall and talking about how to pay for the new pipes. officials are taking comments from from the public. right now no lead in the city's
6:33 am
the lead service lines. the mayor is saying that replacing the pipes takes year and it is costly and in the meantime, install a water filter. if you want to be part of the conversation this morning, again, how to pay for replacing the lead service lines, head to city hall at 9:00 a.m. >> thank you, hillary. tim: new from overnight, all signs point to another big name is set to perform at summerfest. overnight tom petty and the heartbreakers announced a new tour with two dates at summerfest. according to the band's website they'll play at the marcus amphitheater july 5th and 6th.
6:34 am
made the announcement yet, but late last night, the big gig tweeted out this image with the words "there's something good waitin' down this road." those are tom petty lyrics. >> should be a good show, tim. melinda: a milwaukee man apologizes in court for his role in the death of five-year old laylah petersen. the little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap when a bullet flew into the house two years ago and killed her. police say the gunmen meant to attack a rival but hit the wrong house. yesterday a judge sentenced arlis gordon to 30 years behind bars and 19 years extended supervision. >> i would like to give my condolences to the family and the friends of laylah petersen, not only because of the tragic incident but because i, too, know the feeling of losing a loved-one close to me. melinda: gordon is the third man sentenced in the crime. the other shooter, carl barrett, was sentenced to 65 years in prison just last week. paul farr, the getaway driver,
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tim: two bankers charged in an elaborate check writing scheme worth nearly $400,000. according to a criminal complaint, tony tourtillott and anna chaberek worked at separate credit unions in waukesha county but worked together to steal the money. she would use checks from the enterprise credit union where she worked and he would cash them at the focus credit union where he worked. the complaint says this happened most every monday, wednesday, and friday and the two would use thmo narcotic pain reliever. if convicted, each faces up to 40 years in prison. melinda: a green bay man working to remove the city's mayor from office. he claims mayor jim schmitt should have been removed as soon was he was convicted of violating campaign finance laws. >> i'm hoping -- the judge let me down, i'm hoping the city
6:36 am
to have the mayor removed. it needs support from 75 percent of green bay's city council. schmitt's attorney says the council doesn't have the authority to remove schmitt from office since the violations happened during the campaign not during his term. tim: students at several uw schools will pay more for tuition next school year. the board of regents has approved a tuition hike for out-of-state undergrads and graduate students. the campuses affected include madison, milwaukee, eau claire, la crosse, green bay, and stout, plus t students at uw-madison will see the biggest increase, $4,000 a year. the schools say they need the extra money because of the governor's four-year freeze on in-state undergraduate tuition. melinda: some important christmas deadlines are coming up. if you are mailing presents, the us postal service deadline is december 15th for standard post. you have a little more time if you do first class mail. that deadline is december 20th. the 21st for priority mail and
6:37 am
express. tim: right now, sharing holiday lights across southeast wisconsin. let's take a look. this is 16th and holt avenue in milwaukee. very pretty. every square inch is covered in lights. from the led's in the trees, to the icicle lights around the frame of the house. it is absolute sight to see. if you see a holiday lights display you think we should highlight, send us an email with the address. then watch 12 news at ten monday through friday for more colorful >> gorgeous. very pretty. now to the morning commute. matt? >> tim, we have a crash on the south side, off of the freeway, 43, 94 over the top of beecher street here in the west bound lanes of beecher under neath the freeway. the squads and tow truck are on the scene. no delays on the system. that is good news. we are delay free across the
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a head-on crash caught on camera. tim: a tow truck and a car collided in pensacola, florida. state troopers say the tow truck crossed the center line. a van managed to veer out of the way but a trailer behind that van clipped the truck. that sent the tow truck even farther into the opposing lane and then crashing into a c the driver of the truck and the car are both in the hospital this morning. tim: a crash in north carolina sends tons of food onto the highway. melinda: the truck was loaded with kraft products like macaroni and cheese and more. take a look at the mess here. two lanes of the interstate had to be closed near charlotte while crews cleared the scene. wow. look at the blue boxes. it took around seven hours to get the road clear. state troopers say the driver may have fallen asleep and then
6:39 am
the truck driver has been cited for reckless driving. melinda: also new this morning, three shipwrecks disappear from the ocean floor decades after they sank. tim: the dutch government is pushing for an investigation into where they went. a dutch warship along with a british ship and an american submarine sank off the coast of indonesia during world war two. recently, divers discovered that the wreckage is no longer there. indonesian officials are baffled. they're working to find out what happened to the shipwrecks. >> wisn 12 news time is 6:39. still ahead, a woman accused of identity theft. melinda: the problem, the card belonged to her. the misunderstanding that put her face on a wanted poster. tim: plus, undoing the damage. done by package thieves. the police officers who took matters into their own hands and
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete! so on my 400th workaversary, i moved on to greener pastures! okay!
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>> good morning. taking a live look outside right now from news chopper 12.
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building. i was up there the other day and the gliem was blue and going to gold. what you see is what you get with the cold conditions. when the flame is flickering, rain or snow. tonight or tomorrow they are going to change that. we have know in the weekend forecast. outside of the weather window this morning, cold out there. west to northwest breezeel in racine and feels-like te snow developing saturday evening and saturday night. light snow on sunday. an arctic blast coming in next week. we get to that coming up. now upstairs to matt salemme. >> 25th over the top of the freeway there.
6:44 am
no delays from waukesha into milwaukee. nice easy trip. no crashes. just one under the system on beecher. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: this morning, remembering an american pioneer. john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth, has died at age 95. the former astronaut had been in an ohio hospital for more than a week. the cause of his death has not been released. in 1962, glenn orbited the earth three times. he later served as a senator epresenting ohio for 24 years. tim: right now, officials are working to identify the victims of a plane crash in pakistan. 47 people died in the crash. yesterday, their remains were taken to islamabad where dna testing will help identify the victims. the plane was traveling from a
6:45 am
islamabad when it crashed on wednesday. everyone on board was killed. tim: right now, rescue crews in indonesia are searching through rubble after an earthquake. they're looking for survivors and the remains of victims. more than 100 people are confirmed dead after the 6.5 magnitude earthquake. hundreds of buildings were destroyed in the quake which hit just before dawn on wednesday. melinda: a 6.5 earthquake hit off the coast of california but there are no reports of injuries or damage. the us geological survey says the quake hit early thursday morning about 100 miles off the california coast. people in the town of ferndale felt shaking. >> i just thought (inaudible) was shaking. >> yes, i felt the earthquake in eureka. it was long, it kind of rolled, but it was long. melinda: again, no damage reported after the earthquake, but san francisco's public transit system did slow down yesterday as a precaution. melinda: an earthquake triggers
6:46 am
right now, those tsunami warnings have been canceled. a powerful earthquake shook the islands in the south pacific. the 7.8 magnitude quake hit early this morning. more than 500,000 people live on the solomon islands. they took to higher ground while those warning were in effect. tim: a woman in arizona wakes up to a stranger in her shower. it happened the weekend of thanksgiving. the mom quickly got her two daughters, hid in a closet and called 911. when police arrived, they arrested the man who was wearing just a towel. the woman says he left behind a lot of damage. she did not want to be identified. >> he left blood on the walls. he tore out the plumbing in the shower. he ripped off the shower rod. tim: police say that just hours before he had gotten a ride home from officers. he was intoxicated and got into
6:47 am
home where he used to live several years ago. police have apologized to the woman for not keeping a closer eye on the suspect. melinda: new this morning, a north dakota bus driver is in trouble. police say he abandoned kids on the side of the road after yelling and swearing at them. >> you shut your mouth. you get off the bus right now, you're walking. i don't care where you get off. melinda: the driver was caught on camera calling the kids names and using racial slurs. video shows the driver pulling over and forcing the kids off the bus. then he drives away. that bus driver has been fired. melinda: some so-called porch pirates thwarted by police in maryland. someone in columbia, maryland saw thieves stealing packages from front porches and called police. they tracked down two suspects who had filled a whole box truck with stolen mail. in all, more than 70 packages
6:48 am
police made it their mission to return all the stolen packages. >> the howard county police have done a great job, so we're very thankful. melinda: the people who didn't answer their doors will have to pick up the packages at the police station. two baltimore men are facing charges for stealing the packages. and police say they're increasing their presence to make sure this doesn't happen again. tim: new this morning, a pair of conjoined twins successfully separated. the two-year-old girls were joined at the sternum down to the pelvis. a team of surgeons in california carefully planned out the procedure. 50 different specialists helped carry out the operation. their parents knew it would be a difficult operation but the girls' organs were beginning to suffer because of their connection. >> i want to go chasing after one this way and go chasing after the other, that is something i look forward to doing.
6:49 am
they're both in stable condition and doing well. we wish them well. >> back at home, it is cold, we have to get the scrapers out, snow boots. >> the shovels. snow blowers. make sure it works. probably needed this weekend. we have the biggest snow for southeast wisconsin. last winter we had one big snow and the first one melted like the one last weekend. this is get the decent snows here. how about making snow. skiers are going to love this. they are making snow early this morning and some are already open. this is the rock sports complex in franklin. temperatures this morning certainly cold enough to make the snow. 20 degrees early.
6:50 am
brisk wind 10-15 miles per hour. the sunshine and clouds throughout the day. we have this west, northwest breeze. a couple of spots sneaking into the upper 20s. the focus is on the weekend. late saturday, saturday night and sunday we have snow overspreading the area. partial sunshine and saturday and if you have a holiday party or travel wisconsin, northern illinois, those are the aefrs that see the snow first or travelling west to lacrosse. this is 7:00 p.m. snow is overspreading the area. there will be pockets of snow continuing on saturday night. may get a lull sunday morning and more snow will be filling in. if you are travelling to green bay, allow lots and lots of extra time.
6:51 am
leave early at get up there and leave time for tailgating. how much snow? a general band of 4-8 inches. the best chance of getting 7, 8 inches west to madison and rockford and up to the maybe more snow on tuesday. the temperatures and below zero. if you like the snow and cold, you will love this forecast. now to matt with the morning commute. >> plenty of time to let the car warm up. 43 northbound, southbound. north avenue curve, if you will. and follow the southbound
6:52 am
a little brake tapping. otherwise, no delays. off the system, a crash under neath 43, 94 at beecher, a couple of squads and a tow truck. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: new this morning, a woman in arizona is accused of stealing someone's identity after using a debit card. the problem is it was her own card! isabel pon wanted poster with her face on it. she says it's all a bank of america mix up. she's had problems before with the bank confusing her with another woman who has the same name. >> are you a criminal? >> no, i'm not a criminal. i don't time, i work 44 plus hours a week, or more, like i don't have time for any of that.
6:53 am
>> police closed the case once they found out about the mix-up. but ponce says she's still worried about how the wanted poster could affect her future. >> we have 8 minutes left in the show and we are on facebook live. tough watch us on melinda's facebook page. >> yes. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:53. "g.m.a." has your top national and international headlines coming up. >> first, from news chopper 12. we are watching the commute and a final check on the forecast
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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>> welcome back. a deputy involved in a crash sheboygan. the interstate was closed for hows. >> tom petty announced they are playing two shows at summerfest. the tour dates are listed on the band's website, july 5, 6. summerfest has not officially announced the shows yet, but the big gig hinted at it on twitter. >> now to traffic.
6:57 am
passing for a delay right now, that is great news. otherwise, we are crash free and delay free across the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> you will want the sunglasses but this weekend a snow shovel and blower. 4-8 inches of snow. we'll tweak the forecast and updates coming up in the blog and facebook live. >> we were doing so good. so
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good morning, america. deep freeze in that deadly winter storm sparked whiteout conditions and icy roads. three people killed in this 40-car pileup in michigan and this 70-car pileup in pennsylvania. now half a foot of snow in the forecast. 16 states on midwest and then bone-chilling cold moves east. reality star president. >> you're fired. >> a stunning announcement from president-elect trump overnight staying on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" with arnold schwarzenegger as the host, and hillary clinton reemerges lashing out about those fake news stories. >> this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. holiday shopping alert.


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