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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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food. >> we have one two blocks away and 1 across the street from my apartment. they are everywhere. >> it is 6:00. the news continues right now. >> tim: good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, thursday, december 8th. breaking news, three homicides in milwaukee and what we are learning. >> plus, making sure your car is getting through a wisconsin winter, the thing to grab before headed to the roads this weekend. >> we are on track and weather watch and matt is on deck, and we beginning with jeremy nelson. good morning, jeremy. jeremy: the windchills this morning you are going to feel they will.
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flurries sliding across southeast wisconsin. here is what it is feeling like. the first step out the door, the wind and feeling like 1 boz zero in watertown. 8 above zero in milwaukee. it is a chilly start to the day. no improvements. west breeze at 12-22 and that feel is continuing into the afternoon. that is a look at the now to matt salemme in news chopper 12. >> we are among the flurries. nothing is sticking to the pavement. it is just whipping around through the flight light. you can see down below the pavement is dry. everything is looking good.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> we are following break z news. >> three murders are reported in milwaukee overnight. two people found dead near 107th and appleton. that is where hillary mintz is live with the latest. reporter: tim, police say that a man and woman were found shot to death inside of this home near 107th and appleton and then they found two children hiding in the home. now this happened around 1:30 this morning. a neighbor heard screams and gunshots and called 911. the man and woman had a number of gunshot wounds. the children were found were not hurt. how this happened and who is responsible though it is all still under investigation at this time. and now police have been here
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taped off as they continue to investigate. they have been focussing on a home again here at 107th and appleton. if we hear up dates we'll bring them to you. a big question is how are these people related. we don't know if the man or woman found their relationship is to the children who were also found in the home. live in milwaukee this morning." >> thank you, hillary. also, breaking overnight, a car crash and a murder in a different milwaukee neighborhood. this video is from 36th and thurston. a man from out of state was shot and killed last night. it appears he crashed the car into a home after being shot. the police are trying to figure out who is response bl for this shooting. >> streets are reopened after a crash, three vehicles were
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and forest home. no word on injuries. >> later today, a man convicted in the death of five-year-old layla petterson will be sentenced. petterson was sitting on her grandfather's lap when shot. the shooters were targeting a different home. gordon was one of the people that fired the shots and was convicted. we'll find out later today the punishment. the prosecutors say were involved in the death. last week one of the men was sentenced to 65 years. >> 6:04. today is day 8 of wisconsin presidential election recount in wisconsin. work is completed in 34 of the 72 counties. officials say that few totals have changed and donald trump won by 22,000 votes.
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that is after a judge lifted the order that forced a review of the millions of ballots effect ended the recount. the federal judge said he had to follow a decision by the michigan appeals court that found that jill stien couldn't seek a recount. >> president-elect donald trump transition to the white house is continuing, and holding meetings today again in new york. he's meeting with the retired candidate for the secretary of state and then travelling to ohio state and meeting with the victims of last week's attack and then on to iowa and holding meetings. now this morning he named oklahoma attorney general to lead the epa. now, president-elect donald
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county sheriff david clarke. just yesterday, we learned that trump choose retired marine general john kelly for the job. >> u.s. lawmakers are scrambling to pass a funding package. this would fund the federal government through the spring. the bill also includes natural disaster aid and money to fix michigan. >> we could find out if tuition is going up for the ua students. the regents are voting on whether to raise the tuition rates. uw madison nonresident grads could see the largest increases. the graduate students with $5,000 increase. the money used to off set the governor's resident under
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they shall vote on whether to give the employees a 2% raise for each of the next two years. uw received 1% increase in the last budget. >> milwaukee residents may have more options when it comes to snowplowing. they are reducing the fee for plowing license. starting on drops from $50 to $10 and compiling a list of the licensed contractors online. it is funny, we talked about how warm it lasted. that has come and gone. >> we were so spoiled. not any more, jeremy. jeremy: it is back to reality. it is a harsh reality this
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winds and we have windchills only in the single digits. it is feels 8 here in milwaukee. the winds are gusting up to 26 miles per hour. extra layers are needed this morning. the hat, the gloves. wear the winter gear. boots too. the flurries throughout the day. not expecting accumulation. high of 27. we talk about the snow for the weekend, but first up to matt. on the bypass, northbound lanes of 894 north of the hale interchange. a squad with a vehicle. the left lane is blocked at this point. there are delays pushing up and leaving the hale interchange. it is an extra minute. the rest of the system and travel times are in the green. that's a look at the morning
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wing is getting new fighter jets. the air force choosen truex field for the twoette.s. it is one of five bases around the country getting these planes. >> most of us had a taste of the snow earlier in the week and more is on the way. there are things to do to help get your car through the i spoke with a self-proclaimed gear head and auto expert rachel and start by replacing the carpeted mats with the rubber ones. the mats come in handy you are stuck in the snow. >> with the rubber floor mats go to the tire that is spinning, dig out some of the snow, and then put the rubber floor mat in
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something to grab on to as you are backing out of the situation. >> see. >> i knew that. i did. i tried that once, it worked. it is a hit or miss. >> good to know. the other winter advice, take care of the tires and align the car and have the battery checked and keep an emergency kit in the car. >> it probably depends on how stuck you call me. >> new, a warning for any of with a facebook account. >> holiday related posts to watch out for. >> he's 8 weeks and a story of a lifetime. how this kitty ended up in a package 500 miles from home. >> changes for netflix, the latest upgrade that could make it easier for you to find a movie that you actually want to
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete! so on my 400th workaversary, see you on the green! okay! what a gift! >> good morning. 6:13.
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metro milwaukee a. few flurries out there. no accumulations overnight. the windchills have really dropped early this morning. we have a bringsic wind out there and feels like 8. watertown is close to 0 there. extra layers are needed this morning. now to matt with an eye on the >> right now a single vehicle incident. the tow truck just arrived. bypass northbound lanes north of the hale interchange. the delay is pushing back to the hale interchange and adding a couple of extra minutes. the rest of the system is green and that means travel times are good.
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commute, back to you. >> if you are just waking up, we have breaking news, milwaukee police are investigating three overnight homicides. two people were found dead this morning inside of a bedroom at 107th and appleton and hours before that, a shooting victim died after crashing into a home. police are looking for the shooters in the two separate incidents. we have more throughout the morning. >> new information this morning, police in miami beach city block due to the threat of explosives. someone called the police and saying an explosive could be found along ocean drive. they didn't say where it was or consisted of. it is checking all of the vehicles in the area for the device. >> scary moments at a high school in nevada, a student waving a knife was shot by a
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this happened in reno and the 14-year-old student was threatening other students and the student refused to follow the ortds and the officer opened fire. no other students were hurt in this. the victim is in critical season this morning. >> former astronaut john glen is in the hospital. it is unclear what condition he's in or being treated for. the valve replacement back in 2014. he orbited the earth in 1962 and served as a senator in ohio. >> a judge rejecting brad pitt's request to seal the details about the custody. jolie has custody of their six children. the divorce filing came days
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abusive to their son. no charges were filed against the actor. >> giraffes at the risk of becoming extinct. the scientists are saying that the population dropped 40%. they are on the watch list of threatened and endangered species. they are now more rare to find than elephants. >> after surviving a 500 mile trip while raped to a box. yes, the kitten is joey and six weeks old and a delivery driver found him in the back of the truck. he was bound to a package. he's so young and he's down to 8 of the 9 lives. officials say he likely came from a packing facility in
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for a week, but he appears to be health and should be making a full recovery and now up for adoption. a game changer when it comes to watching netflix. a new feature plays a preview of the shows you may want to watch. the clips up to 15-30 seconds long and helping to inform the viewers. netflix a last week. how about that. >> i do that. we spend too much browsing. just looking for what to watch. >> select movies to watch for the next few days, cold weather and snow. there are definitely winter fans out there. people want to start skiing. right now, it is mainly just cold out there. a couple of snowflakes.
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windchills. closer to 0 in some of the spots. weekend snow is on the way. even colder temperatures next week. we see the coldest weather once we get the snow on the ground and that could be the case in 7 days or less. the network, there is a few pockets of snow showers out there and flurries, but so far we have not seen reports of accumulation. just a peek out here, a of flurries. say thing at cathedral square. the decorations are shaking this morning. winds are gusting up to 26 miles per hour. feels like 8. air temp is 21 in the city. below 0 in rockford. so the cold is in place. the snow is arriving for the
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3:00 p.m., we have snow over spreading the area. this is mainly a saturday evening snow event. if you have a holiday party or travel plans it is going impact us here across southern wisconsin. sunday morning by 6:00 a.m. the snow is gone here across southeast wisconsin. it would be late afternoon saturday and saturday evening snow. a few inches akroesz southeast wisconsin. we are fine tuning the snow fo that. by sunday, another chance of snow sunday night into monday. then look at the cold, high of 15. that's it by next wednesday. >> wow. >> new, a warning for all facebook users. there are two separate gift exchange post that are scams. the secret sister gift and wine bottle exchange claiming you are
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first you have to send your name and mailing address and phone number. this is an illegal pyramid scheme. you could be subject to penalties for mail fraud. >> you never know where bill murray will be showing up next. >> why he signed more than autographs.
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>> i love that. >> that is a good song. where is the dab? >> wait for it. there it is. >> good dab. thanks for that. smiling faces this morning. >> yes. >> good morning, pewaukee.
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wisn 12 is stopping by classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit go to >> new, it is something we see through the holiday season, sl vacation army bell ringers. it is easy to walk by, one is making impossible to ignore. he started dance, okay. this is the battle of the bells. oh, the dance moves are on point. look at the slide to the left. and he's doing the running man. reverse running man. i'm very impressed. he helped to raise $1,100 for the salvation army and he's not afraid to dance, have fun and especially, oh. >> me at the club on saturday. >> he's electric sliding. did you teach him these moves.>>
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94th birthday with a bang. >> ? happy birthday ? >> happy birthday. that is actor bill murray and mary's birthday and she went to her first baylor basketball game to mark her 94th birthday and murrayas told it was her birthday add murray stopped by for a picture and song. murray's son is coaching basketball. >> 6:26. the word of the morning is free. >> free, free, free. why the pampers are camping outside and doing whatever it takes to take to get a fre
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victims get back on their feet. >> you are seeing the flurries flying high above.
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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", four people shot to death in milwaukee overnight. what we are learning about the victims and the kids who ran to ride. >> first, snow is calling in parts of southeast wisconsin right now. we are tracking conditions as you get ready to head out. >> good morning. i'm tim melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. ben has the day off. it's 6:30 this thursday, december 8th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is filling in for sally this morning. >> 2k3w78. we see the flurries across southeast wisconsin and a couple of know toes the snow is sweeping to the side of the sidewalk or driveways there. just a few flurries.
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this morning as the windchills are only in the single digits. you will want to hot coffee or hot chocolate. stay warm with the extra layers. the temperatures staying in the 20s this afternoon and a few flurries in the forecast. we talk about the snow for the weekend. first up to matt in news chopper 12. >> the flurries are blowing past the camera lens here, and right now, it is not ground. this is 43 northbound, southbound, locust over the freeway. the pavement is dry. the volume is picking up but it is looking good. we are nice and quiet across the freeways. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. melinda: right now we're
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four people are dead and another person is hurt after a series of shootings overnight in milwaukee starting with a double homicide near 107th and appleton. this happening around 1 #:30 a. maybe heard the screams and gunshots. when the police arrived they found a man and woman dead inside of a bedroom. they had been shot multiple times. two children were found hiding in the home. they also believe that the kids didn't witness the shooting, but hid when they heard the shorts fired. police are figuring out who did this and why. that active scene we'll show you when we came. we don't know the relationship between the man and the woman and the children. tim: also breaking overnight, a car crash and murder in a different milwaukee neighborhood.
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police say a man from out of state was shot and killed late last night. it appears he crashed hicar into a house after being shot. police are trying to figure out who is responsible for the shooting. >> new, we have more breaking news, we are learning about yet another fatal shooting in milwaukee. this incident happened near 52nd and green tree a. man shot his girlfriend and turned the gun on himself. not. four people were left dead overnight in milwaukee. tim: looking ahead to a big announcement about the future of downtown milwaukee. later today, b-mo harris bank is expected to announce a new office building that will change the city's skyline. our partners at biz times are reporting that the 25 story office tower will be next to the current b-mo harris building on water street. there's a parking garage there now. we expect to learn even more about the building later this
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melinda: also later today, changes coming to summerfest. major renovations to henry maier festival park. summerfest's president and ceo is announcing new features coming to the festival in the coming years. there will be new amenities along with audio-visual features to make the big gig even bigger. 2017 marks 50 years for summerfest. so far, only two headliners have been announced, pink and the red hot chili peppers. >> this cold weather for local businesses. alpine valley is hoping to open today. the snow guns are running all weekend long. tim: new from overnight, doing whatever it takes to score some free chicken. right now dozens of people are waking up outside the new chick-fil-a restaurant in west allis. they were waiting for this moment. they are bundled up and filing
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6:00 a.m. the first 100 people through the doors will get a year's worth of free meals. some camped out in the cold just to get that deal. >> i just got my nice blanket here. i actually got here late so i didn't get to grab much, but i'm still going to deal with it. >> i'm pacing trying to keep warm. just trying to enjoy these 52 free combo meals because i love chicken. eat more chicken. packets, you name it. >> people love their chicken. >> yes. tim: some of the campers have been there for about 24 hours. it is open now. it is probably packed. the business is highway 100 and cleveland avenue. would you do it? >> not camp out.
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this morning there's a scam warning to tell you about. someone is calling milwaukee county residents pretending to be a sheriff's deputy. that impersonator is demanding money claiming the victims are is being fined for missing jury duty but many of the people targeted weren't even called for jury duty. at least nine people have been targeted. one man who almost fell victim says the phone call was convincing. >> it sounded like a police department, you could hear phones in the background, people talking in the background. melinda: at least one person d fall for the scam and lost a thousand dollars. officials say they will not call you to ask for money. tim: later today, charges will be filed against one person accused of making threats against the wauwatosa police department. earlier this week, the milwaukee county district attorney decided not to charge a tosa police officer in the fatal shooting of jay anderson, junior. the department has received several threats over the phone.
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commute. hey, matt? >> we have flurries whizzing here above the ground. you are going to see them on the ground as well. just blowing around. things are looking good. holly road is going under the freeway here. travel times are looking good. earlier incident is clearing up on the bypass. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. a statue comes crashing down. the car drove over a curb and through a fence and hit the statute. >> and we are talking about a
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missouri. >> the suspect targeted a frosy the snowman and the attack is caught on surveillance. the suspect jumps from the car. he stabs frosty. the homeowner is disappointed. but he started a gofundme page to pay for the medical experienced money to charity. they are not cheap. >> how much would you pay for a rock? >> nothing. some people are paying 85 dollars. nordstrom has sold out of its rocks wrapped in leather. there's even a smaller version that's also sold out. it sells for 65 bucks. >> that's the budget rock. >> yes. nordstrom calls the rock, a
6:39 am
vegetable-tanned american leather. the store hasn't said if they'll restock in time for christmas. i wonder if they provide oh, it is a massage rock. you know what i mean. good luck rock? >> no. no. how much would the wisconsin rock cost? a pretty penny? >> you think so. >> yes, our rocks are fancy. >> 6:39. investigators are starting over after a murder suspect turns out to be innocent. melinda: the evidence that made prosecutors drop charges against a detroit man and what they're doing to find the real suspect who killed a police officer. >> get some good rocks down by the lake. tim: plus, a state divided. why lawmakers in washington state want to split the state in two and why experts say that
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>> good morning. 6:42. looking at the skies right now,
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of passing snow showers early this morning. very little if any accumulation. windchills are a bigger story. feeling like 8 in the city. it is cold in waukesha and watertown and beaver dam. we have snow in the forecast for the weekend. we have the timing. first, if you are leaving this morning, m >> right now we are looking at snow flurries. brookfield, 94 east bound. we zoom in and you are seeing it is not really sticking to the ground. we aring looking good here. rolling at ten minutes. the bypass is back to normal as well. no reason to rush. that is a look at the morning commute. back to you.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news, four people are dead, one other person is hurt, after overnight shootings here in milwaukee. two people found dead inside of a bedroom. just hours before that, a shooting victim died after crashing into a home at 36th and thurston. the police are looking for the shooters. >> and this morning, a man shot his girlfriend and turned the gun on the woman survived. that man did not. so three deadly shootings overnight in milwaukee that left a total of four people dead and a person injured. melinda: new this morning, a detroit man is out of jail and all charges against him have been dropped. he was a suspect in a shooting that killed a police officer, but police say he's no longer a suspect and they're still searching for the shooter. a wayne state university officer was shot and killed last month while patrolling campus. police quickly arrested deangelo
6:45 am
he spent 14 days behind bars and was charged with murder. >> are you mad at anyone for this? >> no, it's great man. >> so all murder charges against deangelo davis will be dismissed today. he is no longer a suspect at this time. melinda: investigators realized their mistake after surveillance video showed davis was at a local business when the shooting happened. now police are searching for the real killer. tim: right now, police in south carolina are searching for a suspect who stabbed an officer. it happened inside a walmart store in columbia late last night. the officer was responding to a shoplifting call at the time. she is expected to be okay. overnight police used helicopters to search for the suspect. tim: a manhunt is underway right now for the gunman who killed one police officer and critically injured another in georgia. it happened as the officers responded to a domestic violence call. a $30,000 reward is being offered for information that
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melinda: new this morning, an >> many of the people killed in d oakland, california fire department have a chance. they say people on the second floor did not know there was a fire on the first floor until the fire was well underway. the smoke went up the stairwells to the second floor killing 36 people. fire officials say a refrigerator or another appliance might have started the fire but they're not certain. melinda: in tennessee, two teenagers are accused of starting the fatal fires in the grsm park. those fires killed 14 people and wiped out entire neighborhoods. the two are charged with aggravated arson. officials haven't said how old the suspects are. they say they could face additional charges and could be tried as adults. melinda: country superstar dolly parton is helping people affected by those fires. she's planning a telethon benefiting the fire victims. it will air tuesday on great american country. parton, reba mcentire, kenny rogers and more will perform.
6:47 am
now owns the dollywood resort there. tim: a suspect leads airport security on a wild chase across the tarmac. check this out. the man was waiting for a flight at the san francisco airport when he took off running and ended up on the tarmac. officers tried to corral him with vehicles and almost hit the man a few times. but he dodged out of the way. it's not clear how he got onto the tarmac. officials say he may have jumped over a barbed wire fence and then jumped from an upper level o 30-foot drop. others passengers were stunned. >> who survives that type of thing? >> someone who is crazy and with no fear. tim: airport officials say this all began when the man started acting erratically. southwest employees called for security. they say he may have been on drugs. melinda: new this morning, students in chile are getting free laptops and free internet access. the computers are being handed out to every student in public
6:48 am
chile's president kicked off the program in santiago yesterday. it's part of a campaign called connecting to learn. the kids will get the laptop along with one year of free internet access. >> mayo on your biscuit? >> yes. on the chicken. >> i will try that after the show. >> i would. >> just the mayo. mayo. >> you need the warm food today. >> yes, comfort food today. a pot of chili would be better. >> you can settle it. the weather forecast, we have a tricky forecast going into the
6:49 am
you get. the flurries this morning. a brisk wind staying around for the day. the temperatures are not moving much. the focus is on the cold and snow flurries today. we have some of the flurries in waukesha, 18 degrees. factor in the wind, 10-20 miles per hour. single digits for the windchills in southeast wisconsin. windchills dipped below zero this platville. now to the weekend forecast, another round of snow comes our way. the difference this weekend, the temperatures are colder. last weekend in the 30s. this time around we are looking at temperatures in the 20s. so this is sticking to the roads immediately. the snowflakes spreading from the west to the east. kind of a quick hitting shot of snow. this is one piece of a storm
6:50 am
a.m. the snow is done and number two coming in sunday night into monday. middle part of next week, the cold blast across the central u.s. we are looking at the daytime highs falling into the teens late in the 7-day forecast. before getting there, flurries today and tomorrow. then saturday it is mainly late afternoon and evening. we see the round of snow moving through. a few sunday's forecast and monday next round of snow. high of 15 on wednesday. flurries this morning. matt is flying in them. >> you are seeing them going past the lens here in the landing light. not sticking to the ground. that the the good news. the pavement is dry. had an incident here.
6:51 am
we are crash free on the system right now that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. new, congress is cracking down on bots, that is who snatches up the sporting tickets and concert tickets. they are cracking down on the computer software. they rapidly purchase the tickets >> new this morning, a movement to make washington state split to make it the 51st state. the cultures and life styles are different in the two halves of washington. this plan is not realistic and if approved by the state and federal governments, eastern washington couldn't pay for the schools and roads and other services. washington residents say they
6:52 am
before. >> i find it fascinating it is coming back from time to time. no, i wouldn't support it. >> experts say that the proposal comes up often in washington and in oregon. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:52. "g.m.a." is minutes away. >> first to a look outside. the flurries are flying, a check on the morning commute and the freezing forecast and
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>> welcome back. 6:55. we are following breaking news. >> four people are dead, a person is hurt after shootings overnight in milwaukee. two people found dead in a home near 107th and woman shot a number of times and officers found two children hiding inside of the home. the kids were not hurt. >> breaking, a car crash and murder near 36th and thurston. police say a man from out of state was shot and killed last night and appears he crashed into a house after being shot. the police are looking into who is responsible for that
6:56 am
girlfriend and killed himself. it happened near 52 and green tree. the woman is now being treated at the hospital for her injuries. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:56. a new chick-fil-a is opening in west allis. people have been camping out for at least 24 hours. one of the first people in line, the first one people getting free >> like a pop up city there. >> it is. >> now here is matt with the traffic. >> we have flurries flying around. not impacting the roads that much. we have over the zoo interchange and moving well. really that is only the place with an extra minute. take it easy.
6:57 am
be good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> frigid start to the day, the windchills dropped down to 6 in milwaukee. we look at the third ward and the milwaukee river. i bet the lakes will be getting a coating of ice. the windchill right now 0 in waukesha. flurries. a couple of snow showers today. accumulation coming in on saturday. >> what happened? >> take wisn 12 everywhere you
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good morning, america. breaking news. an you weren't manhunt for this escaped inmate accused of stabbing an officer at a walmart overnight. caught on surveillance cameras as he makes a run for it. >> we'll pursue this person and bring him to justice. >> police in hot pursuit right now. arctic blast. frigid temperatures from the rockies to the east coast creating a travel nightmare overnight. now 20 states are on alert as windchills dip 30 below zero. up to three feet of lake-effect snow on the way and a major storm moving into the west. chaos on campus. high school student armed with knives. >> back up. back up. >> threatening classmates until a school officer steps in taking


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