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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. joyce: our top story tonight, the big chill. temperatures are dropping, wind chills are in the teens. patrick: chief meteorologist mark baden is in the weather center. mark, this is the coldest air of the season by far. mark: to take, falling back in to the 20's. the temperatures will continue to go down. the wind is brisk, out of the west at 15-25 miles per hour. wind chills for everyone in the teens. what can you expect at the bus stop in the morning? get ready. single digit windchills for the
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milwaukee 12. how long this will last and when snow is in our forecast, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: thank you. a 13-year-old cudahy girl describes a terrifying encounter, walking home from school. joyce: she says a man tried to pick her up for sex, three times. it happened near edgerton and swift avenues in cudahy. 12 news' christina palladino is live and christina you just spoke with the teenager and her mother. >> the family wape this area to hear about what happened to their daughter today and be on alert. the suspect is in his late 20's or early 30's, and approached the girl at least three times near swift and edgerton in cudahy while she was walking home from school. he apparently was yelling sexually explicit comments towards her. the 13-year-old and her mother agreed to talk with me but did not want their faces shown for security reasons. eventually the man pulled his car over and asked her to have sex. when she told him she was only 13, he apparently said so. >> yeah, i thought the first
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coming, and as soon as he left the last time i just ran all the , way home. >> you need to turn yourself in because you have terrified my family, my daughter. we have now gone through numerous messages from the community offering rides. she will not walk home anymore. >> the teenager says the man was white, medium build with a brown beard to his chest and was wearing a baseball hat. he w d colored four-door newer model car. the incident happened across the street from the police department. if you have any information, you are urged to call police. we are live in cudahy. joyce: we're getting new information tonight on crash between a car and a truck in grafton that sent one person to a hospital. news chopper 12 was over the
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police say one of the vehicles ran a stop sign, although it's unclear which one. the fire department released these pictures as they worked to free one person in the car who was trapped. flight for life landed in a nearby parking lot and took the person to froedtert hospital in serious, but stable condition. patrick: milwaukee police are investigating one of their own, after a woman says her neighbor, an off-duty police officer, shot and killed her dog. >> we don't understand how this could have happened. patrick: elizabeth sandretti says her 13-year-old dog vinnie was shot two weeks ago. dogs out on the city's far northwest side, but they apparently wandered into her neighbor's yard, where they were shot with a b.b. gun. >> i am just astonished that for him to have a couple of dogs appear in his yard caused him to shoot them with intent. patrick: police confirm an open internal investigation is underway. blood evidence in the steven avery case is headed to the
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netflix series making a murderer, maintains his innocence despite being , convicted of killing teresa halbach in 2005. a court document filed today shows eight items, including swabs of bloodstains, blood flakes, and a car key, will be re-tested at the state crime lab. avery's new lawyer contends advances in dna testing will help prove his innocence. joyce: president-elect donald trump took his thank-you tour to north carolina tonight where he , made it official, introducing secretary, james mad dog mattis. >> jim is a marine corps four-star general, a former commander of u.s. central command and nato supreme allied commander. for transformation, this will be so great for us. >> i am grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, their families, the civilians at the department of
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committed they are and devoted they are to the defense of our country. joyce: mattis will require a congressional waiver to accept the post because he has not been out of uniform for the required seven years. earlier in the day trump called , on the government to cancel a multi-billion dollar order for two new presidential planes. trump blasted airplane manufacturer boeing. the company says its $170 million contract covers years of research and development. trump's tweet came an hour after this company ceo was quoted criticizing trump' china. trump is gaining votes in wisconsin's recount. as this live stream shows, they're still working at it in waukesha county. the state election commission says 23 of the state's 72 counties are now finished, including ozaukee and walworth. the net result so far is that donald trump gained 105 votes, and hillary clinton dropped 41. the recount, requested by the green party, must be completed by monday. patrick: students rally around one of their own. a 20-year-old with a heart defect, who's been given less
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she's a student at lakeland university in sheboygan county. as wisn 12 news' ben hutchison reports she's sharing her story , to inspire others to become organ donors. >> two words, one diagnoisis that changed danika newberry's life forever also the reason why , she's speaking to an auditorium full of people encouraging organ donation. while enjoying life as a college student back in danika suffered months later -- she started treatments and was put on the heart transplant list, but after three more heart attacks her doctor telling , danika she was too weak for surgery. >> she told me i had six months to one year to live. they are trying to say it will all end within a year. it is hard to accept.
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her friends started a social media campaign to raise awareness for organ donation. >> her sorority, pi kappa gamma, started getting videos sent to them. a simple gesture by total strangers. >> the support is unbelievable. i don't have words for it. >> actions speaking louder at lakeland dozens of new organ , donors everyone with their own , reason to support danika. >> i'm trying not to let it get the best of me. >> in sheboygan county, ben hutchison wisn 12 news. patrick: tonight's event included an educational session about organ donation.
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the holiday train bought the spirit of the season to more communities in southeast wisconsin. joyce: tonight, it stopped in wauwatosa on its way to hartland and watertown. hundreds came to see the 14 decorated cars, the holiday bands, and santa himself. the holiday train raises money and donations for food pantries in the communities it visits. an elementary school evacuated children exposed to a , potentially harmful substance. patrick: coming up, what one student brought to school that's forced everyone out and no school for tomorrow. joyce: plus, a new look for an age-old building in downtown milwaukee. the big change you'll notice the skyline. mark: you may think it is bad now, but look at this. when it will get even colder, next and weatherwatch 12. patrick: a cashier at toys "r" us comes to the rescue when a woman is short on cash. how that family paid it forward
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joyc the possible sources of a warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland. patrick: investigators say it's too early to tell exactly what started it, but they tell abc news the cause is most likely electrical. most of the victims died of smoke inhalation. some were trapped by the flames and sent text messages to loved ones saying goodbye. >> we found a lot of victims in the wreckage here that uh, were holding each other and caring
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die. patrick: investigators say murder charges are possible. the man accused of shooting and killing former nfl player joe mcknight is under arrest. 54-year-old ronald gasser was initially taken into custody then released after thursday's apparent road rage incident in louisiana. the sheriff says after an intense investigation, gasser is back in custody. the sheriff lashed out at the public's criticism for initially releasing gasser, saying witnesses were afraid to come forward. >> afraid. afraid. and i can promise you, had i made an arrest thursday night, they would not have come forward. patrick: football at the university of southern california and went on , to play in the nfl and the canadian football league. joyce: three people have been charged in connection with the death of a woman in dodge county. sheriff's deputies were called to a home on we-go trail in fox lake sunday afternoon. the caller, vernon mickey, reported seeing blood in the garage he was staying at with his girlfriend, marjorie jones and her son, la-verne ware. according to the criminal complaint, mickey stated ware's girlfriend sesalie dixon was missing. investigators found her body inside a truck parked in the
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ware has been charged with hiding a corpse, while mickey and jones are charged with harboring or aiding a felon. milwaukee police need your help identifying a man who robbed a jimmy johns restaurant last night on the marquette university campus. police say he told the cashier he was armed, and grabbed handfuls of cash. minutes later, police say the same man hit up the real chili near cathedral square. if you recognize him, call police. patrick: a scary day for many parents at an elementary school in green bay. what's believed to be mercury to school. mercury can cause severe lung damage and memory problems if someone's exposed over a long period of time. the principal says the vial was opened and some of the substance even spilled. the school was evacuated and hazmat teams from milwaukee and madison were called in to test students. >> with that device, they can,
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>> new owners acquired the building last year. they've added a new lighting system and more leds in the flame. before, just the flame would light up. now, with new led fixtures, the entire building can change colors, too. >> for new years, we'll be able to something really special with the entire building and the flame. >> holidays, causes, sports championships, the building's color can adapt to special events. >> this is something you angeles or a bunch of big markets. there's a few buildings in chicago that are capable of doing this, but now {17:03:33} -- this sets an entirely different precedent for milwaukee with how we can really up the game of what we can see on our milwaukee skyline. patrick: the new lights go live tomorrow night. we did about a dollar amount how much it cost. no numbers are being disclosed, but i'm told it was significant. and, that the cost savings with the new lights is expected to be about 50%.
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this system, it reaches out to weather stations, multiple weather stations in the area, and that's how it goes in this information to to determine the forecast in this color. mark: i want to say something. we should concentrate on our forecast. tonight, they have it lit blue, no change in view. it should be gold. gold equals cold, and this is not gold. 49 degrees right now. when the chill of 17. it is chilly out there. here's the thing, it's just we have not gotten used to this at all. we have not had any kind of real cold whatsoever, but now we will get it, and we will get it for a while. two big weather stories, the cold and the snow on the way this weekend.
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degrees right now, the actual temperature. the windchill temperature is 20 below. you remember that? that may happen around here. not tonight. we have a long stretch of cold air to come. not this bad. old crow at 44 degrees below zero, actual temperature. winters still exists, and it will continue. watch what happens as we head into this forecast, day after day, and we still keep bringing the cold air down, all the way into next week. it is far from done. next week will be cold as well. i want you to be prepared and let you know that winter is definitely here. tomorrow, windchills around 10 degrees, temperatures around 21 degrees at 7:00 a.m. the next weather maker, saturday into sunday, this low pressure
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see more snow. i think we will be cold enough for all snow, may be mix along the lakeshore. it is too early to put numbers on this, so i just want you to be planning accordingly, maybe you're heading to lambeau field, two weeks in a row, it could be snowing during the gaming green bay. too early for totals. we will continue to fine tune this as we get closer. the track is not set. stay for the latest forecast. wednesday for the first time in 278 days, march third was the last time we had a high temperature that did not get to freezing. we will not get to freezing tomorrow. windchills will stay in the teens, westerly wind at 15-25 miles per hour. it is not comfortable at all, and it stays cold. 27 tomorrow, 26 and flurries on thursday.
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20 two. saturday, mostly cloudy, 26. heads up for the possibility of accumulating snow saturday night and into sunday, certainly could cause traffic trouble out there. cold again on monday, and another chance for snow on tuesday, highs of 21 degrees, so again, a few chances for snow, but the bigger story in the meantime is that it is colder, colder than we have seen in the long t busstop tomorrow. ? joyce: you know that song. lights synced to music from charlie brown to get in the holiday spirit. our holiday lights feature takes us to four-mile road and aberdeen in wind point. if you or your neighbor has a fantastic display of lights, let us know. send us an email with the address, then watch 12 news weeknights at 10:00 to see them on t.v. patrick: that is a display.
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isn't it? a christmas tree in montreal is getting a lot of negative attention. patrick: take a look for yourself. coming up, why people are upset about the actual tree and the decorations. joyce: also ahead, a local man dealing with mistaken identity.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: per multiple reports, sandy cohen will transfer to uw-green bay to finish out his college basketball career. he requested a release from marquette's program and will sit out the rest of the season due to ncaa transfer rules, and have a semester of eligibility left to play for the phoenix. , fresno state tonight at the bmo harris bradley center. and look who was courtside. bucks star giannis but that the gumbel -- giannis antetokounmpo. they were on fire. marquette looking good. the freshman from stevens point has a three of his own. he led the way for marquette
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finishes with 18 points. they wouldn't go down without a fight. paul watson nails the three pointer. in the end, marquette hangs on and close this one out, 84-81. the golden acres host -- the golden eagles host the badgers on saturday. got it little too close -- so giannis saw marquette get a win tonight on his 22nd birthday. but his b-day celebration started earlier today when a former nba standout came to the bucks training facility. 15-time nba all star kevin garnett was in st. francis this afternoon working with giannis and the rest of the bucks. he is in town for two days as a consultant to help mentor the young team, especially the greak freak, who said he learned a lot from garnett today. >> i were cardin for someone to
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he can be something special, so that's why he comes in. it was real good. >> i tried to emphasize attitude, focus on the game at a different level. never take it for granted, i think that's what i took from what he told me. stephanie: some bad news for packers defensive tackle mike pennel. he will end the season the same way he started it, with a four-game suspension after violating the substance abuse policy for the second time this year. pennel faced a year-long suspension, but was able to settle for four games with the nfl today. he will be eligible for the postseason, if they get there. coming up in our next half hour, 12 sports stephen watson sits down with randall cobb to talk about the state of the packers offense in our exclusive one-on-one. plus, david stearns had a busy day at the winter meetings. the deal he made with the red sox today that sent tyler thornburg to boston. patrick: thank you. a homeowner is frightened when she sees who is at her door.
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out, she finds out it's a ups driver. why the company defended the employee's choice to hide his face. >> i am sally kidd in washington, the pentagon could have saved 120 $5 billion in
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joyce: it's been awhile, but tonight was a good reminder, the winter is here and it can get cold. adults and children in wauwatosa were sure to cover their ears and heads while they waited for the holiday train. those temperatures will continue to drop. patrick: and the wind l make it feel colder as well. mark, we haven't felt this in awhile, so it almost seems worse than it is. mark: we are not acclimated. we have not had any of this cold, so now when it hits, the wind goes right through you. later it up. you will need it all. not bad right now, 29. it's cold, but not crazy cold. the windchill is an uncomfortable 17. the current windchill in


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