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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 4, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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adrienne: the heartbreaking search for victims in the aftermath of an oakland warehouse fire continues tonight. we now know 33 people at least are dead. and we learned tonight teenagers are among the victims. sheldon: neal karlinsky has the latest on the recovery in -- recovery efforts.
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the number of people in the fire grows into the dozens, the team leaving the search is going around-the-clock. their questions whether the tragedy should have been stopped long before friday night's inferno. >> a blind eye was turned to this warehouse and facility. >> i'm not going to make excuses for the city, because we have documented it, we have turned it in. reporter: fast and burned ferociously friday night. people were not supposed to be living here, and it only had permits as a warehouse. code violations show a history of complaints, including people inside. there was a well-known artist colony called the ghost ship, and filled at the time for a concert when fire broke out. >> that is the back of the warehouse right there. the first responders are just right over here, only about a block away.
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the second floor. picture on the website show a maze of makeshift arch studios before the fire. >> it is tragic to watch so many people perish from a fire fatality in front of your eyes and have to be stoic in your job, professional interactions, and make sure that we are honoring the victims and their families to bring them safely out of the building. reporter: is beyond what any of their firefighters imagined dealing with. >> i think we were surprised at first to find that many bodies where we found them very -- where we found them. based on the fact the bodies are on top of each other, we think it was probably from a bomb. >> they on the second floor and it caved in.
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heavy objects are dangling above crews. they making sure what is left of the building does not come down on them. the mayor tonight promising to find out if this was preventable. >> i have a team of city employees coming through every public record that we have of this building. sheldon: the mayor of oakland says the district attorney has a team working to determine whether to launch a criminal investigation. adrienne: snowfall of the season is on the way out. lindsey slater is in the weather center tonight. and lindsey, you're already looking ahead to our next possibility for snow. lindsey: that and some vitor cold this week. i what a show you -- bitter cold this week. the snow started falling around 8:00 in the morning.
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how it kind of melted and then re-froze. some areas really struggled to get a lot of snow. areas in the know worth only got an inch -- in the north only got an inch. 30 degrees right now. not a whole lot left on the radar. taking you hour-by-hour, temperatures tonight dropping to about 30 degrees. we may briefly touch base with 29 degrees, but we are staying cloudy. to make sure that you are bundling up. that windchill is going to be near 23 degrees. something to consider are at up next, i will tell you when we could see the bitter cold and when we could see more snowflakes. adrienne: you've been sending in pictures of the snow. this one is from elkhorn, a beautiful shot. and in west bend, this viewer says winter has finally arrived.
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your phone, download the free wisn 12 news app. use the app to track the snow right down to your neighborhood. protesters of the dakota access pipeline are celebrating tonight. sheldon: the army corps of engineers will not approve an easement allowing the pipeline to cross under part of north dakota. the standing rock sioux tribe has a reservation near the proposed site. they were worried a ruptured pipe could contaminate their water. the army says public input and analysis will help determine alternatives. adrienne: check out this ten-alfi massachusetts. 140 firefighters worked to contain the flames that spread to eleven surrounding buildings. most were apartments. 60 to 80 people had to leave. no one was seriously hurt. investigators believe the fire started in a building under construction. sheldon: the man accused of shooting and killing nine people at a south carolina church doesn't want to represent himself anymore. for now dylann roof wants to stop acting as his own lawyer.
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if his defense team could be reinstated for the initial phase of his trial. after that, he'd like to represent himself during the sentencing phase. roof's trial begins this week. looking ahead now to what could prove to be a pivotal week for the president-elect. while donald trump continues to fill out his cabinet, he's now facing backlash for a call with the president of taiwan. reporter: tonight the vice president-elect insists people are making too much of donald decades of us diplomatic protocol and talk with his taiwanese counterpart. >> it's a little mystifying to me that president obama can, can reach out to a murdering dictator in, in cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in taiwan and it's become, it's become something of a controversy reporter: one of the candidates being considered for secretary
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told george stephanopoulos he's convinced trump has a firm grasp of america's interests abroad. >> well, i think he's actually quite pragmatic. in our conversation what i enjoyed most frankly was the discussion of ideas and issues. reporter: high on trump's agenda, the issue of protecting american jobs. even if that means interfering in the free market, to the horror of some fiscal conservatives. today, on twitter, he went on a rant. warning companies against making mistake. any business that leaves this country for another country fires its employees builds a new , factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the u.s. there will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies. today trump also took aim at another pet peeve. >> i mean wow, what a great,
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just tried watching saturday night live unwatchable. and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. baldwin tweeted back sharply, release your tax returns and i'll stop. sheldon: president-elect donald trump plans to continue his thank you tour this week. on the docket, stops in north carolina and iowa. still no word exactly when trump might stop in wisconsin. adrienne: those of you in the crowd at the packers game today, may have noticed a lot of toys at the gates. toys for tots hosted a special collection. the u.s. marine corps organized the event. they collected more than a thousand new toys and $18,000. >> it is just one of the things we take pride in doing each year. making sure we get money and the toys to actually donate the less fortunate. adrienne: toys for tots is accepting donations throughout december. all of the drop-off locations are in northeast wisconsin. singer neil diamond is hitting
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sheldon: the midwest city on his 50th anniversary world tour, and when you can get your tickets. adrienne: plus, it's a boy. celebrity couple mila kunis and ashton kutcher reveal the name of their newest addition, after
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sheldon: disney's 'moana' finished at the top of the box office for the second weekend with $28 million. the movie features the voice of dwayne the rock johnson and original music co-written by 'hamilton' creator lin-manuel miranda. the harry potter spinoff 'fantastic beasts and where to find them' came in second place with $18.5 million. and the sci-fi drama 'arrival' dropped to third place with $7.3 million. mark your calendars. neil diamond is coming to the midwest. adrienne: the singer is hitting the road for his 50th anniversary world tour. ? adrienne: there aren't any stops in wisconsin on the concert calendar, but he'll be in chicago at the united center on may 28. tickets range from $40 to $180.
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sheldon: these celebs are getting in the holiday spirit well the wax versions of them. madame tussauds decked out their wax figures in some ugly christmas sweaters. you can see taylor swift, justin timberlake, rihanna among others. visitors of the hollywood attraction could get half off admission by donating warm clothes to a local, youth homeless center. adrienne: ashton kutcher and mila kunis welcomed their second child into the world this week and tonight we're we know his -- and tonight we know his name. the couple named their baby boy dimitri portwood kutcher. that's according to kutcher's digital media company a-plus dimitri was born on wednesday. their first child, wyatt isabelle, is two-years-old. in sports, the golden eagles pick up an impressive road win, while the packers enjoy the fruits of playing at home, in a snowstorm.
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reacted to earning a trip to dallas to take on an unbeaten team in the cotton bowl. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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>> big 12 sports. >> we are going to get a little time away from football. it has been a long season. just for the for a bit, it will be nice. this is not take away from anything. dan: an exhausted tj watt after his badgers lost to penn state last night in the big ten championship game but wisconsin was still invited to one of the new year's 6 bowls. the now 8th-ranked badgers will face one of the two remaining unbeaten teams, western michigan, in the cotton bowl alabama is the other unbeaten. the 15th ranked broncos have 2
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season, northwestern and illinois. the game will be played at noon on january 2 in arlington, texas. it's the first trip to the cotton bowl for both teams. >> having a chance to watch a lot of their games, but i'm excited to prepare for a team. being undefeated in college football is not easy at all. we are always going to bounce back. we will it to the 4-team college football playoffs. third-seeded ohio state plays clemson in the fiesta bowl on december 31. the other new years eve semifinal features top seeded alabama against washington in the peach bowl. penn state plays usc in the rose bowl. the packers haven't played well at home, dating back to last november, winning just half of their games. but as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, they took advantage of some classic green bay weather in today's 21-to-13 win over houston.
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seem to play well in december at lambeau. what made this victory over the texans even more fun? playing on this slippery, snowy field. >> i began played in maybe three or four snow games. you have to feel it out. everything is different. reporter: there was a lot of slipping and sliding out there. >> it feels better now since we got a win. >> it was more fun the difficult. just being out there and having that lambeau environment. it was more fun. i was not too cold at all. with adrenaline, you just go out there and play. it was a fun day. reporter: maybe no player had more fun than wide receiver randall cobb, who did a snow angel after he scored the
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sliding. i figured why not. that was fun. reporter: the packers may do some more snow angels when they go for the third straight victory next sunday. that is when russell wilson and the seahawks come to town. dan: sunday at lambeau, as the packers host the seahawks. seattle beat carolina tonight. the packers continue to chase the first place lions, who took care of business in new orleans today, thanks to this matthew stafford to golden tate touchdown pass, covering 66 yards. the lions shut down drew brees, winning 28-to-13. so the lions own a 2-game lead over both the packers and vikings with 4 games to play. the packers still have a game remaining with each of their division rivals detroit still has road games with dallas and the giants.
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10 rushing touchdowns following a season when he rushed for zero touchdowns. gordon scored again today for the chargers but the buccaneers rallied for a 28-to-21 win, tampa bay is in the playoff hunt at 7-and-5. what a day for chiefs safety eric berry in atlanta with less than 5 minutes to play, the falcons had just taken a one point lead, trying for a 2-point conversion. berry intercepted matt ryan's pass and returned it for 2 29-to-28 win. he also returned an interception for a touchdown. the bucks continue their homestand tomorrow night against the san antonio spurs milwaukee currently owns the 5th best record in the east. if marquette is able to hit 3 pointers like they did today at georgia, they have a chance to make some noise in the big east this season. the golden eagles made their first 6 three point attempts today, and they hit 8 of 10 in the first half.
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. dujuan johnson had 5 steals, turning this one into a dunk . johnson finished with 16 points. but the difference in this game was the play of a pair of marquette freshmen sam hauser scored a team-high 19 points, 2 and a foul there. and markus howard added 15, howard hits the wild shot here and marquette beats georgia 89-to-79. and, as we reported earlier in this newscast, bud selig, the former brewers owner, and commissioner, has been elected to the baseball hall of fame by the today's game era committee. selig and a group of investors bought the seattle pilots out of bankruptcy court in 1970, and they became the brewers, a team he ran into the 1990's. during his 22 year run as commissioner of baseball, selig was responsible for revenue sharing, the wild card, and the 3 division format. he retired in january of 2015, assuming the role of
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pictures sent in. this was from palm ira, wisconsin. other pictures here coming in from franklin. lindsey: i'm anticipating overnight lows dipping down into the 30's. we will deftly season changes.
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to be white house chief of staff reince priebus. only on "upfront," priebus on donald trump's transition to the white house. and who might be the next supreme court justice. then, counting the votes in wisconsin -- again. do voters lack faith in elections and could the recount help restore it? it's my interview with elections commission chairman mark thomsen. covering the issues important to wisconsin. this is "upfront with mike gousha." mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to "upfront." we begin today with kenosha's own reince priebus -- the republican national committee chairman who helped engineer donald trump's victory, and now will be white house chief of staff. reince priebus joins us on the satellite from trump tower in new


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