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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Sunday  ABC  December 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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>> right now on wisn 12 news this morning, the first snow you'll need to shovel is headed our way right now. a live look at doppler 12 radar shows hitting the streets overnight with a salt and water mixture. we're timing out when the snow hits your neighborhood. with that, we say good morning to you. our big story this sunday morning, that snow and the potential for a rain snow mix that could make our roads slippery. let's go right to meteorologist sally severson who's tracking it all for us. good morning sally. >> keeping an eye on the winter weather advisory. it kicks in for the western counties at 7:00 good morning sally. and the
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we expect one to two inches long the lake and three committee four inches. you can see the doppler 12 radar network is nice and try in the east but we are looking at snow hitting the ground west of medicine. the snow will be in place much of the morning and into the afternoon and will gradually taper off late afternoon and into the early evening. right cloudy and 32 f the airport. the dew point temperature is down to 24. winter weather advisory is kicking in this morning. we will all see snow between 7:00 and 9:00. this will keep the snow totals a little bit lower along the lake.
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andy: the roads are clear for now but as sally said, it could get slippery once the snow falls. you can track the snow from your phone or tablet. just download the free wisn 12 news app. you can find the latest weather conditions, right down to your street. you may want to leave early if you're headed north for the packer game. kick off at lambeau is at noon against the houston texas. and the injury list seems to get longer every week. t.j. lang and j.c. tretter are out. damarious randall is questionable, not to mention aaron rodgers in addition to three linebackers, clay matthews, blake martinez, and jake ryan. on the offensive side, the packers have passed the ball 69% of the time since eddie lacy went on i.r. last week's 28 rush attempts were actually the most since lacy went down, but still far
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>> we are taking it one week at a time. whatever we have to do to win is the key. we don't want to think about the sustainability of throwing it twice as many times as you run. it is based on the people we have found that are healthy and how to attack that team. andy: fans are encouraged to bring a new unwrapped toy to today's game. the packers are teaming up with the marines for their annual toys for tots drive. marines will be stationed around lambeau field to collect donations before the game. can also make a cash donation. attending today's packer game, a very surprised father and son, all thanks to a construction crew working next door. in a story you'll only see on wisn 12 news, tim elliott shows us how a simple hello in hartland turned into something so much more. >> living near a construction site, things can get, really noisy, >> you don't make friends with
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they own. works but rich nowakowski, doesn't mind the noise one bit, because he is just as loud. >> wow. oh god yeah . >> for the past 2 months, gary aide and his crew have been building the riverwalk apartments on lawn street in hartland. >> denny, everything good? >> and everyday, >> hey hey. >> how you doing.? >> rich sits on his porch across the street and complementry their work. >> beautiful. look at this. >> this guy is just something different, something special. he's just happy all the time. always in a good mood . >> rich was a mailman for 33 years but retired 12 years ago after suffering a stroke. >> turned our lives upside down especially him because he's so social . >> rich's wife patricia says the stroke affected his speech.
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but he can't get the words out . >> but not his heart, >> >> loves life, loves people the matter what. >> so this holiday season, gary and his crew wanted to do something special for rich. >> oh come on. come on. wow. wow. >> the crew pitched in and got rich two tickets to this weekend's packer game along with some spending money. >> come on. >> that is for your travel expenses. come o >> in all, a package worth close to $500. >> and to have this happen to him it kind of brought him back into the joy of christmas. >> rich will tell you himself, he's the team's biggest fan. >> oh god, come on, come on. [laughter] >> and for a man who struggles to find the words, today, he knew exactly what to say. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> in hartland, tim elliott wisn
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>> as a thank you, rich helped his wife bake christmas cookies for the construction crew, who they now call their friends. >> new this morning, too many guns to count. that's how many weapons the green bay police department says they received in a gun buy-back program this weekend. officers collected guns at a local sam's club yesterday for the department's first ever buyback program. anyone who dropped off a weapon got a $50 gift card. gift cards with so many people stopping by. >> i brought my father's 22 -- .22 lugar pistol. he bought it somewhere in the 1970's. i have kids at home and i don't want them to find it because the guns are dangerous.
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police department received a two thousand dollar grant to run the program in the community. glendale police officers are going on a shopping spree today for their annual shop with a cop event. they're pairing up with local kids to help them pick out gifts for their families. after shopping at kohl's, the group will enjoy a bowling and pizza party at bayshore town center. glendale pd's been hosting this program for the past 8 years. milwaukee police will swear in a new class of recruits tomorrow. the ceremony is at 10:00 at the police academy on teutonia. 46 men and 12 women make up this class. the recruits will to through six months of training and should hit the streets by next summer. this morning, the effort to count ballots in waukehsa county picks up at 9:00 p.m. workers have tallied up most all of the ballots from the local towns and are hoping to move on to the larger cities soon. those include waukesha and brookfield. they have more ballots to count in waukehsa county.
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the biggest challenge right now is going through all the record number of absentee ballots. >> 65,000 out of 248,000 voters in the city of milwaukee is just about 25% of the voters, so it's still a pretty significant process ahead of us. >> the recount is being paid for by the green party. the total cost, $3.9 million. it must be done by december 13, a federally mandated deadline. meanwhile, the presidential recount in pennsylvania has been called o. green party nominee jill stein dropped her bid for the recount because of the cost. a court ruling says voters requesting the recount must pay a million dollar bond. stein plans to make a major announcement regarding her next steps tomorrow outside trump tower in new york. up next, preventing skin gensler -- skin cancer one class of wine at a time.
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how a family lost power due to this giant mess. sally: the first winter advisory of the season. i will show you when the first
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[burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along.
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. [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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: to wisn 12 news this morning. as we have been mentioning, snow is on the way. we will check back in with sally to see how the day will unfold. a health alert for parents of teens. they new study says heavy drinking could alter the brain structure of teenagers. research shows teens who binge drink tend to have brains with less gray matter, which helps with emotion, memory, and self-control. still not clear if the drinking
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but, researchers say teen drinking does affect brain development and can lead to behavior problems over time. also new this morning, researchers at brown university have found that drinking a glass of white wine each night could increase your risk for melanoma. drinking beer, red wine, or liquor wasn't found to significantly affect risk. researchers caution this only shows an association, not a cause, between drinking white wine and a risk for cancer. new this morning, top diia benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. >> meat. for most americans, it is what's for dinner. in this nation of carnivores, only about one of every 30 people declares themselves a vegetarian or vegan.
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from your diet a healthy or even safe approach? this week, a top group of nutritionists and dieticians, issuing an official statement to say yes vegetarianism and veganism can be healthy. but only with proper planning. the authors of the statement pointing to evidence showing that plant-based diets can lower risk of health problems like heart disease, obesity and even certain cancers. the trick, these authors say, is to make sure these diets are the authors of the well balanced. just because something is labeled vegan, they say, doesn't automatically mean it's healthy. well-planned vegetarian and vegan diets contain vege fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. and even though pastries and french fries can be vegan, they won't be doing much for your health. and as with all diets, check with your doctor before making big changes. with this medical minute i am dr. timothy johnson. andy: this morning you are invited for a hot breakfast at fire station number two in west allis. starting at 8:30 this morning, there will be pancakes, sausage,
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for kids under 12. sales will help provide toys and holiday goodies for local children. and get your reservations in now to have breakfast with santa at the milwaukee county zoo. the only dates left are december 17 and 18th. tickets are 20 dollars for each child or adult. kids two and under are six dollars. santa will make a stop at the holiday gift fair at the boerner botanical gardens today. browse items from local artists and businesses starting at 10:00 this morning. local groups will also perform throughout the day. sally: we will get a bite-sized
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we are looking at snow flying right now in the medicine, also into allis and the western part of the state. snow will be in place for much of the morning and the afternoon. you can see the snow pulling off a good chunk of iowa. they winter weather advisory through 6:00. in the western , at 7:00. more than anything this is a nuisance. as far as the snow forecast -- i
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snow. a good chunk of the western county and waukesha county. two to three inches and we go to western dodge and western fond du lac county. we have been bouncing around as far as temperatures. we are 32 over 24. that is a dry air mass. 1.7 mile visibility. 10 miles elsewhere there was a little star shine on my way in. you can see the snow just barely spreading into parts of jefferson and dodge county.
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fairly dry. probably no snow if you make the 8:00 service but by 10:00 the snow begins to overspread much of the area. we are looking at the light to moderate snow in place, and it continues through 3:00. we are still looking at like to moderate -- light to moderate snow. it clouds tomorrow. i expect we will see a few thin plot -- thin spots in the clouds for tomorrow. we will top at around 35 degrees at the airport. for tomorrow, 38 degrees and ars at the a mostly cloudy sky. we move into this week and we have a series of weak disturbances.
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it is more than likely stray flurries and maybe a light mix from time to time. overnight lows in the teens. andy: this is the appetizer to winter's main course. sparks fly when a plane lands without its landing gear. what the pilot did to avoid a disaster. and later, trees for troops. how you can help deliver fresh evergreen trees to wisconsin military families. but first here's a look at last night's lottery numbers good
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andy: we have some snow on the way. we will check in with sally in a bit. the pilot reporting trouble with the landing gear yesterday afternoon while flying above tyler, texas. the pilot flew circles around the airport to burn off fuel, then managed to land the plane on it's belly, shooting some sparks from underneath. he walked away without getting hurt. faa inspectors will look over the plane in the coming days to the landing gear. a giant mess on the streets of philadelphia. officials say there was an explosion at an electrical substation on saturday. the station's fire suppression system then released the foam that ended up blanketing the street. families were told to stay away from the foam. it can cause skin irritation.
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new this morning, a trapeze artist in saint louis is celebrating her retirement at the age of ninety. elizabeth herring, who goes by bunny, held her final show friday night. she originally joined a circus as a teenager, but she had to promise her parents that she wouldn't do aerial stunts. however, when she turned eighty she joined a circus again and started performing trapeze tricks. there were not any reindeer slays for these santas. thousands of riders participating in the santa rampage. look at those streets. it ended with a party at the lakefront brewery. boy, did they get into the
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morning, a look at colorful footwear the packers will wear today, and how you can help the team give back to wisconsin charities. and here's a live look outside as we head to break. stay with us.
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andy: good morning and welcome back. his 5:28. we're going to begin by checking in with meteorologist sally severson in the weather center. good morning, sally. we have a lot to do this weekend if you're going to the service, maybe football at lambeau field. we don't want the snow to get in the way so we have to be careful. sally: we have a little bit of sun and i am glad it will come in and little bit at a time. snow totals maybe two to four
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west of medicine. it is north into columbia county as well. flying over western jefferson county is actually still is operating in the atmosphere. as far as the snow is concerned winter weather advisory's will go into effect this morning. 7:00 this morning for our inland one to two inch snowfall lakeside which will be well inland. 30 at bayview and 32 ethicon ahead. you can see almost everyone, right around 30 degrees. this morning the winter weather advisory kicks in. we look at a light fix right along the lake and the snow flies through much of the day-to-day.
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this is video from overnight as crews took to the streets getting the road ready for snow. in milwaukee our department says the crew have been brining streets with a salt and water mixture. there is a live look at the roads from the dot cameras right now and things looking quiet on this sunday morning. download the wisn 12 news app. smartphone or tablet. today, funeral services will be held for fidel castro. he died of week ago at the age of 90. after nine days of mourning he will be laid to rest in the city of santiago. fidel castro led the island nation for more than half a century. of 90. after nine days offidel castro n one of the oldest cemeteries in
5:31 am
raul castro says they will not name streets or monuments after fidel or build statues of the former leader. a memorial was held for the brazilian soccer players killed in a plane crash over the weekend. 20,000 people gathered in a tiny brazil stadium in the rain to remember the victims of the crash. thousands more lined the roads as the caskets drove by. all but six of the 77 people on board died. 16 were soccerye game in a regional tournament. victims are getting a closer look at the damage of a massive wildfire in tennessee. about 1000 buildings were damaged or destroyed in the fire. at least 13 people died in the fire including a mother and her young girls. investigators believe that the fire was caused by a person and they are now asking for information about anyone who
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a statewide election recount in pennsylvania is not going to happen. green party presidential nominee joe stein dropping her bid because of the cost. a court ruling says voters requesting the recount must pay a $1 million bond. stein plans to make an major announcement regarding her next step on monday. day four of wisconsin's recount is still eight days away. in waukesh around the clock. today they will move on to the cities like waukesha and brookfield. milwaukee county has wrapped up its recount for the weekend and will dig up again monday morning. the recent announcement that reince priebus will be donald trump's chief of staff means that two of the most powerful men in the country are from wisconsin. the other is house speaker paul ryan. mike gousha has an interview with reince priebus this morning on upfront. >> priebus will join me via satellite from trump tower in
5:33 am
upcoming supreme court appointment, and whether a wisconsin judge is under serious consideration for that. and what does he think propelled trump to a surprise victory? plus, the wisconsin recount. do voters lack faith in elections, and will a recount help restore it? i'll ask the chairman of the state elections commission. and, how a wisconsin helathcare cooperative is dealing with the uncertainty surrounding obamacare. it's all coming up this morning at 9:00, right here on upfront. about a missing woman last seen leaving potawatomi casino a week ago in her car. police say tiffany sanfelippo's car has been found in milwaukee, about four miles from her west allis home. police don't have a photo of tiffany to share. but if you know where she might be, you are asked to give them a call. investigators are expected to hold a news conference this morning to tell us more about a
5:34 am
joel shanahan, a madison musician whose stage name is golden donna, was set to headline there friday night. a message posted on his facebook page says, joel is safe but like many people he is heartbroken and has several friends among the missing. clean-up after that deadly fire continues in oakland this morning. authorities say many people are still unaccounted for. max resnik from our sister station in sacramento has more on the investigation. >> the recovery efforts here in oakland, california now stretch into a second day as the warehouse behind us is the foc of an investigation by law enforcement officials as well as fire officials. we can confirm at this point the recovery of nine bodies from this fire. but law enforcement officials also tell us that at least two dozen more people are unaccounted for at this point. dozens more have been located. that was a bit of good news that was brought to us yesterday, but still, that recovery effort continues. they've brought in some heavy machinery, some excavators and cranes to start to go through the warehouse just behind us here, just behind those tents of
5:35 am
and they will do that very methodically. they want to do that because they don't want to pull out a family's loved one. they want to be very careful in their work going forward. we also discovered through our reporting that the warehouse here behind us did not have the proper permits for this artist collective, an opportunity for people to live and work in this space. and we also understand that it did not have the permits necessary to have that party that occurred when that fire broke out friday night around 11:30. that's the latest here in oakland. an update is expected later this morning. i'm max resnik. andy: the oakland raiders have started a campaign to help with aid after the fire. the team will match and donate relief funds up to $30,000. so far, they have raised near $40,000. and that number continues to grow this morning. the packers are looking to earn another w this afternoon against the texans after getting their
5:36 am
team is ready for the game ahead. >> we expect a win. i like it when they don't like us. it is hard not to have people like you. hell, we are the green bay packers. we take that with a lot of pride. andy: we will see if the green and gold can pull off another win today. you might notice some of your favorite packers wearing som colorful footwear today. these are a few of the shoes from the green and gold. nfl players will be allowed to veer from the strict program this weekend in honor of their charity of choice. players will also have the opportunity to raise funds for their causes by auctioning their cleats off. a heart-breaking defeat last night as the wisconsin badgers come up short in the big ten championship. the team lost to penn state in a close game. big 12 sports' stephen watson has more from lucas oil stadium
5:37 am
>> losing is never easy but what it comes into the fashion like it happened saturday night at lucas oil stadium it stings even more. wisconsin let an early lead slip away. a lot of the blame going to the defense which has carried them to this point in the season. we caught up with some of the players in the locker room. >> it sucks when you play this could all season long and then u like this especially for the seniors, guys who have been here before and felt same feeling. you try to prove to everybody that we are a good football team and we crumbled under the pressure. >> it is very abnormal. don't know what it was or where we could not get our groove back. just didn't show up. >> we worked too hard to come up short. for the group behind us, let it
5:38 am
>> 38 points was the season high allowed by this badgers defense. all three of the losses came to top 10 teams and all three of those losses by just seven points. they now go to the cotton bowl to face western michigan. >> the badgers lost but somebody won something in indy. to stephen watson for his recent emmy when last night. a local farm is working to brighten the holidays. coming up up, the national campaign happening this weekend to help soldiers have a merry christmas, plus sally severson in the weather center might see some flakes. >> it is a snowy sunday with the
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in a little bit later. >> get important local news
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andy: welcome it is almost 6:00 on this sunday, december 4. it will be a busy sunday with football and shopping and some snow. a lot of s's. this is the first one so we have to be careful. sally: i am delighted that it is not coming down at 10 inches. we will get a few inches of snow away from the lake but as we track the snow and cold there is a lot of melting on contact
5:43 am
insult will be very effective with temperatures near 34 degrees. there will still be slick spots and lower visibility in the falling snow. insultwe are going to see the w gradually spread in. winter weather advisory's kick in at 7:00 in the western thanks to lake michigan we will keep the snow totals lower along the lake. one inch or two trout lake side and a little bit better as you move away from lake michigan. the western parts of dodge, fond du lac and other counties where we could have four inches of snow. >> a reminder for those of you who regularly park your car's in the city of milwaukee, winter
5:44 am
nch rule. tickets can run from $20 to also, each community is $60. different. it's best to check with your city to see what the rules are where you live. it's the hallmark of all holiday decorations, the christmas tree. this holiday season, thousands of chrismas trees are being donated as part of a program that says thank you to our troops. since 2005, trees for troops has provided more than 157,000 free, farm-grown christmas trees to troops and military families in the u.s. and overseas. this year, a tree farm in neenah is taking part. anyone who purchases a christmas tree at schroeders forevergreens can choose to donate it to a military family. donors can write a special holiday message. they expect to send out as many as 100 christmas trees.
5:45 am
their way to military families. it is part of a volunteer effort teaching a great lesson to these students. >> ? all of the other reindeer ? >> singing christmas carols and carrying christmas trees is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and it is more meaningful when you are doing it for a good cause. this is part of the trees for troops program trees are donated to military families. >> it is the best program i could be involved with. where helping the military and doing something fun and pulling tree farmers together. >> almost 600 trees were donated i local businesses in vermont. they are loaded onto trucks here in bethlehem by volunteers and six graders from the local
5:46 am
they protect us so we have to repay them somehow. >> to know that i am making a troop or a troop's family happy is really nice. >> not only are the students doing heavy lifting but they take these trees from start to finish. they raise the $1000 through the program called read-a-thon. they rod tags and another will write out all of the thank you notes. >> i hope they realize it is important to give back to the community and our country. >> it makes me proud to see these young kids here are dissipating in this program -- participating in this program year after year is great. >> some of the brave soldiers who serve our country are getting a special surprise this holiday season.
5:47 am
who deployed to guantanamo bay in may. to show appreciation, the mom invited family members and friends to her home in mequon to bake 123 dozen christmas cookies to send to them. >> everybody wanted to do something and it wasn't only for our son, but for the other 122 soldiers that won't be home for christmas. >> debbie says she had a lot of help. one relative even drove eight hours just to pitch in. big heart. tinker-the-bell ringing horse is back in action this holiday season. every year, tinker and his family ring bells for the salvation army's red kettle campaign. and later today he'll be making special appearances during wisn 12 news this morning. being relatively new to the wisn team, i did not know about tinker's celebrity for a while
5:48 am
to the station. sally: tinker is legendary. you will come to know tinker and come to love him. he does great work on behalf of the salvation army and is really getting to look a lot like christmas. i will start with our outdoor cameras. you can see as we get a peek at cathedral square where temperatures are at 32. how about a stop at lambeau? it will not look like this by 3:00 in the afternoon. if you're headed to the game today, the packers forecast, snow is there. if you are traveling up 43 to green bay for today, allow plenty of extra time for travel. it looks like a two to three inch snowfall. that is pre-much where we will
5:49 am
-- the snow is being reported that medicine. the snow will be coming a little bit in the way of dry air. in lowell, houston is for, hartford. we have a very dry air mass over the east. we have to overcome that dryness. there is a little bit of moisture to work with but torture pictures are going to be in the low-to-mid 30's for today. they wait until 9:00 for our lakeside counties. one to two inches along the lake and a little bit more mixed thanks to the comparative worth -- warmth of lake michigan. temperatures around the metro are between 29 at brown deer to 32 at cut a hey and also at mitchell international. 30 at watertown and 30 at lake geneva.
5:50 am
getting a moderate snow there. visibility is very good over the eastern part of the state thanks to the fact that the snow has not begun to fall yet. between 10:00 and 5:00, a steady, like to moderate snow of a closer to lake michigan and that is why the snow totals are a little bit lower begin to taper off. here we are at 8:30 still try in the far east with snow beginning to fall across parts of dodge and jefferson county. by noon, everybody is experiencing a light to moderate snow. salt will be effective in these temperatures and we will be looking at a lot of melting on contact.
5:51 am
can see the back edge of snow pulls through here by 8:00. i think we get a few peeks of sunshine and we will see a lot of the snow melt as we move to the day on monday and tuesday. we are certainly on a weather watch for today with the winter weather advisory and a steady, like to moderate snow for much of the day today. upper 30's monday and tuesday and we could see a little bit of a light mix. there are light chances but all of this is very light. look at that deep cold. overnight in the teens. >> communicating with santa before the holidays. where you will be able to go today to talk to jolly old saint nick and first here is what is coming up on good morning america. >> the anger this morning over the police in new orleans to release a driver who opened fire
5:52 am
we are learning that the same shooter was involved in another road rage incident 10 years ago in the exact same location, those charges also dropped. plus the decision by donald trump to break with 40 years of u.s. diplomatic policy, taking it phone call from the president of taiwan. why this is a controversial move and what are consequences could be. surveillance footage of armed men forcing their way into a home after one of them posed as
5:53 am
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>> let's take a live look outside as we wait for that sunrise on the this sunday morning.
5:56 am
the snow is coming down. they, you have a chance to meet santa under the glass a special holiday event is being held at the mitchell park domes. we are going to look at some video from last year. from noon until three today, families can meet santa, mrs. claus and a holiday tree character. santa under the glass is also open on december 10 and 17. regular admission rates apply. a direct line to santa clause this holiday season. a special mailbox has been placed near oakland and kenmore in shorewood to collect your special messages. kids are invited to drop off a letter, photos or other art until december 22. in shorewood to collect your every child who leaves something with a return address will get a reply from santa before christmas. as they should. santa is listening. sally: and a special box. andy: santa is watching. you have a few more weeks. i'm trying to get on the good list. sally: not to go late.
5:57 am
check in on us on our facebook page or instagram. the snow is back in iowa and it will overspread southern wisconsin. it is about an hour from now in our western counties and 9:00 in our lakeside counties. andy: we will see you in about an hour. "gma" starts now.
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good morning, america. trapped inside. the oakland concert fire, young lives perishing in the flames. >> this is a devastating scene. >> concertgoers blinded and disoriented by thick, black smoke. scrambling for the lone >> at least nine people killed. possibly dozens more missing, the agonizing wait of friends and family praying for word. >> we're all looking for you. your mom, your dad, everybody. >> crews working through the night to carry out a grim search. >> this morning, with the smoke cleared, survivors sharing their stories. now thankful to be alive. the chaos inside as the flames broke out and the investigation


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