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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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i'm ben wagner. it is 4:59. monday, november 28th. right now, from the cream city to the white house, the meeting that could land the milwaukee county sheriff a job at the nation's capitol. holiday deals and steals on cyber monday, we are going live inside of the amazon kenosha warehouse. >> rain has been moving through look at the commute, first to sally severson for a look at the forecast. >> the rain is moving to the east and over lake michigan and the state of michigan, but we are left with wet pavement, mist and drizzle as we look at the radar network. we expand the view, the low pressure is continuing to make the move to the east and i expect a round of rainfall this afternoon and for tonight.
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at waukesha. 43 at the airport. take a look at the winds, gusting in the neighborhood of 15-25 for much of the day today. so drizzle, windy, steady rain by mid afternoon. high of 48. you are running the wiper this is morning. matt? >> indeed. wet pavement around the system. light volume as well. state and i-43 moving smoothly. on the traffic watch showing full freeway speeds. good shape to start off... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> wisconsin election officials are meeting today to talk about a recount of presidential votes. this is coming as president-elect donald trump is
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>> alleging the voter fraud in a number of the states without the proof. as president-elect donald trump returns from a thanksgiving break in florida, he unleashed about the election results on twitter. the president-elect wrote serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california and why isn't the media reporting on this. before that, he charged in addition electoral votes, i won the popular vote if you country the millions that voted illegally. the effort is being led by green party candidate jill steen with support from the clinton campaign. this is ridiculous. >> i don't think that hillary
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going to transform the election. >> today the president-elect turns the attention back to the transition and holding meetings. >> one of the meetings with david clarke. good morning, andy. >> reporter: good morning, ben. slr ar to traum p tower in new york city. back in august, sheriff clarke met with donald trump and sat together. clarke has been vocal about the support for trump and speaking in cleveland. a spokesman says that clarke has no comment about the meeting
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offered a spot in the administration. of course, that meeting is happening in new york city. for now live in milwaukee "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, andy. >> a man in milwaukee dies after driving himself to the hospital. tim is live with the new information from overnight. tim. tim: a 31-year-old man showed up to the hospital last night and was shot and hospital and he later died. the shooting happened near 341st and lloyd. >> also, a woman in her mid 20s is in the hospital after being shot. the neighbors called 911 after hearing the gunshots near harrison and 14th. the police are still trying to figure out what happened and
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ben? >> tim, thank you. 5:04. black friday shopping hits a new high thanks to online sales. according to report, $3.3 billion was spent online on friday. that is 21% from last year. the sales at the brick and mortar sales dropped. consumers spent day weekend on average. >> well, helicoptering the shopping, it is cyber monday. hillary mintz is live at the amazon septemberer in kenosha with a look inside. reporter: perhaps no other place as busy as this fulfillment senter in kenosha. we are live inside of the center here. this is 28 football fields. this whole thing here, and they
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morning. we are talking about the hot items you are going to see online. kelsey is here with us from amazon. point out of the hot items. >> today is a big day for us. big for us, big for the customers. we are adding new deals every five minutes and go to to explore the deals. so for a great deal, we have up to 5ff and range findering, toys are huge for the season. so today select hasbro toys are up to 50% off. this is dart vader helmet. today it is available for 56.99.
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>> another great deal for us is this sony head phones. $88. >> kelsey, we are talking with you all morning long. this is a small example of what you will find online. they are selling 600 items per second. time to get shopping. "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i like that advice. hillary, thank you. sal, today is the day to get the online shopping and it is drizzling out there. >> temperatures 39 or better. cooler at point. 43 at the airport. 40 at rhinelander. certainly wet pavement this morning. south breezes really beginning to kick in and we look at the spotty showers. keeping the rain gear handy.
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the 40s. matt? >> both hand on the wheels. right now, no reason to rush. the volume is light here 43, 94 and oklahoma avenue looking northbound. no trouble either way. in fact, trouble free across the system. green everywhere. that means full free speeds. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. this comeing from the family of a fatder and daughter killed in a car crash this weekend. tim is following this story for us in the news room. tim. tim: this is 39-year-old kevin, his nine-year-old daughter was killed on friday night when a suspected drunk driver hit their car. they are turning on to their street when this happened. on sunday they released a statement, we wish to express
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that stopped to help at the scene of the accident. now, funeral arrangements are pending. a 25-year-old racine man has been arrested involved in the crash and facing two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. a fund raising page is set up to help the family with ben, back to you. >> tim, thanks. >> 5:09. death of a dictator. thousands in cuba are coming together to morn the death of fidel castro. >> plus, hospitals are packed with patients suffering from
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>> we get a live look at the radar network, mist and drizzle around as we look at a rainy day monday. the rain is drifting to the east and we have a lot of wet pavement and mist and drizzle this morning. another round of the steady rain in store for us this afternoon. for much of this week, breezy conditions and turning colder toward the end of the week. you can see a few showers over lake michigan and keeping the rain gear handy. chopper parked this morning. we are in decent shape, zoo interchange and things are looking good. in fact, we are trouble free across the system. travel times... no crashes on the system right
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commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 5:13. happening now in iraq, patients are flooding into the main hospital and treating trauma victims. a doctor from the hospital is saying that the staff is treating both civilian and military casualties up to a 150 patients a day and the hospital doesn't have enough beds in the er room. the offensive to retake mosul from the militants is slowing as the troops avoiding the casualties. >> h first of a nine day mourning period for fidel castro. tim, you are learning more about the celebrities planned? >> yes, a 21 gun salute. after that, the government is signing a solemn oath to castro at the monument in havana. the schools and government offices are closed and observing
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after the death on friday. he was 90 years old. his funeral will be held on sunday. now north korea is observing three days of mourning for castro. the flags in north korea are flying at half staff to honor castro. ben? >> thank you, tim. 5:15. new this morning, hundreds of people in australia are getting sick because of the weather. people died. the illness is called thunderstorm asthma. it happens when a storm hits during a period of high rye grass pollen. the pollen is getting into the lungs and making it impossible to breathe. >> this is touching families everywhere. it is clear to you and all, that the health minister and the
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looking carefully at how the last few days went and if changes to be made, then we'll make the changes. >> a similar incident in may of 2010. >> the packers are trying to snap the four game losing streak tonight on monday night against the eagles in philly. the big sports 12 team sat down with the long time by and asked him what concerns him the most. >> a few times we had success there, but going in, blocking out the noise, really just focussing on in what we need to do and our team, and i think that's actually very important for this week making sure we focus on us, what can we do to go in there and block out noise
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that is the biggest thing in the hostile environment like that, we have to block that out. >> one of the most hostile environments in all of pro football. see the game tonight. the kickoff is 7:30. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:17. today on ellen, on the show and taking a spill on the red carpet at the film festival. >> i as i walked up, oh the shoe laces are undone. he said no, no. i very gracefully bent the knees and forgot all the paparazzi are after it. >> she talks about being on the
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watch ellen at 4:00 followed by the news at 5:00. ellen is in the middle of the 12 days of giveaways and viewers have a chance to win all of the prizes, that is right, all of them, go to and scroll to the bottom to register and watch today for all new show to see what you could win. she's got good prizes coming up. >> very fun. watch ellen. cyber monday. >> and find time to walk the dog. probably in the morning looking at a more mist and drizzle. round two of the rain is headed our way. this is going a long way, ben. we had a six inch deficit for the rainfall for the year. the rain we are getting, it is beneficial for us. as we get a look at cathedral square where the trees are lit
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43 over 39. winds right now are south at 15 miles per hour. here is a look at the radar, the steady rain moved to the east. we are left with the clouds and mist and drizzle this morning. round number two of the rain is pivoting out of minnesota this morning and into southern wisconsin as this area of low pressure is drifting to the east. right now at the airport, temperatures are 43. dew .39. winds are south at 15. we are l winds today much of the day 15-25 miles per hour. now you can see the forecast model is pushing us up to 50. with the clouds around we are holding at 48 degrees. certainly breezy and by the late ternoon a steady light rain in place for us. here we are today at 9:00. all is quiet this morning. by about lunchtime we watch energy from the west and also from the south beginning to fill in for us.
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light to moderate rain through the evening hours. the morning commute and the evening commute impacted by the rainfall. still raining at 10:00 tonight. lift to the north, quickly, and left with the sunshine tomorrow. a little breezy warm up with the highs into the low 50s and a cool front approaching tuesday night and chilly air coming back. 48 for today. periods of rain. keep the umbrella 43 tonight. 53 tomorrow. breezy and mild. the cool front and the trough later on tuesday night bringing in the chilly air. a chance of a light mix on thursday and ben, we keep the temperatures upper 30s and closer to normal for this time of the year at the end of the week. >> recognizing excellence at the local schools. this morning sal is handing out the top teacher award.
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join us in a moment. >> that familiar jingle in danger of disappearing and why the red kettle campaign is
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>> good morning, new berlin. thank you for the monday morning shot door. wisn is stopping by the classrooms throughout the school year. if you are interested in a visit shs head to and click on the school shout out logo and we'll try to schedule a time for jeremy nelson to stop by and say hello. >> 5:24. music plays big in our november top teacher.
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nathan hale high school. a >> you are the november top teacher. she started the musical career at 7 years old and crediting the instrubters for instilling a deep love of music, she believe individuals and work together on a common goal. >> it is a form of expression. it is a way for the students to positive ou we work together as a group all of the time. >> the students make her a better teacher. >> they bring me their joy and their love of playing music and their life experiences and i
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them, become a better teacher each day. >> proud moments come every day, but things start out a little rough. >> we had aon fabulous dress re and i was nervous but it all came together and we nail i did it on the concert night. she believes in the students and their talents. >> there is and a lot of hardworking kids. >> the strings were absolutely fabulous. we had such a wonder time. it was great to meet all of the students and certainly you can tell she loves them. it was great to be there. >> the band teachers, sometimes,
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days, you have to find a teacher that is really dedicated. >> it was wonderful to be there. >> thank you, sal. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:27. of course, you can nominate a top teacher by heading to and use the menu to find the top teacher section and submit a nomination. >> news time is 5:27. a holiday treat chicago cubs. what it took to create this version of wrigley field. >> plus, a rampage involving police, firefighters and a murder suspect. coming up, what happened to two
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ben: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," all eyes on wisconsin. the step expected today in an effort to recount the state's votes from the presidential election. >> plus, monday night football is almost here. wisn 12 news is in philly with the packers this morning looking at what it will take to defeat


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