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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> now, on wisn 12 news. adrienne: it's tonight's big story. wisconsin's election commission will meet in the morning, to put a presidential vote recount into motion. and as abc's gloria riviera shows us, the entire country will be watching. reporter: donald trump and his staff blasting a vote recount in wisconsin. >> it's a total waste of everybody's time. reporter: green party candidate jill stein started the effort last week. >> there were a lot of hacks taking place around this election. reporter: and this weekend hillary clinton's team joining the fray. those announcements triggering a tweet-storm from donald trump. the president-elect firing off 7 tweets in 70 minutes, nearly all aimed at clinton. but her general counsel says
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participate to ensure fairness. senator sanders: it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else, thinks that there's going to be profound changes. we will see what happens. reporter: trump had been widely criticized for stoking fears about the election's integrity. >> it's a rigged election. believe me. and we know it's a rigged system. reporter: now, trump and his team are accusing stein of using the recount as a fundraiser. >> it's ridiculous. this is a fundraising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin. >> i don't know why they're so nervous. they're just so jittery about, no recount, no recount. whatever we do, don't do a recount. just calm down. if you think you won, the recount will show the same thing. reporter: another member of trump's staff is also on attack -- senior advisor kellyanne conway taking aim at mitt romney, who is up for secretary of state. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches that i can recall in this calendar year, and they were both about donald trump. reporter: romney was one of trump's harshest critics during
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conway says some supporters feel betrayed that he could be in the new administration. >> this is trump's party now. he won states mitt romney didn't. i don't think a cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. adrienne: president-elect trump also weighing in on another election issue today. he sent out this tweet, saying that he won the popular vote, if you eliminate millions of people who voted illegally. trump did not say where he got that information. the latest official count shows hillary clinton leading the popular vote by more than two million ballots. but trump has the majority in the electoral college. an online petition to do away with the electoral college now has more than 4 million signatures. tonight on upfront, mike gousha looks at the argument for changing the electoral college. >> many democrats are talking about getting rid of the electoral college after hillary clinton won the popular vote, but lost the election on november 8.
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it, and what would be the affect on a state like wisconsin? i'll ask a former democratic elector tonight on upfront. then, the court ruling that could shake up wisconsin politics. our political analyst on what happens next in the case. plus, with donald trump saying the u.s. will pull out of the tpp trade agreement, we'll look at the impact of trade in wisconsin. what it means for producers and consumers. it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. adrienne: rain is moving through our area right. meteorologist lindsey slater is you might be singular hearing it. meteorologist lindsey slater is here to tell us how long it will last. lindsey: it will be an issue as they head back to work after that long holiday. one of the heaviest amounts having just west of madison and in county. not a whole lot of here quite yet. we had some earlier hints in sheboygan. we even have a little drizzle happening earlier.
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45 degrees. i anticipate the rain to not only really kick up the wind. 15-20 miles per hour. the next couple of days will be crazy windy. we have the rain on top of that. the heaviest amounts of rain are going to be happening between now and 3:00 a.m., it is you're heading off to work, i will tell you a for your commute and even the evening commute. adrienne: for most cubans, fidel castro was the only leader they've ever known. and with his death on friday at age 90, there's uncertainty about what's next. but as abc's elizabeth hur shows us castro's death is giving some cuban-americans hope. reporter: in cuba, it is the end of an era, and the beginning of an official 9 days of mourning for fidel castro, with flags flying at half staff, and
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mass and services for a man these worshippers call, a revolutionary leader and a champion. castro, who took power in 1959, promising democracy, soon jailed and executed opponents, sending more than a million cubans into exile. >> libertad. libertad. reporter: so in miami, there are chants and cheers among cuban exiles and their families, miami-dade commissioner rebecca sosa was just 8 when she fled cuba without her parents, who were at the time held as political prisoners. >> that was very hard, and i was very small. reporter: but now, it's a time to reflect for sosa, with this gift from her father. >> open only win fidel dies. reporter: other cuban americans, say they are hopeful change will come, albeit, slowly. >> raul castro has things in
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the lack of freedom continues and so no, it won't be an overnight thing at all. adrienne: -- reporter: earlier, president-elect donald trump warned he undo obama's renewed may ties with cuba. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. adrienne: a sea of flags on one college campus today in protest. hampshire college in massachusetts stopped flying the u.s. flag, after students allegedly burned one during an anti-trump demonstration. but today's protesters say removing flags from campus disrespects veterans and current military members. an army veteran is searching for the owner of a purple heart. gary kennedy received a call from the veterans of foreign wars service organization in midland, texas. they say someone found a purple heart, along with several other
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now kennedy is working to return the medals to its rightful owner. >> you only receive a purple heart for each time you were shot. if you did get shot it means you were in harms way and you were shot by the enemy. probably went straight over to germany. and automatically went into combat. he had experience with war already. adrienne: the name printed on those world war two medals is jim c-carter. president-elect donald trump will be inaugurated less than the military will play a big role in the ceremony, and as reporter liz palka shows us, rehearsals are already well underway. reporter: from the ceremonial band to the horses involved in the parade thousands of participants are getting ready for the 58th presidential inauguration of donald trump. and just as they have since the first inauguration, service
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for example, the u.s. army band will march in the parade and be part of the celebrations. >> there's a number of rehearsals that take place, including a full scale rehearsal where we will all march down pennsylvania avenue. >> to prepare, to workers. reporter: mike wagner is a lead event planner for the military. he's been part of 11 inaugurations. >> part of the challenge here is that we start far in advance of the time when we know who will win the election. reporter: in fact, planning for after president obama's last ceremony in 2013. the washington, d.c. based military command involved says planning picks up in the last year. and gets more intense after the election. military organizers tell us trump's team has not made specific requests for the ceremony just yet. >> we've just established a contact with them as they start to organize after the election. reporter: and it's not just ceremonial planning. service members will also be on standby to assist the secret
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major general bradley becker says the event is symbolic and meaningful. >> this peaceful transfer of power that takes place every four years in our country. and what an honor it is. reporter: for the service members involved and to all who might witness it. in washington, i'm liz palka. adrienne: switching gears, that have an unexpected health benefit. you'll want to stick around for that. chances are, if you have kids in your life, you already know exactly what they want for christmas. we will show you what toys have
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adrienne: {adrienne/vo} a new report says a little alcohol each day could lower your risk of having a stroke. a review in bmc medicine found that one or two alcoholic drinks a day reduced the risk of a stroke by 8%. but, turns out drinking more had the opposite effect. people who had more than 4 drinks a day actually increased their risk by 14%. holiday shopping is a lot like gambling you might hit the jackpot, or you could walk away empty handed. especially when it comes to toys. wisn 12 news melinda davenport shows us what you need to know,
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reporter: what's your favorite toy? >> ninja turtles. reporter: antoine hicks' son mesai has already made out his list to santa. both of his boys are very clear about what they are hoping for under the tree. >> my kids are pretty vocal, and they kind of know. they definitely know what they want. reporter: the national retail federation says, nearly six in ten americans, or 137 million people, will shop this extended holiday weekend. toys top the list. experts say, this is super bowl time for toy makers. >> toy manufacturers do a lot of focus groups with kids. they bring out their top 3 or 4 toys for that season, they have moms and kids come in and see what their reactions are, and they use that data to figure out, ok what the kids really respond to. reporter: the top toys are already lining the store shelves, and experts say, what's old, is new again. >> we had smurfs come back a few years ago, ninja turtles are
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transformers. >> trolls are not new, i remember trolls when i was a kid. but trolls are back. >> oh, yeah i remember having this in middle school maybe? >> so what's old is new again? reporter: the hottest new toy craze to hit the market? the virtual reality headset you can add to your smartphone, for the teens. and furby's are back in action this season. retailers say get ready for hatchimals, a stuffed animal that the owner needs to nurture until they hatch. >> we get the hatchimals in, we'll get as much as 36 to 60, but then melinda, they are gone. >> you're starting to see them on online auction sites like ebay for two, three, four times the price you'd normally pay at a retail store. reporter: why do we feel we must get these toys? brian spade specializes in behavioral marketing at marquette and says our digital world drives it. >> digital marketing, social media especially, has kind of
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we now zero in on what the hot toys are even faster than we have in the past. reporter: he adds that social media has created something called, fomo, or fear of missing out. >> there's a lot of products that people get very excited about, and they are worried that they aren't going to get it for their kids. so you have a lot of people motivated by that. reporter: sound advice for making wishes country. in wauwatosa, melinda davenport wisn 12 news. adrienne: can't believe the furby is back. coming back and sports on the , eve of the packers monday night football game what , concerns kicker mason crosby most about playing in philadelphia. plus the badgers chances of making the college football playoffs. what needs to happen for them to get in stephanie sutton is next in sports. here are tonight's winning
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stephanie: the packers will try and snap their four game losing streak tomorrow night on monday night football against the eagles in philly. a game you can see right here on wisn 12. earlier this week i sat down with packers longtime kicker mason crosby and asked him what concerns him most about playing at lincoln financial field. >> i have played there a few going in, kind of blocking out the noise, really focus again on what we need to do and our team. i think this is a very important thing for this week is making sure we focus in on us. what can we do to go in there and block out the noise of their fans, the noise of everything that is going to go on? that is the biggest thing and a hostile environment like that is
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stephanie: in nfc north action today da bears hosting the titans tennessee quarterback marcus mariota threw for 226 yards and two touchdowns. that one to rishard matthews the bears tried to rally back under qb matt barkley who started for the injured jay cutler but chicago comes up , short in the final minute of the game. bears lose to the titans 27 to 21. packers host the texans next minus j.j. watt of course who's sunday out for the season with an injury. this sunday the texans hosting the chargers. san diego quarterback philip rivers. rivers throws for 242 yards and 3 touchdowns to give the chargers a 21 to 13 win over the texans. let's hear it for the fish the dolphins have won six in a row. miami hosting the 9rs today. and san francisco had a chance to tie but the dolphins made a goal miami wins 31 to 24. and a big night for tom brady.
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peyton manning for most wins by a quarterback in nfl history. giselle's husband earned his 200th victory by hitting malcolm mitchell for an 8 yard touchdown with just under two minutes remaining in new england's 22-17 comeback over the jets. his life got even more perfect. on to college football. the badgers win the battle of the axe for a 13th straight season but most wisconsin fans , are talking about the team's play's college football predictions the badgers have a 34% chance to make the playoffs the fifth highest odds of any team. in order to bump up those chances, wisconsin has to first win the big ten championship. and have one of the top 4 teams lose. alabama is a strong favorite to win the sec. ohio state will be watching the big ten title fight on t.v. but are locked in at 2 so either clemson or washington must lose in their conference championships to open up a spot
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>> we're excited. you know that was the goal we had kinda in the beginning of the season. a lot of critics. i'm sure some of your guys didn't necessarily think the wisconsin badgers could be in the big ten west. to be able to kind of prove the critics wrong and to represent not just the university but the state of wisconsin, our friends and family, it's a special feeling. >> we're blessed and thankful that we were able to get this win and tomorrow that's when we hit the reset button and start looking towards penn state. stephanie: the nba, orlando is no vacation spot for the box but tonight they get their , second win their in 21 tries. second quarter, jason terry the john henson on the fun and of the alley-oop. third quarter, jabari parker goes baseline for the layout and the foul.
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, the alley-oop. magic trying to fight back. serge ibaka with a slam. he scores 19 points. milwaukee too much tonight. giannis antetokounmpo added 18 points. the milwaukee bucks with more magic tonight. badgers bronson koenig and nigel hayes presented balls for surpassing one thousand career points. taking on prairie view a and m. first half hayes with the inside move to the hoop bucky in control hayes with a season high 17 points. still first half koenig hits the floater. down the lane that is pretty. bronson chips in eleven points. badgers are up big-time at the break. second half now, khalil iverson gets the offensive rebound and the putback dump. a few minutes later germantown's own
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four point play das ist sehr sehr gut. the 16th ranked badgers roll over the panthers 95 to 50. as exciting as that is, we all excited about tomorrow's monday night football. a big 12 sports countdown started 6:30. adrienne:
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adrienne: the join -- lindsey: quite a bit of rain on the radar. you should done of the agency can see when we get the
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> today on "upfront. a court says the legislative lines are unconstitutional, the next step in the case and what it could mean for elections in wisconsin. the why some democrats say electoral should be a thing of the past. and how international trade affects wisconsin and the pros and cons for workers and consumers. >> covering the issues important to wisconsin this is "upfront with mike gousha. mike: we begin today with a court ruling that could shake up wisconsin's politics.


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