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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. school bus tragedy. >> the bus just flipped over. it's occupied with children. >> this bus filled with 35 elementary school students in a horrific accident running off the road and slamming into trees. at least five killed and two dozen hospitalized. arrested. >> this is an absolute nightmare for this community. >> investigators are on the scene, as we hear from the families this morning. donald trump makes his first direct appeal to americans since the election. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america. this morning we'll have what he promised, what he didn't say about isis as he meets with former rivals even democrats about joining his cabinet.
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that winter storm dumping more than three feet of snow, whipping winds creating whiteout conditions. this bus tipping over. the dramatic rescue, as temperatures plunge up and down the east coast. and a new storm on the way threatening to wreak havoc for millions of holiday travelers. and breaking overnight, kanye west hospitalized hours after canceling his tour. >> get ready. get ready because the show is over. >> just days after this rant on stage, we're going to have what's behind the breakdown and the latest on his condition. we do say, good morning, america. and lot of news to get to this morning, just one day away from the biggest travel day of the year. >> and right in time for that day, robin, the snow is piling up.
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video of upstate new york. just going and going and going. a lot of people may be happy to see that. i'm sure some aren't. ginger will be here with much more on your holiday forecast. >> a lot of information that people need. we have to begin with sad news. that devastating bus crash in tennessee. the school bus flipped on its side, hit trees, killing at least five young children. that bus driver now under arrest facing charges and amy is on the scene in chattanooga with the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is a devastating morning here in chattanooga. the accident happened on this road right herhi few hundred feet up around 3:20 yesterday afternoon less than a mile from school. as you mentioned, 35 kids on that bus. and in addition to those who were killed, dozens of others were injured. and the posted speed limit on this road, 30 miles per hour. federal investigators are now looking into whether excessive speed was a factor in this tragedy. >> the bus has flipped over. it is occupied with children. >> reporter: a bus full of children on their way home from
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in a residential neighborhood. >> we heard the crash and we went outside to look. and we saw that the bus had turned over. and apparently had hit the house across the street. they were escaping through the roof hatch. >> reporter: police believe excessive speed may have been a factor. they have charged the bus driver, 25-year-old johnthony walker, with five counts of vehicular endangerment, and reck less driving. >> we executed a search warrant for his blood. the investigation will let us know if there was any outside ive a car, to drive a vehicle. we don't know at this time. what we do know now his behavior was to the point of recklessness. and it met the criteria for filing charges for vehicular homicide, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. >> reporter: at least five of the students dead and two dozen
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as emergency personnel raced to the scene, families waited nervously to hear what happened to their children. the bus so mangled it took more than two hours to get the students to safety. the local hospital overwhelmed as ambulance after ambulance arrived. >> our thoughts and prayers are with their families, their schools, their friends, and our entire community impacted by this tragedy. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at area hospitals standing in long lines to give blood. >> this is an absolute nightmare. but i can assure you the public safety professionals in chattanooga are prepared and trained to make sure this is investigated thoroughly. >> reporter: authorities planning to review the video from the school bus to figure out exactly what happened. we just saw a massive tow truck and a flatbed right in front of me going up to the scene of that bus crash. they'll be removing the bus shortly because the investigation has gone on through the evening.
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answers, including the parents of children who were on that bus. just a few moments ago, i spoke with one of those parents, craig harris. craig, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> i know your daughter, your stepson and your niece were all on that bus. how are they doing this morning? >> this morning they are doing a lot better. my daughter and my stepson, they're in a lot of pain and a little bit of shock still but for the most part, they're -- they're fine. my niece, she is in recovery this morning. she just got out of surgery about an hour ago. and they're just keeping a close eye on her. >> there was a fear at one point she might lose her arm. that's how severe her injuries were. >> yes, ma'am. they had to go into her leg and remove a vein to replace the one torn from her arm. she is looking at a long road to recovery and a lot more surgeries, but -- she's here. >> i can't imagine the moment when you got word that your children were involved in a bus accident, and a severe bus
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and what happened next? >> actually when i first heard, it's been a big fear of mine and when i first heard, i literally had to -- i almost lost it, really. i had to sit down and just gain my composure. i had to calm my wife down and other family members that were also affected by this and it just -- it was just -- it's something i never want to face again. >> yeah. and so you get the word. waiting to find out if your children are okay or not. >> yes, ma'am. i can say that they did the best they could. in my eyes, they did the best that they could with this situation because there were so many people down at the hospital at that time. and so many families just in the same boat that i was in. >> waiting to hear if their children were dead or alive. >> right. >> what was that room like of parents? were you comforting each other? >> yes, we were. some people were easier to calm than others. >> have you seen the bus driver,
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have you seen how he drives? do you know him at all? >> i don't know him. i don't know him personally. honestly, he -- there has been times where i have seen him going a little faster than he probably should be going. >> and that concerned you as a parent. did you ever have worries putting your children on that school bus? >> yes, ma'am. that's the reason why i tried to be there in the mornings when he's pulling up so i can try to get a rhythm for what he was and also in the evenings, because some days, he would come up the street and drop them off. some days he would go down the street and drop them off. i'm not a bus driver so i'm not sure how their -- what their protocol is. but i kind of figured that that wasn't something he was supposed to be doing. >> well, the ntsb investigating his actions and he is in custody at this hour so we do know that much. in terms of what's next for this community, i know that to see those lines with people giving
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heartwarming. but we're two days from thanksgiving. what's the impact on this community? >> for me there was a silver lining in this, because i did see -- i did see my city come together yesterday. >> we'll take that. craig, thank you so much and wishing your children a speedy recovery, physically and mentally, because there's a long road ahead for everyone. >> yes, ma'am. definitely. >> speaking of coming together woodmore elementary school is actually open today. they want to provide counseling for students, for staff, and for members of the community who need it after yesterday's tragedy. >> this accident is raising major questions about school bus safety. the ntsb is launching a go team to investigate there in chattanooga. abc's david kerley joins us with more on that. and david, what can we expect from this team to do in its investigation? >> reporter: well, the ntsb
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they'll look at the equipment, the bus and whether or not it was in good condition. but the pictures tell so much from this story, robin. you can see that bus, looks like it rolled onto its side and hit the tree and just folded around that tree. but that's all the things the ntsb will look at. think about this, robin. on average, five schoolkids are killed in a bus accident every year. five were killed yesterday. >> yes, all right, david. thank you very much and, again, the investigation continues and ouar families in the community there in chattanooga. >> cannot imagine what those parents are going through. okay, we are going to move on now and get the latest on president-elect trump. transition in full swing at trump tower. trump peting with potential cabinet members and the press. and dealing with potential conflicts with his business. last night he released a youtube video. david wright reports from trump tower. good morning. >> reporter: this videotaped message setting an agenda for
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controversial proposals from the campaign trail. trump focused on things he can do immediately by executive order and this is really the first time we've heard from the president-elect since election night. >> our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively truly great and talented men and women, patriots, indeed, are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government. >> reporter: a short, restrained american people. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland. america. >> reporter: trump promises to renegotiate trade deals, ease restrictions on energy production, crack down on immigration abuses, and impose a lobbying ban for all workers in the executive branch. >> i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone. and i mean everyone. >> reporter: revolving door
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formal rivals now looking for jobs. among them former governor rick perry of texas, who was sharply critical of trump during the primaries. >> donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and must be clearly diagnosed, excised, and discarded. >> reporter: perry was recently voted off "dancing with the stars." now he's hoping for a cabinet post. congresswoman tulsi gabbard. you may remember her from the convention. >> this movement of love and compassion is bigger than any one of us. >> reporter: not the republican convention. that was from the democratic one, talking about bernie sanders. the 35-year-old progressive now considering coming over to trump. >> i think there's a recognition that there is a big country out there with lots of voters that feel disaffected from their party, the democrats. >> reporter: on the cabinet, no major announcements yet.
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any day now. as for the video tape, what's striking is what's left out. no talk of repealing obama care. no talk of locking hillary clinton up. no talk of mass deportations or building the wall. he's focused here on what -- on reaching out to all the american people, george. >> david wright, thanks very much. more on this from our chief 's not into things s. also facing questions right now about these conflicts of interest. over the course of this transition. ivanka trump sitting in on the meeting with the japanese prime minister. meetings with his indian business partners and perhaps the ar general tin ya prime minister speaking with ivanka trump. yesterday mr. trump talking to his british officials about wind farms in britain, even republicans now starting to raise questions about these conflicts. oblematic thing for he biggest president-elect trump in his administration ahead isn't his
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people have been disturbed about. or isn't his policies that he's beginning now to enunciate. it could be this issue with interests around the world and it looks like him putting this in a blind trust run by his children isn't going to be clean enough. even "the wall street journal" said he ought to liquidate all his assets. the problem for donald trump is if he doesn't do that, and doesn't clean that up, he could be subject to conflicts of interest charges and could be subject to corruption charges. and finally he could actually be subject to constitutional questions as you know,re called the emoluments clause and it's a big word. means you cannot take advantage or benefit from a foreign state or a foreign government. that's a huge problem for donald trump. >> the trump team says they are going to put structures in place. we'll see what is coming as the transition goes on. some word this morning that perhaps donald trump will not pursue this investigation of hillary clinton. that probably makes sense. >> i think that makes sense. i think most of his voters could care less.
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they're suffering. they're frustrated. they could care less about hillary clinton. it does appeal to his special interests around him but he would be better to just move on. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. r chief investigative iving. correspondent brian ross is here od morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, robin. with preparations well under way for heavy security around the big thanksgiving day parade, the fbi has arrested a brooklyn man who tried to join isis and talked of an attack right here in times square. the fbi moved in after more than a year of tracking 37-year-old mohamed naji. officials said the suspect tried to join isis overseas and then returned to new york, expressing support in recorded conversations for an attack like the one in nice, france, where an isis follower drove a semi truck through crowds attending the bastille day celebration killing 84 people. if there is a truck, he said, i mean a garbage truck and one drives it there to times square and crushes them, times square
7:15 am
>> this was an arrest to disrupt a potential attack given that this individual was following isis direction to carry out an attack against a large crowd. >> reporter: earlier this month, isis posted an online message praising that attack in france and calling on other followers to use speeding vehicles to attack outdoor events, featuring a picture of the new york thanksgiving day parade. now new york police are sending a clear message to not even think about an attack announcing an unprecedented level of se floats, and huge crowds. >> i think that we will have the traditional counterterrorism -- we'll see people out there. the long gun teams also. >> reporter: the new york police will deploy essentially a military battalion of officers. some 5,000 of them assigned to the parade including snipers on the rooftop, 81 huge trucks filled with sand to block vehicles, all along the two-mile-long route which passes two big trump properties, robin. >> as always if you see
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>> that's right. >> all right, brian, thank you. now let's go to gio benitez in courtland, new york, in the middle of the first major snowstorm of the season. standing outside there freezing. gio, creating quite a mess on roads for people. >> reporter: what a mess, michael. good morning to you. raight morning that people here have been waking up to all is snow. can you just imagine having to shovel all of this stuff out? especially when you hear that some parts of this area have 40 inches of snow. storm turning deadly. the storm hammering parts of upstate new york, dropping more than 40 inches of snow in some areas. homes buried. the whipping winds and whiteout conditions leaving highways has czar -- hazardous. littered with wreckage. just take a look at this heart-stopping moment caught on tape. a bus overturning while trying to avoid this spun out car.
7:17 am
there was a bunch of students inside, but they were all okay. we got them out of the emergency exit. >> reporter: of the 40 high school passengers on board, luckily only nine suffered minor injuries. and because of the icy conditions near rochester, one person lost their life. as they slid straight into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer, shows just how ferocious this storm has become across new england. >> we have a lot of ac a little bit. >> reporter: you co-see the rapid accumulation of snow captured in this time-lapsed video. this could be just the beginning of a lingering travel nightmare as we head into a busy holiday weekend. and so the good news right now all this snowfall will stop today but now attention turns out to the west. that's going to cause some major, major travel problems out there for the holidays, michael. >> all right. thank you, gio. and back here in times
7:18 am
weather coming up for everybody getting ready to travel. >> that's right. wouldn't be thanksgiving if we didn't have a storm to talk about, right, on your travel so let's kind of time it out for you. is along the cold front and g this low pressure system coming out of the rockies, going to develop some snow, a mix of rain, snow, and sleet in parts of minneapolis. so that's one of the airports that i'd watch and certainly a lot of highways around there, chicago, another hot spot by tomorrow morning, if you have a flight, there will be rain in the region so with a lot stern texas, southeaston, middle of the country and out west in seattle, oregon and into the sierra if you're driving is a little one to look for, too. you guys, i have one more. a lot of people yesterday were saying i looked so happy with that first snow. >> you did. >> not as happy as this guy. ready? first snow, western colorado. >> aw. >> i'd say we were competing as to who was happiest. >> yes. but you did look mighty happy
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>> that's it. we got a lot more coming up. let's get your local weather now brought to you by macy's. the 20s climb to the low 40s this afternoon. most stay dry until tonight with just a slight chance for a
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coming up that breaking news overnight, kanye west hospitalized after his bizarre behavior on stage. we've got the latest this morning. and our investigation as millions get ready to fly for the holiday. can fumes on the plane make you sick? we have why airline crews are calling for very big changes. that's coming up on "gma." (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? i'm good. i was just thinking of you. how is everything? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday. starting black friday... only jared has this pandora holiday gift set: 12 charms and clips including the
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>> good morning. very exciting day here at wisn 12. we are in the phone bank for if food for families phone bank. >> just give us a at 414-799-9476. all the volunteers behind us are standing by here. look at them. they are waving and smiling. it is ringing now. please call in. >> our friends at rex nord are matching the turkeying today. $15 will actually buy two turkeys. again, the phones are ringing
7:24 am
more. 414-799-9476. sal, is up with the weather
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>> it is early today that the temperatures with a little sunshine 28 degrees. dew point temperature down to 20. the air mass is cool and it is fairly dry this morning. that is what is helping to keep the clouds at bay. a little sunshine this morning but the in. much of the snow is not hitting the surface of the earth. low pressure is continuing to spin to the south and strengthen throughout the day today. it is a rain maker lifting to the north and pulling in the rain for us. so for today, becoming cloudy. a slight chance of a sprinkle this morning. rain is off and on, light overnight and much of wednesday. thanksgiving day is cloudy, cool
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l starting thursday 6pm at target. ? let's go ? ? let's go crazy let's pet nuts ? of course, that is prince. performing "let's go crazy" at the super bowl in 2007, one of the greatest halftime shows in history. and this morning we have your world exclusive first listen of plins's vault, months after his death, that's coming up. >> a world exclusive. >> you've been to a couple of super bowls. do you know who is performing at halftime? are you listening? >> you know who is performing at halftime at the super bowl. and you're trying to get out of the locker room early. coach, cut the speech short. prince is performing. you try to get out.
7:31 am
>> that's my motivation. not you right now. >> i'm surprised at that. >> who knew? trump transition is in full swing. donald trump meeting with more candidates at trump tower today before he leaves for florida where he will spend thanksgiving. overnight 6.9 earthquake hit japan sending residents running for shelter. at least a dozen people injured. tremors could be felt to tokyo. aftershocks throughout the day. tsunami warnings have been lifted thankfully. a big dramatic night in the ballroom. the final four couples faced off but jana and gleb were sent ho saying about it just ahead. and also there's big trouble for -- new trouble for chipotle. are their calorie counts misleading? they're faced with a new lawsuit. we'll have that and much more coming up. >> say it ain't so. >> who would have thunk it? we are going to begin with amy. she is in chattanooga, tennessee, just moments ago we got new details about that school bus crash. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: that's right, robin, good morning, chattanooga's police chief said this is every public safety
7:32 am
is certainly every parent's, as well. we're learning more about the children on that school bus. 37 students were involved and of the five fatalities, we know that three of them were in fourth grade. one was in kindergarten and one was in first grade. one boy and four girls dying in this horrific tragedy. we know that six children are still in the icu. six others are in the hospital. that's down from the 24 who were originally taken off that bus to been saying, police believe right now excessive speed may be a factor in this tragedy. overnight police charged the bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving charges. authorities right now are testing his blood to see if he was on any substances while driving that bus. and the families of the dead have been notified, as this entire community tries to come together this morning. we know that students will be excused if they choose not to go
7:33 am
community because they want to offer much needed counseling to so many students, their parents, the staff, and this community, as they try to come together and heal after this horrific accident just two days before thanksgiving, robin. >> i'm sure they're in need of that help, amy, thank you very much. like amy we are thinking of all those families. and it's a very close-knit commute there. and the community is really coming together. >> we're glad they're coming together. we're thinking of them. we mov scare for kanye west. he's been hospitalized after a series of bizarre rants on stage and his tour canceled. his wife kim kardashian rushing home to be by his side and nick watt is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, right now kanye west is under observation at this hospital. behind me a source telling us he is suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. and that he checked himself in voluntarily. the call came in at 1:20 p.m. medical emergency at a west hollywood address.
7:34 am
responding, according to tmz west was at his trainer's home, quote, acting erratically. ? to a woman so heartless ? >> reporter: earlier, the "heartless" singer's team had canceled all remaining dates of west's st. pablo tour. last night, west's wife was supposed to make her first public appearance since she was held at gunpoint and robbed in ever since but skipped the me to be with her husband.flying he did something similar after her robbery. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> whatever is happening with kanye maybe we're about to see a change from both of them. maybe not. >> reporter: the "gold digger" singer -- ? i ain't saying she a gold digger ? >> reporter: -- is famously
7:35 am
stage as taylor swift accepted an award. >> i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: saturday night in stop it, stop it. >> reporter: -- was maybe the first hint all is really not well. kicking off his gig 90 minutes late then more venting than singing. >> it's a new world, hillary clinton. it's a new world. everybody in middle america felt the way. and they showed you how they felt. >> he has this fashion line losing tons of mon tour. that's a lot of pressure. >> reporter: then literally dropping the mike. >> show's over. >> reporter: gone after just a half hour on stage. two days later, he's in the hospital. and there is no word yet on when he may be released and sent home but this morning, there is a lot of love and support for kanye west all over social media. george?
7:36 am
let's bring in our entertainment expert. we bring in former editor and chief of "people" magazine, larry hackett. so, larry, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, sounds serious. >> it does. i think when you're hospitalized don't know any pop star who's seemed more unhappy than someone like kanye west. he had -- >> about what? >> he has critical acclaim and all these other things but seems to be -- he just doesn't get enough attention. he seems to always have -- he's constantly having fights with people whether it'yl or now jay z and beyonce. and he sets up these sort of feuds. >> you saw him really get a huge reaction at his concert by saying he voted for donald trump. >> no, he didn't vote -- >> would have voted for donald a double whammy there. he just seems someone -- i don't want to be too club about this, but he seems to crave attention and has for a very long time. and the accolades he gets when it comes to his music don't seem to be enough.
7:37 am
eye. >> and the timing a little bit strange, the same night that kim uitcake. is like a pop culturehe i mean, the amount of connections that these people have around them. and yet still, you know, chaos and what seems to be unhappiness. >> how does someone like kanye re-emerge from something like this? >> i think professionally there will be a great amount of attention. it will be day by day by day. when he gets out of the hospital. when he's back in the studio. when he's reunited with kim. this is the stuff of the life he leads, you know, in the public sphere. what happens with the music and what happens with what the art is, that remains to be seen. it seems as if the art has become secondary to the kind of public posture and public life. >> sure seems like it. larry hackett, thanks very much. let's go over to michael. >> thank you, george. coming up on our big board, chipotle under fire. the restaurant chain being sued. did they mislead customers about the calories in some burritos? plus, a big exclusive. we've got that never before heard prince music, the debut is just two minutes away.
7:38 am
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oh, get ready for this. welcome back. time now for our big board and breaking down more of this morning's top stories. dan abrams is our man at the table. and we're going to start off with the calorie controversy. chipotle is being sued by customers who claim the company's menu misrepresents nutritional information citing the chain's chorizo burrito which is described as having just 300 calor duped. they want to file a class action. they want to put together every person who bought a chorizo burrito assuming it was 300 calories. now, ready for this? it's not 300 calories, okay. as it turns out and i'm going to put together a quick one for you. you want to put together one of these burritos. let's just say you have the
7:41 am
the tortilla, 300. brown rice, 210. guac, 230. roughly 1200 calories so it's not really -- so they're basically saying it's a legal matter in california. it's a great place to file this kind of lawsuit that they want to put together all these people who bought them and sue for damages. >> there's a sign that said it was 300 calories, but on their website, chipotle had the accurate calorie count. so does that help them in their legal defense? >> that's going to be one of their defe. wasn't intentional. this was accidental. they say the 300 calories was just the chorizo itself and say you could have gone to our website. also, in these kinds of lawsuits, you have to be able to prove, "a," you bought it. "b," you bought it because it was 300 calories. and what are the damages? so even when people win these kinds of lawsuits, it tends to be the price of the burrito. >> that's about it.
7:42 am
>> they probably settle these kind of cases. >> absolutely. well, thank you, dan. we move on now to the man, the myth, the legend, prince. he has a new collection of music that is out today, including the never before heard song "moonbeam levels" and chris connelly is joining us with the world exclusive first listen, so let's check it out, everybody. ? maybe he wants affection instead of ? maybe he doesn't know what he wants at all ? ? he says please send all your moonbeam levels to me ? ? please send all your moonbeam levels to me ? >> nobody sounds like prince. >> mm-hmm. >> makes you miss him even more. >> it does, it does. >> chris, this is the first song released from his paisley park vault.
7:43 am
and what does this mean for his legacy? >> let's start with "moonbeam levels" which was recorded, according to prince on july 6, 1982. so it's a 34-year-old song. and was recorded the night of a total lunar eclipse. >> mm. >> how about that? it's never just coincidence with prince. well, the estate says next year they're putting out a refurbished version of "purple rain" and in connection with that an entire new cd of entirely unreleased songs from the vault. this is like hear it. and it sounds like next year will be our big opportunity. >> so much there but as you keep referring to the estate, we're all very aware of this ongoing legal battle. where does that stand right now? >> well, it's a $300 million estate, i guess, by some people's reckoning. and two people are in charge of the music and its distribution and that all seems to be going relatively smoothly.
7:44 am
i guess there's -- he died without an heir, without a spouse, and without a will. so i guess there's a sister and there are five half-siblings. and they are expected to split things six ways. there have been other people who have attempted to get a piece of the estate and you know i think the court is sort of been sorting their way through that. >> dan, i want to ask you. w ugly could it get? t to tates >> i think it's going to end pretty soon. as chris mentioned, you have a few people who have come forward and been dismissed. someone said, for example, that like a son, right? and the answer is, well, no, that's not enough. there's got to be a genetic connection. i think it will get resolved. >> the estate will continue to grow. >> exactly, exactly. more and more valuable. >> dan, chris, thank you very much. you can listen to the full rsion of prince's "moonbeam levels" on our live stream listening party that starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. all right, coming up in two minutes, as millions get ready to travel for thanksgiving, our investigation. what some flight crews say can get into the plane's cabin and
7:45 am
we'll be right back. ? get up for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm. walmart. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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7:47 am
we are back with "gma investigates" as millions get ready to fly for thanksgiving we got an airplane alert about fumes that can enter cabins and make you sick. flight attendants and crew members are calling on airlines to make big changes. and abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: emergency vehicles surround a jetliner. the first officer taken away on a stretcher, ambulance. the captain of that flight was dave hill. >> we were both feeling bad during the approach and landing. >> reporter: flight attendants, too. the entire crew even some passengers reported feeling ill. >> my whole life changed. my health to this day is not the same. >> reporter: exposed, they say, to a neurotoxin leaking into the cabin air during flight. how? because on nearly every jet, the
7:48 am
cabin, the air you breathe, is directed from the engines. it's called bleed air. in the engines' oil is an additive containing that toxin. tricresyl phosphate. tcp. if there's an oil leak because of a broken seal or maintenance issues, it could mean fumes in the cabin. creating an odd smell like dirty socks. what do the doctors tell you? >> that i have central nervous system damage. from the chemical. >> reporter: memory loss, balance issues, headaches can result if enough of that chemical is inhaled. were so bad, he was told by the faa he was no longer safe to fly. were you ever in the cockpit again? >> no, that -- that ended my year. >> reporter: they pulled your license? >> pulled my license. >> reporter: the flight attendants union says on average once a day there is a fume event on 1 of the 35,000 flights crisscrossing our country. most incidents don't cause a problem. >> it's a safety issue that the
7:49 am
and the regulators should be making them arddress it, and they're not. >> reporter: the two main aircraft manufacturers, boeing and airbus say the air on their jets is healthy and safe pointing out that many aircraft have hepa filters. those can capture some but not all of the toxins, according to experts. we decided to check. so on five different flights on four different airlines we tested the air with these monitors. the other test is a swab test. take this swab and run one side over the surfaces to see if any of the chemical is actually present on those surfaces. the results, every swab picked up traces of that chemical tcp which could be due to an accumulation from several flights. and the air monitors? while they didn't find the chemical, they did find evidence of small amounts of jet engine oil, which would suggest a leak. but while these oil leaks and fumes are possible, experts and even those who have been affected say the risk to passengers is low.
7:50 am
w do i protect myself? >> there is no way. >> you should be worried about this. you should be aware of it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, america. >> the faa responded to this and say the air is safe on the vast majority of flights. but they also admit that air can be con tame nated after certain mechanical failures. and the flight attendants union are asking they have all sensors installed to detect the coming up as millions get ready to travel we've got more on the big storm. take a look at that. come on back. coming up "gma's" ultimate cranberry challenge brought to you by ocean spray cranberries. the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. oliday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ]
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d of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster than the old mac that i used to use. you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. back here on "good morning america," you can hear it, i'm messing with robin. severe storms in parts of texas. this afternoon, evening and in southeastern oklahoma you could see an isolated tornado in that yellow area. traveling that way. also we could see the southernmost landfalling hurricane, if this thing, otto, makes landfall in nicaragua or costa rica. we'll be watching. this segment brought to you by
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kay jewelers. for 100 years, every kiss begins
7:56 am
>> we are back in the food for families phone bank. what is the number, ben? ben: 414-799-9476. >> you can do it without now. thank you for being here. why so important to give? >> pick up the phone and call and make a donation to the hunger task force. >> the need is great in this community. >> yes, the need is great. milwaukee is the second poorest city in the nation. a lot of kids need your help and making sure they have a turkey on the table like you. >> rex nord is donating and
7:57 am
donation you give today one is matched. >> this is one of the times of the year that really people need the help that you are providing. >> yes, we should go beyond the peanut butter and give everyone a festive holiday meal. >> ben, what is happening here? >> we have the volunteers here, tom turkey and everyone is waving, waiting to take your phone calls here this morning. we have had a lot of busy fol this morning we had a $250 donation. we are taking any amount of money that you can give this morning. >> all right, 414-799-9476. you can hear those phones are ringing. the volunteers are ready to take your call. we have to get on the phones in a little bit here too. >> yes, we do. >> get busy. >> call in and give what you
7:58 am
give what you can. the number again? >> 414-799-9476. donate what you can. see you back in 25 minutes. thanks for helping us donate
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly school bus crash. >> the bus is flipped over and it is occupied with children. >> a bus filled with 35 elementary school students slamming into trees. at least five killed. more than two dozen in the hospital. now the bus driver has been arrested. >> this isn for this community. >> we are live from the scene this morning. new this morning the woman you remember as octomom now revealing she regrets it all. we'll have how our life spiraled out of control. the shocking moment with her 10-year-old daughter that turned it all around. speaking out only on "gma." the final three. james, calvin, laurie going head-to-head for the mirror ball trophy after one couple cut from
8:01 am
finish. ? we've gone to the dogs. thousands of amazing success stories, dogs finding new homes coast to coast. our big finale right here live. >> and here are just a few of our success stories. >> and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. ? >> lara spencer. >> i i enjoyed having the pups every day. we'll keep encouraging people to adopt. >> it doesn't have to end. >> it doesn't. having the dogs every day. >> it's been mystifying my dogs at home. i come home smelling like dogs. >> it is a huge morning. our mission pawsible finale and it's great to have these adorable dogs. >> let's take a look at our class of 2016, graduates of our month long adopt-a-thon. of course, they're all here for the big celebration this morning. >> the green carpet rolled out for them.
8:02 am
country, this morning three of those shelters are joining us with puppy parties in chicago and philadelphia and also in austin, texas. >> we take a theme in runway. >> this one we went all out. it really is something near and dear and know the love these dogs can give you. all available for adog, make sure to get the information on our website and just wait till you hear how many success stories we've had, the big reveal, the final drum roll coming up. >> that is coming up. we got to switch gears and get right to the latest o t deadly school bus crash in tennessee. amy is on the scene, good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, george. there's still a heavy police presence here just a few hundred feet from that horrific bus crash. this as we're learning more now about the victims who were on that bus. we know that five children were killed yesterday. one of them was in kindergarten. the others were in first grade and fourth grade. several other children are injured and are in the hospital. six in the icu, six others still recovering there, as well and
8:03 am
speed may have been a factor in this crash. this is a road that has signs posted at 0 miles per hour. the 24-year-old bus driver is under arrest. he is facing vehicular homicide as well as several other charges. he has submitted to a blood test as well. results are not yet available but federal investigators from the ntsb will also be on the scene here trying to piece together exactly what happened. one official called this every public safety official's worst we certainly know this is every parent's worst nightmare. schools will be open to offer grief counseling to so many who need it this morning as they try to move forward on this holiday week. back to you. >> the community and the families are going to need it. thanks very much. now to paula faris with the rest of today's headlines. >> good morning. we do begin with in texas the man charged with killing a san antonio police officer says he was angry over a custody dispute. otis mckane is under arrest for
8:04 am
detective benjamin marconi. mckane apologized saying he lashed out at someone who did not deserve it. president-elect donald trump is back on twitter this morning announcing that he's canceled his interview with "the new york times" today saying the newspaper, quote, changed the terms and conditions at the last minute. not nice. but this morning "the new york times" says it never tried to change the ground rules. meantime, the president-elect is defending his business dealings overseas saying, quote, only the crooked media makes this a big now, separately in a youtube video he outlined his plan for his first 100 days in office saying that he will withdraw from the tpp, the trans-pacific trade deal and will let restrictions on or will lift restrictions on energy production. he did not mention repealing obamacare or building a border wall. and homeland security officials say that thousands of green cards have gone missing. some were apparently sent to the wrong address. others were duplicates.
8:05 am
cards in the wrong hands could enable terrorists and other criminals to remain in the u.s. and there was a major distraction during monday night football in mexico city if you were watching. someone was flashing a laser into the eyes of houston quarterback brock turner. he said it was very distracting. went directly into his eye. now, several green flashes appeared. the texans did lose to the raiders. we do want to clarify a story from yesterday about the dallas church that showed the cowboys game on sunday. now, the church says the was shown while they were transitioning from worshiping services to another event. football may be a religion for some fans, the religion of sports, michael, that's for you. we know there are some limbs in a house of worship. can i get an amen. jimmy kimmel is teaming up with bono and some big names to raise money for the fight against aids. stars include kristen bell,
8:06 am
as special red products are sold. you can watch at 11:35. if you donate you could get a chance to sip tea with julia roberts and a private concert from u2. >> this is all the brainchild of bono. >> second year he's done this. $10 donation to be entered. >> worthy cause. we want to go back to the clarification. that church reached out to us. they were very, very kind. sincerely, no, they really were in saying it was after the service that its- >> a big difference so we were wrong and wanted to clarify that and friendship west, they're being innovative in bringing the community in. >> and keeping them. >> and keeping them. >> service and worship together and watch the game together. it wasn't actually multitasking in again, they really showed how you can when something is wrong, they reach out, they were very, very polite about it and just corrected us. it was just a lesson. >> and we thank you. >> yi, we do. >> a special thank you gift i
8:07 am
>> oh, gosh. sorry, friendship west. sorry about that. >> all right. we begin with our latest update on the romance, oh, you know what i'm talking about, george. prince harry. kicked off his day two of his 15-day 7-country tour of the caribbean. he's in antigua and might be traveling on official business but cannot escape the speculation surround his love life. the latest chapter in as harry's world turns, a reception for 3 there invites an embarrassed prince harry to honeymoon on the island with his girlfriend saying, in a speech, i believe we are expecting a new princess soon. i want you to know that you are very welcome to come on your honeymoon here. >> see, the prime minister topped you. >> yes, yes, yes. thank you, prime minister. i know. but nice to have in your back pocket. in addition to the generous and slightly embarrassing invitation harry attended a
8:08 am
also welcomed by antigua's government for physically challe challenged children to keep his mother's legacy alive despite all of that. also in "pop news," dave chappelle kept his fans waiting for 12 years for a live show. now though he's gearing up to star in not one, not two but three stand-up specials for netflix. he will debut two shows filmed at austin city limits. the third a the network releasing a statement about the up coming series saying dave is a legendary voice in comedy. searing, vital and now more than ever essential. all three parts will be released simultaneously in 2017. >> get ready, people. >> you got him, chris rock is doing the same thing so a lot of funny tough coming. >> funny, smart, interesting, provocative. >> you should do one? >> what?
8:09 am
and finally just a little joy for you on this tuesday. a little boy named tommy looking to make his grade school crust millie. he wanted to make her his mrs. she breaks the news to the parents that tommy popped the question. they want to see the ring pop that they've given her thinking isn't that cute except those are real carats. take a look. >> what? >> tom hi has stolen his three enormous diamonds and proposed to millie. >> no word on how tommy got the dime engagement ring from his mom clearly. no ring pop for tommy. that's not how he rolls. he knows no matter what, no matter what age, diamonds are the girl's best ring. the ring is safely back in tommy's mother's hand and millions have decided they're officially best friend.
8:10 am
ellie came home in preschool age of 4 with her first engagement ring. it was not real. >> not real diamonds. >> did you have a little uh? >> yeah. >> that young age. >> they grow up fast. >> daddies don't want to let go. moving on, here we go -- >> coming up our exclusive interview with a woman you used to know as octomom. her biggest regrets and the moment with one of her daughters that changed everything. and the night we've been waiting for, the big finale. jana kramer saying good-bye to the show and now down to the final three and have all the details coming up. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used
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8:14 am
we are back now with the latest from octomom, remember nadya suleman. she first came on the scene eight years ago and gave birth to eight children after in vitro fertilization and sparked a controversy because she was on government assistance at the time and kayna whitworth sat
8:15 am
us from san antonio. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning. it's been a quiet few years for the family but after sitting down with nadya who now goes by natalie she says it's time to turn a new leaf, put her past behind her so that her kids can flourish. >> hi, my name is noah. >> isaiah. >> maliyah. >> nariyah. >> joan nah. >> makai. >> reporter: the lt create a media frenzy and now octomom's well-known broad is turning eight. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: the birth of the six boys and two girls made the family a household name. >> excited to have all of them back. >> their mother nadya who goes by natalie says it also created a monster. >> i was more or less a carnival attraction and i was a freak show. >> you think that the world hates you? >> how can they? they don't know me.
8:16 am
>> call me first. >> reporter: this morning she wants to make amends. >> you know, i wasn't me and i'm sorry. i'm sorry for anyone i hurt out there. >> reporter: questions were raised in 2009 when she already a mother of six and on welfare opted to have 12 embryos implanted in her uterus. >> i look back in retrospect and i would never say i regret not one of my children. >> can we ask a question? >> reporter: she says desperate fo and released her own adult film. >> it was just to put food on the table to take care of my family. >> reporter: in a downward spiral she turned to xanax to block out the pain. >> i ended up numbing that shame so in order to be something that i was not i had to numb myself to do so. >> reporter: she entered rehab but she said she relapsed almost immediately. it wasn't until she saw her 10-year-old daughter play dress
8:17 am
>> she put on these heels, she was strutting around in them and that was it. that was the moment when i said, i'd rather be homeless in a van with all my kids than allow any of my girls to feel that they're not worthy enough. >> you're the oldest. >> i'm the oldest gear. >> reporter: amerah knows her mom sacrificed for her. >> in the beginning it was very difficult. i had so many people asking questions and i was like she's my mom. she's d else. >> reporter: today natalie is no longer octomom, just mom. >> what is your favorite thing about being an octuplet. >> you have a lot of people to look out for you. a lot of people to love you. >> what's next for you and the 14 kids? >> be a better person today than i was yesterday and be a better person tomorrow than i was today. and i hope my kids learn from that. >> and nadya tells me she is still receiving some government assistance but does work as a counselor and you saw those
8:18 am
watching them eat, you know, no one would take more than their fair share. they really take care of each other. it was amazing to watch, george. >> quite a family. >> we wish them well. thank you, kayna. coming up that dramatic night on "dancing with the stars," down to the final three. all the details about the finale next. ? i want to make you feel good ? ., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on!
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? get up for black friday.
8:22 am
a huge welcome back to "good morning america." did you know, well, we're obviously standing in a cranberry bog but thanksgiving week alone, americans will consume 80 million pounds of cranberries, yeah, that is a fact. right here from this beautiful thing, you know, ocean spray, our sponsornd here. we're having a blast being in cranberries but they're a serious business. >> they are, so i am here today with my mom and my sister. we are sixth generation cranberry farmers and part of the ocean spray cooperative which is owned by 700 mul multigenerational family farms that take great pride in growing this amazing fruit. >> i said i've never been in a bog. i'm so happy i'm here. you'll be a judge for our ultimate cranberry challenge
8:23 am
recipes. what will you look for. >> first we'll look for flavor. cranberries have a unique start taste. >> you know what, i have to cut you off because we're going to keep some of that a secret before we give them too many te the 20s climb to the low 40s this afternoon. most stay dry until tonight with just a slight chance for a sprinkle in our western counties this morning. much better chances showers off and on it is time now for our countdown to tonight's big "dancing with the stars" finale. jana kramer and gleb said good-bye to the ballroom. now down to the final three couples. jesse is here with all the
8:24 am
robin, i do the final four competition was exciting and tonight we're about to see some of the faniest footwork to hit the ballroom but only one couple will go home with the mirror ball as season 23 of "dancing with the stars" wraps up tonight. ? unstoppable ? >> reporter: the final four hit the ballroom for a fierce freestyle showdown. ? i feel like windows rolled down ? >> reporter: this awe dumb day ending with a perfect score for laurie hernan playground attraction. ? >> reporter: while james hinchcliffe brought his near-death crash to life on the floorering all 10s from the judges. >> that had everything and more. you are the miracle man of season 23. >> reporter: and calvin johnson jr.'s high-flying routine. the star's son cheering dad on from the crowd. >> if i was the postman, calvin,
8:25 am
? unstoppable ? >> reporter: jana kramer showing she's unstoppable overcoming a stumble in this emotional duet. >> you got through. you guys took a risk but after this freestyle. >> the couple leaving right now is jana and gleb. >> reporter: the country star's mirror ball dreams cut short. >> i grew as a person and i cherish every memory that i have from this show. >> reporter: and we' athletes in the final, a race car driver, an olympic gold medalist and of course a football player and they're all competitors for a living so, guys, i think it's safe we can expect a fierce faceoff in the ballroom tonight. >> you know all about it, ginger. >> i do. this final night so they have 24 hours to put a fusion challenge together, a dance that they learned in 24 hours, the competitors at this point are just so exhausted and all so emotional. i was so surprised last night.
8:26 am
i thought jana would stay and i think a lot are feeling that way. >> what are you thinking now. >> i mean i still have laurie. i still have laurie going all the way. she just can't be stopped. that girl. but, you know what, the other, james, one of my favorites this season. that's the thing you want three winners when you're a big fan of the show everyone starts to kind of come koth. mirror ball goes to only one. >> he snuck up on a lot of people. never danced. handed the ball off. now in the finals. o >> yeah. >> michael. >> i'm doing "dancing with the stars" right after george does it. >> you're well protected. >> you'll be waiting a long time. the two-hour finale of "dancing with the stars" tonight at 9:00 eastern and tune in tomorrow morning, the finalists will all
8:27 am
>> and the sound that we like to hear is the rining of the phones. 414-799-9476. we are continuing with the food far families food bank. we are here today and tomorrow. if you have already made the call to 414-799-9476, thank you very much. joining me cherry and i are old friends and we are talking about
8:28 am
holiday food and the food you regularly distribute to the pantries. >> yes t pantries are relying on getting the thanksgiving food out to the families. it is a long, long tradition between wisn and the hunger task force. >> the special holiday food thank you to cindy in the falls. we thank you mary for the hair club. we have thank you from ann in mequon for 250. rex nord is making a match as well. >> yes, every turkey is matched. that is twice as much holiday giving. >> we are back this afternoon and for tomorrow.
8:29 am
8:30 am
? you got it? >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, everybody. special delivery. >> who is that with you? >> this is one of the many dogs that is available for adoption at the north shore animal league of america. and today is our finale. so he's going to be joining us for the rest of show. >> wonderful. >> he can be yours. i think it may be a she actually. hold on. she. so this show is packed. i'm late because the elevator -- we got a lot coming up over this next hour. >> great to have you all here with us this tuesday morning.
8:31 am
[ applause ] >> michael, we know you're celebrating your birthday this week. >> yeah, george, yesterday i turned 21. and was going to continue because tomorrow is robin's birthday in that's right. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> 19 never looked so good. >> and holding and holding. thank you, happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday to you, future birthday. w >> of course, i'll have a cookie. >> any reason for cookies? >> all right, good. they might have something to do with this story on taste. >> your favorite cookie. >> this is about how chocolate -- >> i better help you out. >> -- changes your how you hear music. >> you are correct, george. it's a new study, new study from oxford and belgium and talked about how you eat chocolate and you hear certain music, you have
8:32 am
it's perceived to be sweeter and creamier if you're listening to slower, smoother songs. you want to put it to the test. >> let's play a little adele. ? hello ? ? i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to -- >> okay. >> got a little -- >> creamier. >> it felt smooth. >> okay. >> okay. >> get that out of your system. the chock. and now people they felt that the chocolate tastes bitter if there were songs that had a little more edge to them. >> let's try it. ? baby baby baby oh ? ? baby baby baby oh ? ? baby baby baby ? >> are you guys all going to pretend this is changing the way you taste? come on. >> i'll be honest it tastes like
8:33 am
buds so smoother music is smoother tasting, more rich. >> well, according to the belgium and oxford university. >> all tastes good to me. >> you know what -- >> i'm not complaining. good chock, good cookies. >> i think people wanted to just eat chocolate. >> have to keep it away from the doggie, you know. >> i do have something for us. look into my eyes. you never know you have a conversation with somebody and they can't continue to look at you. >> what do you mean? >> they break eye contact. that, you -- sometimes it seems offensive as if they're lying or not being honest with you. that's not the case. kyoto university did a study and what happens is eye contact distracts your brain from coming up with the next words you may need or when you're searching for words so it isn't offensive like i'm looking at you now but it's very hard not to stare at you, robin roberts but if someone is breaking eye contact
8:34 am
break so it can think about what's coming up. >> makes total sense. when people stare at you too hard it's a little freaky. >> i do that sometimes on purpose. sometimes i'm talking with people and i'll just stare at them just to make them uncomfortable in it works. >> it does work. >> are you uncomfortable right now. >> a little bit. >> a little bit. >> okay, i like that. >> piercing. >> something to think about there. i'm excited. this next guest is one of our and love you. she's written another great book. kathy griffin's "celebrity run-ins." let's get kathy out here. ? [ applause ] >> hi! hem low. hello. hi, everybody. i'll have a double latte. help me, strahan. help me, i could go down like a house of cards. back together. thank god. >> not talking to you.
8:35 am
>> will you be my safe place against george? >> yes. >> please take a seat. >> he'll help you. >> the chemistry is palpable between you two. >> that's right because i'm going to use your private parts like a bag at the gym. okay, first are you a little bit -- okay, you guys, this book -- that's my opener. that's the nicest thing i said to you. >> it actually is in at least a year. >> do you like it? >> absolutely. >> why you so mad at george. >> first of all i'm proud of this book there's a lot of stories about myself with famous people who have a lot of dark secrets and tell me things in private and then i put them in a book, all right. so i'm very -- >> i open up all the time. >> he's always calling for gossip, what's going on with the lohans? anyway, you know how he is. so i am very proud of this and wrote a book about all the celebrities i have met over the years that i didn't put in my
8:36 am
so one i'm quite proud of is that last time i was on the show i asked for your wife's e-mail. you accidentally sent me an e-mail from yours like, hi, ellie, sweet, i have his e-mail so how long have i been torturing you? >> a long time, midnight. when she's going to bed i'm starting to get up. >> exactly. >> she randomly writes inappropriate things. >> like i'll write him an e-mail that says, hey, george, i'm going for a hike today. why are you and then he is so safe. like he knows if he does something outrageous it's on new year's eve or theage so he's always like lol, have a good day. >> terrified. >> but i'm going to catch him. one of these times. >> you bet. >> so many different -- i've seen your act many times. you do talk about people we hadn't heard before. one story made me laugh was jane fonda. >> yes. >> your opening line is jane
8:37 am
quesadilla of my life. >> i am like a big bucket list and go out of my way truly to meet my bucket list people like i'm proud of this. i don't know anything about the sports world, i apologize but i actually -- >> that means i'm safe. >> for now, easy, tiger. one thing i love when you're a comic. you meet an array of people so it's not just comics. i'm going to make this quick. i got to be friends with kareem abdul ya bar and proud myself because i wrote the joke he said at the democraticat convention so, "a," you wouldn't think i know him. that's weird. that's like a weird reason to buy the book. he went out and said, hey, everybody, my name is michael jordan and i'm with her. he said the reason i'm saying that it's not like trump will know the difference and so i enjoy -- >> you wrote that. >> i did. it was on espn and everything. i was so excited. so then one of my joys is you know my 96-year-old alcoholic mother. >> oh, how is mom. >> she's drunk.
8:38 am
yell at her. send her to rehab with kanye. oh, my god. are you all over that. >> we did it this morning. >> what do you think. >> i think he likes attention? really. what do you think? >> what do you think are his psychological issues? >> she's digging. >> how dumb do i look? >> come on. all right. fine. so i got to -- one thing i love is my mom maggie is 96 years young and so she loves meeting celebrities so my friend gloria catch it. all right, so gloria is doing this amazing concert at the hollywood bowl and i want to take my mom but my mom won't agree because my mom is afraid seal's get what's called the runs. when you're a senior citizen it's all about that. what? it's all about, so i took her backstage in a wheelchair, team estefan, emilio all met her and then my -- gloria devoted "young
8:39 am
hollywood bowl and my mom told her she was very good for a girl's singer. and the kicker is that andy garcia was literally playing the bongos for one song like a big surprise so afterwards i introduced my mom to andy, a giant movie tar and turing to him going every band needs a drummer. so good for you for having a teddy job as the drummer. >> what about jane's quesadilla. >> we'll get trouble. >> jane made moore a horrible quesadilla. went through a horrible breakup. i panicked and called gloria steinem. what do you care about men, women are more important. i said i'm a wreck. can i come over? she let me like complain about men and how horrible they are. and she was super nurturing and sweet and made me a quesadilla and because it's jane fonda who is perfectly fit and never has cheese it was the worst of my life.
8:40 am
>> filled with great advice. >> kathy griffin, "celebrity run-ins." >> you're welcome. go pick it up everybody today. thank you, kathy. coming up, our mission pawsible grand finale. we'll be right back with the
8:41 am
8:42 am
? we're back with jenna ortega
8:43 am
disney channel's hit "stuck in the middle." they've been hanging with us behind the scenes all morning. we have had such a good time with you guys but i know season 2 is coming up. highly anticipated. you are going to tell us, though, some fans can get an early look. >> right, we have a short form series that comes out on thanksgiving, november 24th. this thursday on -- >> the disney channel app. about six episodes and two to three minutes long. >> i know, jenna, you were in special. tell us about it. >> i did the disney parks presents and magical holiday sell brake and in that i got to surprise a family and, you know, "ride along 2"s with them and learn about their family. oh, yes, that is me with my co-star, but we got to surprise a very hard working family rewarded with a day in disney world for all of that hard work. >> so outstanding. we can't wait for "stuck in the middle" season two. >> season two. >> 2017.
8:44 am
>> we have a lot of fun episodes. you can see season one airing on the disney channel right now. >> all right. we'll look for that but for the 20s climb to the low 40s this afternoon. most stay dry until tonight with just a slight chance for a sprinkle in our >> this weather brought to you -- i'll fling my hair so windy. >> i wish i could fling my hair. not happening. a little too short. time now for our ultimate cranberry challenge where we ask viewers to send in their favorite -- yeah, give it up for that cranberry challenge. send in your favorite cranberry recipes and lee ann zech and tammy charles are going head-to-head to present their recipes for our sponsor ocean spray so welcome, ladies.
8:45 am
>> tell me about your dish. >> this is a dish my mom used to make 40 years ago and my kids whenever they were born they love it, beg for it every holiday season. so what we feed to do is this is a sweet side dish. so we're going toake our chopped up cranberries that you chopped in the food processor and add sugar and orange juice, this will be over -- you put this in the refrigerator overnight. >> overnight. >> this is what it looks like in the morning so in the morning you'll add dessert topping, marshmallow, crushed pineales and slivered almonds, put it back in the fridge and cranberry fluff is what you end up with. >> that looks incredible. >> it's fabulous. >> we have our judges over there. they're already over there -- i'm supposed to ask you to taste it. you are already digging in. you've already had a chance to taste it. what scores do you give the cranberry fluff? >> 4s, okay. a total of 12. okay. a total of 12. i like that.
8:46 am
what is your dish? what did you make. >> okay, are you cold? >> i'm cold. >> i got the per feng thing to warm up up. >> warm me up. >> so this dish is a melding of the cultures in my family. my husband's late grandmother taught me how to make this dish. here's what it's made with. vegetables, butternut squash, caribbean spices. and some pasta and potatoes. one of these, not more, this is a scotch -- it gets hot. so the way i change it up is add a thanksgiving aspect with some smoked turkey and the real star here is my cranberry relish. >> tell me about it. >> how do you make it. >> i pour in some ocean spray -- ooh. white cranberry juice and to that i add fresh cranberries, some chopped apples and some light brown sugar. all of it. if it wants to come out. >> got to do that. dig your hand. >> there you go.
8:47 am
for about 15 minutes, you will hear a little popping. after that when it's all done take a nice heaping spoonful of the relishment pop it on there and now you have a little heat, a little sweet and it's pure perfection. >> judges, what do you think? >> 3s. >> not bad. a total of 9 points. so our winner is lee ann. you and your fluff won. [ cheers and applause ] we do have a you actually. you both are such good sports, you're going to get ocean spray worth $250. congratulations, i love when a good little challenge comes together and ends in love. everybody, thank you. thank you to ocean spray our sponsor and coming up our mission pawsible grand finale. you don't want to miss these cute puppies. stay right there. "gma's" ultimate cranberry challenge brought to you by ocean spray cranberries.
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8:50 am
? and we are back now with our mission pawsible grand finale. we are honoring the incredible achievements our adoption class of 2016. before we meet our graduates, though, please let's take a quick look back at some of our highlights. we started with a simple goal to get as many pawsible. our friends at north shore animal league helped us and from the very start, it was all paws on deck. >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, america from all of us here at the santa fe animal shelterer. >> welcome to the greater birmingham humane society. >> reporter: with daily events, over 30 in total to mannequin
8:51 am
and doggie election and thousands upon thousands of live stream views bringing these adorable dogs into our hearts and homes. >> we got 70 senior dogs adopted. whoo-hoo! >> reporter: along the way we met unforgettable new friends. like 10-year-old senior beagle toby. he lost both of his parents and ended up at the pennsylvania spca. we're going to help you f your home. >> your forever home. >> but toby found his forever home. then there's cocoa, a 7-year-old pomeranian with skin issues. >> super sweet boy. >> cocoa is now home and dancing for joy. mission pawsible. now, mission accomplished. [ cheers and applause ] everybody here, your dogs all have your diplomas, congratulations to the class of 2016. and now, michael, i believe it
8:52 am
we've all been waiting for. all right. the tally for mission pawsible, may we have a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> we have gotten forever homes for 5,047 dogs. [ cheers and applause ] >> dwlakss to the graduating class of 2016. >> and there is more work to do. including getting my hat back on my head. guys, we have to thank -- we have to league america and all the shelters around the country who partnered with us to help us find these forever homes for the dogs. mission pawsible 2016 may be over but you can still adopt a new best friend. all you need to do is check out north shore animal league america. they're offering free adoptions on black friday. so, consider it. we can't thank you all enough. it has been such a treat and plan on us doing it again. >> thank you. you're the valedictorian of this
8:53 am
you've been pushing for this everybody is really amazing. so thank you, lara. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back, everybody. >> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow it's simple. dnce plus "gma" equals p-a-r-t-y. live in times square tomorrow only on "good morning america's"
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] so before we go all of these dogs are moving on up. they're lucky dogs going home with a brand-new cat or dog bat tress for everyone here in our studio. thank you so much for adopting. opening your hearts to this cause. >> see you tomorrow. dance party with the finalists from "dancing with the stars." have a great tuesday, everybody. . >> thanksgiving count down is on, 48 hours to thanksgiving and
8:57 am
for families phone bank. 414-799-9476. if you have made a call like jennifer that came up with a thousand dollars earlier. yeah. [applause] and that is certainly very, very generous, but five, $10 donation goes a long way. joining us can shari and why is this so important? >> we want to see the the table. gravy and real potatoes and squash and the corn bread. this food is what makes up a holiday tradition and we want to supply it to the food pantries. >> we have something that you have pointed out to me, that is the milk. >> yes.
8:58 am
and donate to the food for families. >> you can find the blue bins in southeast wisconsin. >> yes. >> shari, what is the most important part of helping? everyone is sitting down together, but there is a compensation for those making call and feeling good about it. >> when you help a local family are going to feel blessed. >> yes, a lot of people are calling in and we love to hear the phones ring. this is the first morning. we are back tonight and once again tomorrow on "wisn 12 news this morning." thank you for being with us.
8:59 am
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