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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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>> it was a busy weekend and they continued the growing trend with no end in sight. >> it is similar to a flu epidemic. >> they were moved by the totals. it was 12 in just 72 hours. the drug saved for lives on the north shore. it is called a miracle drug. >> often times, where finding people who are too far gone and they have been without oxygen and they are not going to come
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growing epidemic made worse. >> these are the type of people who get caught up in subsidence -- in substance. >> you are minutes from going to the funeral home and you see these weeks later. listed as suspected illness. >> now confident latest chapter with the fencing removed and david clark had a special
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want is to enjoy the park in peace. >> they are watching you. for what? we are not doing anything other than barbecuing. >> discussing this today and we hope this is it. started after the shooting of smith and they closed the park. the fencing was taken down and, in a special session, and should
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possible. >> the family and friends -- he was killed after trying to help a friend who was involved in an argument last night. two men are charged in connection with this death. according to the criminal complaint, he was beaten and stabbed six times. we are going to learn more about a plan to bolster the police force. the mayor said that the budget would be significantly larger and that they would have multiple classes of new officers. we reached out for specifics and
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>> 88 and way above average. hopefully, it is fired up and the dew point and moisture in the air, it is a little bit sticky and it will be breezy sunset outside. it will get warmer and the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> closed for the remainder of the day and the current has made it dangerous.
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an meteorologist is showing you what to look out for. >> i love it. it is great. >> why you might want to think twice before going to the water. >> gusty wind and photography. >> we saw this and we had no idea. harder to touch the ground on the way back to the shore. >> it is hard to walk in the waves. >> i think i will keep it close to shore. >> i am lindsey slater. >> the dangerous swimming conditions may continue to wednesday.
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water. >> the labor festival here in milwaukee. it was an unofficial role and we are joined from the festival grounds. >> that is right. they spoke to a large crowd of immediately after, he joined baldwin to rally a crowd and i spoke with the secretary to talk about the race tightening and
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faced as people are reluctant to trust her. >> she recognizes that and that is what she did when she got 56% of the vote. that is what she will do in november. >> the republican party issued a statement and said that this race has become a controversy the polls are showing a slightly and we move past labor day in this homestretch. >> before labor fest, marching through the streets of
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labor day recognized the good things done for the country and if you look at everything connected, there are a lot of different people who were important. >> they are organized and have a voice on the job. >> we have been doing ok and i think milwaukee has been strengthened. there are not as many union shops is there once was. >> had you say you have moved forward and strengthened rights
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and videos. >> coming up, building a garden in memory of a young child. hanging 10 long before they can count that high. that is at >> if you do not like the heat and humidity, summer is hanging on all stop >> it will be warm. how much cooler will it get? >> the ikea alternatives. the locations considered.
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years on this earth. here some advice on living a
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? ? ? there's people who care where i'm going ? ? and good friends to welcome me home ? ? so get a full tank of freedom, ? ? drive the american road ? ? and with a full tank of freedom, ? ? find your own highway ? ? we'll take you wherever you go. ?
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>> leading the way with local coverage. you are watching the news at 6:00. and, the big 12 sports director. >> the northern lights are putting on a show and photos are coming in over the past few days. here is another one. >> tomorrow is the first day of classes in milwaukee. instead of going to class tomorrow, completing a day of
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classes officially start on thursday. a 22 man who was not a student was shot near landon street. many say this is unsettling. >> uly >> they expect to survive. >> ikea is opening of a store and the company considered
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>> the construction of the development in oak creek will develop spring. >> born in a time when horses were a method of transportation. 100 years and he is looking back at his centennial. he in listed shortly after drudge waiting and he said that his time in the air force was some of the most memorable. >> i met a lot of what i consider to be wonderful people
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to living a long life is drinking brandy every once in a while. >> we had another warm day. >> it felt like summer and it will. he doesn't even look close to 100 years old. that is awesome. happy birthday to him. and we are showing you the temperatures right now and you can see all the boats and do not go too far out.
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we're going to seasonal ice forming and we are focusing on that. we are focusing on where action had we here and it is not smart. you can see the people getting off of that earlier today and you should go in a day --
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been a bigger issue and there is not as much lake with the wave action. the lows are going to be into the 70's. the air conditioning kicks back in in again, if you are loved enough to have t the favor, it will cool off and the dew points are high and the cold front comes in with the heat and the humidity.
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that will be outside for the next couple of nights and car want to mow, wednesday is not your day. there is a good chance of rain and this will be a red light day. speaking of rain, it has all but disappeared. eventually, some of this will take. you can see the top of the screen and we take you through the day. into tomorrow night, scattered
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rain, if it does, it would get to the 90's. there is a chance for storms and it could stall to the south of us. look at the nice weekend ahead and it does look pretty good. >> it is like wrigley field over again. and this season lasted all of one play.
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we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times. but what we'd rather be making are tee times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do. the time for shots we'd rather forget, and the ones we'll talk about forever. in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine courses make for the perfect tee time. because being able to play all day is pure michigan.
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>> honored with the best sportscaster by the wisconsin sportscaster association.
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mystery. >> mccarthy would not get into why they decided to release the guard. it may have been the future salary and he said he was always involved in personnel decisions and that this one had multiple layers. >> we are not a better team just because of one player. this is about the football program and it is the best interest of improving all aspects of the program. they are getting ready for jacksonville.
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opportunity, despite only making to career starts. >> suspended for one game and a little bit of that news for the starting linebacker. missing the rest of the season. receiving 63% of your votes. meanwhile, the choices are oak creek and franklin. the winner will be announced next monday. between the brewers and the cubs
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this is chris coghlan and mrs. across and the cubs one on and got -- >> a sure sign of the end of the greenfield park and it marks the end of the season. we are doing what? it is a good idea. >> it is a little warm and it is
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this is where i do not want you going swimming right now all stop this is sheboygan. it is quite nice for this time
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it's "e.t.'s" labor day special. >> good for you. get ready. >> as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you how to vacation like a star. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> inside the amazing celeb getaways. >> look where we are. >> the couples overseas to the stars who are back home in the usa. plus, two diva vacation exclusives. >> ciao, mariah.


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