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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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announcer: leading the with important local coverage, you are wahing wisn 12 news at 10:00 with kat mykleby, jo garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports direct dan needles. wi2 news at 10:00 continues. kathy: , til the november elections and e candidates presint e ttling on a number of new fronts. joyce: the focus is now on a trump campaign speech and some just-released clmails. 'abc's karen travers. >> hillary cntonaking sure donald tmp's own rdaren't forgotten. last in a long line ual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. >> she's rerring of course to this comment. if she gets to picker
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folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> casual inciting of violence. >> it'com's ts like that from trump that have caused many republicans to announce their support clinto today the clinton camp , laching formal effort to ing in more reblican wedependents, inuding a ite, togetherforamcom.erica. d as tmp keeps smming inton on guns 's getting a , hugeoost fthe nra. the gun rights groupnnouncg today it will spend to put this $3 million ad on television in key states le pennlvania and ohio. >> at of tch hypocrite, e'llea denseless. >> both atescandidoday focusingn the economy. clton touring a millennial-owned company in des moines, iowa, checking out their supply of ironic t-shirts, even getting one made just for her.
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he doesn't make any of them in the u.s.. trump in southwestern virginia meeting with coal industry leaders. >> the mines will be gone if she gets elected. trump's campaign itself has spenan astonishing zero dollars on general election tv ads. the clinton campaign has spent nearly $56 million. joyce: meantime, trump is showing favoritismo people who donenateto the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. that's after the conservative legal group judicial watch obtained about four dozen unleasedlinton-mails from 20. the e-mails show contact clinton d at the time with clinton foundation donors, pitical donors, and lobbyists. and there is a new development in the battle over voter i.d. in wisconsin. patrick e wier a clo look. patrick: the latest ruling means you willd a photo i.d. to vote in november. the decision comes from an
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allowed people who have troubl getting the required i.d. sign an affidavit and vote. even though the appeals court says voter i.d. will go ahead in the battle over this issue is november, lily to continue. kathy: brace yourself for the heat tomorrow. chief meteorologist mark baden joins us now. mark: tomorrow, 90, heat index approaches 100 degrees. it is still warm right now. the coolest spot is sheboygan at 72. 79egrees in milwkee. dew points rning from 67-75 degrees. that is totough take. hi temperaren thursday, 90 deg, the heat index approaching 100. a slight chance forrms during the tomorrow, better chances late on thursdani iallspec into friday we will keep alose eye on that. we need the rain.
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helping victims of this arent fire. tim elliott tweeted this ure of the fire. red cross says that eight apartments are not livable. there is no word on the cae of that fire. a tes moth makes a horrifying discovery video of , her children's bedroom streaming live online. as abc's kayna whitworth shows us the feed from the family's , home security camera was cked. >> tonight a wakeup call , families using home surveillance cameras. a uston mother terrified to learn the camera she set up to keep her girls safe was instead giving people around the world a live view of her daughters every move. >> we have security cameras to protect them and i feel like , i failed because i'm not , protecting them. they're in my house. >> the images were found on the website live stream viewer by another mother more than 2,000 miles away in oregon who saw the footage and immediately posted
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page. >> people e watching my kids in their home, dressg, sleeping, playing. it's your parents worst night mare. >> all over the ternet unsuspecting people caugn live cameras walking their dogs, sleeping even baby monitors. >> if the system is connected to the internet then its vulnerable tottack and most of these systems have not been designed to be secure so they offer , multiple opportunities for somebody that knows what they're doing to break into them. >> jennifer says she changed her wifi password but thinks hackers accessed the camera through a video game her kids were plin joyce: the baltimore police department has agreed to an overhaul of its policies. a year-long study by the justice department found a pattern of excessive force and the targeting of african-americans. that came to national attention last year with the death of freddie gray in police custody and the riots that followed. the justice department will negotiate new police policies, which will likely take several months. a man who slammed into a police cruiser in wisconsin now says he did it on purpose. the dash cam video in the squad
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the officer was injured, the car totaled. when it happened four months ago, everybody thought the 21-year-old driver was distracted at the time. well now that has changed. the driver now admits it was revenge for a marijuana arrest in minnesota. >> he said he was very upset about that and that when he was , driving on couley road, he saw inntionally drove right into it. joyce: the driver said he was sorry. he now faces ces for endangeranicer. thcer fis sincrevered and is back he former lottery emplo convicted of riggingkpots ted alone. the multi-sttterate loy association conducted an internal investigation against former security director eddie pton as convicted last year of tag with a lottery drawing 6li iiowa and is accused of rigging seval other drings, includg at least one wisco. a nelottery winner in i may be having the iest mth ever.
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300 people who survived the crash of an emirates alir lak. then yesterday, he found out he won a million dollars an airport sweepstakes. basheer says he plans to keep his job at an auto body shop and use the ne hp his family. joyce: we all may have a few extra dollars in our poc . the u.s. energy department is predicting that gasoline will drop below a gallon this fall. two dolrs that's due to switch to cheaper, winter-blend gasoline. {joyce fs} the national average currently $2.13. the local averages $2.17. a presidential campaign is heading back to our area. patrick: republican vice presidential candidate mike pence willold rally tomorrow afternoon at the hilton in downtown milwaukee. this is video of hisly in
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and wauk countis unveiling a newly-paved bugline trail. bbonutting is set for 6:00 tomorrow night in menomonee falls. the trruns from menomonee falls tohe town of merton, 16 miles . thy: starting on friday night at lambeau field packer fans , will have to step through full body metal detectors to catch the big game. officials suggest bringing as few bags as possible to get through the detectors quickly. >> if you only bring your keys and yourself own to a game, you have no bags, no stadium seats, you can pu those out and you will be able to hold them over your head anwalk to the detect your and you will just keep walking. kath the additional metal detectors were installed to comply with the nfl's saty policy. a packers great teaming up with children's hospital all for
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lindsey slater was there when one lucky family was able to meet donald driver. >> eating healthy is hard. but what if you were given an incentive like meeting this guy to do it? >> to have donald driver amy house. fine. fine. just another day right? ,>> that's nicole santos and her family, the big winner in an online contest called driven to better health. the priunch with donald , driver. >> you start to realize your life has to change. and you start th yourself and have everyone else around you change as well. but it takes initial steps and people thing you need to change overght and that's the hardest thing to do. >> to win the ntest, family had to provi a creative example ofiving althy. nile bui a greenhouse right outside her apartment complex to grow her ownood. next up for her starting an , indoor outdoor agro-forestry center to grow exotifrts and vegebles.
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you that with just a little effort and rearranging you can , make healthy eating affordable. reporting in milwaukee,'m meteorologist lindsey slater with wisn 12 news. thy: up next for donald driver, he is headed to green bay for a charity golf tournament called the u.s. venture open with other packers players. the proceedsto go ight poverty. still ahead another pro football , player like you've never seen him before. joyce: the safety campaign that had pewaukee native j.j. watt it kathy: plus pizza, root beer, , and chicken with waffles. meet the celebrity judges who handed out this year's state fair sporkie award. >> later on nightline, a joke gone bad? donald trump in the crossfire of hillary clinton and his own party. some republicans calling him dangerous. it is donald under the gun. a public plastic surgeon, broadcasting on snapchat. that is on "nightline", now at midnight, still right here on
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. joyce: take a look. happy days at the state fair.
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from the classic t.v. show judging the annual sporkies competition of uque and unusual foods. anderson with a sample.ews mike spkies.ome to the fourthnnual >> the spoies od compeon has come a highlight at the state fair gaining quite the , reputation for unique and unusual foods. >> it is a little busy. >> i have a southern palette. >> the judges are as colorful as the food. packers great leroy butler flanked byny most and anson williams from thhow e sappy days." >> tre is no way you can sustain yourself through cold winters without quizzing like this. >> that's at the beer is for. >> yes, to wash it down. >> thanks for the water. >>he judges had a ball with their taste buds.
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deep-fried ol' fashi, cookie doh fond's fiesta cookie dough, elvis chicken and waffle sandwich. >> this is wey ath competing for, the golden s. >> tough choice, but all the judgeseed with anson williams, the root beer float cake is just awesomely number one. >> it's a cream soda infused infused chocolate cake. eer >> at the fair. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. kathy: anson williams, donny most, and the fonz himself, henry winkler, appeared on the main stage tonight. joyce: meantime, a wisconsin native is making her mark on the indiana state fair. patrick is here with tonight's social square. patrick: she's known as the cheese lady. sarah kaufmann is the artist behind this 1400 pound cheese sculpture, which is on display at the indiana state fair. it celebrates indiana's dairy industry. the wisconsin native is one of only three cheese artists in the
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two new varieties of girl scout cookie is to choose from, both variations of assic. the new variety will have two versions, one includes a crispy graham cookie double dipped in icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling. and president obama is spending part of his vacation with a former milwaukee bucks player. former nba stars ray allen and alonzo mourning joined the president for a round of golf on martha's vine t the president seems to have a golf and basketball theme going this week. monday, he was spotted playing golf with golden state warriors star steph curry. >> i think its cool for me now to see and live through the work that he put in all the time and see how hard it is. i mean i pride myself on being a great athlete, but these kind of put me under the table real quick. joyce: that's texas football star and pewaukee native j.j. watt training with the pewaukee fire department.
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gatorade's beat the heat program, educating young people about how to stay safehile working and playing in hot weather. new appreciation for everything his dad had to go through. kathy: it is so true. in sports, ted thomps's reaction when he first saw the playing field that forced the packers game to be cancelled sunday joe: plus, an emotional prince fielder bids goodbye to baseball after injuries forced him to retire. kathy: and, why former brewer carlos gomez is now searching for a new job. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. and here are tonight's winning
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feingold: i'm ss feingold and i prove this message. johnson: i've always said i win either guy my. narror: ife loses, senator hn falls back on the
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he atns, n:'ve ys sai.. win i way. he gher s anotx years portto sup tax loopholes and bad trade de that ship jobs overseas. all to benit corporations and multi-llionaires like him. hnso i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wionsin loses. announceig 12 sports presented by menards.
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>> none of us arexper e were know exaly what it means. i don't know how this came to be. it was a yikes kind of thing. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: thompson's reaction to the eld that forced th packll oers hafame ge be however, the rest of that weenwe packers general manager was inspiredbrett vre's duion. >> it was a salute to essiofal football than i have not seefore. i'm not a real sappy guy when it comes to something like that, but this was special. the adoration that thero a fa had four ainly brett favre, but the whole group, was insping. i don't get inspired that much.
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reof camp today, b iver rob wheel not. ey areng cautith the senio had 416 receivin rdlastea t most of wheelwright knows those numbers d double with alex eson in the n being those older guys, having those days wheri go out there anngwa get a bter understanding how to play, righnd wngs, and learning from that my own game, being depenble on myself, goinout there and king plays aeing accountable when the coaches need me. n: the voting continues for our rst operation football game of the ek for friday, august 19. your ces areosa west at tosa east, marquette at wisconsin lutheran, or kenosha indianil at rmantown. to vote, go to our website wisn. the winner will be anc next monday at 60 p.m. thbrewers beat the bs 4-3 t atiller er brer prince fielder forced to retire after two al fusion's go uok
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>> in no i will reallys- you kno, wiiss being arndse guys. owa lot fu'' beenn the clubhouse sinciwas eir. the not be able py going to be tough. dan: and, elr's form teammate cargoz is a formerro ast ushas designedom forsignasso tha to trar relee the former alar, who tradedrom e brewers to the as a li more than one year ago. the ers received ftop ospects t deal. incong uw swimmer won a gold medal tonight as part t u.s. f by 200 meter freestyle freeway. kathy: a look at the forecast next. joyce: coming up next, "jimmy
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our northwest will try to get
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are dry tomorrow, hot, humid, 90
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