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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> new information about a woman shot and killed in her car. >> what we are learning about why the suspect may have targeted her. kathy: wisn 12 newoke the story that milwaukee county may be ready to add parking and vehicle registration fees. whateople are telling the county about that plan. joyce: amusement de fun, twice spoiled by tragedy. >> we checked out how they do inspections at the wisconsin state fair. kathy: a man is crushed by a car first, it happened at 41st and glendale avenue. joyce: adrienne pederson is live at the medical examiner's office with an update. >> the medical examiner investigating here right now. just within the i talked on the hour, phone with a longtime friend of the man who died. she told me that he was a great person and skilled mechanic. he was constantly working on cars just like today. i want to pull up the video so
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where this happened. we are talking about 41st street and galindo avenue. a lieutenant with milwaukee police telling me tonight the 38-year-old was working on a car when it fell off the jack and crushed him. they got a call around 5:00 when someone found the man under the car. police tell us this was just a horrible accident. milwaukee police are not ready to release his name just yet. they are waiting and tell the entire family knows about the tragedy. as pass it along to you. live in milwaukee, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: thank you. a woman shot and killed while driving through a milwaukee neighborhood. joyce: it happened last month, but tonight four men are charged with her death. sheldon dutes explains why prosecutors say she just drove pasten at the wrong time. sheldon: investigators combed through the area near clarke and north 28th street the night 32-year-old rebecca wood was killed. the criminal complaint is now shedding new lig on what police say went down on july 13.
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night. the complaint states one of the defendant said, "there goes a -- right there, and a white girl, she might have some money on her." sheldon: according to the criminal complaint, the victim was sitting in her car when one of the defendants came up to the driver side and pointed a gun at her. the gunman fired killing wood. simon merriweather lives near the scene. >> i seen theady laying inside the car. >> another defendant snatched wood's purse and to outok $20 >> we shouldn't have that kind of activity and a persuldon sho , be able to do or go wherever they want to at any time of the night or day. >> it was senseless, yknow? joyce: we checked at least three of the defendants have preliminary hearings next wednesday. kathy: she once represented the cudahy police department. tonight, she's accused of misconduct in office.
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kathy: that's melissa mueller, who had served as the department spokesperson, and before that, since 2009, a dispatcher for the the police chief there confirms mueller's on unpaid leave as a criminal investigation into missing money is underway. she'll be back icourt next ek. several families are lookingor a place to stay after fire destroyed an apartment building in sheboygan falls. the fire was first reported around 11:00. because no one was home, the fire spread through the complex before anyone noticed. fl wer windows on the second story when firefighters arrived oe scene. luckily no one was injured. and a second fire rips through a business in franklin. you casee the smoke pouring out of the side of s&c electric near 52nd and franklin drive, just south of ryan road. no word on how the fire starte t we do know t milwaukee haz mat team wled asal the scene. workers got out. no one was hurt. joe: cmitment 2016 election covera, the latest pl in
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patrick is here to break down the numbers. patrick: the marette l school poll came out today. it shows hillary clinton leading doldrump by 10 points among registered voters. the gap widens when likely voters are polled. clton leads trump by 15 points, 52% to 37%. 's a jump over the last law school poll last month which , found clinton up by just 4 -- four points. the surge continues in the u.s. senate race in wisconsin. among likely voters, democrat russ feingold leads the incumbent republican ron johnson by a points, 53% to 42%. in july, feingold's lead was 5 -- five points. joyce: patrick, we'relso seeing a sharp contrast in approvingsatetween two prominent publicans. patrick: we havehose numbers as wel the ll shows govnor walker's approval rating is at 38% the , the same as it was last month. housker paul ryan has a 54% appral rating, and 80% amg republicans.
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oke earlier this week free , parking could be on the way out at milwaukee's lakefron milwaukee county is trying to close a $56 million budget gap. 12 newrry sar is live on the lakefront at one of the lots where one day you could have pay two to park. the county could bring in more money one meter at a time by charging for paing here in these county park lots as well as along lincoln memorial drive. >> people are going to forget. th' they're out on the beach. wha'going to happen next? there's going to be a lot of parking tickets. >> jeanette arellano took part in one of thsmall oups assembled by milwaukee county wednesday night to consider rking es and vehicle registration fees to bring in more cash to pay the county's bills. >> let's just say i don'even have a vehicle rtration fee because i forgot to pay that fee. >> parks director john dargle explained options. >> there's options for us to look at how we can maximize that without impacting people that can't afford it.
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budget dirr. >> our pension and retiree health care ex arepensesoing up. and r contributions for our pension fund are going up as well. at the same te we're seeing reductions isupport from the state and federal government. >> milwaukee county taxpayer greg ganong liketo ridhis harley and chi of the water. >> if they start charging for parking here, then what's gog to stop them from charging an entrance fee to say whitnall park or lake park. >> we're told more than half of that $56 million budget gap is a request by the sheriff's office to add 200 jobs. other departments could also see their budget requests trimmed including parks. , kathy: a sex offender is arrested in waukesha, accused of exposing himself in a public park. lice say they responded after timothinzeo exposed himself whileitngn a park bench along e x river. inzeo, a rred egistex offender, heless.
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of his sex offendestatus. joe: milwaukee police say a 13-year-old started a plground fire. police tell us a boy set fire to a piece ofaper, d believed he put it out but wood chips , near the bryant elementary school playground caught fire damaging some playground , equipment. the fire department estimates the damage at $50,000. town of delavan police are now investigating the electionay tweet posted by former congressional candidate paul nehlen. the tweet shows a ballot, which is in violatn el lawection it's not clear if nehlen ok the picture himsel although deo of him at the polls shows him putting a cellne in his back pocket. he lost to incumbent paul ryan. donald trump launches a new attack on ident obama and llary clinton, tying them to isis. kathy: patrick, he made comment at a rally tonight in florida. paick: in sunrise, florida tonight. in the past, trump has blamed the president ans former
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poci that were exploited by isis. he said thiso say at tonight's rally. >> isis is horing president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and, i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. co-founder, crooked hillary clinton. patrick: this was the scene at a clinton rally earlier today. i believe we have that video, a woman protesting on behalf of animal rights tried to rush the stage in iowa. security jumped in to stop her as clinton kept talking. trump's running mate mike pence will be in milwaukee for a rally tomorrow night at the hilton. it's his third visit to the area in the last two week kathy: after recent accidents on amusement rides elsewhere, what the state fair is doing to keep
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mark: big thunderstorms, hvy rain to our northwest, our chances of rain around here, coming up. >> i just want to thank my team, my teammates. joyce: injury forces former brewer prince fielder into retirement. his emotional announcement. kathy: a man climbs up the side of trump tower.
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. kathy: take a look at this. a man in new york city decides to climb the trump tower, but he'll be skipping the stairs. the climber used five suction cup devices to slowly climb up the building. police eventually had to smash windows to pull the man back into the building. the climber had posted a video online, saying he wanted a one-on-one meeting with donald trump. a pizza delivery driver pulled over in elm grove calls police on themselves. joyce:e says officers were keeping him from doing his job. they were taking too long. take a listen. >> i've currently been pulled over by elm grove police 15 minutes ago. they're just sitting in the car wasting my time. i don't have any warrants. i know they're not taking this long to look up my record. >> ok, can you hang on one
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>> i'm a delivery driver. i'm currently on a delivery. >> can you hang on one second please? >> they're just sitting here. >> sir. can you hang on one second please? >> yes. yes. i said sure. joyce: as it turns out, police say the wauwatosa man was wanted for two warrants in oak creek for loitering and having drug paraphernalia. he was arrested. as for the pizza? poli say they waited 20 minutes for a replacement driver, but one never showed up, so the pizza did not make it to its destination. kathy: m 1000 gasoline is stolen from a station in caledon. police want you to get a good look at these three men. police say they used an unown device to bypass the credit card reader and activate the pump. police say on three different occasions they filled up large 55 glon drums that were inside this red van. if you recognize the suspects or van,all police. orewood police are urging people to lock their windows and doors at night. this after a home on frederick avenue, just south of capitol drive, was broken in
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inside through an unlocked window. he was able to get away. joyce: a training session between police and citizens goes horribly wrong in florida. a 73-year-old woman volunteering in a role-playing exercise is accintally shot and killed. woman, mary knowlton, wa playing a victim. police say the officer didn't know that one of his bullets was real. he thought they were all blanks. the woman's son says when she went down, they thought she was acting. >> then they good. it's really just killed our family. i don't know if i'll ever get over this. joyce: the officer has been placed on leave as the state investigates. the kansas city water park where a 10-year-old boy was killed is back open. the waterslide where it happened will stay closed. caleb schwab died of a fatal neck injury on sunday. it's unclear how it happened. the ride passed an insurance
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police say it was a mechanical failure that injured three children riding a ferris wheel at a tennessee cnty fair monday night. a basket overturned, spilling the girls 40 feet to the ground. all three remain hospitalized. the youngest, a six-year-old, is on a ventilator, suffering bleeding on her brain. kathy: ride safety is top of mind for a lot of people with state fair in full swing. christina palladino is live at the fairgrounds. christina, how often are the rides check out there? owner, li the equinox are required to submit , paperwork each morning. rides that have special harnesses, these are the rides that more attention is paid to than the calmer ones so to speak. ? >> screams of terror and pure delight from thrill-seekers on the equinox at the state fair.
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>> the equinox is one of the highest and fastest rides at the fair. all riders must be tall enough and able to fit under the special safety harness. >> the bars and stuff that they have on there, it's secure, so i felt it was safe. >> inspections are done daily on all rides. owners are required to submit paperwork each morning to ensure everything is working properly. joe bixler is with an independent contractor that oversees ride safety. >> this is an independent midway. all the people are professional people and they're easy to work with. everybody one safety. we want you to come with alemi and leave with a smile. >> bixler saost of the people who own the rides on the midway local so they're , already subjected to state inspections throughout the year. but there's never a guare that any ride will be 100% safe. parents like carolina giraldo who let her 10-year-old step-son go on the equinox agrees there are risks involved. >have> you o believe that it is safe and trust that
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so that was good. ,>> the state also inspects each ride befe the fair starts. there have been a couple of glitches with rides, cars needing to be replaced, but no major problems. the company says there has never been any major issues. kathy: tonight at the fair, it was the governor's blue ribbon livestoc was auctioned off to raise money for wisconsin's 4-h foundation scholarships. and here's the top prize. the grand champion steer from racine county went for $52,500. kenosha beef international came in with the winning bid. joyce: it s happy days at the fair today. the fonz, potsie, and ralph reunited on the fai's main stage to talk about the show that turns 40 years old this year. tomorrow, it's music from pat
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melissa heridge. the show starts at 7:30. another scorcher at the state fair tomorrow. mark: the heat index to mark close to 100 degrees. it is a lot of water tomorrow. take ieasy, find some shade. warm to start with, 70 degrees, humid all day long, dew point at 70-70 five. high temperatures around 90, but there is a thunderstorm or two. it is still 79 degrees, still sticky. dew point at 67 in downtown milwaukee. the meteor shower ongoing right now, and we still have generally clear skies. that will likely be changing. it peaks august 12, so we may be dealing with clouds at that point. it continues on after that. you want to be in a dark place away from all city lights.
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just hang out and look up at these hours and you will see these meteors cing through. not so good tomorrow, better this weekend, so we go from oppressive back down to just sticky. it will feel sticky over the weekend. 88 the high today. all 10 days this august, 80 degrees or warmer. tomorrow, warmer than that we get to 90 degrees. you can see why does he continues b 91 minneapolis. 93 des moines, iowa. this air goes here tomorrow, so a touch warmer tomorrow than today. it was already pretty oppressive today. hot, hazy, and humid continues. we are hoping for rain, need some rain. there is a decent chance thursday night and friday, but then let's talk about pleasant things, a nice weekend to come. saturday looks good, partly sunny, 82.
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will get tomorrow. let me show you the doppler 12 radar network, a whole bunch of rain around the twin cities, too much rain, some warnflood gs there. we will see what happens as these storms, the first initial round will start to die out before it gets here. you can see some of the cloud cover will move in overnight. we go to 11:00, some cloud cover. there is the line of this is goin come in, but will weaken as time goes on. here isn't new and tomorrow, may be an isol shower or thunderstorm during the late afternn. most of tomorrow evening is all right. the better chances of brain come in friday mog anthe afternoon. maybe a couple of rounds of showerand thunderstorms, which would not be a bad thing, but we have to watch out for the threat of severe weather.
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the biggest risk damaging wind. again, the biggest risd bek ul damagi wind. forecast for tomorrow, 90 most of the day is dry, a chance of better chance of rain late on, thursday night. scattered showers and thunderstorms pretty much off and on throughoue da on friday. this is probably our best chance of rain for the next seven days. down for the weekend, 82 saturday, 80 on sunday. pretty darn nice on monday. 80 two on tuesday, and still warm next wk, so we will see how long in august we can keep the streak of 80's continuing. kathy: anks, mark. talk about good luck. one man just found out he won a min dollars. joyce: but we'll tell you why that's only the sond best thing that happened to him this month. kathy: and you usually see footballr jj watt in
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>> i am melinda davenport. heat, humidity, and bargains. tomorrow, how this week's forecast is impacting how much you will pay at a popular summer event. matt salemme on traffic watch a news chopper 12 as y heaout
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: backup quarterback brett hundley sat out another packers practice today with an ankle injury, and joe callahan took a lot of the first team reps instead of aaron rodgers, so there is a good chanceallahan will start against the brown as 12 sports stephen watson reports, the defense got a big booswith the return of sam barrington. stephen: week one of the 2015 season, sam barrington has been watching from afar. >> when you're dealing wh industries -- injuries, you get a lot of low points. >> barrington was preparing for this ment, a chance to get
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school. i did not know what to expect. it was fun being out there. my legs feel good. >> i thought sam did some good things, particularly early. i'm going to watch his reps. he is mpan itful player, particularly in the run ga. stepn: while he rstands the position will not bed hde to him, he knows he needs to a >> i don't know if i have three teddy bebacking me up, tha's how i am. i've been playing football since i was six years old. ephen: barrington said he will take it day to day andas no expectations for how much she will play. forow, it does not appear he hasost his game speed or popularity. dan: thank you, stephen. the brewers were hoping to end
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milwaukee had lost three in a row, but they had hit at least one home run in at least 12 straight games, make that now 13 straight. bottom of ththird, chris carterrued a 442-foot, e-home run, o the seon, d hi19tht ich he most major leagues. thbrewers got four ithat inni. freddie freeman had a pretty od nht for the bves,hr hits, two me runs. this ous jbarely squea in de i4-3. ,a a 4-3 an end. atio ompic r the u.s. men's baskball team got a scare frustralia, rallying om behind to 98-88, behind 31 p nts from carmelo anthony. buckd matt dellevadova scored 11 for australia. coming up in our next half hour, prince fielder's tearful goodbye to baseball. joyce: thank you, dan. one mom thought she was keep her kids safe. kathy: then she fount their oora wasming strea
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joyce: plus a wisin man , adts he crashed into a squad car on purpose. hear why he said he targeted an
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