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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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, but, that may also be e reasont had a chance to real get going before anyone noticed. opper 12, showing the roofews destroyed and mo of the second floor completely gutted by fire. the fit sheboygan falls police officers on the scene went from unit to unit, even smashing out some windows with their batons to make sureo one was home. they've since made contact with all of the residents and everyone is o.k. the 911 call ciname ust before 11:00 from a neighbor, and by then the flames were already shooting out of the windows on the second sto. >> coming out of the roof. >> i knew it wasn't the grass fire. i knew it was most likely a building. the closer i got, i could tell it was my apartment complex. i was not even gone half an hour. everything was fine when i left, but when i came back, everything was in flames. i will be lost everything to water damage, if not smoke.
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they are pullingut of the scene right now. that is a town to the widunit made up of departments throughout the aa. they are still working to figure out how this fire started, but so far they have not found anything to indicate that it is anything but an accident. toya: thank you. now to a large fire at a business in franklin. you can see smoke pouring from the side of s and c electric. when we arrived, the smoke was coming from a large garage door if you're not familiar with the ea, it is located near 52nd and franklin drive just south of , ryan road. withinhe hour, the company sent a statement, telling us the fire has been contained. it broke out around 11:00his morning. the company says everyone was evacuated safely and no one was rt. we have yet to learnhat was on fire. however we do know theilwaukee hazmat team was called to the scene. you can see from newhopper 12
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the company is based out of chicago. its website says it'a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. it says it also offers a wide range of engineering, laboratory and testing services for , electrical utilities, commercial and industrial power , systems. a sex offender is arrested in ukesha accused of exposing , himself in a public park. a woman called police to say she'd seen timothy inzeo sitting on a park bench along the fox hanging out. she asm toked hiover up. when he would not she called , police inzeo is a registered sex offender who is currently homeless. he told police no shelters will take him because of his sex offender status. patrick: wisconsin's primary election is over and we are looking ahead to november. in the race for u.s. senate democrat russ feingold will move , on to face republican senator ron johnson.
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congressman and speaker of the house paul ryan will face democrat ryan solen in november. the presidential election is also in november. it's 89 days away. tonight we're getting a look at , how some wisconsin voters are leaning. i'm here in the newsro with the the latest marquette law school poll. you might have been one of the 800 people called to take the poll earlier this month. here is the headline. democratic nominee hillary clinton now has a 10 point lead among registered voters. she had a six point lead last month. 46% of registered voters in the poll now say they support clinton. republican nominee donald trump has 36%. 16% say they won't vote for either candidate, will not vote or are undecided. a bizarre scene is unfolding right now in new york city. that is the trump tower. that is a man scaling the skyscraper using suction cups. these are live pictures. he is in shorts, a t-shirt, and a backpack hanging on the side , of the iconic building on
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the republican presidential nominee lives there. his campaign headquarters are also inside. there's no word on the man's mission, and no statement from the trump campaign. police are responding. our news team is back here, keeping an eye on things. back to the campaign trail. new numbers show trump hasn't spent any money on general election t.v. commercials. the clinton campaign, however, is spending more than $13 million on t.v. ads during the summer olympics alone. some analysts say trp is relying on outside groups to get out his message. they add the trump campaign is likely saving the money it's raised for battleground states in september and octob. the two campaigns will be coming through wisconsin for the second time in less than two weeks. trump's running mate mike pence is stopping in milwaukee tomorrow night at the downtown hilton. democratic v.p. nominee tim kaine is holding a campaign fundraiser in madison on monday. he was in milwaukee last friday for a rally at lakefront brewery. toya: breaking news accding to cnn the secret service has
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yesterday. an official says it isn't the first conversation that has been had on this topic. if you recall from yesterday critics say trump insinuated , violence toward democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although t second amendment i don'ow. toya: trump said tuesday evening that he was simply trying unify gun owners against clint in the voting booth. a new ruling in the voter i.d. battle. it looks like you willeean i.d. to vote in november. you may recall a federal judge issued an junction last mont allowing people to vote in the november election even if they didn't have an i.d. as long as they signed an affidavit stating why they couldn't get one. now an appeals court has stayed that ruling. the reason being here is that the injunction would have likely been reversed anyway on appeal and they didn't want to confuse
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you will need an i.d. to ve in november. town of delavan police are now investigating the election day tweet posted by congressional candide paul nehlen. the tweet shows a ballot, which is in violion of sta election ls. its not clear if nehleto the picture himself, although video him at the polls shows him pulling a cell phone from his backocket. ultimatelyhe district attorney will dwhete r or not to file charges. nehlen lost in a landslide to congressman and house speaker paul ryan. now to a develing story an , officeand a puty shot in arkansas. the sheriff's deputy has d patrick: the suspect is now in custody after a standoff. it started this morning wh a man called police saying his son pulled a gun on him. the suspect shot at the officers. the sheriff's office says the suspect was supposed to be in court today for a previous dru conviction. the deputy was around 65 years old and was expected to retire soon. a woman is dead after
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reports an officer accidentally , had a live round in her gun, and shot and killed the woman. >> police in florida calling it a tragic accident a woman , volunteering at a community event on police safety shot and killed by an officer. >> we were all jt stanng there thinking she's gonna stand up in a minute. >> 73-year-old mary knowleton, a formeribraan-pictured here -- former on facebook was participating in , a mmunity role playing event design to sh the public in punta gorda, florida, what its -- it is like when police are forced to make split second decisions. these facebook pictures show a similar class back in march. witnesses at yesterday's citizen police academy event say an officer fired at knowleton with what were supposed to be blanks, but thn mistakenly had at least one live round in it. >> during the first scenario in a horrible accident, participant
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struck with a live round. >> she was rushed to a hospital, where she pronounced dead. fa our dpest sympathy for the ly and friends of mary knowlton. we are shocked by is horrific accident and are grieving deeply over her passing. >> the officer involved is on leave while the florida department of law enforcement investigates. toya: world news will continue our coverage of this story coming up right after this newscast startinat 5:30. patrick: racism and blatant discrimination a ral investigation just released those findings relating to the baltimore police department. it says officers routinely violated the constitutional rights of citizens, escially african-americans, by making unlawful stops, arrests and used excessive force. >> these violations have deeply eroded the mutl trust between bpd and the community it serves, trust that is essential to effective policing as well as officer and public safety. >> much work remains to be done. and change will not happen overnight.
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necessary process of change and refo in baltimore. patrick: the department of justice launched the investigation after an can-amican man, freddie gray, died last yearm injues suffered while in police custody. toya: journalistsovering the summer olympics are hurt. they say they were attackeby gunfire. ming up, what olympic officials say really happened while they were on a bus. then, donald driver makes a stop in milwaukee to talk to a local family. what they created in their backyard to earn the visit. mark: plus, i'll time out our break from theeat, coming up next in weather watch 12. >> hello everyone. i am melinda davenport. heat, humidity, and bargains. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning how this week's forecast , is impacting how much you'll pay at a popular summer event. plus matt salemme will be on , traffic watch in news chopper as you head out the door.
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i win either guy my. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six yearto support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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toya: the kansas city waterark where 10-year-old caleb schwab was killed sunday is back open. the actual slide where the death happened will stay closed. new documents released show the ride passed a private inspection in june. day three, delta airlines
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now forced 2100 flights in all to be grounded since monday. patrick: hundreds of other flights today have been delayed. today is the third day delta has been trying to resolve issues. on monday, there was a sixour complete system outage that llti causing ripple effects. not to rush suer, but there's something to look forward to in the fall. gas prices are expted to drop below $2 a gallon. the s. energy department made the prediction, mostly due to the prolonged slump in oil prices and the switch to the winter blend of gasoline, which is cheaper to make. thnational average right now is $2.12 the average in wisconsin is $2.19. right now we turn to joyce in thnewsroom with a look at what's ahead. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, we're just days away from the packers first preseason ga at laeau, the big security changes you can expect to see this season. >> it is phenomenal. it tastes fantastic. it is absolutely delicious. joyce: happy days at the state fair, the two former sitcom stars helping judge the sporkies. what they chose as the best new food.
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a packers great teaming up with children's hospital, all for a good cause. wisn 12 news meteorologist lindsey slater was there when one lucky family was able to meet donald driver. she did not put her name in the scpt. >> eating alhey is hard, but what if you were given an incentive like meeting this guy to do it? >> to have donald driver at my house. it's . fine. it is just another day, right? >> that's nicole santos. hefamily the big winner in an online contest called driveno better health. th pze? lunch th donald driver. >> you start to realize your anfe has tchange you start withourself and have everyone else around you change as well, but it takes initial steps and people think you need to change overnight and that's the hardest thing to do. >> to win the contest, a family had to provide a creative example of living health
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ouide her apartmenr6?5g?dt compo grow her own food. next up for her, starting an indoor outdooro-forery center to grow exotic fruits and vegetables. so it really just goes to show you that with just a little effort and rearranging, you can maealthy eating affordle. reporting in milwaukee, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater >>s th your name?. lindsey slater. look at that. ya: up next ford donal drive he hd to green bay for a charitgolf tournament called the u.s. venture open with other paers players. the oceeds go to fight y.povert patrick:o the summerlympic games. one of the big stori of the s wa cyclist kristin armstrong wiing gold today. armstrong was the oldest of the 25 competitors. here is the medal count right now. team usa is now in the lead with gold and total medals. we have 10 gold and 28 total. china is right behind with 9 -- nine goldnd 20 total medals. part of e olympics are being held at one of the world's most
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tourists are flocking to copacabana. it's technically wintre, bupeople are enjoying the sun and culture, from authentic braziliaod to lorful clothing for sale. >> the music makes it such a good five, and with the sea and theeople, yeah, it is really cool. patrick: the age temperature this time ofear onopacabana beach is 71 degrees. it' 's not all es andoy in rio. three people were hurt when a bus carrying journalisas attacked. some reporters say someone shot at the bus. olympic officials say rocks were thrown at the the windows shattered causing injuries. the olympic committee is investigating. while there's still pl oenty this year's olympics left to go, tokyo is already looking ahead to 2020. >> the cost of running the 20 tokyo olympics and paralympics is so enormous. patrick: the japanese capital's rnor has a lot on her plate. the city has alrdy had construction delays, a scrapped
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governor's main goals. money scandals forced the last two governors to resign making , her the third in three years. toya: the warm streak continues tomorrow. mark:me? mna toya: mark baden. mark: there she is. it was not your fault. name.o d not write their own toya: i was trying to figure out me.the na mark: let's get to the weather and try to avoid hot it is out there. it is not so bad, 8grees eboygan. the dew point is nasty. look at th. 75. look howutiful this camera is. this is blue harbor resort and sheboygan. the camera was covered and spiders and nastiness.
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later. i can't tell you how much i appreciate it. thank you very much. we take you to concordia university, 85 degrees right now, south, southeasterly wind at 11. a beautiful sfrom racine, 85, sticky, and that will continue. a gorgeous shot from the top of the u.s. bank holding, 86 degrees and the dew point is 70, which is pretty atrocious. there is a little through. what is that? th is the lake breeze. the lake breeze does not do a lot. it does kickoff clouds. that is important because a lot of you want to check out the meteor shower, happening now through august. you can kick back and look up at a dark s and s a fair number of meteors already. it peaks ofriday, when there
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it's hot, 89 degrees fond du lac. 86 milwaukee. a high of 88 degrees. 10 days in a row of 80 degrees plus. this august has been warm. 68 at the dew point in waukesha. 70 in milwaukee. it feels like 91. the heat index will be higher tomorrow, irritating to oppressive category. et beneficial rain. we are still drive for the majority of the day tomorrow. here is known, still dry, but showers trying to move in. that initial line falls apart. debtor chances late thursday and into friday morning, and hopefully we can get some of this rain, especially in the metro area, where it has been dry. potential rain, therare some
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more, but i do not think it will be widespread. everybody picks up at least a quarter of an inch,ut it would be nice if everyone picked u an inch of rain a more. this is for tomorrow, the biggest risk would be damaging wind. again, maybe some pockets of heavy rain, which would not be a bad thing. 90 degrees expected high tomorrow. scattered showers and thunderstorms for much of the i don't think it will rain all day. the best chance to be until noon or so, then we cool down a little bit for the weekend. 82 saturday, 80 on sunday. we stay in the 80's. 80 on monday. tuesday 82. 85 on wednesday. if we get the stretch of seven moore, 17 days in a row with 80 plus. patrick: we need rain, rain. toya: thank you.
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a ferris will. what they are doing to make sure that does not happen. you have seen plenty of lottery winners, what happens days before a jackpot that has of people calling him the luckiest man on earth. that is new tonight at 10:00. new hope when it comes to peanut allergies. patrick: the promising research babies that might prevent a life long battle. toya: this might be a the first. lengths this man went to to make sure he didn't
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the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. so hurry in for 0% financing for 72 months. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford.
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now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs, dung the ford freedom sales event. toya: breaking news we brought you earlier. here isive look at the trump tower in new york city. a man scaling the skyscraper with suction cups. police are waiting to grab him. there is a window washer below him. the building has 58 stories. the republicanresidential nominee lives there. his campaign headquarters are also inse.
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toddlers who suffer from peanut allergies, there might be hope from where you would least expect it. toya: a team of u.s. researchers looked at an approach that has been studied in older children, exposing them to small amounts of peanut proteins in a controlled setting. researchers ga infants and toddlers who were newly diagnosed with a peanut allergy either low or high amounts of a peanut protein treatment. they found the babies who were treated with the therapy had a decreased allergic response to peanuts. and after a month, completing the treatment four out of five , babies were still able to eat peanuts safely. some babs had mild allergic reaction theherapy. ese weasily treated with over the counter medications. running late to the airport can end in the stress of missing a flight, unless you're this ma patrick: you havto see this video from the madrid international airport. with his two carry-onshis hands, he jumped from the walkway onto the tarmac and then ran to the plane on the runway. and, they let him on his flight. however when he arrived to his
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would you think if you are the other passengers on the plane? toya: there is no way i would ve that. patrick: speaking of travel a , story that might have gotten your attention on social media today. a newlywed is honeymooning alone and posted a picture to joke about it. toya: he tweeted this photo on board a plane to italy holding a picture of his new wife above her empty seat. the bride realized just two days before the trip that she had lost her passport, but the groom decided to head to italy anyway for a solo honeymoon patrick: sounds like it was an effort to get her a new passport so there was an effort to make it all work out. the girl scouts are coming up with more ways to get you to buy cookies. toya: they are adng two versions of one flavor.
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they tk abou how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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toya: move over thin mints, a new cookie is in town. rl scos of america just announced their new girl scout cookie will be a s'mores cookie. the new variety will have two versions, one includ a crispy graham cookie double dipped in cr?me icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graha sandwich with chocolate and
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in select markets during the 2017 cookie season. patrick: hopefully we are one of them. world news is next. tonight, breaking news. tense moments on the campaign trail. the secret service rushes the stage at a hillary clinton rally. as donald trump tonight stands by his words aimed at, quote, second amendment people, that they could do something. and late today, this image. a man climbing trump tower. police watching. also tonight, the police officer who diharged a live roundg a practice drill, killing a wife, a tired librarian. the news conference late today. severe weather at this hour. a tornado just confirmed here in the northeast. and the flood worries tonight across the south. the webcam warning. parents who thought they were protecting their twin daughters, strangers then hacking into that camera. gold rush. michael phel and that moment with his rye value.


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