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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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he beach. >> yes,t bea the heat. >> thank you, take wisn 12 good morningerica. donald trump defdingimself after a comming called a threat against hillary clinton. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing yon do, al ough the second amendment ople, maybtheris, i don't ow. >> trump says he was not facing her own troubles overnight. a new batch of her e-maiade public. breaking overnight, a er librarian killed by police in front of a horrified crowd. shot while volunteering for a demonstratio a police safety event. the latest on what officersay was a terrible accident. ash flood danger. a woman rescued after a car barrels into a bridge. now more monsoon rain hitting the southwt and a dangerous heat wave mong east. gold med glo at the
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the world's best gymnast, simone bileaulting america's final five to a history-making victory. >> katie ledecky beat her off the start. >> as record-breaking e ledecky dominates in the pool and america'golden boys pick up another first place. >> the united states is going to win the gold medal. >> michael phelps adding two more gold medals to his record-breaking tally. we're in rifor all the action this morning. >> good morning, america. angood morng, sine biles, and all the rest of america.w out that team usa aw the competition.yg four more golds on tuesday. >> includingel p mha winning s st gold. there he is celebrating with son boomer. am at ouolymcs desk in rio thisorning good morning, guys. so much exciment for team usa
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t tryi to brag here,ut i digetoe in the pavilion finwh five made history wi america's first consecutive team wingymnascs and tha s ne of the night's big nt n't wait to bring e th >> we can't wait. amy, thanks veryuch. much more from r ahead but first, new trouble for donald trump. under fire for cnts abt hillclinton in the second clinsupporters accused him ugsting instvien the candidate. as she faces new f oveallout her e-mails. abc's tom llamas is on the trail th trump in fayetteville, north carolina. goodm. morni eporte george, a busy morning on trail trump says that hillary clinton and the press are taking his comments out of context. this as the clinton campais having to explain what looks to be a blurry line between some at the clinton foundation and at state department under hillary clinton's leadership. overnight,onald ump forced to expin what he when he said thiabt hillary clinton --
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esntlly abolish the se amendmy th bway, and if e gets to pick, if she gto pick her judges, not y do, folks. although the samend ent know. maybe ere is, i don't >>oron supporters ump s encouragin death threats because he a pathetic coward who can't ha the fact that he's l gi trump was talkg t unyi second amendment sups, nporter abourming clto >> the peopllize vbie, they can stop hiy hapact on the court. but at's not how the media is inningt. what your reaction to it? >> nobody in that room thought anything oth than at you just said. this is a political movement. >> reporter: but someone in that room have a strong reaction. look at trumpupporter just behind him as trump made
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it funny saying, "this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the presidenhe united states should notgest vlence in any " the campaign also dealing with their own lems. tryi texplain how seddiq mateen, the father of th orlando shooting omar mateen, ded up behind clinton during her rally in cen f tragedy at the pulse nightclub. >> we cat er let that kind of hatred and violence break the spir, break the soul of anyplace in america. >> reporte meetelling west palm beach statiptv heas vited. >> it's a democratic party. so everydy jn. >> reporter: clinton aides will on thiindivi wasn' invite a gue the campaign was unawa of hi tendance unt after the event. and w the clinton campaign dealing with another e-mail
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thconservative group judicial watch releasing e-mails showing what tppbe a clinton fotion staffer asking r favors from the state dert whlinton wretaas sec cong they hire someo the trump campaign citing is asorevidence clinton ran a, que,rupt office. the clinton campaign saying neither of these e-mailsnvolve thetary or relate to the undaon's work. now, house speaker paul ryan who won his primary race yesterday in wisconsin, was asked about trump's second amendment comments and hillary clinton. he sayhe didt hear the e commentsit a but w says it sounded like a joke go bad. i hope he clears it up very quickly. ge. >> okay, tomthanks let's taltone of donald trump'top supporters, rudy giuliani. hi. >> thanks, george. >> you heard the saker sing th is a ke gone bad. apologize.
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there and i'd like people at home to kind of get an idea what happened in the presidenti campaign. what he said is that they should vote against her. he never used -- he was talking about after the electi >>waing out th wasn't just talking about afr the election. ow how speecgo. he was tking a how ty have the power to keep her out of office. that's what he was talking about. that iat -- >> generally, but spically he was talking about he can't do anything after the election exce the second amendment people >> we know dond trumis not particularly ind something like that he would say something like that. i was there. i'd like the people at home to realize that the first time that any of us had any idea that that is the way it was interpreted is when the clinton spin machine interpreted it that way, spun it out to a press that is willing to hit him every day, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> but in realtime youad people like former cia director michael hayden
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out in eight minute, bam, like that. that is not what he intended. what he intended is very, ve simple, that hld voue ait r. th a cwd like at what tnt -heth >> we did at o -- whi brings meo the guy bendilry clion who is therf a person w killed 49 people, whunded people, ends up being invited to t in a prime position behind hillary clinn, and you got to ask yourself, number one, who invited hi we still don't know and, number two, what drew him to hillary clinton -- >> they they dn't invite him and disavowed -- why is he sh a big supporter holding up a sign about how great a president she would be. this ia guy o supports t taliban. antimerican who himself has supported terrorist organizations, who has said that god is going to punish homosexuals. he is a homophobe of the worst nd, and he is a very, very
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what's drawing him to hillary clinton? people should ask that question. what brings him to hillary clinton? i believe it's her soft stance on islamic extremist terrorism, which he and -- which she and the president have had since the president has been in offi. >> he ows up at her rally. she disavows that supporter. meantime, you've got these 50 national security officials in the republican administration say they cansuppordonald trump because he lacks self-ctrol. he would be president in american history including le you supported st in the past. michael chertoff, tom ridge, former homeland security secretary, these are not democrats. these are not clinton suppters. these people are worried about donald trump. >> well, first of all, there are some of them that i respect a lot and they're good friends of mine and they will remain good friends of me but have a disagreemeith th. they don't know donald trump the way i do. i've known him for 28 years. i know he is a responsible man,
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who achieved a great deal and can be trusted much tter tn hiary clinton who has found to be extremely carelth tess wi use ionaofatsecurity information, emely celess is le, oh, gosh,he kindest way yod say it. e-mail after e-maiis spilling out one after another after anotand we still have 30,000 no and -- what i suspected is true. what i suspected is that she destroyed a lot of those-mails cause it shows a connectio between hillary clinton as seetary of state and the money being raised for foundion and bill clinton speaking . >> doesn't donald trump have to get more careful with his words if you want to get that message out. misinterpreting yo to stop putting words in his mouth that he didn't say, that he didn't mea i drove hat nuto plane, got on the plane, i was wi all throughout. he had no idea thayby would interpret his words that way, thais nothe way he ant it. it was a big surprise. my feactn when i heard
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away in a minute. suchtupid ing to suggest that he would say something like that, and it was so obvito all of us what he meant. >> mr.ayor, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> let's gara.o l let's turn to a devastating shooting overnight. a woman accidentally killed during a police safety exercise in florida. it happened when an officer's gun fired an unexpected live round. an investigation is under way and phillip mena has thet lates for us from punta gorda, fl >> reporter: lara, good morning. witnesses say at first they ththe gunfire was part of the planned demonstration. but wh the woman in the drill didn't get uy sop, the realiz that something had gone horrrong wthat the officer ha buld otts instead of anks. niert, aomanaking part in a cen pice academy meant to educa the public on poafet accidtally ed by a policeffer >>were all just standi therthinking she's going to
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reporter: mary knowlton formraan, waa volu the t-hr unity ent called shoot don't shoot, a role-g playin exse designed to show the public what it's like when police are ford me spnd dt-coisions and these facebook pictures show a mir ass back in march. accordin wes a officer fireseveral rounds at knowlt of what were supposed to be blanks b gunuthe mistakad a hund det. a rrible accident, participant mary knowlton was mistakenly struckith a live round. >> reporter: she was rushed to local spitalhere she was prouncedead. >> our entire poent d all of our cy leads are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event. >> reporter: the officer involved has been placed on leave authorities investigate wh wong. you see the crime tape there behind me. this is the public safet complex where the shooting took rit now police are not
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george. >> so unimaginable. okay, phillip, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to day three of trouble for.ta hundreds of passengers stranded again this morning. continuing fallout from monday's power outage that led to nearly 2,000 flight cancellations. abc's david kerley is at reagan natial airport with the od morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george, hee go ain. these are the lines at delta air lines this mor. passengers not happy. this line snakes down the teal qui a ways. this morning 90 flights have been cancelled. flightracking services more like50. that means more than 1,800 flights canceled because of the power outage. delta now saying that some of their systems didn't come up. it's been slow to get back up to speed. the good news, george, is that delta's ceo says by this afternoon, they should be at regular schedule, regular operations. these passengers certainly hop so, george. >> i'll bet. thank goness for that. okay, david, thanks very much.
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team usa taking home more golds in swimming and gymnastics with powerhouse performances from michael phelps, katie ledecky and the all-star women's gymnastics team. amy at our olympics desk in rio for all the action. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning, lara, and while the american gymnasts still revel in their olympic moment, they arelso celebrating the announcement of their long-awaited nickname, the final five. >> somersault. >> that's what aha like. >> reporter: overnight, the u.s. women's gymnastics team striking gold and wowing the world. >> wow. >> reps the first ti the women havwon backck teatitles >>ll: were the final five! >> reporter: leading tharge, thre world champion simone bis ging yet anoer spectaculaormar rfe, flying through the air, sticking he lags and, of course, flashing thazzling smile.
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exercise securing her first gold. >> get the gold medals ready. >> reporter: meanwhile, the other american super squad, the u.s. swim team winning big, the night belonging to michael phelps. >> michael phelps is going to do it again! >> reporter: edging out the competition to claim gold in the 200-meter butterfly, the crowd going wild. >> phelps says, let's hear it. >> reporter: phelps soaking in the moment climbing the stands el boomer. about an hour later phelps back in the pool joining longtime teammate ryan lochte for the 4x200 frstyle relay. >> this is going to be a huge test. >> reporter: not even a swim cap malfunction could derail the superstar. >> rips on him. >> reporter: phelps and his teammates simply unstoppable. >> no way anybody is going to catch michael phelps. >> reporter: the win marking phelps' 21st gold medal. the 31-year-old emotional as he
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win another olympic gold and she does. eporter: superwimmer, katie ledecky, the wonder woman of the pool, also racing to th fini lining e nnn a neck and nec20meter freestyle. meanwhile, major sck on the tennis courts. >> seriams is ouhe olympics. >> reporter: four-time gold meendalistwill knocked he olympics ter losing to h ukrainian opponent. a rare upset on an otherwise sur tuesday for the red, white and blue. coming up today in rio it t men's gymnastics team turn to show us what they've got and the finals in the individual alarnd is today. there are several key swimming finals later tonight, as well. so, let's bring in espn reporter julie foudy, let's tk about last night. >> wow, what a night. >> simone bi havles, ito say, it will lutely be the highlight of mti he in rio to watch her perform. precs evn,y landing. what were your thoughts about watching her? >> well, simone and that whole
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biles, and you think the most american g won bgymnasts are two. she could have five at this olympics and that's how dominant she's all around. >> speaking of domt a lot of excitemente po in th, chael phelps there beating his rival chad le clos. talk about what we saw from him. he's 31. >> why, i don't understand le clos pokes the bear and does some trash talking. didn't work out. you get the phelps face but don't do that against a guy who now has 21 gold medals. when you think aut how remaly consistent he has been over five olympics, iean, it unfathomable. every athlete you talk to goes like this to him. 21 golds and he's goinl at 31 >> wow, i know. he's incredible to watch. so is kaledecky. she acally w in he event, what was bout wt she did last night, how did sh
7:17 am
about katie ledecky. she's really a long distance r.swimme 1,500, which they don't race at theolympics, that's her stroest eventnd she's still winnin she's still dominant, and she's going to win probably another gold tonight in the 4x200 relay. those two in the pool, we're seeingcredib special. katie and michael will be swimming tonight. so much to look forward to julie foudy, thanks so much. lara, back to you. >> thank you so much, amy. and team usa rackg up mor wins d st -- jesse the ect med count. >> thanks. well, heading into day five of these summer gamteam u h the most overall medals with 2 howehey ve tveulled ead of china ie gold medal r yoe the ericans have nine. wi nine and they have most er mlvals with eigight now and china in secd place wi 1total medals. japan has pued ahead of russ
7:18 am
14, 12edals apiece, you also see australia, italy tied th 9 but the aussie have e more . >> thank ye. now rob with more on the flas floods. >> t storm, a product of the storms that rolledou nds to near 50 miles an hour and at will kick up thst for sure and rain on top and flash flooding and even some rescues. we'll haveoron that today. another 2 or 3 inches of rainll and when it comes in a short odf me it doesn't ta much r o flood. the southe other hand, sof thar as isits and spin new g toy upysll seeot of inhe n
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temperatures in 60 and 70s. lofor idrp mb to th er 80s bef clods mkeomebak anwarm muggy all ldinhoin e7s. we'll see abo 90 tom couple of thnew rk area. much of e rtast but now the humidity is cranking back. thdog days of suer that's what thecam.they >> coming up heolice searching for cl the jogging murder mysteries both in yo and massachusetts one of the victim's fathers is
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and going for gold in rio. u.s. swimmer katedecky nng big,hattering record taking homher otld and she's just getting started. what makes her so dominant in the pool and what michael phelps has to say about her. all that coming up fm in rio. right here on "gma." hiphil mickels , i' i' brtune enough to win on gs biggt stages. from psoriatic arthritis hit... stiffness en the smallest thingsbecameiffu d scribed enbrel... to help relieve joint pain he stop furtheinge. ener youd enbrel... toight infecti serious, sometimes fatal, evtsncluding infecons, tubercosis... mphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and alrgic reactioe ns havoccurred. tell your doctor if you've belace somephere fungal infections are commo or if you're prone to infections,
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. let's take a live look outside as we o break. a check of your forecast and moing commute -- up next! traffic watch 12 --
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look from our department of transportation cameras and your current travel times are on the screen. now to weather watch 12, here's meteorologist sally severson -- with a check of your fr warm air greets your morning with hazy sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80s before clouds make a comeback this afternoon. warm and muggy all night with lows holding in the 70s. we'll see about 90 tomorrow befre a chance for rain and a few storms approach later day. best chance for rain appears to be overnight thursday into friday. cooler and drier air for
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the family favorite. yoplait. weome back to "gma" and those new headlines from don trump, he's defending himself. he says he wasn't suggesting violence as clintofaces w trouble over her e-mails a new batch released overnight. also right now, three girls recovering from that ferris falling nearly 40 fe to the ground. vestigors saying the incident was caused mechanical issue. and tersprotesut on the streets in ferguson for the two-yeiversary of michael s death, a soment overnight, shots firer a car hit one of the demonstrators. >> it was hardo e that again. but this morning, a of
7:31 am
olympics desk. amy. >> that's right, team usa already dominating, guys, simone biles leading the gymnasts to a huge win overnight. we are hearing how she keeps her cool under so much pressure just ahead. lara. >> amy, thank you. we do want to begin with the investigation into those two jogger murder mysteries. police in new york and massachusetts sharing information, searching for clues and while there are similarities so far investigators do not believe the crimes are related. abc's linsey davis is in princeton, massachusetts, for us this morning, linsey, are there any leads thus far? >> reporter: lara, unfortunately for this small town, so desperate for answers there are no leads at this time. at a church just across the streetast night there was standing room only as the community came together for a vigil fonercot. and people here are quick to tell you they're afraid. >> we want to ask anyone that
7:32 am
4:00 on sunday that may have been walking seen a woman walking or driving by to please call the tip line. >> reporter: the google executive's murder is the first homicide in princeton, massachusetts, in decades. >> it's a horrible thing and, you know, i as a parent am hoping that it was a crime of passion and we don't have to worry about someone on the streets. >> reporter: marcotte, who resided in new york city, disappeared in broad daylight sunday after going for a jog near her mother's home. seven hours later, a police canine unit found her remains in a wooded area. sources tell abc news there were signs that marcotte was sexually assaulted though a final autopsy report is pending. >> we do believe it is a homicide. we don't know if this was a random act. >> reporter: authorities are also addressing speculation that her murder could be tied to anotr highrofile death of a new york city woman kana trano, who was murdered while jogging near her parents' home in queens just last week. >> we haven't ruled anything
7:33 am
city homicide. we understand there are similarities, nothing has been ruled out with regards to that investigation. >> reporter: all this as the victim's father, tells "the boston globe" his daughter was not involved with anyone romantically saying there is nobody in his daughter's life who could be responsible for her death. this small town of 3,000 people, just 65 miles from boston, not only on high alert but also on edge. >> we never think really to lock -- we're in and out of our house all day, doors are unlocked often but not anymore. >> it's a small town and i feel like right now her family is our family. >> reporter: we've also learned that there were signs that marcotte was strangled. hundreds of tips have come in on the tip line. still, authorities here say it's still early on in the investigation. they continue to reiterate that nts residere need to use an abundance of caution. george. >> yeah, still scary time. linsey, thanks vermuch. we're going to turn now to a sh in north carolina
7:34 am
a young man killed while leaving house party. the gunman aei called police lainof hoodlums in the neighborhood and mara svocampo has the last. >> reporr: geoe, good morning. that caller complaining of, quote, bla males outside of his home. it all started with that man call1 to say he a weapon and was going to secure his neighborhood and minutes later a young man lay in the street dying. this morninewlreleased11 calls placed just moments before a fatal shooting. >> we got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. i amocked and loaded. >> reporter: officials saying they believe taller o never left his name is the man who shot and killed 20-year-old kouren-rodney thomas as he was leaving a party. >> i fired a warning shot and, uh, we got somebody that got hit. >> reporter: police say 39-year-old ad cameron copley fired a shotgun from insidhis garage around 12:30 a.m. hitting thomas who was just
7:35 am
>> and he turnedround and looked at me and the shot went off and i was just like, man, this is not ppening. >>hey ha firearms and we're gonna secure our neighborhd. >> reporter: the caller saying partygoers were armed, a claim the host vehemently denies. >> it kind of struck a nerve when i heard that one. it sounds borderline hate crime. >> reporter: now copley has been charged with murder. his lawyer, in saying statement, we urge restraint and that folks r and a go fund me page has been started to cover thomas' funeral expenses. his mother who stressed her son never got into any trouble writing, koury was my baby and i love him. all i want to do is him o well. no copleis currently being held without bond. his next court date set for augusth. if convicted he could face the death penalty and, george, the victim's mother saying this was a kid that was always foond
7:36 am
community. >> so sad,nks very much. let'gor to lar coming up on ourigoa convted killer featured in the es "mang a murdere is now speaking out. what he wants the victim's family to then, a dining disaster. a dir says he waed his waiter he was allergic to d, was still served salm. he slipped io a coma, so, did thwaiter commit a crime? and then, is former nfl quarterback tim tebow heading to the major league baseball world? coming up on our big board in
7:37 am
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saoney. ve better. walmart. time now for our big board. a teamf insiders standing by live for more. we got dan abrams here for the first story and it's all about steven avery. some dramatic new allegations abthis man convicted of murder at the center of the true
7:39 am
murderer." he's now speaking out to "in touch" magazine as he prepares for an appeal arinthe lawyers who came to his aid may be responsdingim ible f in jail. loo they didn'tb. you know, they were looking out for the state an likd stmost lawyers they look out for the state instead of for their client. you know, if they woul more stigveing on t cy uld fiff.ll everything is there. they did their job. i wouldn't be here. >> now, dan, that undsroor an appeal if he can prove it. yeah,t he actually had really good representation. i think he's been following or ing ttvice fsomeon t adnaziad, the serial defendant who really did have trouble with his lawyers. steven avery had strong lawyers who represented him vigorously and they couldt win the case. but for him to blame them now i think is a mistake and his lawyar of suing a statement to us sort of sadly saying that they think he's
7:40 am
falsely imprisoned. >> in another portion of that in "in touch," he's asked about the victim's family. he said once the truth comes out i think they'll regret what they all said about me. he's 1,000% confident he'll be released so how likely -- i don't think i need to ask this, it's probably not happening. >> not likely. lookhis new lawyer is a terrific lawyer named kathleen zellner and hinting she has new evidence tt's ing r empowering and exciting steven avery but from my persivpect i think it's very unlikely steven avery will be released in connection with this case. >> allight, l right, thank you, dan. switching gears now -- well, actually first let me tell you the entire interview with steven avery is in "in touch" magazine on newsstands now and i want to move on to this other case raising questions about
7:41 am
a waiter allegedly server a diner food that he already told him he was allergic to sends that diner into cardiac arrest. the waiter, though, could now face charges for it. we have rebecca jarvis with us to talk about it. rebecca, this is the first case of its kind in canada. what happened and what kind of charges could the waiter face? >> this is unbelievable, lara. think about this, imagine this, you go into a restaurant for a nice meal. you tell your waiter not once, but twice that you have a life-threatening allergy to seafood. that's exactly what happened to according to this diner at le tapageur. he told the waiter right off the bat he had a seafood allergy and when he ordered he told the waiter again but still seafood showed up on his plate. the problem is he didn't know it. he ate the food and went into cardiac arrest. ended up in the hospital for five days and now it looks like this waiter could face some criminal negligence charges. that's exactly what they're talking about in canada right
7:42 am
that. >> here's what the chef and owner said, quote, nobody wants to make somebody feel uncomfortable in their restaurant. but om a legal standpoint we may have to take drastic measures to protect ourselves so what kind of measures will they have to make? >> the restaurant industry, you're already seeing this. you sit down at a restaurant nowadays. a lot of the time you're going to be asked right off the bat what kind of allergies. what are the food allergies of everyone at this table and you already see it on packaging. when you open up a box of chips, in the back a lot of times this t facility that includes nuts. a lot of businesses are worried about this and this especially if it goes to trial will be a bigger concern for businesses going forward. >> yeah, i think every restaurant in new york asks the question. >> he was arrested? you know, still, you can understand why the restaurant might get sued, et cetera. but you would hope that if he was arrested for this, that the authorities believe there was some sort of intentional conduct. meaning, i would think that the authorities believe that he did it on purpose in some way, shape
7:43 am
just criminal negligence meaning that he effectively made a reckless mistake or whatever, didn't listen, et cetera, he gets arrested for that and charged. that seems like a real reach. >> just real quickly, one of your other major jobs, you own restaurants. how do you protect yourself? >> look, you have to be vigilant. anyone that's been there before, you have notes as to what they're exactly allergic to in your system so you remember it. but if they haven't been there before you have to ask. training you must ask do you have any food allergies when presenting the menu. >> yes, u want to ask them because, remember, you're talking about anytng tha could touch the food. here you may have served him something was specifically allerg to bu havt so coerns about other items around the food that can be allergy issues, as well. >> all right, dan, thanks very much let' move on now to tim tebow.
7:44 am
field looking to play in the maagueleof course, he's been here many times on "gma," as well. want to bring in eduardo perez now with espn. doeshave a real shot?o? >> it's as big of a shot as being the same swimming pool as michael phelps and katie ledecky. think about this and i'm not just talking about being in the semifinals, i'm talking about being in the finals against those guys, not in the medal stand. this is a very difficult task. everybody thinks major league, but you then have go all the way to the minor leagues, instructional leagues, even winter baseball. that's as much baseball as he has to do, as a matter of fact i called one of the teams in puerto rico, cangrejeros de santurce, and they were excited. they said bring him on. we'll take him and give him a tryout. they even extended a letter to him. that's how interested a lot of teams are with tim tebow. you see the contract signed by frankie higginbotham, their general manager.
7:45 am
why not, have a trip to paradise. in the meantime, it's so difficult to pto do y against the elite. think about what malcolm gladwell said in "outliers." 10,000 reps, not 10,000 swings in a cage but game time, fly balls, ground balls, a lot of stuff. >> eduardo, i want to point y back weln, not that fack, ackson, deio sanders, they manageto time. are we living in a different worl now, though? >> we' living in a different world but at the same time, you id the key word. they were doing it at the same time. they were -- they both played -- one played at florida state, one played at auburn. they never stopped playing tim tebow, 12 years removed. 12 years removed? i could tell you cld still shoot and do layups right now. we're talking about ms beinll >> well, we will be watching,
7:46 am
minute, katiledeck she's smashing records, tang home michael phelps. even stunning
7:47 am
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tide. number 1 rated. ? go go big or go home ? we are back with all the ympicsitemen in rio. one of these superstars everyone is watching, swimmer katie ledecky, and she's smashing her own world records. abc's matt gutman has more from right here in rainy rio. good morning, matt. reporter: good morn. now to say thati ever might sound like a stretch but we broke down the science and little bit of math and figureout th her mns of victory are simply off the charts. >> she has olympic gold. >> reporter: katie ledecky's performance is measured in the records she shatters. >> that is what call racing. >> reporter: at 5'11" she's only just average standing next to her swng sisrs but there's
7:49 am
engine in the pool. re she goes! >> rep juswatch her stunning gold medawinnin perf mance from sunday. hitting the wall a full five seconds ahead of eveone se. not a single competitor in sight. >> a lot opeople say she swims like a man. she doesn'swimike a man. she swims like katie ledecky for crying out loud. >> reporter:he records she broke her own, the 19-year-old regularly leaving competitin the dust. >> i would argue she is the world's best athlete right n >> reporter: regularly beating the competitn by 2% to 3%. that means if she was a formula 1 rae'd wi almos3 minutes. if she were a t in the tour de france she'd win the race balmost0 minutes. >> the only thing ally comparable in recent memory is what secretariat did in the
7:50 am
>> rte s's even leaving fellow smms in awe. michael phelps cal h sd. >> she'sbvus in a league of her own. >> reporter: her range melists cody miller and ryan held. that likeeing a great marathoner and beisain bt at the sam? >> yeah, basically, yeah. yeah, she crushes it every time >> reporter: not only push barriers but chugging past them. >> you see she has perfect alignment. if you watch her hand in the water there's almost no splash. it's textbook beautiful swimming. >> now we're going to do a little demonstration here. assume that i'm katie ledecky and we'rrunnina mile-long race which is often determined by inches. now, i've just crossed the finish line and all the way back there is our produce robert zapata simulating the next closest competitor. he would have started yards back nearly a full football fielby the time i crossed the finish line. i wouldn't be huffing and puffing but he is, amy. >> all right, matt, that puts it all into perspective. so impressive.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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the distinguished morgan freeman. what's up? steve and jimmy. ad others. unnecessry censorship. emy nominated immy kimmel live, tonight. now a sn 12 news update wisn 12news time is . later today -- you can weih ion a w plan for milwaukee's lakefront. there's a proposal that calls fo parking along the lakefront... to paid parking. therea listening si today... starting at 5-30 ah washington k county offiials will be there, looking for public input on the plan. the wisconsin state fair continuetody. open for the day, just a few minutes from now today is "meijer day" at the fair. you can save four dollars on adult admission when you spend 40 or more dollars at a wisconsin meijer store. just show a receipt at the fair gates. the deal is good until six
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tonight at the fair: there's going to be a "pdys" reunion! including actor henry winkler. the real "fonz" stopped by the "bze on yesterday. he tweeted "oh yes, i visit when i'm in winkler and fellow cast membrs anson williams and donny most will be the fair's man stage tonight for a show called "happy days live." taking a look at the morning drive, this is a live look from our department of transportaion cameras on i-43,the marquette wisconsin avenue. traffic is running smoothly. and your current travel times are on e screen. weather watch 12 now. let's head over to meteorologist sally severson -- for a check of your forecast. warm air greets your morning with hazy sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80s before clouds make a comeback this afternoon. warm and muggy all night with lows
7:58 am
tomorrow befre a chance for rain and a few storms approach later day. best chance for rain appears to be overnight thursday into friday. cooler and drier air for the weekend. feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923.
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? it's good to be alive right about now ? good morning, america. it's 8:00. gold medal glory. the final five make history. simone biles leading the charge telling "gmaw she handles the pressure to win. >> since the beginning but i'm very excited for it all. and swimming superstars katie ledecky diving into the record books and michael phelps does it again as usa leads the medal count. "gma" is live in rio. ? it's time to get the chains out ? and no shame weight gain. anne hathaway taking a stand against pressure to lose the pounds cutting up her clothes and loving theay she looks. other stars joining the cause with a message for moms everywhere right now. ? how do you like me now ?
8:01 am
"fast 8" co-stars in hi furious post. the story behind his intense comments speeding across the internet. ? cake by the ocean ? plus, the secrets to how you can get that olympic body. we're live in times square with a special workout wednesday inspired by the medalist as we say -- >> good morning, america. ? ooh i want the time of my life ? ? oh baby ? and good morning, america. great to have paula and jesse back with here he again today and a lot of celebration for team usa this morning. simo biles right there leadi the gymnasts in gold in rio and share her secrets to success coming up andow she deals with all that pressure. >> i don't think she feels any pressure. she was on fire. also this morning we're going to talk about wanting, you know, legs like simone biles or abs like michael phelps and david boudia. we'll help you get in shape like an olympian. that's just it. it's workout wednesday and we have olympic gold medalist
8:02 am
and get an hour long workout on our facebook page and we'll get into it later. >> working at it already. first the morning rundown from paula. >> good morning, george. good morning, ever. we do begin with a scathing new report from the justice department this morning about racial bias in the baltimore police department. the investigation began after the death of freddie gray sparked riots across the city. now, this particular report found that officers have routinely violated the civil rights of african-americans with what investigators call a pattern of unlawful stops and excessive force. the report concludes that the relationship between police and the community is broken. and a police department in florida is under scrutiny after a 73-year-old volunteer was accidentally shot and killed during a demonstration at a citizen police class in punta gorda. the officer fired a live round instead of a blank. he has now been placed on leave. in politics, donald trump is denying claims that he's inciting violence against hillary clinton, and he is
8:03 am
media. trump told supporters in north carolina that clinton is trying to take away their guns, and he said those in favor of the second amendment may be able to stop her. critics say that this was a veiled suggestion for people to harm clinton, but trump is saying he was referring to the political power of secon amendment supporters. and hillary clinton is disavowing support from the father of the orlando nightclub shooter after he showed up at one of her rallies in florida. seddique mateen was on the stage right behind clinton as she spoke about the victims of that the campaign saythe rally was open to the public, and they did not invite him. and the neonatal intensive care unit at a maryland hospital has been shut down because of a concern about a potentially deadly bacteria. hospital oicials say three babies have tested positive for the pseudomonas bacteria. and two other infants recently died but officials say they have not found a link between those
8:04 am
the hospital. and in los angeles, two police officers went from crime fighters to firefighters after they spotted smoke coming from this home. a woman, she was trapped inside. look at this, unable to escape those flames, and they called for help while trying unsuccessfully to kick down the door, and moments later a firefighter ran in with a saw and cut through the bars on that window, then they to the woman a chair as she climbed out finally escaping into the officer's arms with only minor injuries. a lot of excitement from rio so now for the latest headlines we tn to amy at the "gma" olympics desk. the americans making history, amy. at an exciting night. >> o it was incredible, ula, and, of course, one of the big stories here, michael phelps winning two more gold medals in the 200-meter butterfly and the 4x200 free relay
8:05 am
21 gold medals. se> katie ledecky n the nd gold in rio in the 200 which e considers her weakest and the u.s. gymnastics team calling themselves the final five with a consecutive major title beating russia by more than eight points which is a record and the men's team competes today and even though the u.s. women's soccer team tied colombia, that is still enough for them to advance to the next round. looking at the medal count, the americans remain on top with 26 medals including nine gold. china is in second place with 17 overall, and i want to go back to michael phelps for a moment because just to give you some perspective, how about this, he has won more gold medals than 129 countries have in the entire history of the olympic games. only 39 nations have won more gold than michael phelps has individually. how about that, guys? >> unbelievable. okay, amy, thanks very much.
8:06 am
>> hump day edition of "pop news" and starting off, dwayne "the rock" johnson is not happy with some of his male "fast 8" co-stars. th rock posting lengthy caption to instagram on tuesday praising the hard-working crew as well and his amazing female co-stars, but the wrestler turned action star also said his maolleags are, quote, a different story saying some conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals while others don't. we won't try to guess who he has a beef with but johnson says fans will see what he's talking about once "fast 8" speeds into theaters september 18th and says, if you think he's not acting, looks like his blood is legit boiling, you're ght. >> there's a clue. that's a clue. there's a scene where he's really angry at someone he's legitimately mad at them. >> obviously hoping this is just promotion of the movie. hope he's just joking.
8:07 am
mad at me. >> i think we need a "pop news" investign. >> w just going to say i think you're right. >>he peoe's elbow. nobody wants any of that. up next, more big social media ws welcome to instagram, tom hiddston. yeah. the "avengers" slach fos t 00 owers, guys, and countin with is first posn characr self teasing his character loki forhe new "thor" movie due out in there was another "avenger" star who welcomed him. robert downey jr. with the caption, join me in welcoming the biggest tony stark fan of them all to tony stark or maybe taylor swift. >> ah. >> tom hiddleston. >> a little trivia this morning. >> tom hiddleston, welcome to social media. >> you're really excited about him joining. >> i'm a huge lover of instagram and the trolls and the trolling.
8:08 am
have you followed him yet? >> i haven followed him yet but i'm joining that 500,000 list and climbing. like robert downey jr. you never knowhat'coming from tom. you never know. finallit's summertime and love is in the air, everybody. you see a lot of couples getting engaged and postingheir announcements on soci media, but this woman is taking relationship goals to a hilarious new level. she's officially off the market, guys, the job market. benita abraham shared this news that she found h p facebook getting more than 11,000 likes. was love at first interview. she'en on e hunt for seven months but hasinly found a company truly cares about its employees. coratulaons.want to say >> we do. >> that isgreat. >> i bet the newompany loves it. jesse, that was great. how about the "morning menu." >> "morning menu," guys, coming up. here's a lk at what's coming up on the "morning menu." no more mom-shaming. anne hathaway taking a stand ying it's time to stop feeling
8:09 am
and simone biles is opening upabout how she handles the pressure and dominique dawes here breaking last night's competition. i'm officially the worst athlete in the room so thank you for that. and we're training like olympic athletes. it's workout wednesday all coming up here on "gma" in times square. >> let's go, baby. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. ? what's wrong with being confiden? days to considerir off. why seven days? science. the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ? spend $30 at target on everything they need for back to school...
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8:13 am
trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional trintellix could make a difference for you. ? i got the eye of the tiger ? welcome back to "gma" and we're going to take you to rio now with the women they're calling right there, simone biles, the greatest h gymnast ever dominating the olympics leading team usa to a second straight gold medal and amy is there for all of the action in rio.
8:14 am
what a night at the pavilion, george. the final five winning gold and worldwide praise as simone biles showed unbelievablwer, athleticism and poise, and this morning the superstar is sharing how she beats the incredible pressure and her favorite way to celebrate. >> that is an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. women's gymnastics team is waking up with gold. women's team competition as the only u.s. gymnast competing in all four events for the final five, exhibiting both explosive power and rock solid confidence along with her obvious sense of joy. >> i always get a little bit nervous once i get up there, but i know that if i just trust in myself, that it'll be a good set. i know what i've accomplished. there's still -- it's just the beginning, but i'm very excited for it all. >> reporter: as she tumbles her
8:15 am
featured in this tide pod's evolution of power video. it mes the world to us becausthe evolution of gymnastics has changed so much and i'm just really proud. >> reporter: so what are her gold medal secrets to success? first enjoy the ride. >> you can still be very good at whato an dhave fun. don't ve to be serious all the time to do a good job. >> reporter: never give up. >> if you ever have like a mistake, try to fuhgeddaboutit because if you carry that you for the rest of your team, then the rest of your team might not go as planned so you just kind of shake it off and you just continue your team. >> reporter: trust your squad. >> always have each other's back in and out of competition. we support each other the most because we -- we're the only ones that knows what it feels like to go through what we do and so we can't be more thankful for each other and we're like sisters. >> reporter: and after you give your all, treat yourself. >> it doesn't matter if i don't win a gold, after every meet, i
8:16 am
>> a girl after my own hea there and simone is just getting started. all eyes on her to see if she can become the first female gymnast to win five golds at a single olympics. her competition is on thursday but later today it's the men's turn to show what they have in the men's all-around finals, george. >> another big day coming up but here now with someone who knows about winning gold medals at the olympics, dominique dawes here. you're part of the magnificent seven in 1996. welcome back. now you have the final five in simone biles, so i said it at the beginning. is she the best ever? >> she is the most dominant gymnast i've ever seen not only female but male and female. the trickshe does, you wld they have think a girl would be doing a full in and full out and double layout after with a jump after called the biles.
8:17 am
has helped her become so dominant and i expect her to win the all around as well. >> all of them and you're starring with her in this new video. tell us about it. >> so exciting. i'm turning 40. to have the opportunity to work with amazing olympic sponsors like tide pods is great. they're focusing on the evolution of power and gymnastics starting with nadia comaneci in 1996 and simone biles and celebrating how these amazing athletes have accomplished such great feats. >> and striking what they wear. these leotards, tell us about the process. >> i love it. they have wonderful sponsors, gk and with under armour and these games they took a more patriotic theme. in the past hot pink and stuff. it's beautiful. i do think they went crazy with the bedazzling machine and someday we'll see this in a seum. one of my olympic leotards is in a museum and they'll probably take it out and replace it with one of simones. >> maybe you can take your kids. >> my little daughter woke up in the middle of simone biles' floor routine to watch it and she went right back to sleep so
8:18 am
>> just wanted to be reassured. let's talk a little more about simone, still just 19 years old and watching her and listening to her thinking she has such maturity. >> yeah, and she should because gymnas are there when she was 15 and 16. my first was 15. she has a little bit of an edg over most competitors. laurie hernandez is only 16 so her maturity shows, but more importantly she's constantly smiling. smees's having a great time. she looks very relaxed but if you were that dominant, you might be a little more relaxed as well too. >> that's true. >> last night the girls won by nearly eight points. eight points. >> which is a killer. >> they killed it. they could have taken one, two and three if we had three different teams. the americans are so dominant these days, and that has to do with martha karolyi's leadership and her fearlessness and her, you know, kind of intimidating the girls a little bit, and i love this name final five which is all about martha lyi. >> thanks very much.
8:19 am
at the end simone always likes to celebrate with her pepperoni pizza, so, mckayla, i thought we would celebrate too. >> we'll celebrate too. >> mckayla. >> we're going to celebrate. >> yummy. >> lara was already trying it out but we'll try a little too. >> good morning. >> yes. >> a little breakfast. >> yummy. >> the breakfast of champions. >> of course. and we're going to come back while we eat this with anne hathaway's message for moms. >> mm-mm. what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every rnado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. for every robbery... a heart thateestolen. for every fire... a dozen flames.
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here we go, come on.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
8:23 and we're back now with that body positive message from new mom anne hathaway. outlook. hey, paula. >> moms will love this from anne hathaway who is enjoying her new baby and saying she's not in any rush to get back to her prebaby weight. >> i'm a 6. >> which is the new 14. >> reporter: from her role as an assistant in "the devil wears prada" to a mom and ceo in "the intern." >> you know i haven't slept in two years. >> reporter: anne hathaway, the actress and new mom, is admitting she's feeling the struggles of new motherhood in real life and encouraging women everywhere to feel pride about their post-baby
8:24 am
hathaway posting this picture of jean shorts with profiled meage saying there is no shame in finallyaking wn and making your own jean shorts because st summer's are just too dang srtor this summer's thighs. the mom to-month-old jonathan also writing, "there is no shame in gaining wt dung pregnancy or ever. longer than you think it will to lose the weight if you want to lose it at all." >> she's a hollywood star bu she also struggles with kind of the body and it makes women everywhere kind of understand, okay, so i'm not perfect but nobody is perfect. >> reporter: it's not the first time she's spoken out about body-shaming. on "the ellen degeneres show" just two months after giving birth she recounted an incident with a trainer at a gym. >> i see this guy and said i had a baby seven weeks ago. oh, tryinglo to the baby weight?
8:25 am
i'm trying to regain my strength. >> reporter: hathaway not the only celebrity mom speaking out. blake lively on monday while promoting her movie on sunrise australia fought back against post-baby ideals. >> y don't need victe ia secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible mirac that life has to offer. >> reporter: hathaway ended it "bodies change, bodies grow, bodies shrink. it's all lon't det anyone tell you otherwise. #lovewhatyouhavbeengiven." chrissy teigen says it takes a while to put it on. it takes a while to peel off. i've had three. it doesn't come off sometimes and you have to love your body. it's the miracle of birth. >> it is the miracle of birth and it is not easy. >> and they're worth it most of the time. >> yes. >> all the time. >> thank you, anne hathaway. let's get outside to rob. >> all right, lara. look at this fabulous crew. everyone has their red, white and blue and, of course, have a
8:26 am
sut the ckers at times. heat and humidity and heat advisories in effect for philadelphia the next few days. dog days of summer in place and it'll feel like near 100 degrees inyour morning with hazy sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80s before clouds make a comeback this afternoon. warm and muggy all night with lows olding in the 70s. we'll see about 90 and coming up, workout wednesday, olympic edition. there they are.
8:27 am
morgan freeman. what's up? steve anjimmy. and others. unnecessary cesorship. emmy nominated jimmy kimel live, tonight. now a wisn12 news update wisn 12 news time is . we are on traffic and weather watch. first a look at your morning commute. this is a live look from our d-o-t cameras on i-43 northbound at oklahoma avenue, traffic is moving slowly. you can see t usual delays are forming... as we pull up current
8:28 am
now, meteorologist sally seveo has a look at your forecast. warm air greets your morning with hazy sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80s before clouds make a comeback this afternoon. warm and muggy all night with lows holding in the 70s. we'll see about 90 tomorrow befre a chance for rain and a few storms approach later day. rain appears to be overnight thursday into friday. cooler and drier air for
8:29 am
8:30 am
hodoou know it's officially getng hot? well, with just tee word, keith urban live. ? ? feels so goo ? andriday it's a party in the park on -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by king's hawaiian. >> keith urban on f here on "gma" in the park. that will be fantastic. to amy. let's get thi behinthe-scenes look. whoa. windswept amy in rio. >> i think she's -- >> the weather has been interesting. >> yeah, and first though we have our olympics inspired workout wednesday, everybody. "men's health" magazine is featuring the incredible body of elite athletes and take a look at these amazing photos. who wouldn't want to look at these guys or gals.
8:31 am
the creator of 21 day meta shred. b.j. gaddour here to show us how to get into olympic shape. >> your energy is contagious. >> i appreciate that. >> show us some workouts not just for men but also for women. how is what we're going to see applicable to our audience at home. >> minimal time and sp boosts metabolism and correct some things to preve injuries so big part of his traing. a lotf shoulder mobility involved and it's common to get tight in the chest but upper midback needs work. shoulder, hinge at the hips and basically make those. so t, y and i and it's going to help strengthen posre and really develop -- >> don't want to be round
8:32 am
and streen your core. >> it protects the rotator cuff. harder, add soup cans. >> what sort of workouts can you build leg strength? >> jess it's all about the gluts. it is all about the glutes. it's true, convicts, he calls them. step up plus reverse lunch so i step up, add a leg raise, step down and reverse it so combination exercise so the step up gets more glutnd ge more quad and best of both worlds and do a minimum for ten straight minutes and melt it off. do a seesaw lunch. a little modification. hotel room. i do it in motel rooms all over the country. they don't ask me back. i don't know why. i sweat the place up. >> we should mention we've got
8:33 am
dominic and -- what do you think about these? you're sweating? >> i'm sating right now. this is amazing. i'm getting such a good workout. i didn't expect this to today. his workouts are so gat and they work everything which is always what you're looking for. >> what's the strongest part of a gymnast? what's like sort of a gymnast secret workout. >> the legs are everything to do the floor and vault so these squats and lunges are getting it. >> want to ask you real quick, what inspired you to turn your life around. >> i boarded a millennium cruise d saw a picturef myse triplexl shirt and my knees were shot and looked at this guy and i'm like this is not who i want to be. prisoner inside my body. it was initially just a commitment i'm going to get better every single day. cut out bread, so did more than just bench pressing andeavy squats. whole broad approach and made
8:34 am
in reality we talk about 21-day programs. this is a journey, i'm 17 years deep. simple changes, commit to five minute, ten minutes, add in movements to help with mobility, make you feel better and that's where it start, with the coitment'm not going to accept this condition but make a change. >> very inspirational. >> can't thank you enough. i want to ask when i see dominique working out hard. what is thshg without for? >> she's still got we're in that mask condition. adding the shoulder tap, you create this anti-rotation. the twist sohe obliques and abs have to work hard to keep it square. >> listen, all of these exercises, you're doing it r r whol audience livestream. great free workout. olympics inspired going on the rest of the hour. you can get more fitness tips at
8:35 am
george, get out here. >>ight now we take a look at the hot new netflix showthe t down" and one ofhe most expensive in network history. mara schiavocampo is back. you talked about it with the director baz luhrmann. >> luhrmann best known for glossy big budget productions like "mew lean rouge" and "the great gatsby" talks about a grp of kids who changed music history. >> grandmaster points down the get down. >> reporter: "the get down." >> he goes on and on. >> reporter: netflix's bingeworthy offering following hip-hop and a group of teens creating one of the most influential music genres ever. ? we're going to conduct it cause fantastic so bad mother ? >> all set in 1977 south bronx.
8:36 am
avocado green. >> reporter: heading up "the get down." baz luhrmann, hollywood director. atre you to that so strong. how did such a pure and new idea get born, particularly in a ment in which there was so little and i just wanted to answer the question. >> repor luhrmann listing help from nelson george and living legend grandmaster flash. >> i want to be able to change that beat without missing a beat. >> reporter: a pioneer of mixing and scratching records, the foundation for hip-hop. >> you created something out of nothing. >> we were just kind of like having fun. we had no ulterior motive of whether it would be huge. >> reporter: but this show's hefty price tag reportedly $120 million. that's one of the most expensive shows ever made. >> not the most expensive but it kaepts cheap.
8:37 am
everything, it's fans, dance. >> the entire cast is almost newcomers who like their characters might be on the verge of something big. >> it's about young people coming together and making something that the world doesn't understand but they understand. >> reporter: well, the first six episodes of "the get down" drop on august 12th and the remaining six released next year. luhrmann says they'll release new music from the show and classics. whole reason they came up with the idea of mixing records was so people could dance endlessly, dance all night if they were able to transition seamlessly >> august 12th we'll be looking for it. thank you. rob. >> we came inside to warm up around this campfire. regional girl scouts with me right now toasting marshmallows but first a look at your national weather. fires out west that we need to discuss, one over 7,000 in
8:38 am
evacuations. red flag warnings posted for the intermountain west for theay in more of dry lightning and at pops up across the pacic northwest so beware of that. enjoe coolyour morng ith hazy sun and teperures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80sbefore clouds make a comeback this afternoon. ht with lows y all holding in the 70s. we'll see about 90 tom >> all right. this weather report brought to you by state farm and it's national s'mday. come on. what better way to help celebrate with the girluts here with a ingredient, of course, that you need for s'mores but also new takes on the classic treat. they a rolling out two new girl scout cookies since -- for 2017. the 100-year anniversary of girl scout cookiesnd of course one of the favorites are the s'mores. all right, here are the boxes
8:39 am
recipe for some mores in 1925 and 1927 as s'mores tha eventually became known as s'moreo we le that and all around t country girl scouts will host commemorative campfires, some real inviting local communities to celebrate s'mores so bring out the gham crackers, clate and marshmallows while you want to get ready for girl scout season. these ok just delicious. of course, if you just want them fashion,ouus you guys look terrific. my favorite by theay is2017, 100-ye anniversary. back over to you. >> love those too. i have to show you syprzak line, niagara falls. visi lady liberty, meet lara spencer. give me a high-five. such a great crowd and excitement for "pete's dragon," sound familiar because it is a classic. it's a tale that follows a child
8:40 am
>> it was shot in the remote forest in new zealand and sara haines got a behind-the-scenes look at how they brought the magic to life. >> elliott. >> reporter: "pete dragon" was shot entirely on location in new zealand. the island nation's pristine natural landscape an award-winning film industry making it one of the most desirable filming locations in the world. already known for the "hobbit" and "lord of the as well as "aftvatar"avatar". >> reporter: it stars robert redford and bryce dallas howard. >> i h never seen adragon. >> reporter: but the real stars might be oaks figuratively as pend his best friend elliott. a giant green magical dragon. ew zeand's own high-tech cg
8:41 am
t put us on the map and when the second"lord the rings" film. >> little thieves relationship the technical wizardry isn't just about computers. this camera mount was designed in new zland and as impressive as it looks it's nothing without the right pilot. meet alfie. >> i could show you a little place we did "lord of the rings." >> oh, my goodness. a view. his calm demeanor made him one of the most sought after piles in the world whether it's a nerve-racking flyby or landing on what seems like the top of the world. for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new zealand. >> and pretty sweet assignment i would say, nice job and "pete's dragon" hits theaters friday. >> and then coming up here, amy is taking us behind the snes
8:42 am
see, to the dance floor. e's got it covered.
8:43 am
8:44 am
? back with all the olympic actions happening not just in but outside the game and we've been enjoying the sight, sounds and samba they're famous for around the city. this exciting city never sleeps.
8:45 am
with energy from the beaches to the blue sky, ts is rio de janeiro. we wanted to eeriee rio's hetbea up close, the pulsating culture that dris their national motto, order and progress. well, ites you dizzy loong at it with the clos moving in fron of it. this belove 98-foot-tall statue of jesus, christ the redeemer located at the peak of the mountain and was completed in 1931. it evenet hits from lightning every year. oh, my god, literally getting blown off. during the visit the wind was unbelievable which didn't help my selfie game. of course, all that climbing worked up an appetite. >> oh, that's cheese in there. yes. >> so caught up with robert the official chef for team brazil who designed 191 recipes to keep the team's 465 athletes fueled.
8:46 am
classic, the brisket sandwich. let's do it. >> cabbage. >> melt the cheese. >> it smells so good. >> here we have this -- brazilian and american. >> oh, my god.od. gold medal. >> thank you. >> and finally no trip to rio is complete without samba lesson, the celebrated dance front and center at carnival festival which brings nearly 2 million to town t mark the beginning of lent. >> like this. like this. >> you got to have attitude. famous latin dance teach jie caught me some quintessential moves i will never forget. more knees and more hips >> yes, more hips. >> all right, my hat's off to ginger zee. i'm going to leave that to the
8:47 am
we heard about the city not being ready. the rio i've seen has been incredible. it's beautiful, the people are wonderful and, of course, any time you have hundreds of thousands of people converging on one city there will be some issues but personally i feel safe and haven't seen one mosquito. the coffee isellent and i hear the terrific. >> see you again tomorrow. coming up right now, though, bonnie raitt is with us. we're just a little excited.
8:48 am
8:49 am
big welcome back to bonnie ra it's been too long. won ten grammys and "rolling stone" calls her one of the all-time great and includes a
8:50 am
and has one "need you tonight." >> thank you, george. ? yeah. ? ? ? all we got is this moment the 21 century's yesterd you can care all you want everybody does ythat's okay ? ? so slide over here and give me a moment your moves are so raw ? ? i've got to let you know i've got to let you know
8:51 am
not sleeping ? ? there's something about you baby that makes meat ? ? how do you feel i'm lonely ? ? what do you think i can't think at all ? ? what you gonna do i'm gonna live my life ?
8:52 am
? ? ? i need you tonight 'cause i'm not sleepin there's something about you boy ? ? tha makes me sweat ? ? how do you feel
8:53 am
i can't think at all ? ? what you gonna do i'm gonna live my life
8:54 am
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that. plsure having you. album is "dig in deep." tour right now and weant to thank all of our olymans. th they e withbj leading our workout wednesday. >> have a great day and i think bonnie volunteered to be the ma" house band. >> a right. morgan freeman. what's up? steve and jimmy. and others. unnecessary censorship. emmy nominated jimmy kimmel live,
8:57 am
update wisn 12 ns time is . this mornin -- the results wisconsin "patisan primary" ctin are in one of the state's most igh-proile races:ue e vesus paul nehlen. an -- the incumbent congressman -- won with 84 percent of the vote. another race that got a lot of attenton: state senate district four. incumbent senator lena taylorwon with 61-percent of the county will hold onto its district attorney for another term. incumbent john chisholm beat verona swanigan... with more than 51- thousand votes. that's 65-percent. later today. we'll get results of a new marquette law school poll. wisconsin voters were asked how they view the presidential candidates -- and if they think the parties are more united after the conventions. the poll results are part of today's "on the issues" event with mike gousha -- starting at 12-15. turning now to weather watch 12. let's get a check of
8:58 am
sally severson. warm air greets your morning with hazy sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look for a rapid climb to the upper 80s before clouds make a comeback this afternoon. warm and muggy all night with lows holding in the 70s. we'll see about 90 tomorrow befre a chance for rain and a few storms approach later day. best chance for rain appears to be into friday. cooler and drier air for
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live wi kelly." today big-screen sensation matt damon and one of our favorite leadingadies margot robbie plus from the "real housewives of atlanta," nene leakes, and jerry o'connell is today's co-host, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell. kelly: right? [cheering and applause] ? and right, right, here we go ? jerry: yes. kelly: thank you. thank you very


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