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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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the atescandidho walked away winners after yesterday's partisan primary and the controversy surrounding one race. >> a proposal for milwaukee's lakefront could cost you. w offials are asking you to situation. how you can make sure your vce is heard. >> and we're on weather watch acking another hot and humid day. how long this weather will contin and when we'll see rain in southeastern wisconsin. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm tim elliott. ben has the day off. it's 4:30 on this wednesday, augu 10th. let's start with the forecast. it is hid out there.
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it is a warm start and you can expect a command performance for the weather today. going up to 88 degrees. we have a fair amount of clouds developing in the afternoon. big picture, we have showers and storms across minta dakotas. we are staying dry. temperatures 88. party sunny and dry much of the day tomorrow with highs near rain and stormnces looking better late tomorrow and tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we need theain. >> when you're on thtake e ather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news p. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> we begin this mniith
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hundreds of thousands of people in wisconsin cast votes yesterday in the partisan primary election. this morning the results are in. >> wisconsin's highest-profile race, house speaker paul ryan versus paul nehlen. >> ryan won with more than 57,000 votes, that's 84 percent. almost 11,000 people voted for nehlen, not enough to take ryan t of the running in november. sn 1news' terry sater was in janesville with the ryan campaign. >> republican housepe ryan won b here on tuesday night even though donald trump made the race more interesting and first tweeting positively out the opponent in the race d non ofhat had impact or ttle impact on th voters in this district. ryan was lss interested in talking about donald trump and more interested in talking abo
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congress and their elected leaders tackle the tough problems, not duck the tough lems. they are sick of the paralysis. >> ryan was first elected in 1988 and the first recon win since beng t >> terry, ank yo nles campaign facing some questions after tweeting this photo showing a filled-out ballot. showing other people your ballot can violate election fraud laws. the state elections commission says the d.a. will have to decide if this tweet is olation. it's not clear if this is nehlen's ballot or one filled out by a supporter. >> another race that got a lot of attention, ste sena district four. incumbent lena taylor won over challengerandelaarnes with 61 percent of the vote. wisn 12 news' nick bohr has more fr candidates.
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elected to the senate 12 years ago and she told me here tonight in some ways this re-election was even more gratifying. the party going lato the was facing a tough challengeere. fr popular state representave in mandela barnes who had a built-in base anve up that seat to run against her. in the end, taylor says it was her recordt propled her to a win. >> a hundred and one laws is what we've done and i want you to know that's just the ing.nn we are not done. i am no way tired and we got four more years. >>ve got to work to make our streets safe. we'vt to wk for economic opportuns. those weren't campaign issue these are real life issues that ny ptoo maple in milwaukee are dealing with, too many people in the state. canwe ignore it just because we didn't get what we wanted tonight.
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re-election in november in this heavily democratic district. there's no replican candidate. milwaukee, nick bohr wisn 12 news >> milwaukee county will hold onto its dt atistricrney for another term. inmbent john chisholm beat verona swanigan with more than 51,000 votes. that's 65 percent. there is no challenger in the general election so chisholm will win by defaulovemr. >> you can find the results in every local election on our mobile app and on races all the way up to november's election. >> later today you can weigh in on a new plan for milwaukee's lakefront. the county is proposing changing the free parking along the lakefront to paid parking. there's a listening seio today star at 5: at the wainon park senior center. county officials will be there, looking for public input on the
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>> still ahead, a texas man had to brescued on the job. >> the effort was all caught on came the work that took him up in the air and why he couldn't get back down. >> plus, a driver spotted breakingaw and putting other cat risk. can you tell what she's doing? we'll explain coming up. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. it is going to be humid out there and sally will tell us how much and how hot it is going to get. thanks for watching "12 news
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>> we are coming up on 20 minutes before 5:00. jeremy nelson will be liv at the fair.
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the rain across southern wiscn and the best shot is tomo night. teeratures, upper 80s and 90 tomorrow and dry for t weekend. the storms are firing up over minnesota and the dakotas. right now 75 and gg degrees. some patchy fog is possible early and hitting the upper 80s and fair amount o clouds in the afternoon. >> newhis morning, an unusual ue aft a man gets stuck at the top of a light pol >> he was up there performing maintenance but couldn't get back down. n you see him there. there he is, right the. it happened at a footbal stadium in texas. man t dizzy while climbing
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rescuersnt got ha harness anenelped him climb down. >>ndewhis morning, driver caught on camera while texting and driving with no hands on the wheel. >> instead, she appears to be steering with her leg. the person who recorded this video posted it on facebook. texting while driving is bad engh, but no hands on the -- come on, come on, and looking down. >> we talked yesterday and that was a self-driving car. this is a regular car. >> right. and in denver, ilegal to text and drive. >> all kinds of rules being br >> a violent week in chicago as the city marks its deadliest day in over a decade. >> one of the victims just ten years old. how he got caught in the crossfire and the search derwayhis morning to find the killer. >> plus, a tourist ends up stuck
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m there and why it was so hard m tofor hiind a way out.
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." it is 4:45 on this wednesday, august 10th. here comes the humi it is like a repeat of we. >> almost. wemost aomma c performance her wise. increasing clouds this afternoon. a little more overcast this afternoon. rit now 75 degrees at the airport. 68 madiso 73 lacrosse. 5 on west winds. the dew points are holding upper
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s good to have a few clouds, especially in the afternoon. togh ptly cloudy and paty fog late and typing out the orchances for lat in the y tomorrow. ti >> looki good, thank you, sally. wisn 12 news time now is 4:46. >> now to the 2016 olympics in o. when it comes to the medal count, team usa is hangighou at the top let's lookat the standings this morning. here re the top fco medals total including nine gold. that's followed byhina, pan, and russia. you can see japan and ru each have three gold. bun has more bronze so they are ranked ttle hher. >> cruising toward gold. that's that plan for team usa's men' and women's basketball teams at the 2016 olympics. sn 12 ws' deirdre fitztr in o this mornin tell h playe
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>> melinit unual for highrolelympians to skip a tel before ction.ay in but team usa basketball takes ving lge to a whole ne level. it's not thee boatbut there'a lot to like about the silversea'lver cud docked in the port of rio de janeir it's base to those who live life large literally and figuratively. a floating luxury me away from n's basketball teams. an >> t boat is supl. we're there with the girls basketball team and a w othe people it's fine. >> fine may be an understatement. elen delle donne taggedt, living the dream on instagra leme read to you from the silversea's website. spacious y iime. abedo cross oceans yet to navite hidn harbors with ease. that snds awesome. the players will love about that p thelace ieds are seveet lon
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playing for australia. he tweeted about diying a shower curtain long enough for etes illage. hi hashtag ioc luxury lodging viage where thight lve ete's the light on for you, but you're not vi cocktails on the lido deck. team usa basketball says the goal is to elite noatter what happens on the stdard for olymp s the gold accommnsn ioo. players say uisecrhip are king it out to be. they say it's really differenan hel. in rio, deirdre fitzpatrick, wisn 12 news. >> thanks, deirdre, reporting in rio morni. this is not the first time men's basketball has bunked on a ship. the guys stayed on the queen mary two during the 2004 athens games. tim. >> not bad at l. 4:48. >> there are now five days lef to check out the wisconsin state ir!
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"happy days" reunion! including actor henry winkeller. he by yesterday tweeting oyes i visit while in kee. winkler and feast llow cmbers anson williams and donny most will be on the fair's main stage tonight for a show called "happy days live." >> looks l a lot offun. later today at the fair, a coitio featuring unique a unusual fairfoods. it is the finalnd of r the sporkies. the cake inside is really really good. is is the mountamanloody mary burger. can've scit the racing sausage corn .
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corn dog yle. >> well, lindsey and myself are in tatck cooking challenge op style friday afternoo >> do you know what youre gog getyet? >> no we have to make three things and weet bag of misindtr ingredients. >> that is i expect goldm y . >> i a fortunate to b paired with he we a bing home tbacon. well ely today you can sizzle it outside. temperatures are upper 80s and 90. 80nce june 1st, dys in the ten days in the 90s, so we are mbers tod and tomrow and 0s into friday.
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tomorrow night and friday. not enough ease the d l. this mning partly cloudy. shs a thuere outs o da co-ta and into minna. the temratures for us 6 greenfield. 67 elm grove. 64 airport. for today, a fair amount of morning sune. watch what happensnto the afternoon. a few clouds much lke yesterday afternoon. there is a slight chance of a little bit of a shower. stay dry overal this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. we are dry tomorroworng as well.
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better chances for the rain overnight. we get in on the actio thennd likely a fair amot of clouds du the day on friday before we start to see cooler and dryer air moving in. showers and storms later tomorrow, tomorrow night and early friday. a few clouds on saturday and highs for saturdaynd sun >> thank you,sall >> sad news to report, this is new from overnight, 1orn1 wb baes died after a fire at a hospital in baghdad. the electrical fire broke out in the maternity department. the electrical fis are common in iraq. >> a year after the department
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what theyfound, the report shows a pattern of discrimination against african-americans in baltimore. >> chicago seeing the deadliest da in decades. one of the victims was ten--old boy and hit while standing on a porch. the t-year-old was hit and later 19 people were shot on monday and nine were killed >> a case of mistaken intity for a touristn germany. the chinese man was ttog file a report for a missing walletnd signed the wrong form an taken to a refugee shelter. 12 days later he was releed
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facility. he was set off to fis the trip. ne this morning, honoring e military one banner at a time, that is the idea behind a photo project in oak creek. ten banners are on display sshe square and featuring pictures of the men and women that served in the military. the citylek says after learning about a similar project in california she wanted to show the suppor for the local troops. >> hav i serving in the military a currently deoyed as many of his friends are and they are local and they are sacrificing is well as theirie famil and it mportant in the world today to recognize these sacrifices that they are making for all of us. >> very cool idea. the bannersyta up until labor day and th given to the
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the clerk is taking applications for next year's banners. >> wisn 12s timeow is 4:54. the zika virus is spreading i the u.s. >> the new cases justdiagnosed, where the virus is striking. >> an arizona city is covered in dust. take a look the storm that rolled in while the cameras were rolling as
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>> a new study finds millions of learning may be exposed to unsafe drinking batter. >> chemicals were found in the water samples across the country and lead to obesity and cancer. they were near industrial site an military bases and waste water treatmentplants. >> highlood pssure is becoming higher in lncome countrs. theyound f thatf the 30% o adults living wh b prsuajoritive in low and mide co cotries.
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pertenon is steady or shg a decrease. >> birthrates are on theest low on record the c.dy comparedhe number o bies born to the number of then ame women, what they found is that birth numbers areten less rat to fertility isues and more to do with women choosing to have fewer children. >> vegetarians may live longer. researchers found to plant protein lead to 10% decrease in overall mortality. >> wisn 12 news me is 4:59.
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>> the people want to see congrend thr elected leaders tackle the tough oblems.s, not duhe tough they are sick for the paralysis and hungry for results. >> we have to results om the elections anlook ead to the november election plus, new accusations against donarusorning hou after a amendmen goodng,me welco to "12 news t"himo i'm tim elliott. >> am melinort. is 5:00, wednesday, augusth. we have a check o the morning mmute and the forecast. >> first, we are going to sal with the weather. od mning, sal. youy think about running the ac. the temperatures in0 and 70s this morning.


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