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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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thys laterhe was de >>asn 12 ncolleen henry explai, the famies lawsuit claims staff there ignored his cries for help. the district attorney's office rert: held an inquest into brandon johnlasts ays. his mom testified, the very day he arrived here staff said they found hion the floor of his room comng hplnicouldn't move. >> says there's nothing wrong with brandon. 's all in his head. it's his illusions. nothing wrong with brandon. she reassured me and i belied her. >> but an autopsy showed he had a broken neck that caused blood clots that killed him three days later. >> it'stainlyysterious that he wou have suffered such a significant injury on his own at the mental health complex reporter: today, his fily filed a federal lawsuit against the county and staff ty say failed to get him the medical help he needed just across the street at froedtert hospital. >> i stil this y don't know
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who, when, brian died alone, he died alo, my s died alone without me or family being around reporter: johnson's death resulted in sanctions against some hospital staff...and citations fr state regulators. i'ankful for the changes that have occurrbut it shouldn't have taken my son's life for it to change reporter: the coty's top lawyer tells 12 news it takes all allegati seriously, but cannomment open legal matters. the johnsons aresking for unspecified damages. at the mental health complex colleen henry wisn 12 news. >> the lawsuit names two psychiatrists, a staff physician, a psychologist, a nurse practitioner, an insurance company for of the psycatrists, and milwaukee county as defendants. >> you can't use the weather as excuse not to get outnd vote. >> it is going to be autiful day. tempures warng up nicely. tt is ming. >> i don't thinkre wilbe a lot ofines lt the polls. ll at 7:00 a.m. ey close at 8:00 in the
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there. s, it is going to start getting a little on the sticky si 85 now. acly pretty comrt acrosshe area. 72 in sherwood. 70 in st. francis. you casee cool at 62 in she be a warm 73 now in racine. in sheboygan. all thye wa through friday but then cooling down again just in time for the weekend. >> that gir gets us to commitment 2016. >> wisconsin's fall primary election is tomorrow. >> onof the biggeaces inudes house speaker paul ryan's cononalgrsieat. he's facing reblan challenger paul nehlen. first district includethe southern portion of milwaukee and waukesha counties and covers all of racine, ken and walworth counties. another race you'll see on the ballot -- the four senat district seat. veteran state senator lena
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representative mandela barnes. both candidates were busy tonighing do to door in the district canvassing vote >> here ara gs eep in mr tomorrows primary election. you will need to show a photo d.o vote. lls will be openm 7:00 a.m. unt 8:00 p.m. e it yocan onotfoidesar inty. one p sn 12 is youur f election results. tune in tomorrow night at 10 -- alsore t bsucheck the wisn 12 news mobile app for up to the minute results. in t race for prident. an anti-donald trump candidate is that theg s ring. >> wisn 12 news' salidd is in washington with more on the last nute bid for the white hous reporter: evan mcmullihas already missed the filing deaine to be on the ballot in many states but political analystsayis candidacy is not about actually winning the white house. he's aunknown to m
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cia operative will run as an independent. launching his campaign online, mcmullin writes that hillary clinton and donald trump are symbols of corruption and excess that provide no hope of basic compet in the ral government. >>i don't think in his wil dreams evan mcmullin thinks he can wia single electoral vote, let alone the presidency. but he can deprive donald trump of votes anat's wt this is about rrupco careericiaitand refers to trump asnstable and a thre to the republic. >> this is not a bid to win the presidency. this is to give republicans an alternative reporter: mcmullin will compete for the alternative vote with libertarian nominee gary johnson, who's out with new campaign ad-- >> one day life in america will be hopef again. reporter: and green party nominee jill stein, who's hoping to attract supporters of former democrac contender bernie sanders.
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economy, turn the tide on climate change. reporter: the latestationa polls with johnson and stein in the mix show clinton in the lead. candidates need to poll at15 percent in at least 5 national surveys to be included in the presidential debates. the first one is next month in new york. >> a little more on evan after serving in the c.i.a. he worked at goldman satches. -- sachs. >> looking ahead. this week, the milwaukee county transit system is showing off its brand new line of buses. you're invited to tour the new 5700 series buses and learn more about them. stop by the college avenue park and ride tomorrow until 9 and 11. or the loomis rk andide from 1:00 until 3:00.
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enroll in the t.s.e. precheck program at mitchell international airport. if you are cleared, you don't have to remove shoes, belts, laptops or liquids. the application fee for a 5-year membership is $85. you must bring a passport or pho i. and proof of citizenship. the temporary application center will be open at mitchell through august 28th. and help feed the hungry -- by king on a book! it's the 35th annual hunger book sale. that at the all saints cathedral on juneau avenue. doors open at 11 a stay open un6:00. you can buy used books, c.d.'s, d.v.d.'s and more. the proceeds will gohelp ganizaons like the hunger task force and fngdi america. wisconsin dliest month on roadways. according to the department of transportation -- sixty people died in car accidents last month. aside from speed, alcohol and drug related crashes, state patrols say rated driving is far too common. especial drives using their ce. >>you can see people'syes are dwert. their head nods you can see their heads dipping
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thatashion. >> trooper loonsfoot says officers are well-trained in looking for signa driver might be texting and insists the best way to prevent a cshs simply stay off your pho in another new report, data shows one in foudrivers is at risk of fallinleep at the eel.wh drowsy driving is blamed for thousands eaths ery ar. abc news' gio benite who isost at risk. reporter: tonight, a startling new look at the growing sleeper threat on on the road. weaving? aleepdriver allegedly at the wheel..then watch as it slams into a car, losing control. but in that new report teens and young adults nowame to blr re thahalf of these crashes. nearly 84 million fatigued americans drive everyday. last year alone, 5,000 people killed. companies like volvo offering technology to catch drowsy drivers?. with automatic bres. >> no brakes.
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>> wow. >> andlert systems. >> here we go. driver alert. reporter: experts saying the increase in teen drowsy driving, partly due to digital obsession, while the problem is new, some old solutions have your radio on, open the window to get some air, and most importantly, make sure you stop during those long drives >> accordi t than 86 million driver the rust sleep depride while behind the wheel every day. school for students at milwaukee public schools, 11-year-round schools. students at ralph metcalfe got plenty of high fives, as they arrived this morning. instead of one long summ break, students have several breaks yearoun the scol is named after ralph metcalfe - a marquette university track star who mpeted in the 1932 and 1936 olympics.
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to go for the gold. coming off sitithe poty of frhe olyd thics anus has been doing so well it keep making me think thatnying is possible forur young p and that's what we want for them it starts with the firs day but everyday m fatrs them >> most m.p.s. school also start clason september first. believe it or not, tomorrow is the halfway point of the wisconsin state . and it's a special one. it's fair day at children's hospital of wisconsin. this is wh puffs, fair od, ndors and entertainers, go to the patients and their families who can't make it to the fair grounds. children's, two ars ago. morrow is also senior reition day. those 60 yeald or older will receive $5 admission all day. that is2 off the rar season price. e gates open at 8:00 a.m. rrow night on the main age, it flash back to the
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and a flock of seagulls. >> you may realize somhing unusual relating to the olympics. plus an unlikely match made in tv hen. the new show featuresop dogg martha stewart. >>ater tonightn nightin ask are extreme thrills sizz serves. ackredict as d surprises. we at the olymp
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fein: i'm ru feingold and i approve thisessage. hnn:'ve always said eith way.he calmt guy elect. narrator: if he loses, ten llion dollar bonusn he paid himself as ceo. a bicorporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said. win either way. narrator: if he wins, he getother six years support tax loopholes and bad trdeals that ship jobs overseas.
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johnson:in i wither way.
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the 2016 olympics continue in rio. here's the latest medal count. countries are ranked by the number of gold medals they've won. rinow, team usa leads with ve gold and a total of 19 medals. when the most decorated olympic athlete in history, michael weekend in rio. eck this a lo of you may have noticed this. e purple circles on his shoulder and back.
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actual from alternative therapy treatment. abc news' amy robach is in rio to explain the science behind cupping >> all eyes on michael ps winning that 19th gold overnight. but many noticed something else. the large purple circles, bruises actually, on his right shoulder and right there on his back posting photos of himself during his last practice before heading to rio even holding his newborn son. s itay a part of his training, a treatment called pping an ancient far east practice of ing heated glass cups on the skin. supposed to help increase blood flow and reduces soreness. phelps is such a believer int - he featured it in his recent under armour ad. and he's not the only one using the que gymnast alex naddour recently posted this instagram picture of himself all with those telltale cupping bruises which can take two weeks toea while many athletes here bel cupping helps eed thhealing of overworked muscles, science
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not, one thing's fore, these athletes are convinced it's giving them e extra push they need >> changes are coming to hulu. the streaming service is dropping its free streaming option and transitioning to pay-to-play only. hulu says their free service became limited as they continued to offer new original series and ive offerings. ose who are not current subscribers will be offered a free 30 day trial before they are diontinued. >> brett favre is now officially a footba hall of famer. it gr buness at the packers pro shop at lambeau field. the store is taking advantage of the new line of merchandise, including jerseys throughout favre's career. >> we can now have jerseys that e replicas of the jerseys he wore backhen he played, so we have nitschke and starr jerseys that are reas of when they played in the 60's, now we're starting to carry jerseysavre we when helayed in the 90's and
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>> the hall of fame weeke was notithout disappointment. of course you heardla nights game between the packers and the colts was caelled because of field conditions. inocial squareight. d. stewart and snoop dogg are hosting a dinner party and re iu'ited. >> the two are teaming up on a new cooking show on vh-one called martha and snoop's dinr party. >> watch them cook a meal gether and enjoy it with friends. snoop and marthairst collaborated back in 2008 during an episode of martha stewart living. together on the0,00pyramid game show, right here on wisn 12. the new series will premiere on vh-one this fall. nobody puts baby in a corner or a remake! >> ifer grey is quashin offers toinhepcing remake dirtycing tt will air right hewisnre on 2. ey told the hollywoorerter that the role they asked ho play didn't feel appropriate. like the 1987 movie -- the plot
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coltrattes will tackle the role of johnny. ere'thno release date for th three-hour t-v movie. and from an 80s flashback to the 90s crystapepsi making a comeback. 23 years after it was discontinued, the clear cola is officially back ontore shelves. the product was first introduced in 1992. thanks to a petition, pepsi deci brideto it back. >> you gotta hurry though, it's only available in the.s. eight weeks. >> coming uin up in sports -- the brewers starting pitcher who was placed on the disabled list. and...what the badgers siors want out of football camp this month. sports. e sutton is next in
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...with wisconsin lottery packers scratch games. will have the chance to lead their pack to green bay... will have the chance to lead their pack to green bay... instant cash prizes and a bonus drawing... ...for a legendary game day at lambeau field with a former packers player in a private suite... ...for you and 24 friends, plus transportation. packers scratch games.
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>> big 12 sports prested by menards >> not exactly the way the ewers nted to start their seven-me home stand at miller park with an extra ilossnning to the braves. the brew crew lose in 12 innings tonight 4-3. wily peralta will be on the mound tomorrow night. he will be replacing junior guerra. the 31-year-old rookie was tonight's game. he last pitched on wednesday against san diego but is now dealing with elbo inflammation in his throwing arm. despite last night's hall of fame game being canc t scheduled off daday.eir they are back on the practice field tomorrow in green bay. their first presson game will now be friday night at lambeau field against the browns. badgers football camis underway the first official practice took
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players in shells for the first 4 practices with the pads following on theth day. and the badgers senis are looking forward to good mp mad town. >> i think the off season that we had, the potential that we have coming up for the season is going to show forth. and camp is an awesome time to see once the pads really get on, and see's who really who. a team. to find our identity as a wisconsin badgers team. i'm looking forward to this camp. it's out fourth phase. we always talk about it started with winter workouts, spring ball, summer workouts, now it's the final phase of fall camp and the season will on bupon us. >> can yobelieve it? the first night of operation football is a week from friday...on august 19th. but voting for oirst ge of thwe kks off tonig.
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east marquette at wisconsin lutheran or kenosha indian trail at germantown you can vote for your choice by logging on to wisn dot com. you -- you have until next monday to make your decision. that was a quick summer. moving on to football. >> summer olympics. team u.s.a., former marquette star jimmy butler ha 17 poin tonight. they beat venezuela. >> if you didn't see the clip of michael phelps. very funny makinghe rounds with michael flups. >> a final look at your forecast after the break. >> and coming up next on jimmy kimmele, david spade, ozzy and jack osbourne and music from the strokes. that's tonight at 11 on wisn
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>> we're following breaking news. a sheriff's deputy has been sho and a hostage taken in oregon. this is just outside of portland. we don't know how this started but the sheriff's office said the de was hit in a bullet proof vest sand ok. the suspect took a hostage. the he or she sadge now safe. there is no word on an ar. we'll keep watching throughout the night. we'll have more starting at 4:30 a.m. >> weather? >> temperatures are going to get warmer and warmer each day. for the next three days we will warm up. be prepared for the humidity as well. that will start kicking in tomorrow and get stickier as we head into wednesday and thursday and may approach 90 on either one of those days. heat index of at least 95.
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then it cools down again just in time for the weekend. >> our next news is at 4:30 i kn you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live acrosshe street. thks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time. looks like you're all hooked up. game's about to start. let's do it. we're watching here? oh yeah. ohh.ow about you and i g watch my fave show? make your move to time warner cable. for $89.99 per month you'll get , 30 meg internet and phone.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade -- zy and jack osbourne -- "the baby bachelorette," the boys tell all -- and music from the strokes, with cleto anthe cletones. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.


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