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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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rit w on wisn 12 news -- a li gttlel killed in an >> accident at her birthday part she was anngel from the >> beginning i just wanted everythi so perfect for her because she was perct. >> h filand friends gather to remember her. milwcoun looks to raise >> more money. the costs yould pay if you visit the lakefront, or car at all. >>and breaking news: just days after a child died on a water faen from a ferris wheel at a tennessee county fair. the details comingntthe newsroom. lo for a milwaukee family whose 3 year old cas k wled right before hirthdaparty was supposed to start. >> she was hit by a carshe ran into the strtrying to greet her grand-father. tonight christina palladino spokth herother who saw the whole tragedy unfold. >> appy birthday to you ??
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sing an emotional happy rthd r 3-year-old jada handy. the little girl was supposed t be celebrating over the weekend. instead loved ones gathered tot at t spot where she was killed by a car near 84th and marion. >> i'm just cryinuse miss her. i'm going tos her so much but i'm going toe and strong for her like i always was. reporter: eried tr stop her daughter from running into the street to greet her grand-father before her birthdayty she saw her daughter get hnd a killed. toay any more at the vigil. her sayfaerjada was everytng to him. shwas evything to me. >> my first born. my daugh i was supposed to protect her at all tino matr what. rter: jayl says the on two people keeping m going is erica and his son london. there e times when he nts to ge . >> s rht now you'lse in heaven. whene day going to come?
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i don't know how i go on without her. portre: as you can see, th family olittle jaida, they are hill he now athe spot whe she was killed and they sathey want toebra cel the three short years thae live lile jada stayedn scene d here. the family would like more stop sis out here in this neighborhood to prevent another family from suffg such pa >> you could soon have to pay to pang mrk alowaukee's lakefront. the countyks system is face a $ milli budget shornext year, and some proposals to close the gap would take away fr parking on the lakefront and a vchargeicle registration fee. new at 10 -- 12 news terry sater is live at northpo >> the gates to the north point
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and wheem who are used to coming down here to enjoy the lakefront are used to free parking. but with higher cod lestan revee the county executive sas goe'to find a wa brin morcash. charging would deliverbout $1.5 mlion each year. >> i hate to hit the average working guy when people want park. >>t a big attraction. a lot of people like coming and swimming i think it is a good idea. i don't think nothing about it. >> either it is crea revenue orutting services. >> that's why he is looking for new waysing to cash. he is holdg listening session where is tax payers gather in small groups to ask questions. the county c keep selling land to pay the rising cover
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be.nefits ng achgiehicle registration fee is also on the table. >> i could generate a lot. we're getting less now for transit than we did five yea ago. at some point we're going to need something if therd agrees to the new fe, $ an hour for parking and arnd $40 to register your car each year. the you would like to give your opinhereio ts another meg wednesdanight at washingtark sior center a 5:30. >> that's the sound of street racing that's been waking up one milwaukee neighborhood. this was veoaken near 73rd and calumet by a man who lives in the area. it happenerly sarday
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the man says a group showed up saturday night, but police broke it up. police tell wisn 12 news they'll continue to watch this area to keep racers away. >> we've learned more about a sheboygan falls mother accused of kli her 2-year-old boy. some of it, is tough to take in. licepoay katlyn kinatede suffocated her sxterondewith a plastic grocery bag last week. she was in court today in sheboygan. prosecutors say kinateder told police she stopped taking anti-depressents and lost her mind. after she called 9-1-1, police found dexter's body in a closet. >> he was in a cardboard box, with aittlcomforter and a blant over him, there re two ptcardbobo >> kinat faces life in prison, if convicted 2016 election coverage. voters head to the polls tomorrow for the partisan primary. >> fis on the ballot include u.s. senate, u.s. representatiall ste assembly and even state senate seats, and distr attorney. voters head to the polls tomorrow for the partisan primary. one of the hotly contested races is for the fourth district state senate. lena taylor is being challenged bytate rep. mandela barnes.
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both candidates today. i sure did. both covered a lot of nd today making their finalitch to voters. when those voters me her to vote tomorrow, they could zie decide this race because ther are not any republican accounts so far. incumbent mocratic s ser lena taylor is a familiar face around district four. i cognize you. >> >> reporter: she's served this district for 12 years. and she's determino serve another term. she's going door to door meeting with voterd s anopping off campaign literature. >> in the end, this is about someone who will be consistent, compassionate and a hard worker for the petheiople, constituents, that's me. reporter: she is facing a challenge in state representative mandela barnes.
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district going door to or. barnes was elected to the state assembly in 2012 but he haset his sights on leana's senate at. >> we put oursees forward with a new direction and new vision. reporter: barnes7s to that new vision and hopes to change how education is handled. leana says her record and work should speak for themselves. >> the polls open at 7:00 a.m. perhaps the highest profile election features paul ryan and ul nehlen. >> the race made national headsli week when donald tr refused to endorse ryan, but then later did. both ryan and nehlenampaigd today. ryan didn't take any questions from reporters. in an interview with nehlen, he
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10,000 doors a day. >> oh, w going to win. i feel very good about this. i feel very good >> here is what you need to know about the primary. there is a lot of confusion out there regarding voter i.d. do need a voter i.d. to vote tomorrow. we'll be here bringing you the late election results on air and online. beure to watch tomorrow. wisn 12 at 10. >> there is no way to prepare for this. >> boy killed on a giant water slide. nee details on the inveigatiocoming in night. >> computeoblemshrow an airline into chaos. how much closer delta airlines o gettg flights back on schedule. >> and brett favre isicially a the new packers merchandise
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>> you're watching wisn 12 news, honored as news operation of the year by the wisconsin broadcasters association >> we areollowing breaking news. three children are hurt after falling from a ferris wheel at a county fair in western tennessee. authorities say a basket flipped
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feet. they were ruoshed t hospitals. two by helicopter. all three childr wer alert agand talkin also a 61-year-old died after falling in a pool in . >> an off-duty w yo p officer is cte stopping a potential plo kill mad polic ing to the new york dail newse offir contacted madison li surday after spotting a v on periscope, of a man crying. was threatening to head to the place where a police officer shot and killed tony robinson last year, and shoot the first officer he saw. poot there ahead of time and were able to identife man as raynarldo g and arrest him. >> a man shot ankilled by a dodge county sherieputff's dhas been identified as 59-yr old james ealy. officers were called to quealy's
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when tgot the, they say quealy pointed a gun at a deputy and fired. the deputy was not ht, but returned fire, killing quealy. the shiff says witness told investigators the man was suicid. >>welearni tonight, a diedf a ne injury, while riding the worldlest's talater ide. 10-year-cab hwab was one ee pofhrple in a raft the wiide sunday in kansas city. esses say he fell out. the family released a statement. it s in part, since the day leb was born he brought abnt joy to our family. tonight, their pasid is evasng on every level. >> you know you l churcyou go to a water park to be with family and to enjoy d then you and there's just no way to preparr this >> the slide will remain closed indefinitely. the rest of the will re-open on wednesday. wa disney world is adding a rock wall to the lagoon where an allitor killed a-year-d
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gator in june, near the grand florian re. the wall wl act as a barrier between guests and the water. alligawarninsigns have al been puup. another case of zika virus hits florida. the infected person is from palm beach county but healthfficials say he had recently been to northern miami where 16 other people have been infected buitosq. crews have been spraying the the virus can lead to birth defects specifically smaller heads in newborns. a traveldvory to northern ami mis been issued for pregnant w. long lines, cancelled flights and passengers left stranded. a power outage shut down its computers at delta airlines overnight. pilots were unable to get data, and passenger kiosks stopped working. at one point this morning, there wasn't a single delta flight in the air. there were still some delays to and from milee tonight, so it's wise to call ahead if you're heading out or picking soone up.
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400 new air traffic controlls. applications are bngccepted lim nonextuntil moay you mu ba u.s. citiznd under 31 years old. we have a link f more informatio wisn. >> electronics and appliance retailer, h.h. gregg, is closing its ores in wisconsin. three stores a in th e ea, brde greenfield, and racine. the other e intwo arppleton and green bay. the company says the closings allow us to continue driving the comp y towas profitabily and growth. if you're going to the newportillos in brookfield, you'll no longer have to wait in line the place your order. you can pick it up in the restaurant or drive through. if you enter the code hot dog, you'll receive $5 off an order of at least $15. >> a new canaloll showshe p widening between donald
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a -- trump delivered what his campaigned billed as a major speech in detroit --aying out his economic policy. under his plan, child care expenses won't be taxed. he would ao simpfy the tax code to just three brackets -- 12%, 25%% 357bd. >> i want to jump-start america, anit can be done and it won't >> we are in heart. economic tha pns only help the top 1%. else in erica get ahead and dy stay ahead. >> our partners apolit s cs dot com rorting, republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is campaigning in la cross on thursday. it'll be his third trip to wisconsin in two weeks and one week from tomorrow democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is retur
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a longtime democratic supporter. kaine was in milwaukee last friday for a rally at lakefront brewer refunds are available for fans who didn't get to see the packers in the halof fame game last night. >> the game was cancelled because of poor field conditions. those who bought tickets via credit card will automatically receive a refund to their accounts. and for those who paid cash, they can fill out a refund for to receive a check in the mail. we have more information on for the wisconsin state fair. and it's senior recognition day. those 60 years old or older will receive aission all day, that's $2 off the regular senior price. e gates open at 8 a.m. tomorrow night on the main stage -- it's a flashback to the 80's with berlin headlining... with a flock of seagulls. the show starts at 7:30. get ready because it is going to start heating up again tomorrow. there are humidity will make it ty sticky as well.
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>>heck of seagulls loo >> i would love toave th much hair to do that. at's worth watching rrow night. in the meantime, let's talk about head to the state fair tomorrow. it is going to be nice in terms sunshine bust be prepared because we're going to star g rmings up aund he 75 degrees. beautiful start to theay. 83 b and 85 it will be sticky as well. keep that in mind. that temperature trend going up and upver the next coup of days. 88 on thursday. enough sunshine on thursday, we 85 on friday. it 90. 77. we'll start to ol down again. oh, the muggy meter is going up. this is for tomorrow. be ready. about the dew point.talking it is pretty unsemiacceptable
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hot, it is nice. if you don't like it hot, that is what you're going to be looking like. not too pleasant. we have thunderstorms way out to the west ofs. we're talking about in the dakotas. in no hurry to get here. sf still in high pressure. it is going to hold all of this back for a while. we could use some rain around here. that is not going to get here thursday, probably thursday night would be our best ance of seeing that. in theeantime, ski are nice and clear. cover here atlanta. for the most , we get a pretty sunny day tomorrow and again as we head into weday. there will be a some clouds ppg up here and there. yes, thet and humidity will bee here is 5:00 on wednesday. still dry. we head into thursday. a couple of scattered srs may off ithe aftnoon. th event is sittingff to the west of us. that is the best chance of
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summer. hreeover t inches fo milwaukee. seven inch behin arage. weunderbnormay dry conditions here. we could use some rain. hopefully that will happen again as we head into thursday night. here is your forecast. 85 on tuesday. 87 on wednesday. generally partly sunny skies both days. most of thursday is going to be dry. thunderstorm chances moving in late, especially thursday night. friday evening. high temperatures, cool down just in time for t weekend. not looking bad at all. 77 on saturday. 75 on sunday. less humidity as well and then back up to 79 on monday. a little bit of everything. we get u your hot and humid noolings love that stand you like it cooler, the weekend looks gfor you. >> coming up, the unlikely celebrity pairing stag in a
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>> big 12 sports presented by menards >> the bad news -- last n's ll of me game got canceled. the good news. thpackers get to play four presn easomes like every other team in the nfl. their first one will now be friday night at lambeau field against the browns. of course everyone is still talkinabout the unusual ending to an otherwise fantastic hall of fame weekend in canton. the exhibition game between the packers and colts called off because of a bad paint job on the field. before all the craziness sunday night the clasof 2016 held a day including brett favre. and the legendary quarterback was asked who he thinks will be a shoo-in for the hall of fame. >> aaron rodgers. [applause] >> i don't even know how much he needs to do from here out. i think whatever he does from here on out is just icing on the cake.
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the brewers are back in town agai the braves. orlando arcia made his debut. braxton keeping his bat hot again tonight. perez comes around to tie the game at 1-1. fast forward to the fifth inning. rtin maldonado mald he cranks a two-n three. bottom of the ninth. ill tied. chris carter to kp thleft center field. looks like it might go off with a walk-off but it doesn't. ju falls short. extra igs. top of the 12th. beckham. the ball pops out of braxton glove. even if braxton caught the ball, the bras would have scored.
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tonight, the final 4-3. coming up, what the senior ayers say the badgers need to do. >> still ahead, a sleeper threat on the road. >> the startsing statistic sthoge dangers of driving drowsy. who is a risk the? that's ahead. >> candidate making a bid as
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time wheratevenator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edaction is responsible
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you're watching wisn 12 news at 10 with kathy mykleby, joyce weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at ten continues. >> i still to this day don't know what happened to my son >> four years after his death at the milwaukee county mental heomplal c, e family of a college student files a federal uit. 25-year-old brandon johnson was
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thys laterhe was de >>asn 12 ncolleen henry explai, the famies lawsuit claims staff there ignored his cries for help. the district attorney's office rert: held an inquest into brandon johnlasts ays. his mom testified, the very day he arrived here staff said they found hion the floor of his room comng hplnicouldn't move. >> says there's nothing wrong with brandon. 's all in his head. it's his illusions. nothing wrong with brandon. she reassured me and i belied her. >> but an autopsy showed he had a broken neck that caused blood clots that killed him three days later. >> it'stainlyysterious that he wou have suffered such a significant injury on his own at the mental health complex reporter: today, his fily filed a federal lawsuit against the county and staff ty say failed to get him the medical help he needed just across the street at froedtert hospital. >> i stil this y don't know


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