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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CDT

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tonight, aboard the sff mariah. >> caio mariah. >> caio bella. >> "e.t." goes italy to >> you and james have matching yachts. >> amber gets grilled about the abuse claims. hilarious ne just land her a new gig? >> usa! -- behind thenes scef j. lo's new project a paula abdul backstage for her concert pomeback. revealing an on stage mistake.
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thinking. >> for august 8, this is "entertainment tonight." a showdown f johnny depp and ber herd. >> the divorce i nasty. she leveled charges of abuse against him, still arrived late her first face-off with johnny's lawyer. >> while in full legal mode, he was on a yacht. >> prepare yourself for rough seas. >> why so te? >> amber, you okay? >> johnny arrived for her deposition 11:30 a., 1 1/2 hours le. the paps were r to pounce. >> what are your feelis about johnny now? >> while amber was in attorneys this we her ex was staying cool. th it looked. depp was on his private yaut
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depp faces seous claims. ber sa is the vi of domestic abuse and johnny gave her thlack eye in may. >> it's basicall going to be a he said/she said, his word againsters. >> christopher is a family law& specialist who has represented stars like kie holmes during her divorce from tom cruise. he doesn't represent either party in this case but amber has a tou road ahead. >> to get a restrainingorder, she has to establish that johnny hit her. things like that. >> amber filed for divorce in may just a month earlier this washeir last appearance together. a psa. >> i'm truly sorry. >> they recorded this awkward apology for allegedly smuggling their dogs into australia. >> clear everything when you australia. >> party's married 15 months. i would im divorce case
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>> as messy thi one is, i cnly imagine that that will be the case. >> absolutely. mirandambert almos ran into trouble this weekend, w noth her boyfend, sed her concert to two unruly male fans removed. then miranda had this message for the audi >> do you think it was any hidn message? >> no. >> ile,meanwhaylor swift was caught kissing another man on a sexy night out without her guy tom hiddleston. s tom be jealous? this is this morning in manhattan arriving at the gym. being very m about her sexy saturday night in the hamptons. and here is taylor bumping and grinding on stage with nellie at the party saturday. it's not nellie we are worried about.
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guy and then rubs hisneck. who is this exactly? turns out named mike hess. the 30-year-old heir a multimillion dollar oil fortune. they've actually been friends for a whil seen here two years ago with heidi klum and karlie kloss who were als at the party where was tom during all this? we believe he was in shooting the next movie. as for taylor's calvin harris, look what howie mandel says to las vegas? >> who is your tailor. getting the future iconaward at a gal celebrating the 50th
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he g revenge on the ex posing shirtless morninafter video yestery. >> i just woke up. it's amazing to be backin l.a. >> drama,drama, d and lo of it. the most unbelievable moment w wh he was so cool even by chad's da opened up it the first time. >> only person should be offe. >> we ar excited t tal about "bachelor in paradise" because it'only week two and there is full drama. >> more come. >> really? st a tease you are. >> the biggest drama coming from the first episode has to do with angry chad. first thing that c to your mind? be honest when you heard him say these things to you. it hurt was respectful. it was way below the belt.
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somewhat. we did an interview with him. i'd like to show y his apology right now. >> would love to see it. >> i do feel kind of bad. >> i'm not hearing an apology? >> i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. >> that whole apology to hadn't seen it. i don't appreciate it still. i think if he really wanted to apologize to me, which he still should and can, ithould be in person. not only that, but like you're no control like, if you want to take stabs at people with disability, th that's gnarly. >> you were portra the villain. >> chad was one of the few real ilwe had in "bachelor" history, whe some of the things he did were honestly despicable. >> is he as bad as seems to be? >> cha yeah. he reallyis.
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the mak out with amanda. there are rumors now that josh and amanda are actually engaged. >> i know the truth. >> you kno the trth. i don't want to make eye contact. >> trying to avit. >> thanyou so much for talking about it. of cour there is plenty of other n the "bchelor university with jojo fletcher andher new fianccan t us to lots of while th are soaking up lots time in l.a., the bachelorette third nner-up is back men nashville and coent e way things turned out. >> do you think jojo picked the right guy? >> yeah. i think she really did in the end. >> he may be getting another shot at finding that ever lasting love. > a lot o talk about you being the nexbachelor. you think you' picked? >> i really can'talk about that right now.
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talk about. you have find out. >> that would be a good one. he's like character out of "the notebook." or nick. waiting for that. there is another couple in love. that is mila kunis and ashton kutcher. they teamed up to show their support for team usa. >> i was watching all weekend. it's sogood. nobody has olympic like leslie jones at the top of tonight's >> win, america! that's right! usa! >> her hi videos and live tweets are so entering,tainhe caught the attention of the executive producer with the entire olympics. >> look at this fool. dude, you are not in the race. >> over the weekend saying, you're officially invited to rio, want to come? lesley respondee, don't play.
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today, it'sofficial. >> guess who's going to rio? guess who's going rio? >> up next, martha stewart and snoop dogg are getting busy in the kitchen. >> new show is rizle, rizle, fashizle. >> martha and snoop's party got the green light to air this fall. >> how did me martha get together to do glass of wine, herbs, tea, atmosphere. >> e they'll host a party inviting celebrity guests for cocktails, cooki conversation. nothing is offlimits. martha? she's smoking in the kitchen. shecook, too. >> finally, nobody puts baby in a corner excebaby. turns out jennifer grey turd down a role in the upcoming tv
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b the three-hour tvmovie. jennifer wouldn't reve which role she passed on. she waned abc to do their own take on the classi ? i had time of my life ? >> i like it. time to move on. >> i want to see her in it. >> you're trying to put baby in the corner. >> i you could say that. >> behind the enes of paula abdul's comeback concert and what she spilled during her return to the stage. >> i don't remember w hat iid. >> lat we get j. lo inside the recording studio as mariah carey takes "e.t." on her italian yacht.
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three decades paul abdul is reeling off number one songs like "straight up." she hasn't performed any her hits in concert since way back then. this weekend she her fans what they've been waiting for. only we were backstage. >> it's been 26 years. let me tell you something, it's different today than it was 25 or so years you have to come back out t and do what you're going to do. >> paula a the festival in hershey, pennsylvania, rinding us of her clas musicvido. >> happy to hear to come back out and do what i love to do. 98 degrees alsoperf as their tour.
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co-host with kelly. always a blast. she's great. tha you. th >> new kids on the block were of the bill. joey mack intire is launched a new scripted comedy called "th joey mack project >> it's team. we are excited to start shooting the end of the month. going to be a lot of fun. >> paula told the crowd she is going to with the new kids next summer. maybe this performance was trial run. while we're still waiting for an official announcement, paula was happy with fans who waited a long time to see her live. i wanted to leave my fans with a good feeling and remember i really always forever your girl. >> "so you think you can dance" airs tonight on fox. j. lo gives us a rare look
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plus, sizzling summer bodies. pop star goi >> mariah carey shows off her
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>> britney sp blazing in a swimsuit while vacationing with her sons in hawaii. >> between swimming, eating and beaching, brit found time to give everyone a private show. in a classic tw she is 34 weeks pregnant so we are officially on baby wa >> katy perry spotted in italy in a bikini but she wore something or soo intense pda on the beach. we'll leave it at that heidi klum and her abs took a break from shooting "america's got talent" to work on her in a blue and white bi we touched down in arizona with winter. she kept it grown-up and se in a yellow one-piece swimsuit.
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look you got into mimi's wardrobe. >> tkeys to a happy romance is separate bathrooms. this is the case of his and her yachts. caio, mariah. this is unbelievable. >> wow. >> this is one of my favorite places ever. >> w on this stunning yacht, you and ja have his and hers yachts. that is the most fabulous thing seen. how important is it to have his and her yachts? >> it's important to hav his and hers everything. the his is the arctic p, seventh laest privately-owned vessel in the world. the hers, a chartered 16-crew luxury liner she calls home for the summer. they are anchored off the coast of italy.
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>> here is this gorgeous bar. i love is a bar on the boat. >> is there a bar here in the middle of this area which i the dar lightness of this one is cool. >> the master suite with its opulent bath is one of six state rooms. there are two bars, a jacuzzi, gym, library and plenty of seating areas on the 192-foot capri. there is a private chef and mariah and her twins. and james' dig is where the party happens. a reported bargain at $340,000 a week plus expenses, which include the $40,000 a week in fuel alone. >> your kids are on the boat. do they enjoy the most
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arctic p has epic slide i want to go on it. >> i went down the slide. it was i don't know if i'm doing it again. >> i love t instagram post you singing to the weekend for the leonardo decaprio party. >> i love him. >> i would love to see you guys collaborate. >> i would love to see this, too. >> yes, we ar studio w on a new project. >> mariah i totally on vacation. she is updating caesar's pace residency working on a new album with jermaine dupri, taking a ferry to the studio every night. when i to her relationship with james, she says all is smooth sailing. >> how do you make work?
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i get it when he has to do his -- he understands mine. if i'm writing a song 4:00 in the morning, i'm not going to go blasting music -- well, that. it was interesting. whatever. i was talking too mu >how ar planning a wedding during all of is? fir off you've got the arctic p captain. get him to marry you guys. >> that's an interesting gh i'll give you more hints a time goon. >> she keeps teasing us. good . you got lo more. i did. i got the awer to theeone questi every woman wants t know. how does mariah keep her body look so incredible, especially onvacation you'll hear her secret tomorrow. it's not what thinking.
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looking amazing, jennifer lopez. i'm sure you heard the song "love makes the world go round." only we can show you how it all came together with "hamilton's" lin-manuel miranda. >> i had this song a great chorus "love makes the wor go round." i need a partner who would the perfect partner to do this withme. i had seen lin's speech on the it moved me. >> love is love is love is love. >> lin-manuel was ard. >> i remember, okay, let's do your rap now. wanted to get to his rap. we wrote the whole in 20 minutes. relax. >> took me seven years to write "hamilton." i'm not used to working this fast. >> we get an inside look on t writing process.
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>> ss cool. >> having too mh fun. >> i know, righ >> here is interesting thing. all 100% of the proceeds will benefit those affected by that tragic mas shooting in orlando. >> that is a great song and
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>> up. >> w oe are of time. we have part t of our mariah carey exclusive tomorrow. >>nd mariah's going primetime. >> mariah's breaking news about her upcoming ro on "empire" as go myth busting. >> do you have enmusic? lease say yes. >> w diva bevior is through and what's made up?
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tonight on "bachelor in paradise"... [ gasps ] will it be seduction or destruction? leah: it's overwhelming. it just went south so fast. who won't survive the first rose ceremony? lace: i'm definitely going to make him wa to give me the rose. eiving a rose. and paradise heats up with the return of josh murray. how y'all doing? -oh, my d. -he's so cute. who will want a piece of his forbidden fruit? supposed to whip it out ght now? want me to whip it out right now? nick: josh is super obnos.xiou whose woman will he steal? we had an incredible time today, just so you know. i know that nick wts amanda, but i don't care. daniel: he just took amanda.


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