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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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because we are on the side of the road. we want to show you what it looks like o her iss relatively q industrial areerfea, a p straightaway for street racers and check out the road almost completely black from cars burning out. >> a very organized group of st racers. midnight, 1: in the morning. richard mcnutt pulled out hi camera and staed rolling becaus says it's been going on for theast three weeks. peoplflying down 200 rds. ben: large crowds and motorcycleliningp one after another, then taking off. f you have an accident, they don't hahe safy people stding b ben: mcnutt s worried, so he lled police
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ben: daytimeideo shows the ightaway trees lining the street trash left behind and chunks of road stripped fr the surface. durine ci two people cover up their faces and approach mcnutt. >> yeah. >> just for fun? >> 'cause you woke me up. ben: he says the group returned that night but not for long because police showed up. >> saturdanight ey came sirens were going all over the place. ben: since we have out here, we hseen aquad come through. milwaukee police say they are monitoring this areao prevt street racing in the future. near 73rd and calumet, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: a sheboygan falls mother is now charged in the death of her own two-year-old son. police now say katlyn kinateder suffated her son dexter with a plastic grocery bag in their home last thursday.
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called 911. responding officers say they h to use a taser on kinateder ice, after same athem with a knife. >> she indicates she lost it, allegedly, that she had stopped taking some mental health dicati several months earlie there was no indation - spoke with her live-in there was no ff an o kind. he wast a loo explain why shit. kathy: kinateder is chd with first degree intentional hocide, she faces life in prison if icted. log ahea there's a vigil tonight for a 3-year-old milwaukee girl killed at her birthday party. jayda handy was rug acro the stet at th and marion saturday to greet her grandfather when she w byasit a car. police say the driver stayed at the scene. the vigil is scheduled for 8:00 at theccident site. patrick: years after a college
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laws new at 60,isn 12 news colleen nry is live wauwatosa. colleen, the st claims staff ere igred his cries for help. collee fouyears ago, 25-yeaold brandon johnson was admitted here because he was the da strangely later he was dead. the district aorney's office held an inquest in brandon hnson's last days his mom testified, very day he fod him on the floor of hisy move. >> she says there's nothing wrong with brandon it's alin his head it's his illusions. nothinwrong with brandon. she reassure and i believed her. con: but an autopsy showed he had a broken neck that caus blood clots that killehim 3 days later >> it's certainly mysterious that he would have suffered such a significant injury on hiown at the mental health complex. colleen: today, his family filed
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to g him the medical help he neededacro jt the street at froedtert hospital. >> i till to this day don't kn what happened to my son, how, who, when, bran died alone. he dieone, mson died alone without me or family being around. colleen: johnson's death sulted in sanctions against some hospital staff an citaons from state regulators. >> i'm thankful for the changes that have occurred, but it shouldn't haveaken my son' life for it to cnge. colleen: theounty's top lawyer allegations seriously, b cann comment on open legal matt the josons are asking fo unspecified damages at the meealth lex. colleehenry, wis12 news. kay: new at 6:00, an off-duty new york police officer is credited with stopping a potential plot to kill madison poce into the new york daily news, the officer contacted madison police saturday after ting periscope video of a crying maneatening to kill an officer and live-stream the
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madison police were able to idti the man as raynarldo glenn and arrest h patrick: the game did not go on, and now thousands of prsfansl t their money back. the o football hall of fame annod fternoon it will refunfans for the price of the ticket to last nig's game. thmatchup between the packers and colts was cancelled after a whoought the tickets by credit card will see their accouneded those who paid cash will receive refund check. the hall of fame say is not responsie r tickets sold on wever, stub hub did issueb. refunds to its customers last night. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage, morrow is primy econ day in wisin voteill naow the field in federa state, and county races. the wisconsin ections commission predicts of voting adults,r about 712,000 people, will cast ballots in tw'ros primary. becausthis is a partisan
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candidatm one party. also ou must have photo id to vote. >> you are still going thave show ancceptable photo id inrder to receball inive a the election. if you are ne toblroduce that, you ill st to your voting site and go a provional ballot and thenou y until fridar the econ to produce it. kathy: the polls open at 7:00 a.m., they close at 8:00 p.m. the winners of tomorrow's contest will advance to the general election on november 8 the same day as the presidenti election. we will hahets of toow's races on 12 news at 10:00. you' ao hem on2 o 1 pa t hhest profile primaronrow's baot feates hou speaker paul ryan lhen.inessman paul neh's challenge of ryan made eneplipresidential lasweek nomineld refed to endorse ryan, he changed his mind and endorsed ryan on frid. both mamd today, ryan
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nehlen in illesv >> america wants br, tdo america can do better. it is not enough forse of who u elect to criticize coin andhrew bombs ach other. he will throlutions on the tabl we hay, here is what we can >>are headinupo ,000 orsoday. we he people all over focn ct. we are very pleased with at patrick: there iother g primary showrewido b right n lwauke state prtive mandela rnes is chaling democrat le tfor her state senate seat. r stctrict four, clud most of milee's nort est side and orewood and leglda wisn 12 news sheldon dutes caughtth both candidates se linnute votes. sheldon:y co thered a lot of
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since theyre is not one republicwhenan, oters come out to places like this one they could decidwhether she stays in office or if so what else will takever. i caught up th senator taylor will she was going door-to-door. she dropped off campaign flyers d men with voters. she represented the fourth distct f a dozen years and says her work and recordak for themss. >> in the compassionate, and a hard er for the people of their constituen. that is me. sheldon: i ao spent some time withandela barnes. he handed out campaign inf met withot heas elected to the assembly in 2012 and told he feels optimistic about his run the
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change the path weave been on for the past will be as, and put ourselves forward with a new direction and vision. sheldon: he tes m plans to vote tomorrow at pu libra. senator ta se will be vot luting as kingh school . sheldon s, wis12 news. kay: from our partners at, republican vice presidential nominee mike nce is expected to be in la crosse on thurs this will be his third trip to wisconsin in two weeks. he held a rally in waukesha july 27 and was with donald trump last friday in green bay. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kae is returning to wisconsin one week from tomorrow. he'll attend a campaign fundraiser at the madison home of a longtime democratic suppter. ckets to the event rangem $400 to $20,000. kaine was in milwaukee last friday for aly at lakefront brewery. patrick: new at 6:00, itas the first day of school for studts at milwaukee public schools 11
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udents at ralph metcalfe on 34th and north got plenty of high 5s as they arrived this morning. instead of oneong suer break, students have several breaks throughout the year. the school is named after ralph metcalfe a marquette university track star who compe theted in 1932 and 1936 olympics. mps' superintendent is using the rio olympics to teach students too r the gold. >> coming off the positivi of the from the olympics, the u.s. has been doing so welit anything is possible for our ung people, so th's what we want foth. starts with the first day but everyday matters for them. patrick: most mpschoolwill start class on september 1. kathy: new tonight, what areas could get metered. and why soon be charged. then long lines at a new local restaurant -- the technoloo
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returnor theeated humidity. mark: sticky is about to return. hohoit will get anhow lo it lasts. lindsey: --t yohacan get that won't the strain on your wallet. then brett favre in dema, the mementos of number four you now buy now that he's an official member of the pro
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? ? ?re's? theeople who care where i'm going ? ? and good friends to welcome om? ? d american road ? ? and with a full tank of freedom, ? ? find yo own highway ? ? we'll take you wherever you go. ?
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importanlocal coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weatherwatch 12 meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 1news ethics :00 continues. patrick: new at 6:00, hard iced tea. that'the newest drink from millercoors. called easy he 24 ounce cans have 5%lcohol.
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ir, there'l plenty oftat time to go. katht 6: n a wisn ews meteorologt ndsey slater therfinding you thbe ws to be frugal at the fair. out all the money to get into the fair, to park at the fair, and maybe all the rides, y might not have a whole lot left for food. one of the good options, you can t a glass of milk fo ces. but i'm ing to show u what other things you can get at the fair for n too hh of a cost. there's a fr mini bag of jelly beans i got coconut. >> i got sil milk. lindsey: a big wisconsin state staple, t giantlide. that's $50. when it comes to food, some vendors offer deals where the more you buy, the less they are, like the classic cream puffs. another great deal the bargain boor $4. it has over 80 coupons that can save you some can everything
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athe wisconsin state fair, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater, wisn 12 news. kathy: tonight at the fair, the ur-time grammy-nomin christiarock band the newsboys perform on the main stage. that show starts at 7:30. if yo're planning to head to the fa tomorrow, it's senior da all people 60 and older can get the fair for $5 all day. mark: 78 degrees right now, you it's always nice,se tre is plenty of asphalt a rete to warm thingsp, and it is just startinto feel sticky. be ready, it is sticky and hot over the next couple days.
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warmer tomorrow and it should stay warm through friday but the weis ld king pretty good if you areking t off. 78 in west allis, so it is warm but not bad and it is not horribly stiy. we aret 66 degrees, so it is a little sticky, and that is going up. primaries day is tomorrow. holes open at 7:00 a.m., close at 8:00 p.m. a beautiful day. no problems on the doppler 12 radar network in terms of clouds or any kind of rain, and there is no rain nearby.
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1, and other areas have been a little more fortunate. for the year we are over seven inches behin average -- that is really dry. because of that we are in the abrmally dry section. other areas in the north and south have picked up more rain, unlucky.just been kind of hopefully on thursday we will bring in some rain. ' -- fairweather clouds popping up herend there, i do notxpect to see any kind of rain for tomorrow and no rain during the day on wednesday. a couple dour days and then we head into thursday with the cold front moving in, maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm, with a betr chance of rai coming in as the cold front arrives. that will help bring in a decent chance of scattered showers and
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-- and 85 on sunday with somen and then temperatures will cool down for the weekend. partly sunny skies, a pretty nice weekend with high temperatures on monday getting 79 degrees. it is going to gettle aitt on the sticky side but we will get through it. 70's and 80's. kathy:ow tt brett favris officially in the pro footba hall of fame, it's time to shop. fans have been flooding the packers pro at laeau to get their hands on a whole new nendise, including rss favre wore throuout his career. h iuctionors , nd e pro shop n have permission to sthose rseys.
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are replicas of the jerseys he wore back when he played. we have replicas of the 60's, anw the ones that he wore when he played in the's'to thsands. kathy: memorabiliaealers say anything to do with favre and the hall of fame iarante to be a hot er. patrick: it a weekd to remember in canton, ohio. kathy:, coming up, the precis gis the ll ofame.
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stephanie: despite last night's hall of fame game being canceled, the packers still had their scheduled off day today. they are back on the practice field tomorrow in green bay. their first preseason game will now be friday night at lambeau field against the browns. of course all the watercooler talk today surrounded yesterday's bizarre ending to what was a great weeke in canton for brett favre and the packers. the hall of fame game canceled
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to poorly painted logos. but what happened sunday didn't overshadow the biggest event of the weekend. brett favre's induction into the pro footbal hall of fame on saturday night. >> i thought he did a phenomenal job, it was ta eavening the pa brigade was on the bus at came down. it is something you always remember. experience, people are outsta thending,hole thing -- it's awe-inspiring. it's incredible. stephanie: time for the badgers to go camping. football camp, that is. today was day one in madison, the first official practice underway this morning at camp randall stadium. players in shells for the first four practices with the pads following on the fifth day. head coach paul chryst speaking with the media after practice, saying it was a good day. a fun day but there is a lot of
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>> fun to be able to get out there and work with them. obviously first day and it had a good energy to it. it was good to get back out here. it's just a message to the guys you know, how you got to take advantage of every opportunity. stephanie: the first night of operation football is a week from friday on august 19. but voting for our first game of the week kicks off tonight. here are your choices. uwatosa west at wauwatosa east, marquette at wisconsin lutheran, or kenosha indian trail at germantown. logging on to you have until nt monday to make your choice. and finally, brewers starting pitcher junior guerra is expected to be placed on the disabled list at some point this week. the 31-year-old rookie last pitched onednesday against san diego but is now dealing with elbow inflammation in his throwing arm. wily peralta will replace guerra in the starting rotation tomorrow night against the braves. day one against the braves is
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school football starting. [laughter] kathy: you can own your favorite brewers things. patrick: the online auction started today. each player's spouse put together a husband with her husband's favorite thin. the raised goes to a charit helping womenith substance abuse problems. kathy: peoe are enjoying sitting outside. mark: temperatures are warm, and it will get a whole light warmer. -- a whole lot warmer. a nice night for a sail. egrees at 9:00, 71 at 11:00. we'll be warming up over the next couple days, and yes, it will be humid.
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especially if you are heading the state fair w it will be nice and toasty. kathy: good information. will see you back at 10:00.
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ ceone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch broers' compans lluted wisnsin, even ben gre or how they spent mill to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson anthe koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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tonight, aboard the sff mariah. >> caio mariah. >> caio bella. >> "e.t." goes italy to >> you and james have matching yachts. >> amber gets grilled about the abuse claims. hilarious ne just land her a new gig? >> usa! -- behind thenes scef j. lo's new project a paula abdul backstage for her concert pomeback. revealing an on stage mistake.


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