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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltwn leaving thousand of passengers strabded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. >> the new poll out toni just as donald trp reveals his new taplan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week, and tonight, the new warnin and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate.
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sisters. and for phelps, practice and something else. many now asking tonight, what are those marks? thscience revealed. good evening. and it's great to have you with usere on a monday night. and we begin with the travel nightmare, still playing out at this hour. thousandsle of passengers stranded after a computer outage at delta airlines. the scene in boston. passengers who should have been in the air w there. many still hoping to get on flights. and this image from denver tonight. the ripple effect felt across this country. and just take a look at the radar from last monday morning at 7:00 a.m. you can see the number of delta flights in the air. the same time today, just a few getting off the ground. abc's david kerley, leading us off. >> reporter: delta airlines, the country's second largest airline, and its passengers grounded. >> everything is down right now. >> everything is down?
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that has already delayed a third of the airline's 6,000 flights. for a short time this morning, there was not one delta flight in the air over the u.s. and not just here. lines forming as delta's entire computer system, world the wide, went down. london stuck at the >> i w likeoh, , you , we're headed t, and we might no have anywhere to go. >> reporter: for some passengers, a night sleeping on the floor. frustrating delays. >> i tried to call delta and they told me i'd have a three-hour hold. >> reporter:el atlanta center, a power outage that shut down computer systems. pilots couldn't get data. passenger kiosks stopped working. the ceo took to twitter. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you. >> reporter: computers. we rely on them for everything, don't we? >> it is a good thing until the technology goes bad. >> reporter: southwest suffered a computer glitch, leading to the cancellation of 2,300 flights. delta is still struggling to get back on schedule. tonight, delays range from one
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>> david kerley, leading us off tonight. david, tha you. we arerning this evenbout the 10-year-old boy who died while on a water slide at a water park here in the u.s., in kansas city, kansas. the slide is the tallest in the world, taller than the empire state building. going down the slide, you can reach speeds of nearly 70 miles an hour. 10-year-old caleb schwab was there with his parents and three brothers. his father is a state representative. and tonight, what one witness, a nurse who was right there, now abc's alex perez is in kansas city. >> reporter: tonight, an eyewitness giving the first accounts of the horrific accident that killed 10-year-old caleb scab. >> basically, i heard a couple loud booms, just soued le sothing hit the slide like, boom, boom, and looked at my cousin standing next to me, i said, i think that's a body. outside of the raft. reporter: steve was in the water park in kansas city sunday afternoon, he says schwab was
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behind him when the boy fell out. he raced over to help. >> as i get closer and i put my hand on the slide, the lifeguard said, there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: earlier in the day, he rode that waterslide with his cousin. she told him the velcro on one of the two seat belts came loose. >> her belt has come undone. >> reporter: schwab was a freckled-faced baseball fanatic and son of scott schwab. in a statement, the family was born, he brought abundant joy to family." the ride standing at 168 feet high, taller than the statue of lirty. and, plummets 17 stories in just seconds. riders reaching speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. abc news was there when the ride opened two years ago. the slide requires a minimum height of 54 inches and two to three riders must be in a raft. >> combined weight of the riders
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>> reporter: but before its big debut, questions about its safety. early testing shows sandbag dummies flying off the slide. it was reworked and seat belts and safety nets were added. and in a statement tonight, park officials would only say the investigation is ongoing. the slide will remain closed infinitely, but the rest of the water park is set to reopen on wednesday. david? >> alex perez in kansas. alex, thanks. now, to major developments in the race for the white house tonight. group of 50 republicans signing a letter this saying donald trump, in their words, would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history. it comes just as trump tries to turn the page, and a new poll out tonight. showing hillary clinton at 46%, trump at 34. she has a 12-point lead. tonight, trump's new tax plan, and how he handles protesters in the crowd. is it a new sign of discipline? and tonight, an apparent break within the bush family. who is now signaling support for trump? abc's tom llamas, on the campaign trail.
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day, donald trump, who never badown from a fight, let protesters interrupt him at least a dozen times in detroit. never losing his cool. >> will say, the bernie sanders people had far more energy and spirit. i will say that. >> reporter: trump once enocouraged his supporters to take on people disrupting his rallies. >> knock the crap out them. all right, can you get them out. i'd like to punch them in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: but today in troit, trump shed that brawler label to focus on the economy. >> i want to jump-start america, and it can be done, and it won't even be that hard. >> reporter: trump revealing that under his plan chilare expenses won't btad. and he'll simplify the tax code by having just three brackets. >> 12%, 25% and 33%. for many american workers, their tax rate w zerilbe >> reporter: hillary clinton, todasaying she'll be a small
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slamming trump's pposals. >> they tried to make old tired ideas sound new. >> reporter: for her part, clinton still standing by this promise she told david. >> you said, it's your goal not to raise taxes on families making under $250,000 a year, a goal, but can you say that's a promise, as you stand here toght? >> that is a pledge that i'm making. i made it -- >> a promise? >> when i ran in 2008. yes. and it was the same one that president obama made. >>ter: repornd now, t about. >> i do believe he's a fraud and he's conman. orteep former cia operative evan mcmullin launching a independent bid for the white house. mcmullin, who rec worked on cy in the hous representis,s beinhelped by republicans unhappy with trump. well, do what you say to who say a vote for you is goi to be a vote for hillary clinton? >> he was y loaladng badly. he's alienated broad swaths of
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he is ensuring that hillary clinton win the white house. >>epte and tonight, in what appears to be a break with the rest of the bus fa, who have all signaled their concerns with trump, one of jeb bush's sons, telling republicans they have to back trump. >> and you know, for team bush, it's a bitter pill to swallow. >> and tom llamas with us live here in new york tonight. tom, back to that list of 50 national security advisers, all of them a moment ago, that's a rare move. any reaction from the trump camp tonight? >> reporter: david, donald trump just responded, calling the people on that list, part of the failed wasngton elite that have made the world a more dangerous place. david? >> tom llamas with us live again tonight. tom, thanks, as always. overseas tonts, the hunt is on for an american professor who has been abducted in afanistan. officials say he and another professor who teach at the american university were driving
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stoppe their carnd abducted em kidnapping othd crimes have reportedly surged since western tro started to withdraw. andmakistan tonight, a deing vaatll from a sde bombg there. at least 70 people were killed. mostf them lawyers who had gatherer tedft head of their ca bar aociation has been targeted and killed. a breaka taliban group and isis botclaiming sponsibility. back here at home tonight, and severe floodsre watching at thi hour. pa florida's g already und water. the pictures. roads and businesses in st. pete beach already swamped. a number of accidents have been cleared along state highway 399 today. also, a tropical storm we're watching. so, let's get right to rob here tonight. >> reporter: david, a lotf deep tropical moisture or the southeast. you see it rotg aund this low. we hav floing from raleigh to asheville. but the big target is florida, the nhanpae there. floochesathat have expanded
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over 1 inches of rainfall falling ther over 20 in some of the areas just offshore. another five over the next 48 hours and the rain, i think, is going to persist right through the end of the week. here is javier. probably seal this moisture get into the desert southwest later on. right now, i is hitting cabo san lucas. max winds, 65 miles an hour. it will ride up the baja. very active hurricane season in the pacific, david, this year. >> rob, great to have you. another weather headline this evening, a small wifire st of los angele triple in size, in fact. the pilot fire, as it is being called, is burning in san ardinoational forest tonight. several dozen homes have bee evacd parts of two state highways are now closed. now, to the american athletes in rio making us proud and taking the lead. michael phelps learning his 19th goal in the freestyle relay. ryan held, hisears coming as the nnal anthem was played. american swimmer lily king with a number one signal when she won.
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russians. the men' gymnastics team posting thismage of themselves, hoping for some tra support in their competition today. team usa, ahead in the medal count. as i mentioned a mtago. matt ptman,t of our te fr tonight. rr: eportetonight,li som added to michael phelps' treasure c hest.h histh gold. a domination in the pool in the 4 x 100 meter freestyle. phelps with that celebratory flex of his 6'4" ame. grning, but rookie ryan held uldn'tolback his tears. the emoti becomes contagious, caleb dressle cries, and finally, the mos decorated olpian in history is overcome, too. also winning in the pool, phenom katie will deledecky. so far ahead, she lwas already celebrating before the other competitors touched the wall. some scowls in the pool, too,
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ca in first in her heat, dopg holding up numbe one. lily king responding with a finger wag of her own while watching the event in the ready room before being her time herself. >> shaking your finger number one and you've been caught for drug cheating, i'm just not a fan, so -- you know, going to go swim my heart out for usa and hopefully that turns out the best. >> reporter: these fellow superstars sharing a picture. phelps and the human spring known as simone biles. biles leading team usa in a sweep of the gymnastics team competition qualifier. the crowd roaring as biles nails her signature move named after her, of course. the women finishing one, two and three. the men's gymnastics team currently out of medal cop te
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mikulak. who we met at team usa's training facility in colorad springs. he even took some time out to teac me the basics of t pommel hors he suggested today that the men's team, who always seem to won's team, might bter e markirethe sport if they mpeted shirtless. ertath cade a statement with ts instagram picture they posted inopacabana beach earlier this year. also disappointing, surprisingly, the williams sisters, out in first rou nd of their olympics doubles this is their first losn olympic dou sin 2000. but with katie ledecky, michael phelps a men's gymnastics team vying for gold behind me tomorr, there's plenty of opportunity for redemption. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. and we'll hear from amy robach a little later. >> to> nextght, thoughto a new study, when it comes to drowsy driving and the danger right next to you on highways ross this country. abc's gio benitez with the new findings tonight.
5:44 pm
comes to sleep deprivation. >> reporter: tonight, a growing sleeper threat on the road. you remember this fedex truck weaving. a sleepy driver allegedly at the wheel. then watch as it slams into a car, losing control. but in that new report, teens and young adults are now to plame for more than half of these crashes. nearly 84 million fatigued americans drive every day. last year ago, 5,000 people killed. companies like volvo offering technology to catch drowsy drivers with automatic brakes. i'm trusting it, no brakes, no brakes. >> no brakes. >> reporter: wow. and alert systems. here we go. driver alert. >> time for a break. >> reporter: and david, experts say the increase in teen drowsy drivin due in part to digital obsession. so, while the problem is new, there are some old solutions. go ahead and turn your radio on while you are drivi or open
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on those long driv. davi >> t age-old advice still works. gio, tnk you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. another female jogdiered dead. the second young woman in less week now. news coming in on the investation, the new warning from now this second coity toght. also, the murder mystery in san francisco. the collegeaseball star killed near a popul tourist spot. authorities say he was attacked while playing pokemon go. and then te broke his lromeg f the knee down. it w so difficult to watch. the new image and message from him tonight. michael phelps, already winning gold as we just heard from matt, buto many asking, wha is the other cor there, those s? amy robach, standingy b tonight. she's g the science behind what michael phelps did. it smok. i have smoke30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support,
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don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flone gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? next tonight, there are now two separate murder mysteries under investigation. second death of a female jogger.
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massachusetts. woman was killed jogging in new york. abc's linsey davis with the w warning tonight. >> reporter: tonight, residents in princeton, achusetts, are on edge. authorities are warning them to use an abundance of caution, after discovering the body of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte, who disappeared while jogging on sunday afternoon. >> we have a young woman who appears to be a murder victim. and -- you can't be too careful right now. >> reporter: marcotte was visiting her mother in massachusetts, but she lyes in for google. around 1:00 p.m. sunday, she went for a jog and never came back. >> we do not know if this was a random act. >> reporter: marcotte was found by a police k9 unit in a wooded area half a mile away from her mother's house. she is the second new york resident to be killed in less than a week while going out for a jog in broad daylight. on tuesday, karina vetrano's father found her body with police just off a jogging trail near her parents' home in
5:49 pm
karina's mother had a chilling message for her daughter's killer. >> i guarantee you, you will pay forever. >> reporter: authorities say there is nothing athisoint connecting theassachetts case with the death of karina vetrano. they a urginpeople to jog in pairs anatted y ion to their surroundings. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. up next, the new headline. tonight, and will it save you money? also, we athlete on the ground, breaking his leg from the knee down. it was just incredib tosee. but wait until you see the image coming in tonight. and then, this athlete, taking this image, stuck in the elevator for 40 mutes in o. but what happened right when he got out of that elevar?
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behind wle playing pokemon go. they are looking a surveillance o. de walmart and amazon are now heagoing to head. walmart today announcing it is buying onli retailer for than billion. walmart hopes the movill me their online business more competitive. olympics.scary crash at the the cyclist from the netherlands go head over heels on the bike coursen rio. just credible, landing on her head, suffering a concussion. she did twe from thanking for support. the french gymnast getting back on his feet tonight. millions saw him suffer a gruesome injury, breaking his lem tg fro knee down. he's now recovering after surgery, already walking around the hospital, seen right there with his doctor. and still in rio tonight, a tennis player fm argentina seen right here, stuck inse an elevator for 40 minutes, trying to get to his match. his country's handball t heot out of the elator,ent
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% of aricans try... cook healthy mea. shoup% fa ins try... getting key nutrients fr fone. s do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutries we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood presre with vitam d and magnesium. final tonight here, michael phelpsnd the mystery marks. soany celebrating his gold already, but asking, what's that other color? amy robaclsio tonight. >> reporter: all eyes on michael phelps winning that 19th gold overnight. but many noticed something else. those large purple cis, bruises, actually, on his right shoulder and right there on his back.
5:58 pm
rio, even holding his newborn son. he says it's a part of his training, a treatment called cupping. an ancient far eastherapy practice of plang heated glass cups on the skin, supposed to help incrkrease bod flow and reduce soreness. phelps ftured it in his recent under armour ad. gymnast alex naddour posted this picture ofhimself, all wit those tell-tale cupping weeks to heal. many athletes he believe cuing speeds the hling of sco/ overworked muscles. one ing is forure, these athlet believe it is giving them the extra push they need. david? >> he gotgold must have worked. amy robach tonight, thank you. and we'll zeile you on "gma." i'mavid muir.
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broadcasters association as station of the year. wisn 12 news at 6:00 starts right now. kathy: wisn 12 news exclusive. streeting in milwaukee. ben: hundreds of people watching on, caught on video. still to this day don't know what happened to my son. colln: four years after a death at the behavioral health center, the family of a milwaukee males a lawsuit. lindsey: i' the state fair. thcomingp what you can get wallet.put a strain on your kathy: large crowds, squealing tires, and high speeds. it's exclive video of stree racing in milwaukee. patrick: specifically, early saturday morning near 73rd and calume new at 6:00, wisn 12 news ben hutchison is there live. ben, there's still proof on the road
6:00 pm
because we are on the side of the road. we want to show you what it looks like o her iss relatively q industrial areerfea, a p straightaway for street racers and check out the road almost completely black from cars burning out. >> a very organized group of st racers. midnight, 1: in the morning. richard mcnutt pulled out hi camera and staed rolling becaus says it's been going on for theast three weeks. peoplflying down 200 rds. ben: large crowds and motorcycleliningp one after another, then taking off. f you have an accident, they don't hahe safy people stding b ben: mcnutt s worried, so he lled police


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