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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CDT

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suffocating her child with a plastic grocery bag, tn calling 911. officers found the boy in a closet. >> he was in a cardboard box, wi a little comforter over him. nick: prosecutors say she later told an officer she suffocated dexter because she was tired of looking at him. >> she indicates she lost it, taking some mental health medications several months earlier, andhe of any kind.ner- there was nogh : nader toolice stoptakinger anti-depressants becausehe ought she could handle >> it alway distressing
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lnerable in our society - ts areupposete him, not kilm. : thcke were no reves of the boourty co one to share a photo or talk about him. kinatedely sr bareke at the hearing sang only she understood the crges. she'll face life in prison if convicted. niohr, wn 12 news. pak: slide accident the 10-year-ol , was riding what's known as the world's tallest water slide in kansas city when sometng went terribly wrong. park officials s, for now, they cannot release any ilsabt y will only nfirm a full investigation is underway. slide as tall as the statue of liberty. two years ago, thee's opening was delayed east three times, after video of ese early safety cshowhes sandbag dummies flying off, prompting changes, including adding seatbelts and safety netting.
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af if there are changes that need to be made, i'm sure this park will be looking closely at that. patrick: the boy's father kansas state representative scott schwab, released a statement. quote, "since the day leb was bo, he bught abundant joy to our family, we are comforted knowing he believed ur savior jesus, and they are forever together now. we will see him another day." toya: a computer glitch is wreaking havoc on air travel tonight. if you're flying delta, you will likely be impacted. more than 400 flights have been cancelled and up to 2,000 have been delay. those numbers are expected to gr wisn 12 news's thema ponton takes us inside mitchell international with a look at the ripple effect here at home. them for passengers here it started before the sun came up, finding out there delta flht wasn't taking off >> four to five hours wait, issues witconnecting flights, which we have a connecting flight. we were thinking about driving the 12 hours. >> but dad said no, we wanted to jump in the car and drive the 12
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heduled to take off monday, poafter r outage in atlant affected computers and atns arod the world. >> we miget out of milwaukee, but they don't know if we'll get out of ou connecting flight. board didn't show any signs ofs trouble. >> go toate the gd they'll >>hey just checked us in, th didn't ally s anyth y ve to check the boards for your flight. thema: eventy, tll boards liup. delta, replying to people on social mia apologizing and saying they were crossintheir fingers the system woulde up and running on. mengers booked flights others c to ta their ances with delta. >> i'm still going to be on my 7:00 a.m. flight, i'm just going tltota, buthey don't have departure time, so. just hanging. th despite the long lines, looks of frustraon people missing their flights, many peop took it all in stride. >> it's nobody'fat, it's t ofbo's controand yo just got tdeal with it, you kn'll jump on a plane tomorrow, that's just the wt goes.
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toya: last month, southwest airlines cd more than 2,000 flights over several days after an outage. fatyetrkouter was blamed that chnica problem. patric new iormation about an officer-involved shooting in beaver dam. the dodge coun sheri's office identified the man killed as 59-year-old james quealy. officers wcalled to quealy's home friday night for a wee check. when they got there, they say quealy pointed a gun at a deputy and fired. the deputy w not ht, but turned fire, killing quealy. the sheriff says witnesses told investigators thn was suicidal. in jusa few amilurs, f friends and the community will me together to remember a three-year-old, hit and killed by a car. the vigil for jayda ndy starts at eight. ay dsarding jayda's birthday?e party, she ran across the street at 84th and marion tgreet r andfather. witnesses say she ran out between two cars. the driver stayed at the scene. we will be at the vigil and wi have more tonight at 10:00. toya: commitment 2016,
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elecon is tomorrow. one of the biggest races includes house saker paul ryan's congressional seat. he's facing republican challenger paul nehlen. the first district includes the southern portion of milwaukee and waukesha counties and covers l of racine, kenosha and walworth counties. 12 news mike anderson has the candidates' lminute push for votes. mike: paul ryan was greeted like and old friend by employees at a & e ols inine. and one of firstuestions showed it. itas n about politics but about his vito the packers trainingp lasteek. >> clay matthews, we cant sa' aboenough him- and got r receback. it aaron rodgers is inerfect health. if we keep healthy i feel really good about this team. mike: on policy ryan talked about a compte overhaul of the tax system which he says is needed to keep manufacturing jobs like theirs in america.
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american businesabils the y to write off all thei invtments into tir equipmentth maines they buy here in america loy people to do it. if we do those things we will gere jobs. mike: no one asked ryan about republican presidential candiddonald trump's delayed endot or his goppponent paul nehlen inay's's >> we are going to win. i feel gooout this. mike: hlen spent part of his goindoor to do, introducing himself to voters in janesville. hours aay. we have people all over the district right now. we areocused on certain areas that are important to us. mike: the decision will be with someone they are familiar with or someoneho was totly n. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. toya: there is also a democratic primary for congressional distct one. ryan solen will face tom breu. the winner wiltake on either paul ryan or paul nehlen in november.
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milwaukee county, district attorney john chisholm is being challenged by milwaukee attorney verona swagan. and veteran state senator lena taylors being challenged by fellow democ state representative mandela barnes for the 4th senate district seat. here's what youeed to know about tomorrow's election. polls open at 7:00 a.m. an clatp.m. if you are in line at 8:00, you can still vote. there is a lot of confusion out there regarding voter id. plain and simple, you doeed a photo id to vote tomorro no ionsexcept toya: it's all about the economy ndidate for prident plan to do. donald trump realed s economic p detlan init today. some of tailthe detrump outlined include lowering income tasimplifying the tade, reng tumber tax brackets from seven to the, allowing families to deductll of their childcare expenses, ending the estat tax. >> our current tax ce is so buensome and so complex that we waste 9 billion hours a year
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i want trade deals for our country that create more js and higher wages for american workers. toyademoancratdate for president y clton wi real her econoan imipl detroit hursday. according to lest abc news washington post poll, clinton is leading byight pois. today she spoke in st. persbu, florida. >> they are just playing the same old siren sg. and why they haven't learned, we plans that only help the top 1%. it's time we he everybody el in america get ahead and stay ahead. toya: the presidential election is on tuesday, november 8. patrick: there's w a restroom for dogs inside mitchell international airport. the service animal relief area contains a special kd of synthetic gras it sits on top of a flushing system that moves water and cleaning solution across a sloped floor. owners still have to pick up afteeir animals.
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by the u.s. departmef transportaon. therare sodo areas ouide ticket andgage claim exits. picture perfect day today. toya: not t too hud, but mark, soon we'll hr it's too hot, it's too humid. mark: and with that last story, we are ie ys o how long the next round of he humidy sticks around. patrick: s queo manyions about those back. nge ng up we'll explaseho rks on swimmer. toya: stting today, a
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rdg ectronic cigarettes. toya: starting today, fedel law kick in regarding selling to minors. now, if a business is ht selling e-cigarettes, cigars or could face fines.uer 18,hey anotheruleakinfect today deals with vending machines an eeamples nesses c only have cigarett in a nding machine if it's place for ts only chd dren can't get access. patrick: right now, kany is i the 12 newsroom. her's what's coming out n
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caug on video, ccing on the stres of mwaukee one's fort to put the brakes on the late night showdowns. lindsey: coming , where you can get that swirlhout a strain on your wallet. patr join us for all new stories night 6:00. toya: thats fi'r-old cas from germantown. we'd like to thank his mom for nd those videos to our wisn 12 news facebook page. patr he was likupt,many ns, faat the packeid not pl last night when tl of fame gwas cancel d poorield ctions. acg tohe msp tfield gos lod the end zone had been painted well in advance, but the
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the oblem but only made matters wors the paint became sticky and so field turf, melted, making the surffeel like concrete. the pro football hall of fame is still working ouitrefund policy to fans who bought tickets to the game. itet to beosted their website. os, pictures, and ps.sook feb just like our page, and go t thssagesection. toya: team is leading th overall medal cot summer olympics, but they are seinnd place when it comes to gold. here are how things stand. china has four gold and ni tamedals. a has ree gold andtal 1to .mels the big topic today s t just thld micel phes won last n, t e big circular b on ruess shoulder and ba. here is threason. it's om cupping, and it's an cient erapy that is meant to relieve pain. glass cupsreeated,pu tn on sore muscles.
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flow and circula. if you're interested, the swimmers say they buthr massag on azon for about $20. right noll eyes are on summer oics but the search is on here in wisconsin for thxt winr olyman as wisn 12 news's thema ponton reports, recruits from usa luge are lids ng foro can ing home the gold. thema: it's a winter sport, but here in new berlin they came here in the middle of summer to they can fihe next olympians. finding them means first teaching them about the sport. but you are laying it is kind of weird. thema: 14-year-old hannah is among the many kids at the team usa luge slider search. they're looking for kids who can have fun on the sled, are passionate and might be able to compe. >> two kids side-by-side can both make it to the bott o the hillt on, buwill do it
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od control of the sled. thema: that control, as you see, can be hard to learnlet alone master. something recruiter becky wik branknows all about. she competed in e 02 olympics and started her journey at a slider search. it also takes suppt to collect you have to prtice and believe in yourself. coete. it also takes support to that's where milwaukee-based manufacturer vulcan comes in, serving as the officiasponsor of the event. >> are psionate abou luge, we lov it. we have been sponsors of the u.s. luge teane of the oldest sponsors. thema: that support making it possible for these ks to have a little fun and maybe make olympic drome ea cue. in new berlin, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. toya: 90% of alleam usa luge members come from the slider search. recrte will be in appleton next satdaansunday. nd the details on our weite,
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the details because apparently he wants in .teens who play -- mark: if you are not a fan of the heat, today was a gold day. the rest of the week heats up, and the heat and humidity are on the rise. if you like it hot, you will like the rest of the week. will be me it will beticky again. deees, ahat is opart of the story. e averhigh is down to 79 deees. we started the trend, but we start cooling things down, although not in this forecast. tomorrow it is going to be up there, awhere from 65 to 70 degrees in dew points and it stays sticky all the way through thursday although it does get
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south shore marina lookingn to the park, 80 degrees right now, dew point62 southeasterly wind off the lake. the brewers are back in town, 80 at theallpark, and if you heading to the game, 79 degrees, great for tailgating. 6:20 start this evening, so if you nto t down there, you better do so promptlec erywhere.s pretty much not that mh ity yet. -- much humidity yet. mperatures a ot this is what i am hing. yon sethe temperates back in the 90's in the decoders. we will see this warm air move in. pruietetty qight now on the radar network. we can expand the view and show
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couple day high pressure, holding all this thaey. we will see some sunshine in the forecast, throughout the day on tuesday, wednesday. they will really be pleasant in terms of sunshine. if you are hoping for rain, which i know many of you are, we will get an update on where we stand coming up at 6:00. we have been dry in many spots. thursday night, the next opportunity of seeing some rain. sticky. most of thursday will be dry. i wouldn't be shocked if some o. the rain hangs onto friday morn to on friday. a prty nice ween ahead, rtly sunny skies on monday.
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patrk: tee who play video gast hteher in multiple subjects. ya: however one expert says that doesn't mean you should yourforce ids tolay. w'llxplainming u and walmart makes a big haserc the company they just bought for billions to help them stay competitive online. when the oil billionaire koch brothers whatever senator johnson ...wdo you think ey talk about? how the koch bros' mpanies pollutedconsin, even green b, or how they ent miions support johnson as he voted their way 90% of theime and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? and e ko broths talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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>> you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as besevenin newscast by the wisconsin .trick: fridas yankgame is turningo ty peivticket that's because it will a rodriguez's final game of his 22 year career. he announced his retirement yeerday. tickces for friday's game now sked more than 500% the average price is now $456. a victory of sor f video gamers. toya: a new study found teens who are regugamerscored higher than average in math, reading, and science on an international exam. teens who scanned facebook d scored 4% worse than average in math. the study published in the urnal communication looked
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scores of 12,000 australian teens. an indiana university professor, who wa'involved ithe study, notes t rults don't mean playi gessed the higher scores. he saiit could just be that kids w are srt are looking for a challenge and don'fin't n al med. super store walmart is really trying to bulk up their on business. patrick: the company announced today that it bought the site launched last year specializing in bulk orders. wal-martl cash, and another $300 million in stock for the e-commerce site. it's jelly belly day at the wisconsin state fair. toya: wisn 12 news meteorologist lindsey slater was there. lind today is jelly belly day at the fair. there is so ch going on. you can see the jelly belly line goes all the way down, mea way past all the tents there. you can get a free bag of lly beans, but also you get to spin the wheel, and that wheel will determine whether not you get a scrumptiously flavored bean or
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spoiled milk. so i guess i'll just give it a go which one ith going to be? >> coconut oler spoimilk? lindsey: we chted with a few of brave souls about which ones they got. >> i got tutti-frutti. >> necrine. >> spoiled milk. >> toothpaste. interesting flavoraren't quite what you are looking for, you can always get a free bag at the jelly belly tent. at the wisconsin stater, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater, wisn 12 news. toya: tonight's headliner is newsboys. the christian rock band tas the stage at 7:30 tonigh en, tomorrow's admissiodeal is for seniors. anyone 60-years-old and over get for $5. the deal lasts all day. a new spin coming to the burger king menu. patrick: the unexpected twist on
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patrick: a new look for a burger king favorite the whopper. here it is, the whopperito. it's a flour tortilla stuffed with the beef wpp, and th add seasonings. there's queso sauce wi chopp tomatoes, onions, lettucd pickles to round it out. burger king's ceo sa he's been looking for a way to add tex-mex to his menu. the whoppeto launches at all burger king locations,ext monday. toya: i just don't understand the pickle. everything else -- patrick: and then the pickle. mark: i worked in the burger king. that's all you need to say. let's leave it at that. a beautiful night for the state fair.
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it will get progressively stickier.
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tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltwn leaving thousand of passengers strabded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. >> the new poll out toni just as donald trp reveals his new taplan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week, and tonight, the new warnin and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate.


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