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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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systems are down everywhere and hopefully not not much longer. mitchell international and o checking out how long this will affect the flights out there. we are check back with them in just a little bit. right now, breaking news erseas, an american is kidnapped in kabul a so was by the american university of afghanistan. two men, an aericannd an australia taken by five men. a spokesman from the ministry is saying an invesgation is underway. back to you. >> tim, thank you.
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morning forecast and the commute. >> sally severson is in the weather center, sal? >> the skies are fair and watching for theoting stars. the meteor showers are coming up this week. we are in the path of the swift tuel comet. is a sunny sunshine today and comfortable 81. the re home tonight the lows 66. more humid starting torrow, matt, and up to 84. right now.laints on the roa pavent isdry. on the traffic watch computer
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no crashes being reported out at thtime. that's a look morat theng bacmme,to you hank tyou. a majore messsing the ll of gamecanceld. we were there a weekend and caught up with disapointeded fa. >> good moing, joyce and dan e t game is cancled. >>he field was unplaybl. the president of the hall of says that the blame lies withheall of fame. they noticed that in the middle of t field the area wasard
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con geled. itde the field unplayable for safetyeasons so both teams were in favor of cancelle inth game e hallfamers were there, the n ones, including brett favre. >> i would play in anything. don't take my advice. i played in anything. i understand if i were happened here last year, it is different if i am running a team. you have to look at it differently. >> the turf they have used here was brought in from new orleans and was four times previously, this was going to be the first time it was going to be used here. >> you can imagine the
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game and one word to sum i up. >> it is sad. >> we drove up from columbus and got a hotel room and then this. >> the fans would be able to get the refunds on the ticket, disappointing end to what had been a fantastic weekend. >> fans of green bay w the halling of fame and the packerss were the largest group in the stands as favre gave his speech. >> from ltan ta to minnesota, 20 years, i will be remembereds a a packer.
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the green bay packers to be enshrined into the football fall of fame. >> tomorrow is wisconsin's partisan election. look at t ballot. polls are open 7-8. it is a partisan primary. you can only vote for one party. last month a federal judge ruled the the voters without a valid id can sign an affidavit to vote. >> house speaker paul ryan picked up a big endorsement over the weekend. former wisconsin governor tommy
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paul ryan. thompson saii am pud to endorseaul ry. ryan thanked the former government for the suppo. >> well, speaker ryan is hosting two town halls in th district today and wants to talk to the localorkers about business in wisconsin and stopping at 12:45 at a & e tools in racine also in pleasant prairie around 2:30 >> break ground on expansion project, there is a ceremony at 1:00 this afternoon at the site in the city of keel. they are a supplier. wisn 12 news time now is 5:06. right now, we are going to tim. >> thank you, ben.
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nationwide. thema? >> we are inside of the airport outside of the delta ticketing. we are looking at the line stacking up here. people are walking up and trying to figure out what is going on. this is the board,he board he in therports is showing the flights listed as grounded the flights scheduled to leave on monday after experiencing systems issues. now the airline is not confirming this so us on the phone. i reached out to the delta offis d twitter saying they have experiencedter compu outage, flightsawaiting parture are delad.
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normally. the i.t. systems were down and hopefully not much longer until things are back up and running. look at the line and people are looking at what to do next. we talked to a woman and she was booking a flight on a different airline. we are continuing to keep our eye on things for you. >> thema, thanks. delta is saying it is not affecting the flights in the air. if you have they are going to land. >> it is getting warmer and warmer throughout th week, sal? >> yes, we have a bubble coming in starting tomorrow. looking at sheboygan the fishing are boats are headed out early a is morning. w guests on the lens of the camera as well. heads up for a few days.
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night. between now and the 24th. keep you heads up. you may very well get a look at the showers. take a look this morning for us. we won't be terribly humid today. 18 today. a nice evening on deck. we oozing back in and hearing from matt for the traffic. >> no reason to hurry out, it is quiet. we are looking at great. no troubles. in fact, on the traffic times u are seeing that things are great. everything is in the green.
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commute. >> this morning a family in kansas city in shock after their son dies while riding a popular water slide park. >> tim is in the news rookbout the tragic death. >> the family released a photo of the ten-year-old, he died while riding the world'slest tal water slide at a wer parin kansas city and the riders reaching up to 50 m p his father is a stat lawmaker and the park was hosting a state leaders for a day of fun. the family released a statent, since the dy he was born he brought abundant joy to the family. the company that runs is park is not sure what happened here. that water park is closed ts morning while the state investigates this tragedy. back to ou.
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channelling your inner ch >> a look at t fun that families are having. >> inmate on the run, the man that the police need your help tracking down following a
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: ie always said i win either guy meg narrator: if he loses, senator johnson lls back on the ten llion dollar bonus he paid himself .aseo a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i'vwa said... i win either way. he gets another six yearto support tax loopholes and bad trade deal he gethat ship jobs yearto overseas. all to benefit corporations and lti-llionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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>>elmeack t news morning." you are ting a live look outsid of the state fair grounds and the gates are opening at 8:00 this morning and remember, you have t pass indeughheetal detecters to pretty smooth sailing. >> just go in with a small bag sealed water. the temperatures into the low 80s. for today, it is kohl's famy value day. kids under 11re free. we a looking at temperatures
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get li across southern wisconsin. look athe sky, it is beautil. sun is up at t minutes before 6:00. it is a sunnome back. low 80s toda low toid 80 dz tomorrow with a muggy rebound. here's matt. >>is quiet on the ro if you are headed o the door, isooking good outthere. a couple of care rng through thefr no crashes out there. right now heres what to ex. th's a lk at the morning commute, back to you. >> snds go, matt. day thre of the olympics means men and women's basketball teams are taking courts. the swimmer took center stage
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teammates. rising star katie picks up a gold on saturday. here is a look at thelda count for teamusa. three gold, five silver, four bronze. china in second place with eight meles and in third italy with seven. >> 5:16. right now theolic ndou help to findnate that caped from a prison in milwaukee. we have more on what you need to know this morn this is 27-year-old toddrick shepard. he's ainimum securite at th escaped fromhe correctionalenter test sidefffond f lac avenue. according to the court records
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the officers. we arerying to get more information escape. anyone wh information should call the milwaukee police right away. >> tim, thank you. 12 ne time now is 5:17. cafornia when ever you need to. southwest airlines start a new nonstop route between mitchell d san diego. they threw party t southwest ten flights each day. before now, onler on saturdays during ctainimes of the year. >> also today, a new amenity for thur legged flyers. station in theth sky
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unveiling is planned for this morning at :30. >> new this morning,nerf guns are not just for kids. n arena called darts on demand. the owner is wanting to offer a new optior birthday pties and corporate events. the powered. so moreopons. >> sure. od way to let off the steam. >> yes, it is a lot off. who dn't have a ne gun as a kid. we have temperatures0s and 60s. if you took a long weed and now hea to the state fair, it is a good one. plenty of sunshine and temperatures this afternoon
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fair. wire light and east. maybe pic out somhing barbue for dinner tonight. very pleasanweather. all dry f us. a few clouds to the south. a few clouds the north and west. keeping an eye on traling across florida. we are feeling the affects of high pressure. the winds shift coming up from the south. travel layde will be and the gulf coast. we have low pressure with trap -- tropical rains. again, this is as low pressure is spinning in gulf of mexico. kelaide th temratures warmer 66 st. ancfr. 64 at the airport.
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light east winds. a little moisture the form of clouds. we'll stay nice anddry a littl patchy fog ear tudz morning but still talking about a good amount of sunshine. ths tomrow at noon. we pull into an afternoon wit ah couple of clouds andling more humidityomorrow as the temperatures are lo 80s. now 84 86 wednesday. upper 80 on thursday. good cnce for storms on thursday andfriday. >>5:20. rain falling on the surface of the sun? >> incredible images just
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when the oilillionaire koch brother call senator johnson.. [ cellphonringin] ...what do you think ey talk abt? how thkoch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin even green bay, or how they spent millions to suprt johnson as he ted their way 90% of the time and supported speciatax breaks for big oil polters? and the koch brothers talk aut, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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>> welcome back. new this northerning, awesome images from nasa of mraz na
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sun. the rain is made of mz na they form a super hot mix and cools ast i fall. we all remember the als ice bu >> did you do it? >>i paid. i gave them moyeah. >> i d the ice te a man takes the challenge to whole nw level this weend. >> two, one. >> larry is spending august stopping i every state and raising awareness for als.
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state specific foods. >> the cheese castle. >> that is the cheese. what is the worst so far? >> the wst one is buffalo, new yorkith the barbecue and rned aittl l bit. e'llake the cheese. inhicago nd still has 23 days leftf tchallenge. >> i betn going to texas a bunch ofbee sauce and st. louis too >> 5:25. getting ready to rock. kiss is planng a tri to the t f to roc to coming up.
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trail of destron lef >>hind by hurricane rl. we havereaking newst mitchal international, a live look inside of the delta check-in line all flights forelta are grounded because of a system wide outage. the company tweeted out that the systems are down everywnd hopefully it is not going to be much loer. report comg ne. stayith ou areatching
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re f>> we'long this morning, flights around the rld grounded this morning. thairlinthat c't put passengers ithe aiand ho it's affecting milwaukee's travelers. >> and a mistakes the ll of fame game on hold. what happeneto the field that kept the packers from playing last night. >> but first, weather watch 12. there's a warm day ahead but we're tracking showers and storms in the forecast. when we'll see rain. >> goomorning and welcome to "wis news is morning."
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it's 5on this monday, augu lestart withhe forecast. ologist sally ves t weather center. sal. >>e are kping our eyes on mequon this morning where d skies are fair andemperatus in the0s. we have light north winds for the a time thisorning and then seeing the winds shiight and east. currently 64 degrees. lightthwest windsnd seeing upo 81 degrees.going we'll look at t temperatures begiing to warm up. low to mid 80s tomorrow and wednesday. we time out the storm chances for thursda we are joining mat on the way to news chopper 12. thinre looking great on the


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