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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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>> we're following baking news this morning, flights around the world grounded this morning. the airline that can't put passengers in the air and how it's affecting milwaukee's travelers. >> and a mistake puts the hall of fame game on hold. what happened to the field that kept the packers from playin last night. >> but first, weather watch 12. there's a warm day ahead but we're tracking showers and storms in the forecast. when we'll see rai >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this monday, august 8th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. >> keeping an eye on the state fair frft today. after a few clouds around
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today. going up to 80 degrees. most of us seeing 80 or just a little better. earlier today a few issues in sheboygan county. 53 in sheboygan. 52 west bend. 57 beaver dam. comparing that so 65 at the airport. high pressure is influenhecing t weather and we call for the sunshine. temperatures low 80s. for tonight, skies are fair and lows in the mid 0s. >> thank you, sal. >> wn you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. tim. >> wbegin with breaking news, delta flights arhe wound tld are groundecausef a system outage. right no our wn 12 news crew is on theiy to t milwaukee
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no delays right now. it is early, stay tuned for that on twitter, delta says they are working to get things back on tr no word yet on when flighty resume. stay with wisn 12 news for the latest all morning. >> more breaking news this morning, an american has been kidnapped in kabul, afghanistan. an an anmecaaustralian were wh five gunmen wearing night military uniforms stopped their vehicle and kidnapped them. for an american university in afghanistan. ben, over to you. >> thank you, tim. >> a lot of disappointed football fans in ohio last night when the hall of fame game was canceled. the culprit, crews used the wrong kind of paint on the artificial turf which led to a lot of problems and some safety issues. wisn 12 news' joyce garbaciak needles are in canton, ohio with more.
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ohio, the site of t preseason ga >> here i tught we could be talking about the debut of the starting quarterback. th game was cancelled and not ingo be made up and disappointing however the packernd the colts feeling it is the right decision. >> i give everyone involved a lot of it for making the right decision, so it justn't where the feed needed to be. >> played on worst. >> most of the fields, lambeau
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i unders, it is apreseason ga and you have a chae before to make, who knows maybe nobody gets hurt and one pern could get hurt. >> the real preseason opener is this friday against the cleveland browns. >> they'll end up having four e-season games after all. back tu. >> thank you, guys. >> right now, a neighborhood concerned about safety after a young girl was hit by a car and killed this weekend. tim, what has them so worried? it's all about driven the neighborhood and how fast they go. this comes after threar-ol yda handy was killed near 84th and marion. it happened right before the girl's bthday party. police say the tdler darted
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not see her te. families in the area say these roads can beangerous. >> how many streets here without a stop sign or yield sign? hony accidents gotta be before you put a stop sign or a yield sign on it >> the driver who hit jayda stayed on the scene and is cooperating with police. the family is working to organize a memorial for the little girl and they tell wisn s they have set up a gofundme page to help with funeral expenses. we have a link set up on our mobile app a on our website at melinda. >> tim, thank you. >> later today, addressing an opiate epidemic in waua county. that's the goal of an event in hartland. senator ron johnson and wisin attorney general brad schimel will speak of aade event. set up thexhibit showing to
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today at the hartlanfire department. ben. >> later today, kiss is coming to milwauk and honoring some hometown heroes. a milwaukee police post will present the naonal colors during kiss's freedom to rock concert. the tour kicked f the fourth of july. today the iconic band performs at the bmo harris bradley nter. the show startat 7:30. wisn 12 news time now is 4:36. >> some of the world's fastest racers cen this weekend. >> this ra wasar away from rio and instead ofmpic athletes drones were doing the racing. e new sport that's taking hold with the high-tech gadgets. >> and the athletes in rio are getting all the love but there are thousands of people who make the games happen behind the scenes. the behind-the-scenes look at how volunteers are helping out at the olympic games. >> but first, let's take live look outside as we head to break. it is going to be a pretty nice
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gog to come back. we'll tell you when that is going to arrive.
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>> and there we are live at the milwaukee art and design. we hope your weekend was a pleasant one and on the way to temperatures around 80. 65 at the airport right now. dew points 58 degrees. for now the winds are calm and going light northnd light and easthroughout the for today fewer clouds and more nshine and readings into the low s. tuesday and wednesday is humidi is rebounding with a summer heat pel. the tratures well into the 807s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday. but the r a stormnces increasing once again fr thursday andfrid. we time o the storms coming up
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dolpns are safe this morning to thanksme good samaritans. >> nearly a dozen dolphins got stranded in a massachusett harbor, some managed to float ut tba osea by themselves. rescueith the internatnal fund for animal welfare helped the other dolphins me ito deeper water so they could swim away. >> and new this morning, some of the world's fastest drones faced off in new york city this weekend. >>t was the naonal drone racing championships and it was all caught on camera. the drone pilots use the cameras to whiz through an obstacle course. there.mokes that is precision up next for the winners, an international competition in hawaii. gosh, what a terrible place to hold a competition. >> sounds like a terrible time, right. >> good luck to them. 4:41. >> we're following stories from around the world this morning. >> let's g righto tim in the newsroom with the latest. tim. >> the olympic games are derway but you won't see many russians competing. after a doping scandal, sports
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more bans keeping hundreds of athletes out of the games. >> plus, new information this morning about a deadly hot air balloon crash. what may have brought the balloon down. the latest in that investigation
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. that will save taxpayer money lp banheiness create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." 4:45 on this monday, august 8th. looking atop the studios. gorgeous wnd to go to the state fair and another day of that? >> it is comfortable and high pressure is in place, a few clouds around yesterday and eping the temperatures in check but today a littl more the art 65
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lake michigan and we are looking at sunshine. the temperatures around 80 degrees as we look at a warmup in place, especially for tsday and into wednda right now 65. it is autifulday. cooleralo the lake. 80 tomorrow. we look at mid t upper 80s f tuy through friday. >> millions of eyes are on an there been me olympic closcompetitions and sbig wins. tim, who's leading the med count? u.s.a. >> you can see the totals right here behin and the u.s. is overall, america is in the ahead th 12 medalsough we're tied with china for the number of gold medals, we're both at three. athletes on team usa have also n fiveilver medals and fou bronze. china is isecond place with eigh mels. and coming in third is italy,
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bronze. wel havehe latest medal counts all throughout the olpic games here on wisn 12 ne. ben? >> sounds good, tim. >> more than half a million fans will attend the olympic games and more than ten thousand athletes will participate but none of that would be pole without help from tens of thousands of people all working for free. travers mackel is in rio de janeiro to show us how volunteers make it all happen. >> the olympics b years to showcase the city, but realize this, without volunteers, none of this would be happening. from pointing people to proper places, to making sure the headliners can he hea and tseina as a good
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many feel they're the unsung, and unpaid, stars of the rio olpic games. it is a dream to be fart of the toiks and volering helps me be part of the team. >> ip o helut t bigss conferences. and work is forrly mornings and >> this rocks we a sti gettirewarded in other ways. g tou k bewart of e experience an i think that thempicsre something unlike anythg else in the world. >> and officials recognize the efforts. >> the staff or the volunteers they are making everybody feel good.
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good. >> it is nice to know you are needed and appreciated. >> obergato, by the way, means thank you in portuguese. in rio wisn 12 news. >> thank you. >> russia's doping scandal continues. now, even more athletes are banned from participating in rio de janeiro. alof athletes have been banned. the paralympics are set to begin next month in rio. more than 100 russian athletes have been banned from the olympics bseauf the doping scandal but there's not a blanket ban for the olympic athletes. pga player hits the new low shooting a 58 during a pga championship. this is the first time ever they have scored that low.
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steph watson puts up on twitter have shot 58, none have done it i 18 holes though. that is unbelievable. >> jim furyk has been playing golf for a long time. he's a legend. >> h gottr alof golf. he's shooting a 58 however you want. >> it works for him. beautiful weather on deck fors today. yesterday a fair amount of clouds. today more in the way of sunshine as we get a look at the meran lwaukee institute of art and design and the temperatures in the 60s and windsre calm. fair range in the temperatures.
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bend. comparo 65 at the airport. mid at watertown and beaver dam. the skies are fair. clouds to the south. high pressure is iluencing the weather and keeping us nice and dry. as it slips to the east, the winds shift up from the south and warming up. florida this week tropical style rains are going to ll and a foot of rain. heads up if you are traveg to florida. here at home sunshine today. winds this morning probably light and north and going light and east but still plenty in the way of sunshine. we move to the evening hours for tonight. we see lows tonight in the 60s. then tomorrow winds will shift
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temperatures will warm up. we have a little heat spell. fairly comfortable. 84 tomorrow. 86 wednesday. i think that most stay dry and isolated storms. the trepd for thursday and friday a chance for showers and storms. >> new this morning, new information about a hot air balloon crash. what may have caused the balloon to crash a week ago and the investigators believe that the pilot didn't see the power lines and crashed into them. the pilot was trying to descend at the time and hit the lines and caught on fire and crashed. this is the deadliest hot air
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>> a deadly game of pokemon go in san francisco, a man is shot and killed while playing the game. the 20-year-old was playing the game with friends in a park on saturday night and someone shot them. there was someone watching them from atop of a hill. >> no senseless. came up and shot him in the back and ran away. >> the victim was treated and litter died. the suspect ran off and may have gotten into a vehicle. the police have not released information about a potential suspect in the case. >> mexico is reeling after hit by hurricane earl.
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mass i landslides. there is more rain to come. >> california wild fire is spreading this morning add putting the homes at risk. it is called the pilot fire. it spread to 150 acres. hundreds of firefighters are working to get the fire under control. dozens of homes are under a mandatory evacuation. >> water min break in new york statens i did led to big problems like a huge sink hole. it was big enough for two cars side by side. nothing fell in. the crews shutdown the road. >> new business in wisconsin taking adults back to childhood. taking a nerg gun battle to a
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fa today for free. how you and your family can take
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>> welcome back. new this morning, checking your email after work can be dangerous the your health. >> not being unable to plug leads to job burn out and harmful to your emotion well being. france is trying to make a law able to disconnect after the >> smokingate r are differ greatly among racial and ethnic groups. data shows that 25% of the white americans were smokers in 2013 compared to 11% of th asian americans. and subgroups are 8% which are chinese americans. >> the c.d.c. is sayg that the americmen and women way 15 poun more than 20 years ago
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the report found that children weigh more than they did 20 years ago. >> and women tend to face ineasing health risks beforemeno pause. researcherfound that the swert of the risk factors spike in the last yearof 4:59. the news ctinues right now. >> breaking news, delta airlines says that all of the flights are grounded this morning. itsue to a system wide outage. tim? >> we have been following this all morning and overnight, delta
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systems are down everywhere and hopefully not not much longer. mitchell international and o checking out how long this will affect the flights out there. we are check back with them in just a little bit. right now, breaking news erseas, an american is kidnapped in kabul a so was by the american university of afghanistan. two men, an aericannd an australia taken by five men. a spokesman from the ministry is saying an invesgation is underway. back to you. >> tim, thank you.


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