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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 12:30am-1:30am CDT

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got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? oh you guys must have time warner. cable this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at thee time. and there's no data cap, s.. the kids must love that, h?! hey, there's the birthday girl! let's get this party started! t ith time warner cable internet. like unlimited data and speeds up to 50 megs. uploading! call now. get megs for $39.99 a month
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you're looking for dr. maura isles. give it to me. i'll take it to her. - ma! - what's fitm ian. wo two-buck chuck and th e rolls of toilet pape romance lives. one, isn't she's more secretive about thisshe? no.e, isn't huhe's more secretive about yes. thisshe? rts your feelings that she's not confiding in you. - i'm sorry, sweetheart. - i don't care. you know, i-i don't need to know every detail of her personal life. it's alright. but she usually tells you. - yeah. - he seems charming. but, you know, those are the ones you he to worry about. i got a really weird vibe from him. 'he was unpacking boxes.' just and then when he saw me, heclosed 'em all up. - it was like.. - that'sour cop gut. maybe he's a criminal.
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ma, that was like 200 years ago and i don't think we can hold that against him. wyou know, ing in there organiz i could poke around. - please don't do that. you loud and clear. - i hear you need deniability. ma, no. no! wh.. 'ma-maura!' maura! that must be from ian. this ian really knows how to woo a girl. when we did relief work together in ethiopia we'd talk about what we'd give for some cheap wine and toilet paper. me you never but how com? told me about hi i'm sure i have. you must've forgotten. thanks for this. u what'sp? chris dunbar's not happy we impounded his shipment. he's threatening legal action if we don't release it. any luck finding uncle arthur? nothing from social security. tilities. no phone, well, what about nota-a, a discount card 'a pharmacy,' a sweepstakes entry?
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ll keep digging. so we're back to that one lead, nails. well, we know our vias w in a nail salon befo he died. nail and we knohe shied supplies for leea. let's talk to lee. (female #1) 'yes, that's mr. dunbar.' we wondewhat happened . and you two are business partners? ng servicelong have you ben using his shippi? a few years. ble. good prices, relia 'he was a nice man.' yes, u your supplies come from china? h, you'd be amazed what the profit margin is on hand oils and candles. - i bet. - excuse me. mani-di today? pe handy we both have toe problems. we're in a nail salon. w about a complimentary service? no, sorry. we're not allowed to acct gifts. and plus my friend here had a bad experience. - fungus. - 'uh.' gives industry a bad name. - i've tried everyth- ing,
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re.. hemorrhoid cream? i'd dothing et rid of it. so youto g can wear your strappy sandals? use this, three times a day. - a 112 bucks? - small price to pay. [cell phone ringing] rizz oli. never doubt wer of greed. the po you were right,publisher's did you find uncle arthur? he clearing house entry. gave them his work address. where were you twgo around 9:00 p.m.? o ghts a i was ing here. my shift ends at 11:00. what hned to my brother? we werhoping you may have had a thought. , we reay haven't be. inst since estifi agaou. i don't harb or hard elings. but you didn't reach out in prison. to him after 10 yi was goto i just needed to get my ft on the ground. you know.. evan was the responsible one. he took over the business when dad died.
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...a ltlbig enoue . but not a fit. that when the tevan had nothing you started deato do with t hat. against yo' 'but he testified u angrseems lihat might have made yoy. he had no choice, okay? i told him to. what about your neph? when's the last time you saw chris? i'm a convicted drug dealer. i figured a little distance was good for everybody. now it's too late. ng] [flush gurgling]
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th is the last of the container. th've been through everything. more rats. so we have no evidence e ar and our best suspect, unclthur has three witnesses at his auto repair job the time of the murder. their coats are glossy. healthy gums. they ate ratson, maura. . even fast-acting poison takes a few days.icide these rats died immediately after ingesting something. somethinhe cg in ttainer. maybe you should do an autopsy.
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what we're doing with their tax dollars. got another delivery for you, doc. uh, can you put it in my office, please? sure. what is that? supplies. what for ian? yes. for ian.. ...who fixed your toe. how is your toe?consci en how is your ce? excuse me? at are you doing? who is this gu why are you being so wrd? y? why are you turning into snoopy dog? do you measnoop dogg or snoy, the dog?insulted too insulted to find out what killed your rats? okay, that is so nair. hi levels of diacetylmorphine in the rats' blood.
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ugglers i'soak clothescases whin liquid heroinl bothue fibers in their stomachs. they ate the blankets in the container. how much do you want to bet this thing is soaked nothing. i ? in liquid heroin don't bet if i can't win. but why didn't the drug dog hit on the scent? because the scent of any aniuld. mal so fill the container with rats. smart. i bet chris dunbar thought he'd figured out
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...lysol that.
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ne - i want my lawyer. - bettere a go. we jfounilli rt hn in your container. - you don't undetand. - so explain. start with your faer's murder and finish when you get to the part about the dead junkie. i get a phone call. i want to talk to my lawyer. be my guest. jane! ian is a spy. what did you do, ma? i found passports from different countries all with his photo and, um all with different names. you shouldn't have done th, ma.
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it's my foot solution. ugh! it's like...a skunk made love to a farting dog. hey, i'm fighting a war down here. what is this smell? combnder his desk. at u did you poke around in chris dunbar's finances? yeah. just found a transaction he completed this morning that makes no sense. looks like he took out a line of credit on his business so he could withdraw - righ.ike he took out - yeahllion bucks.t before we a? heroin we impounkede sd is worth about $2 million. yeah. and if chris doesn't deliver the drugs he's got to deliver the cash. he called him from downsta who. i'll check the phone records. hey. can you have your interpol contact run these names? sure. ian smith. ian walters. ian franklin. mm. same guy. you think there's he's australian national. an atralusn connection here? you'reot gon believe this. chris didn't call a lawy.
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ter find whs that phone. ra's car co men. we'll take mau. - what's wrongh wurs? - it's a cop car. (vin) 'y 're right. prius is a great undercover vicle.' eh ev mode. - mm. so quiet i can hear toenails crying back there. 'r, too.' don'take off your shoes. okay, gps tracking shows the on moving down that alle isy. 'it's coming right at .'us [cell phone beeps] my interpol contact g for you. inustralian your ag. is wanted for qutionin what? (jane) 'looks like he's headed ho the salon.'tr. what? right back t tahe back. l get the front.
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- give me e - don't like . ney! [gunshot] - gdrop t!e - don't like . now! he gun put it down! put it do! 'clear!' frost, get an ambulance. [dialing] victor 810. i need ems down here. it's alright. it's alright . okay, okay. the paramedics are on their w. mma and aidan. - 'yes.'ris' wife and son? he killed my brother. he wants the money. where are they? where are they? she's the only one that knew. ness lee had a busi partner. ted. i don't know who ted is. alrit. please, you have to help me. your wife and child it here we cannot find d keep lying to us, chris.t s alrigh wait.
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(vince) 'how lonve you and your father been moving' in those containe? hhe had nothing to h itdo wit alright, it was all me. ri and it was just thisne time. and lee was your connection? yeah. my father introde uc mto all of his clients. and lee, she said that she had a way for me to make some easy money. - by smuggling dope? - yeah. yeah, as you can see, a realy way to make a couple million bucks. it would have worked, too except my father, he was so precise. he noticed on the manifest that the container from china was off by 50 pounds. because you put 50 pounds of heroin-soaked blankets inside. we found some resi from the nail salon your father'slo he went to see lee the y he was shot, didn't he? yeah. i told him not to go. but he said that there w nway that he was gonna accept delivery of her container. got him killed. maybe you should have talked to us.
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alright, he said that he wouldring l the m. the guy my dad, he said i was next if i didn't get him neanr.d whthe contai at did he look like? i didn't see his face. i'm telling you the truth! did you tell your uncle truth, too? you arly got him killed. he was just tryi to he. right, i called him when mfamily was taken. alrigh i didn't know what else to do. thur said that he would do it. thur said that he would do it. and you lehim. ...yplease have to find my family, right? they didn't do anything wrong. es] it's maura. e yshe's got something. lee had a poultry mite instation on both arms. 'clearly it's a few months old.' how? she worked in a nail salon. what, e get from a customer? no. she could only contract it ifhe word around poultry.
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ng plant next to il snaon. chit, frost. well, she'd need a place pro toss the hoin. al bat uh, yeah. she'd ne a chemic a heating source, drying tables. [c omputer beeps] 'only one slaughterh got in the boston area.' (vince) 'right near the nail sal.' health department shut it down six months ago. utilyour heroil on. to y out good placen and hide people. speaking of hiding ian is wanted estioning by intl for stealing dfor qu. u've been investigating me?
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[dramatic music]
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where are they? it again. let's ? where are theyhey? i'm gonna countohree. one. you don't have t hett s. thre in the freezer in e back! - you okay? - they'rin the freezer. e (barry) 'not enough of arofit margin' on hand oils and candles, huh,ed? em.. 'aidan.'
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- mommy. - it's okay. wh e's dad? [knoing on door] hi. hi you okay? whe'ia [sighs] he'sone. i harbored a fugitive. soo ahead and arrest me. i'm sor. because you won't be a rrest him? man, you got it bad. you know when ? people talk about the lothat's ian.r lives
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'cause i try to forget him. i'm sorry, maura. i.. i shouldn't ve done what iid. it's.. it none of my business. i just.. i can't.. i can't talk about him. yb i can't. with anody. because it makes me so sad. i mean, how can you.. how can you loveomeone and not be able to be with them? well, why can't you be with him? to ri because he went backca. well, you could go to africa. you know, his crime is risking his life to bring drugs and basic suppes to places that nobody cares about. and i helped him, so go ahead and arrest m (jane) 'the first person i'm gonna arrest is my mother.' what, really? "? "high ball glasses
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on.' she rearranged my closet, too. no. not the closet. my shoe box she threw awayes. well, now, that is a crime. i'm sorry. you want me to take you to the airport? no.. no.. you nt me to sit with you till you feel better? yeah. but first can you arrest your mother? okay. thank you. hm. it will be okay.
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[captioning made possible by
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which is responsible fts caption content and accuracy. visit] >> right now on wisn 12 news -- saty of these players.ect the -- our desire is to protect the fety of these players. sheldon: boos ring down as the packerd't play. the hall of fame game canceled because of poor field conditions. welann had p to bring you packers footll tonht. adrienne: bua g mistake on the field in canton, ohio, forced the hall of fame game to be canceled. sports director n needles join us live from canton. a lot of disappointed people there. joyce: a hard decision, but the right decision. that's what the hall of fame president id about the call to ca tonight's game. poor field conditions meant e game intended kick f the nfl pre-season came to a screeching halt instead. n has more on what hned.
1:01 am
sel hourbefore game time. some paint had been used. turns out the wrong paint for the midfield logo. the paint congealed on the field, which made the tu unplayable. david baker told me the blame lies with the hall of fame, not the nfl >> they had tested t field for unce tests. ad nth h the midfield and end zone, becau they were painbeing d. in the end, we want to air on the side of personal safety. a hard decisio financially, i hard decision public relations wise, buan easyisn r the players alth. -- player's alth.
1:02 am
players came under the field,ook some photos & some tographs. the new hall of famer's also mingled. brett favre said he understood the decision, but -- >> i would've played anything. don't take my advice. i understand if i were ruanng team, and especially with what happened here last running the teamather than coaching or playing on the team. dan: we undetand this turf was brouin from new orleans. it had been used four times before. this was supposed to be the first time it was used in this ium. not sure what will happen to it. the game will not be resettable
1:03 am
the brands -- the bs. yce: roughly 23,00ns pai to see this me. manyf them told me there's just one word that sums up their reaction. >> it's so sad, man. it's sad. jayne: plenty of sad faces streamed out of the stadium, plans for a special sunday, gone. >> i drove up from columbus, got hotel rooms, and then this. joyce: theall of fame improvised, by having player mix with fan cheeraders do routines, anlee greenwood sing. but -- >> boring, boring, boring. joyce: like watching paint dry. >> it's unfortunate it came wn to this and they weren't better prepared. joyce: fans unders why the teams couldn't play. joety first, so yeah. e: it's just time to look ahead. >> but go pack go. we be alright. joyce: thel of fe announced fans cou get tir money back, but it was a sour end to what otherwise waa weeken rememr for all the
1:04 am
back to you. adrienne: and some local fans showed up to leff's lucky town in wauwatosa to cheer on the , but quickly got the news the game was canceled. >> you feel bad r everyone out there. they come out to see packers play the colts and everything, t ultimately, if it's not going to be safe, you don't want anyone getting hurt. >> at the end of the day, we had enough injuries last year, and we gotta do what's best fhe players. we got a great season ahead, a great to be something watchhis year. adrienne: we're asking this esn our websit -- ou think the nceled hall of fame game is insignificant blip, or a bad omen freen b's season? let uswhatw hink. shdon: ts is 3-year- jayda ndy smiling to ear a family oto. tonight,er parents are coping with her death after she was h and killed by a car while running to greet her grandfather. new at 10:00, 12 news ben hutchison reportighborwant
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>> sheould he been playing with some of those things for her biay, you know. ben: ike many people, gloria adams is struggling with the passing of 3-year-old jayda handy, the little girl hit and killed right before her birthday party. this memorial of stuffed animals now suounding a tree. >> seeing that one there has taken a whole differtoll on me. ben: adams lived in the same building. po say the child darted out into the street saturday t greet her grandfather, who w just arriving. she was hit on 84th street and died at a local hospital. there's a stop sign one block north of where the accidt ppened along congress, but people in the ar say pt of the problem is the lack of stop signs leading up to the intersection from the other diction. as you drive dowth84treet from capito rion, it's out 4 blocks. neighbors say that'too ch time to speed up >> it's like a freeway through here sometes.
1:06 am
be side by ske they're racing down the street. ben: greg adams watches carsly rough, even though lindsey park iross the street and draws large crowds, including children. >> if you a park across the street, park means that there's kids. ben: even more reason to use extrprecaution behind the wheel. in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. sheldon: pole say the driver involved in thaccide stayed at tcene, and is cooperating with their investion. offis are rking to identify a body that someone found near downtown milwaukee. the medical exer's office tells wisn 12 they were called to the scene near 12th and mckiey thiafternoon. t's ere'ill no word how that person may've died. adrienne: new at 10:00, an elderly couple falls down a bluff on the shore of lake michigan. the fire department tells us the man and woman in their 80's fell about 50-ft. it happened at big bay park in whitefish bay. the man climbed back up, but the woman needed help. she went to the hospital and
1:07 am
she's doing now. 're getting me details about a 10-year-old boy who died after an accident at a midwest water park. it happened this afternoon in kansas city on the world's tallest water slide. the slide is 168 feet tall. we still don't know how or why the accident happened. >> we have closed our kansas city park and osed the ride pending a full investigation. our thoughts and prayers are difficult time. adrienne: the boy, caleb, is kansas state representative scott schwab's son. in a statement, the family wrote ?we will see him another day.? sheldon: commitment 2016 coverage now. in the race r president, a new poll has democratic nominee hillary clinton widening her lead over republican nominee donald trump. the abc news / washington post survey has clinton with 50% of the vote, compared with 42% for
1:08 am
clinton had a month ago, before the party conventions. clinton and trump are both expected to make major economic speeches in detroit this week. trump lays out his plan tomorrow. clinton will make hers on ursday. adrienne: tomorrow is the first day oflasses for students on a year-round schedule. better go to bed now. there are eleven of those schools in milwaukee. the majority of students begin classes september 1. the kids heading back to school tomorrow will be keeping an eye on the forecast. lindsey: we've had a great weekend in wisconsin. co up ne, i'll tell you about our rain chances for the week. that is coming up next. sheldon: also ahead, the danger that forced hundreds of people to be evacd from one venue inison this weekend. plus, this -- >> this is crazy. adrienne: no ice, no problem.
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aie a bride and groom have a wedding memory that's unusl, to say the ast. hundreds of gu had to leave their venue, the salon centi in madison. that's because of carbon monoxide in the air. just to put thisperspeive, it measured 40pas r million. normal is only about nine part per million. >> the officer on engine five stepped up onto the stage and was le to take the microphone and k ybody to calmly evacuate. adrienne: fire fighters blame a generator running inside.
1:12 am
and nausea. sheldon: n fer regulations covering e-cigarettes go into effect tomorrow. electronic cigarette products have been around since 2007. but now, the fdas requiring a review of almost everye product on the market.e re ew foc on safety and sales, making sure the products stay out of the hands of minors. a wild weekend in on. former packers quarterrett favre inducted into the pro football hall of fame. adrienne: anthen the hall of 12ews anchor joyce garbaciak joins us again livton, ohio. a lot of disappointed fans, joyce, but still other events to be happy about this weekend. joyce:olutely. brett favre made it a point to owledge the role of the fans his success. nyf em came to canton to see him go in thha. d while this is brett favre's
1:13 am
by luck or spunk, now have special memories of their own. >> oh my god, eart has beating so fast. i love him so mu, it's awesome. i thoughwas gonna pass out. joyce: for bobbie barbosa of milwaukee, just seeing brett favre up close in the hall o fame parade spial enough. but other fans had oer rsons to treasure this time. for bretrybazyk of mowanit county, it's running the last leg of the relay that kicked off f faha o festivities on thursday. his dad won't soont, either. >> to see favre enshrined has been a dream of mine. but to see my son brett paak in all of this is probably a little better. joyce: for the paul family, it's the chance to fulfill a promise made when jim and his ys fst toured the hl 13ears ago. >> why don't we make a pact righnow, wherever we are in life, to meet back here when brett favre gets inducted into
1:14 am
joyce: so that's what they did. >> he's flying in from dallas. i ve in kenosha. he's still in school in oshkosh. joyce: and they're usinghis occasion to make another omise. >> we made another pact. when aaron goes in, in 15-20 years,aybe, i don't know, we'll be back again. so it'justs he time, spendg time with family that's so portant. joyce: and for karen conroy of cleveland, it will always be a reminder that taking chances can pay off big. >> this is my strategy. i ha threw him the football and he signed it. he t ed to throw it back and i said ?noyou've got to sign it first.? and he signed it. joyce: prompting her to er own little not-quite-lamau leap. she was mping r joy, quite literally. and the boy who rrd that ball in the relay? he won the chance because his dad entered a contest online. a time to remember for them all. backu.yo
1:15 am
san diego is about to get a lot easier for people who live our area. southwest airlines inow offering non-stop flights from mitchell international airport to siego. e airpt had a beach them rty in the gate area to celeate the new route. an airport spokesman says the additif new flights like these uld provide new jo >> it signifies the possibility of more workers, and it signthe ifs owth othe airport itself. eldosh daily flights to and ailabl if you're looking to save money on your next fght, rember this day -- august 23. it's the start of the airline industry's fall travel season. that means we can expect to pay anywhere from 10%-20% less for r plane tickets. is applies to both domestic and international flights. as usual, you should try to book ur flit at least 30 days beforehand. the deals won't last forev though. presre expected to creep
1:16 am
adenne: in new berlin today, a local search for some future olympians. kids are getting a chance to try out the , even though there is no ice this time of year. wisn 12 news photojournali glenn russell kes us to the track. glenn: this program is called the slider search, and it is something usauge has been doing for 30 yrs now it is a very important program. was just fun for them. it is literally the way we find r new hletes. we have found medalists through this program. >> i startede juste this in 12 -- started luge ke this in 1992. you need to look for hits who can catch on to ha good positions.
1:17 am
my parents wanted me to, but a fit i di't want to. it is really fun. i hadn't heard the sport, but i -- >>t is a difficult sell. they don't understand what luge is, hat we are going to do. once they get here, and take their first coup runs, they're weatr around here for a while. meteorologist lindsey er joinus now, and lindsey, we ve a chance of thunderstorms this week? lindsey: every raindrops to as a snowfle, so there is a little wint up there somewhere. -- every raindrops starts as a snowflake, there is a little winter up there someere.
1:18 am
outside. it is august. we can expect all the nic august weather. tomorr will be close to 79 degrees. that is typical this tim year. let's talk temperatures. this is the only thing you need to about. there could be some patc fog along the lakesre. us. that is line for some of that air tube bunch up along the lake , and that causes the fog along the lake should -- sure. -- lakeshore. some places could be flirting with the upper 50's tomorrow morning. as we get to the lunch hour,
1:19 am
more than we had today. i do not anticipate summer clouds tomorrow. tuesday, tperatures jump up to the mid-80's. every day this week, it will get a little warmer. every day, theity humidll go up a little more. chances on thunderstorms continue. as we h -- wednesday, it gets to t irritating face -- phase. but that is what the weather does -- it bounce back up, -- bounds back up, and then things slide back down. where is this nice weather system? it iright here near billings in montana. it will take a while before it
1:20 am
is keeping is ni and drive for now. low will eventually work its way here, and it will increase thunderstorm chances. tomorrow morning, we could a little patchy fog, but herwis i do not anticipate much in the way of rain for moay and tuesday. we are looking bone dry out there. as we head into thursday, we ll see that cold front arrive. chance forhowers and thunderstorms. the rest of this evening sees temperatures dropping to the 60's. h ou for the patchy fog tomorrow morning for your commute. makeure you wear sunblock.
1:21 am
be plty of sun to go around rrow. adrienne: we will take you back live to canton and the packs pre-season game that wasn't. sheldon: plus, the reason some wisconsin high school football players are g forced to play for an opposing team this fall ey everyone, i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. international rock stars teaming up with local veterans. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, how the band kiss is helping people right here in southeast wisconsin. >> plus, meteorologist sally severson will be on weather watch as you head out the door. see you tomorrow morning from
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>> brett favre stephanie: that's brett favre being introduced before tonight's hall of fame game in canton, the that never took place because ofield conditions. in typicalavre fhion, he smiles and points the field,
1:25 am
envre-pa-looza weekend in canton similar to his hall of fame career. never a dull moment, never know what to expect. tonight's preseason game between the packers lts anconceled because of a bad paint job on the field. 12 sports director dan needles rejoins us live from canton with the latest. dan: poor joe callahan. he was set to make his f start -- nfl start as a that didn't happen because the game was canceled for safety reasons. both teams felt the field was unplayable. >> the committee and everybody involved deserves a lot of credit for making the right decision. the field wat where it needed to be. >> i played on worse, i'll tell you.
1:26 am
-- lambeau field e timewe had to deal with chunks of dirt. i understand it is a preseason game, and you have a chance before to make -- who knows, maybe no one gets hurt, maybe one person gets hurt. that is one too many. dan: last season, jordy was injured on a noncontact play. the packers might be just a little sensitive of outfield said -- about field safety issues. stephanie: thanks, dan. coming up in our second half hour, what packers quarterback aaron rodgers has to say about tonight's preseason game being canceled, and the players he feels sorry for. sheldo we are now a litt more than 3 months away from the
1:27 am
adrien: tonight, new numbers are out. one candidate is opening up of attack.
1:28 am
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adrien: it was suosed to be the packers debut, but major disappointment. sheldon: we want to head back out to canton. joyce: we wereipat anticg tha there would be thousands of fans streaming out of the stadium, but not to be. dan: nteaml ants to play


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