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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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welcome to "world news tonit." donald trump facing dangerous poll numbers. the republican nominee lg ground. the huge gro ovoters lining up fillarylinton. but now trump unhing a new atta >> all there. crh se. the frightening wipeout. the cyclist ashing in the middle of a race, rushed to the hospital. and the french gymnast breaking his on the mat, then suffering another fall when paramedics drop the stretcher. midair takedown. the crowded cross-county plane forced to divert. a passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant, taken away in cuffs why are these incidents are the
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tonight. phone hijacking. thieves taking over your cell phone, create a fake i.d., and runnin huge lls. and, father of the b. a dding moment like you've never seen before. why thoung woman asked a ng to walk her down the aisle. l reve the amazing bond that brought them togeth. good evenin thanksor joining us on this sunday i'm tom llamas. we begin with donalpd trum facing new p showing him losing ground tolary clinton. laing a new attack using clinton's wds against he is abc news/"washington post" poll showing clinton extending her lead to eight points. andevin dwyeronhe campaign trail tonight. >> reporter: dowin the polls
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own words. >> unstable hillary clinton. d you saw that, did you saw that where she basically short-circuited? >> reporter: trump pouncing on clinton's answer to a question about her e-mails. >> may have short-circuited. and for that il try >>arify. eporter: mocking the line on social media. >> so i may have short-circuited. >> reporter: and on the stump. >> the people of ts couny don'wa to short-circuit up here. >> reporter: going so far as t suggest his rival is losing her mind. >> this stuff is so amaz honestly, i don't think she's alere. >> reporter: these latest attacks coming as clinton makes gains. our new poll showing her support from women at its highest level yet. and fewer voters viewing her unfavorably. the poll revelas sious concerns about trump. two-irds say he has the wrong
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"this week," former acting s alrey been l nipulasiand by t presiden vladimir putin hasalump "talented." >> from mr. trump's perspective, right,e simply heard put compliim. colimenting him. beeing playehat he mig >> reporter: a battl e over mental qualifications for th esidar frosettles clinton ght warns supporters out tr e-mail. "he may stil strao try to regain moment. first,ersingimself to endorse house speaker paul ryan and sers john mccainnd key ayotte. and this week, he promises to shift his focuto the economy. tom? >> devin, thank you. we're following some breaking news right now. a tragedy at a major american water park. rd of child killed on a
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least tomorr. the investigation just under way. re's mci gonzalez with the test. >> reporter: authoti confirming a 12eaol b in the water pk i kansas city, kansas. this slide features a 168-foot drop. the name m in german. paill be closedil tomorrow, penl investigation. and we're tol theboy'sily was at the wh him a t time ohe accident. and they' sll there a this to >> incrediblysa mai, thank you. >>en to the olympic dma in rio. stun accidents and a n
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heels. allsill be on michael ph phelps. and team usa adding to its collonti is in rio >> repr: tonight, thatch ist reve in a hospit anniemike van vleuten idding intohat turn earlier, launching over the handlebars into a concrete gutt. and the jeers of zika by braziliafansapparently contagious. spreading fr the soccer pitch -- >> zika! >>ter: -- to the pair of icans at the beach volleyball stadium. rio's woes nll mande. gale force winds battering ympic nues, forcing the suspension of all rowing events today.
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and t condemnation of russian cheating. >> i bve russian cating s failed its paralimpic etes. >> reporter: andmidsthe chaos, things go on. rlier u.s. swimming phenom tie decky notching an olymc record in 0-meter qualifying r make his olympic debut in the pool f t by 100-meter freestyle relay, in his fifth olympic games. earlier we spoke w their ?r hij hijab. >> a muslikid, had to add longees, pants. and with fenc it's this un oppornity to be re
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he se in cond after michael phelps to be amers flag bearer at these olympics. >> matt, thas so much. the family o oscar pistorshting against headlines he tried to com suicide. was ten tohe hospital after being prison cell. his brother claims helipped in s cell 's serving six years for stnkamp. is girlfrie reeva and an unruly psenger accused of attacking a p. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: this man in ndcuffs afr terrifying crs-country flight.ked
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basically got his handbend hick. >> reporter: 64-year-old jose de dios ucros taken down by a fellow passenger aer witsses say he ad a ttackeight attendantrd to open the cabin door. e spiritght heed fro l.a. to florida, force make an emergency landing in phoenix. moments later, police board the plane and arrest ucros, whthey say pearedo be impaired. ucros is just >> sit down. gh! you don't t urands on my flight aendant >> rep an american airlines pilot taking an unruly passenger in charlotte on ay after this -- t man slams in flight attendant. several passengers fight to an i the red shirt, finally restraining hith tape seat lton a rsian plane. and in june, two fights er jet
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threats against the plane. >> he was ing up aown eemed very s andvery ous, uncomfortable. dn't still down. >> reporter: the association of flight attendants tells abc news they seeinmore and more incidents of unruly passengers. the leading caus alcoh. tom? >> eva, thank you. overseas, isis claiming responsibility for a terror attack i belgium. two policewomen were injured when they were attacked by a man with a machete saturday. the prime minister today increasing security. police say he an algerian national, twi ordered to leave the country. and police announcing a terror arrest in france. clre being the getaway driver in the "charlie hebdo" attack, said toave tried to
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he was found on the turkish rder, and is waiting for extradition in france. andt home, the mystery murder of a jogger in new york. she was attacked wn running near her home. r mother warning t attacker, you will pay. >>tonight, araw, find the killer. >> tho entire world kws what a thetic, puny, weak piece ofilthou are. >> reporter: police hopeful that dna evidencel lead to the
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tuy in broad dlight, just blocks from her home. >> thin pumaup a ferocio fight, right to the end. she was beaten quite severely. >> reporter: vetrano's father, finding her body. the heartbroken new york cit firefighter, thanking investigators as they relentless seah for evidence and witnesses that could lead to e killer. >> justice will be served. >> reporter: police say they don't believe vetrano knew her killer. there is now a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. tom? >> thank you. now to the extreme weather moving in on the south. heavy rain, strong winds in tampa, florida. turning worse as we head into the week. and let's get straight to rob marciano. >> it's going to be a multiday event. four or five days of rain, could see a foot in some spots. you can see the dense coverage on the radar, and flood watches posted for the big bend area,
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and could s four to six es in rainfall, the next few days. to 12 ches on rain on the coastline, a possibity. tropical srm javier, ll. th southst and southeast corners of thisou und the gun this week. >>, so much. from one of baseba most polarizing players. adrienne bankert o player fans loved,r veto hate. >> reporter: tight alex rodriguez, counting down the days. >> i love this game and i love
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and today i am saying good-bye to both. >> reporter: the new york yankees releasing controvers lightning rod from hontract. the 41-yeaold emotionally reflecting on his career. >> at 18, i just wanteto make the team. >> reporter: suz pended in 20 for performance enhancing drugs. a-rod el struggle. e shakup, shocking to his fans. >> i grew upatchg him. i kind of feel lheike been forced out. but the powers that ade that decision. >> reporter: bs utt a farewell to franchise. a-rod will remain as a special advisor to the team through december of 2017. and the yankees still on the hook for his salary next year, $21 million. >> he hasn't been a real productive member of this organizaon or baseball for
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>> reporter: a tom, love him or hate him, hs stila major crowd draw. bleachereats for a-rod's last game already skyrocketing to re tmon 400% face value. tom? >> the bleacher seats. thanks so much. now to an unusualeach rescue off of cape cod to rescue dolphins stuck on the sand. racing again time to save ten beached dolphins on saturday. two of fluids, and time to regain their strength. they were tagged before being released into deeper waters to find the rest of their pod. still ahead, a powerful house explosion. what caused it? and thieves getting new iphones and charging t to ur account. how you can protect yourself.
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tart to finish. love your laxative. miralax. back now wh a new warning. identity thiesre always looking for a new way to get your money. now, it appears some have figured a wo hijack your cell phone and leave you with the bill. but there's a way to ect yourself. here's lauren lyster. >> r threat right in the palm of your hand. identity thieves hackingr cell phone. >> my family let me know that their phones weren't working. >> reporter: lindsey and mark heard immediatelcaintheir carrier. discovering criminals crafted a fake i.d., fooled store clerks anok over their accounts. buying three brand new iphones, all on the heards' dim >> i think what happened is, they got ahold of my online account because they sd they had gone in and chked couple diffent times if i h upgrades available. >> reporter: this kind of cell
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over 2,600 cases in january of this year alone. more than double that three years ago. why is this particular fraud growing? >> you don't really need to prove a great deal in order to change a service or do an upgrade. eporter: and if cr get access to other personal information like yr ed card, the damage can go yond yone. >> i saw close$11,000 of charges i didn't make. th if it's actually a fraen charge or d thnoanthief actually has mnumber he can say, sure, ye. >> reporter: to protec caurself, experts say call yr ier and set up a special passco or pinumber. that sers as an extra layer of security for your account. tom? uren, thank you. coming up, the hall-of-famer. the quarterback that never gave up, reing whye h played so
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new aleve dire therapy. welcome back. our "index" now, starting with new details on a frightening house explosion in connecticut. seven people were injured. investigators believe itas a prane and now the fisherman treated to a wild shark show in the sea. this mako shark refusing to be reeled in. eventually he was ab to snap the li
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his n bust at the hall of fame ceremony. he said his father's tough love got him to this point. >> i spent the rest of my career trying to redeem himself and make him proud. i hope i succeed. what's old is new again. the '80s classic "dirty dancing" is but don't expect to see jennifer grey in the remake. she says she was offered a role, but it wasn't baby. that role will be played by abigail bres
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get this one done. 3 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prev r 13? if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response toacci t v. common side effects were pain, redness or sing t iection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. less appetite, chills, or rash. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13? today. nallytonight, when the father of the bride couldn't be there, the woman you're about to meet got the next best thing. here's john donvan. >> it has been the best day of my life. >> reporter: the man whose arm she held was not her father. her dad was gone ten years
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in a murder. so, who was this person by her side? a person she would not even meet until the day before the wedding. ten years ago, arthur thomas was in urgent need of a new heart. and the heart they gave him was michael's jenny's dad's. >> we'ven talking to him, and writing letters, and calling. >> reporter: but it was >>ng-distance. he wrote me a letter, d said, if you're willing, would you walk me down the aisle? >> thank you for coming. >> are you kidding? reporter: andny closer to her dad'sting heart than she had been years. an o this, her wedding y, that was possible. hn nvan, a news. >> an incredible moment.
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"gma" fir thing in the
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captig rfmed by natial conininstitute, which is responsible for i caption content and accuracy. visit] >> wisn 12 newstarts with breaking news. qu canton oherere tions about the hall of fame na. will it be played? wetill a sounting down to let us get out to our crew ther joyce: hel ust they jened the gat thisqueson as ether e game will be played because of turf issue. dan: they ha t gener manager along with ted thompn and mccarthy and they had a big meeting. david baker was there and


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