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tv   Moyers Company  WHUT  November 10, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> it's a few of my favorite things -- lebanese lentils, lemons, labana and the finger lakes. >> cooking with julie taboulie is made possible by our members, and by viewers like you. thank you. ♪
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>> i love my lebanese cuisine so much, and there's certainly an array of appetizing ingredients to cook with, and today we're featuring a few of my favorites, lentils, lemons, labana, all the while surrounded by the finger lakes. my first favorite ingredients up is lentils and lemons with my lebanese lentil and swiss chard soup swimming with herbed bulgar wheat balls. my next favorite ingredient up is labana, which creating the finishing sauce for the chickpea potato and bulgar wheat patty that is simply scrumptious. it's a few of my favorite things -- lebanese style.
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today i'm making a very special soup and side dish for my very special sister, salma. this show is all about a couple of my favorite ingredients like lemon and lentils and all of those great aromatics that i always cook with like my garlic and parsley and shallots, and what we're doing is we're making one of my favorite soups, and one my sister's favorite soups called, kibit rohib. it's a lentil, lemon and swiss chard soup that is swimming with these petite little bulgar wheat balls that are filled with fresh herbs. they're absolutely, so, so scrumptious. then i'm pairing that with my side dish, and what's that's called is rica. it's a chickpea potato and bulgar wheat patty. the first thing we're going to make is the swiss chard and lentil and lemon soup. i have eight cups of water in my
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pot, and i'm just going to pour the lentils in, just like so. what we're going to do is we're not going to turn the heat on at this point, because we need to make our little petite bulgar wheat balls, and we don't want to overcook the lentils. so we're just going to kind of let them stand by in the water at the moment windchill while we get to making our mix. we're going to start with one cup of our bulgar wheat. we're going to cover this with some water. this is going to soak and soften so that way it's good to go into our mix once we get all of the other ingredients in. of course, if you want to go gluten-free, if you are gluten sensitive or just living a gluten free life, you could certainly use quinoa and just make sure to cook your quinoa ahead of time. and that would be a really good
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substitute as well for bulgar wheat. i'm just going to set this aside and we're going to start off with one yellow onion. i'm going to take about two shallots, and we're going to start to dice these up first. my sister, salma, is vegetarian, and she has been for quite some time, so these dishes all today are vegetarian, and she absolutely loves them. they're a couple of her favorites. so, i figured that i'd really surprise her with her special soup, her kibit rohib and her special potato bulgar wheat patties, other rica. so there goes the shallots just like so -- of course, you know what's coming up next, my parsley. this is all about some of my favorite ingredients. lemons, lentils, parsley. i'm smelling the freshness in the air, that's why i love cooking with all of my fresh herbs all the time. they're not only inspiring to look at, but they're inspiring to kind of smell around the ki


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