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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  October 29, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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police, apparently asking hotels for any information about these particular two characters that they were looking for. they were named, they said any information about whether the people had been staying anywhere in beijing in the past month, or the vehicle. the vehicle, those number plates all had shinn jang identifying numbers on them. shin jang is the far west of where a uighur minority there has been some significant unrest. >> should the u.s. top spying on countries it considers friends and allies? key question before politicians on capitol hill in washington. review of the spying program has already been ordered by the
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senate. terms of allies they go as high as the german chancellor, angela merkel. >> another day, another embarrassment, another ambassador summoned to see angry european officials. on monday they revealed large- scale american intelligence gathering in spain. in oneion phone calls month alone. european parliamentarians met congressional leaders to discuss the surveillance. -- many of my colleagues are angry and disturbed. spying occurs anyway, according to some, but if that is the case we do not feel that that should be the case. >> revelations keep coming and they are acutely embarrassing
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for washington. the white house says that additional constraints may be needed. they are often quick to defend the need for large-scale intelligence gathering. work being done here protects the united states and our allies. and protects americans. we go into very dangerous places around the world. is not just europeans angry about surveillance. a the u.s. as well there is serious question about the breath and depth of intelligence gathering. >> president obama has said he wants to review the operations, telling the u.s. television network fusion that privacy should be protected. >> national security operations
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purpose, tove one make sure the american people are safe. i am the final user of all of the intelligence that they gather, but they are involved in the whole wide range of issues. we have seen those capacities continue to develop and expand. sure that whatke they are able to do does not necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> the kenyan military, three soldiers have been found in possession of stolen goods after the attack in nairobi. head of the kenya criminal investigations department has confirmed that a call was made to norway during the siege. one of the suspects in the attack was named as a norwegian citizen of somali origin.
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time for business, erin is here. >> atlantic bonds, that is all we are talking about. david cameron is announcing plans for written to become the first non-ms. -- non-muslim country to issue and as luck --s issue and islamic bond issue and islamic bond. we already know that the u.k. has more islamic things than any other western european country. the success of the industry is growing 50% faster than the traditional banking sector. so, what exactly is islamic finance? let me explain. it features everything from banks and capital markets to under investments. is that as well is being governed by normal
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financial industries it is also governed by islamic law, known as sharia law, including prohibiting interest payments, meaning that no interest will be charged on money invested. gambling is not allowed, investments have to be designed against speculation. , thingsings not allowed like alcohol, pornography, things like that. we will have more on that in just about one hours time. one of the most valuable technology companies in the world, easily one of the most recognizable right there. they reported their quarterly numbers on monday, the company continued to be extremely profitable, but not by as much as analysts and experts were hoping for. they ended their year with their first yearly earnings decline in 11 years.
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despite the overall drop in profits, apple managed to sell our record 33.8 million iphones over the past three months, an increase of more than 25%. analysts were also disappointed by forward guidance, you cannot please them. apple says future profits may continue to slide in the next few months, which will be crucial. then the all-important holiday shopping season is looming. the new social bank governor in india once to get a second month running to disregard calls for india,orrowing costs in continuing to rise to september. the fastest pace in three months.
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driven by a massive jump. upon prices in india are 323% in the past year. inflation affected by the decline in the currency, the ruby dropping by 10% this year. everyone continues to keep an eye on that american stimulus program. up.pean markets today are up,asian markets are also we are getting pretty close to that holiday time indeed. do not forget, you can follow me on twitter. >> not throwing anything at me today? to. did not have
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>> pockets are empty. >> thank you. syria, thenews from world health organization has confirmed an outbreak of polio in syria, the first in 14 years. 10 cases have been confirmed among children in the northeast province. another 12 are said to be under investigation. there is a high risk that the disease could spread. to image and, who joins me from geneva. now, no longer in the homes they used to occupy in syria. news.s is very, very bad an invitation, if we needed one, of how serious the public health situation is in syria. the fact is that there are 22 cases of polio being investigated.
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10 are now confirmed, nearly all of them in children under two who are showing signs of acute paralysis. those children were almost certainly never immunized. cereal was a country to a half vaccine, that had a but there has not been one of place for 14 years. children are not being vaccinated because of the collapse of the public health system. the polio virus has somehow found its way back into syria. >> what is the scale of monitoring in what is by and large a war zone in some way or another? >> this is very, very difficult. do know that there are medical professionals in the northeast of syria reporting cases, along with you and aid
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agencies they are trying to get a massive immunization campaign going, but we know that fighting rages in many areas. we know that other forms of vital aid, all sorts of different medicines simply cannot be delivered because of the fighting. it is very clear that many children who need vaccinations will not get it. >> thank you for that very bad news, image and. -- imaging. stay with us here, still to come, why is a change in the law being considered in brazil as they come in from the cold? scientists believe that mars once had an atmosphere occur than hours on earth. we are getting closer to finding out. the india mars orbiter mission
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is due to blast off on november 5. track to it is on launch its massive spacecraft on the 80th of november. -- 18th of november. >> the next nasa mission to mars. spacecraft involves a volatile mission soaring to 6000 kilometers above the deserts of mars. this model simulation shows solar winds streaking across mars molecule by molecule. at one time it is believed that the red planet had an atmosphere that was thicker than earth. maven is going to try to focus on understanding the history of the atmosphere and how the climate has changed through time and how it has
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influenced the evolution of the surface and the potential habitability. >> one year ago last august they successfully planted the curiosity rover on the surface. in the first year of operations it has been exploring the landscape. it is all part of a series of probes and rovers looking to the four newte of missions as early as the 20 30s. nasa is on track to launch next month from cape canaveral. look something like this by next september. >> you are with bbc world news, with me, we have the latest headlines for you.
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the explosion in china may have been a suicide attack. -- u.s. said that senate intelligence committee order surveillance ahead of the and will meetity with washington politicians in a few hours. the former captain of the concert: cordia -- costa concordia cruise liner has been charged with manslaughter and abandoning the ship. killing 32 people on board. he says he has been a scapegoat for the errors of others. the special envoy in the u.n. to the democratic republic of congo says that they have abandoned their military position in the country and that the peacekeepers had confined the near thea small area border. he told the un security council
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that they were all but finished as a military threat in the country. a spokesman for the rebels says that it is a temporary withdrawal. in the largest city in brazil, são paulo, to the north of the city. a teenager was shot dead by police. douglas rodriguez was reportedly shot dead on sunday. fire to two trucks and several buses. a stolen tanker was also driven erratically down the highway. high levels of violence in brazil is the reason so many of
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protesters have taken to the streets. there have been almost 50 demonstrations by various groups across brazil. violent as they attacked symbols of authority. despite attempts by the government, there are concerns that next year's world cup held in brazil could be disrupted by >> let me take you to the turkish city of , famous for straddling two continents, asia and europe. bridgesy connected by and fairies, the prime minister they treeieving what and of 150 years ago. a new undersea rail tunnel connecting asia and europe.
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the challenge, under the waters of the black sea, where it enters the mediterranean. in 2004, the risks of repeated earthquakes as bad as 99 always present -- as bad as 1999 were always present. then there will come a third bridge closer to the black sea and it is hoped that an massive new airport will make the area here a major transport hub between asia and europe. , we are on the opening there. >> system bowl, across europe and asia. for the first time a tunnel will connect the two continents. in 2004. began work
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they dug 60 meters underground. as such the anxious city is never straightforward. they came across archaeological and had tothe era make sure the tunnel could withstand a stronger earthquake. >> the tunnel can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. there would be major damage to the surface. >> after long delays, the work is finished. the tunnel is part of a new railway line expected to carry more than a million passengers each day. the turkish prime minister has made this a personal project, he hopes that this future, will
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eventually increase trade to asia and europe. more immediately they hope it will solve some of his temples traffic problems. earlier this year the city failed in its bid to win the olympic games. they think that traffic may have been partly to blame. for decades the people of the stempel have made their way from one shore to the other i bridge or by boat. now they can choose to go underground. >> more now on brazil. something rather different, a change in the law should end the highly unlikely occupation. for more than half a century it has been a legal to sell cheese made from unpasteurized milk. now it is for sale in specialty shops. packed full ofor
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cheese from all over brazil for sale in são paulo. cheese specialist has a national and international client list. until quite recently some of what he has been doing has been considered illegal. unpasteurized cheeses were not allowed anywhere in the country unless they were at matured for least two months. >> consumers have been increasingly looking for brazilian cheese, but people like me have to sell it informally. cheese on thishe table. of brazil's most sought after artisan cheeses are made in places like this.
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here cheesemaking techniques have remained unchanged. the master cheese has proved so popular in the past, it had to be smuggled all over the country. law meansge in the that small producers will no longer have to sell a specific type of cheese. >> it can now be sold less mature, sustaining the life of the brazilian cheese maker. shop, they have 80 types of cheese from six states, bringing local and foreigners alike. cheese,ocal brazilian you see the color? encouraged by the customers, small producers hope that
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traditional cheesemaking techniques handed down from generation to generation will soon become just as well known abroad as it is in brazil. brazilian?g else watch this. northern europe. look at this, this may have been one of the biggest ever waves after a goal. you will find carlos riding the wave. there he is. the exact prize has yet to be determined. he was helping to rescue a fellow surfer who had been knocked unconscious by the giant wave. news comes from china, reports from beijing suggesting an incident in which several people died in tandem and square may have been a suicide attack. five people reported killed, 40 injured.
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more to come here on bbc world news. stay with us. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, union bank, and united healthcare. >> my customers can shop around, see who does good work and compare costs. it can also work that way with health care. with united healthcare, i get information on quality ratings of doctors, treatment options, and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me and my guys make informed decisions. i don't like guesses with my business and definitely not with our health. >> that's health in numbers. united healthcare.
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>> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. here are some of the stories we're following this hour. chinese authorities have launched an investigation into what was behind a deadly car crash in tiananmen square. u.s. officials say they are conducting a review of intelligence gathering methods as new abuses come to light. chinese university graduates are learning a hard lesson, all their hard work may not pay off.
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police in beijing are trying to figure out what was behind an incident in one of china's most politically sensitive sites. a jeep plowed through a crowd on monday in tiananmen square. the driver, the two passengers and two passersby were killed. the jeep veered off a road, beside the square, crossed over barriers and crashed into a crowd. then it caught fire. microbloggers posted pictures online but soon after the pictures were taken down. authorities wiped the crash site clean of any trace of the incident. police keep tiananmen square under tight security. it's close to key political institutions. and they don't want demonstrators to gather there. the square was a scene of pro-democracy protests in 1989 which ended in a military crackdown. police in china's sichuan province arrested a man who crashed a bus into police vehicles. reporters say the man drove into the compound of a police station and courthouse. the bus reportedly hit two officers and damaged five vehicles.
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the driver made his getaway in the bus. police arrested him at a nearby bus terminal. they're still trying to figure out why he did what he did. three activists who campaigned against government corruption have gone on trial in eastern china. it was the first trial of its kind since xi jiping became president in march. prosecutors have charged the men with plotting against the nation and the government. the defendants' pushed for senior officials to disclose information about their wealth. sympathizers gathered outside came face to face with more than 100 police officers. the authorities took some protesters into custody. lawyers said all three defendants pleaded not guilty but court officials adjourned the trial after the first day. they said they'll restart the proceedings at a later date. spanish leaders are demanding answers after claims that u.s. agents spied on their citizens. a spanish newspaper says the national security agency tracked
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millions of phone calls. reporters for el mundo said they logged 60 million calls last december and january. they say the agents tracked the numbers of calls and where they took place. they say the agency did not store the content of the calls. the reporters cited classified documents provided by former nsa contractor edward snowden. spanish government officials summoned the u.s. ambassador for an explanation. spanish law prohibits the collecting of such information without permission. german media are reporting that agents also bugged chancellor angela merkel's phone. u.s. officials have not denied the allegation but say no such surveillance is taking place now. they say they're conducting a review of their intelligence gathering methods. >> i noted the other day a readout from a phone call the president had with chancellor merkel made clear that we do not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications.
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>> carney said last summer president barack obama ordered a comprehensive review of how the u.s. gathers intelligence. he said the investigation should be completed by the end of the year. defense secretary chuck hagel says the allegations do not reflect a lack of respect. >> we have great respect for our partners, our allies, who cooperate with us and we cooperate with them to try to keep the world safe, to keep each other safe, to keep our nation safe. >> hagel said intelligence is a key part of the cooperation. the online version of a german magazine posted a list of u.s. diplomatic sanctions suspectsed of being bases for wiretapping operations. the list does not include cities in britain,raliaaustralia, nations close to the u.s. cited an nsa document from 2010. it


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