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tv   Newsline  WHUT  July 16, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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sect. hezbollah fighters have reportedly come to the aid. regime. islamic extremists from africa and russia are also believed to be joining the conflict. myanmar's president has made a major step towards democratic reform. he's promised to release all their country's political prisoners by the end of the year. he made the announcement during his first official visit to britain. he met with david cameron. the prime minister said he was pleased with myanmar's political and economic progress.
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he expressed hope that the country as elections planned for 2015 will be free and fair. people with relative whose are foreign nationals are barred from seeking the position. aung san suu kyi's two children are british. the prime minister said his government's mission is to promote reform ahead. elections. he said his government will enter into a cease far with ethic rebel groups. they have been battling for more than 60 years. japan's two leading stock markets have now merged to become the third largest in the world. the aim is to improve the trading efficiency and global presence of japan's markets.
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nhk world has more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> reporter: officials at the combined exchange group held a ceremony on tuesday to mark the integration. >> translator: our goal is not just to survive, but to be the most competitive global stock market. we'll do absolutely everything we can to ensure the prosperity of the japan exchange group. >> reporter: trading in the shares of 1,100 listed companies in osaka has been transferred to tokyo with over 3,400 firms now listed here in total, tokyo has jumped from the seventh to the third biggest market this the world. it is now bigger than the nasdaq and the london stock exchange. now trading in derivatives will begin next march. the main reason for the merger is a cash march vet that's more
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efficient and less costly for trading. through the merger, the japan group is hoping to kus the operating cost by $70 million a year. it's already updated its processing. speedy trading is indispensable. and this upgrade helps prevent system failures. also brokers will no longer have to link their systems to both tokyo and osaka. investors are hoping they will reduce their trading fees. for their part, officials at the combined market here are hoping to boost trading volume and create a strong global presence. now the tokyo stock exchange used to be one of the largest before the bubble in the 1990s. now one example, is the merger between the new york stock exchange and euro next in 2007.
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many have turned out to be unsuccessful. in united states, intercontinental agreed to buy euro next. the japan exchange group has turned a new chapter, but challenges do lie ahead. in derivatives for instance, it's still far behind markets in china and south korea. the group needs to strengthen its competitiveness and its international presence. nhk world, tokyo stock exchange. chinese economy shows further signs of cooling. the latest data suggests that the economy expanded at a slower pace for the second quarter in a row. chinese manufacturers exported fewer goods as the yuan rose against other currencies.
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gross domestic product was down from a rate of 7.7% in the previous quarter. now for insight on what the numbers mean and what lies ahead, we spoke with a senior fellow and a specialist on the chinese economy. >> i think it's too slow for a chinese economy, because that could damage the stability of the society and second poupt here with just concern about jobless rate could end up going up sharply. so i think that chinese government need to implement some stimulus policy mix to support economic development and also they need to change the economic development model. because we find that chinese
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economic still rely on the investment and external export. but this engine now is just weakening. we need to strengthen another engine, the private con sum shun. but i think the allocation and reallocation is not enough. they postpone all. reform in the past ten years. so i think from now on the team need to reform the system and change the economic structure and to change the economic development. and also they need to show us the transparent economic policy mix. for example, to just interest rate and liberalize the interest
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rate and reform the state on commercial banks and privatize the soe enterprises. so such kind of agenda must now be effective and they need to take leadership to employment policy mix. in china, the shadow banking system is not so seriously as we just recognized. because in the past three decades, the shadow banking system also played very active role in china to support the private companies finance. so i think it's necessary for chinese economy that shadow banking system exist. but the problem here is how to formalize the shadow banking system. because we find that the firm
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shadow banking system, the state owned commercial banks, they never lone money to private companies. but we need private companies, because they employ our own. so first of all to privatize the state owned commercial banks and liberalize the interest rates and, you know, to be a firmer financial institute, so i think china need to recognize the serious problem and to refirm the financial system as soon as possible. i think this is a the role as prime minister. and china's slower growth is having repercussions across the region. officials at the asian development say growth will be shower than expected.
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t they say economies in southeast asia are robust by will experience fallout from china's weak showing. officials expect championship's economy will expand 7.7% in 2013. that's down from 8.2% projected in april. they cite sluggish trade and slowing investment as the reasons. japan's outlook has increased from 1.2% to 1.8%. they say prime minister abe's policies are producing results. a u.s. treasury official says they'll be taking a close look at each other's economic policies and how japan's growth strategy will be high on their ajohn da. >> we see in japan's case their growth strategy operating
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through demand channels, domestic demand channels. and that really is a touchstone for g-20 strategies for overall growth. >> she said the weakening currencies pose a threat to the global economy. investors expect the federal reserve to taper their monetary easing. this is causing money to flow out of countries and driving down their currencies. and now let's take a look at our global economic calendar for this week. now first on tuesday, the u.s. will be row leasing the consumer price index for june. on wednesday we'll find out how the u.s. housing market did in june. on the same day, fed chairman ben bernanke starts two day testimony in congress on monetary policy and the state of the economy. and over in moscow, a group of
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20 central bank governors will get together for a two day meeting on friday. now officials at apple are investigating claims that a chinese woman died while using her iphone. she reportedly received an electric shock when she answered the phone when it was charging. a chinese television network reported that the 23 year old flight attendant died. they haven't revealed what charmer the woman was using or how she was using it. apple officials say they will carry out a full investigation. chinese media said that some chargers deliver electric shocks. people in central thailand are seeing more signs of recovery. two years after floods devastated the area. managers of a leading japanese food processing company have
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opened up a new factory. the new plant cost $170 million to build. it will serve the growing demand for food products in thailand and other emerging markets. flooding in 2011 forced many japanese firms to close their factories and suspend business. they built a wall around the compound. >> translator: thailand is an important country, because it's a key hub that allows our company to access the southeast asian markets. >> workers at the plant are to produce 64,000 tons of seasoning per year. they hope more japanese companies will expand in the area. people from the philippines who tried without success to find a job in japan are getting some help back home. the japanese government is
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giving job hunting assistance to those who wanted to become a nurse or caregiver but failed tests. the japanese embassy held a job fair in manila. representatives of 20 firms talked about what they do. 80 job seekers entered. they had series of interviews, mainly in japanese. >> my plan is this -- work under a japanese company because i still want to enhance my studies and sharpen it. because i don't want to waste it. >> japan accepts nursing candidates as part of an economic partnership agreement. but applicants have to take an exam in japanese. since 2009, only 100 of 670 filippino applicants have passed the test. those who fail are not allowed to try again but have to return home.
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chinese human rights advocates outside the country have branded a group of jailed activists as their china 16. they're described as prisoners of conscience. the advocates expect u.s. support for this and other human rights causes, but they say u.s. is not pushing china hard enough. nhk reports from washington. >> reporter: u.s. president obama raised eaissue of china's human rightsst la month when he met xi jinping in california. but obama wrapped up his comments after 22 seconds. >> i will continue to emphasize human right, upholding universal rights are ultimately a key to success in prosperity and justice for all nations. >> reporter: then obama moved on to other topics. >> so, i want to again welcome
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president xi to the united states. we're very glad that he's here. >> reporter: at the very same time in washington, a human rights organization started a news conference. the central figure was the head of china aid association. in 1989 he was a pro-democracy protester at teiananmen square. he protested against china's human rights violations. >> president obama, he can have the list if he wants, but a list to start releasing these 16. >> reporter: the 16 people referred to are pro-democracy activists and religious figures opposed to china's communist
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party. family members who live outside china asked for support at the news conference. >> being honored here. >> reporter: this woman's father is a member of the foreign practitioners of chinese meditation. authorities banned the organization and detained him. 14 years ago, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison. >> this our due process. this out of fair trial. and this our justice. a lot happen in 14 years. being away from dad and growing up without him was really hard. >> he's been in prison for. >> reporter: this girl's father is also an activist. he campaigned against the communist single party rule. he has been in and out of prison and has had little time with his
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daughter. >> i'm almost 16, except the two years when i was a baby, i've only lived with my dad for two years, and i haven't seen my mom for two years because the chinese government denies her passport application again and again. >> reporter: she says that four of the 16 inmates are in jail for life. the sentences the others are serving are up to 165 years. he says that many at the jail are ill or facing other tough conditions. he is counting on the u.s. congress to urge china to improve human rights. here he visits the office of republican party congressman.
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he is frustrated with obama for not giving enough attention to china's human rights issues, even though the situation gets worse. >> translator: the obama administration is giving priority to economic and trade ties. sacrificing human rights concerns. that policy is misguided. >> reporter: human rights def d defenders say there is more to the issue than the china 16. many other chinese are also detained. but as china's power rises, the advocates worry the u.s. is less willing to raise the human rights. nhk world, washington. senior u.s. and chinese officials met in washington last week. they agreed to hold talks on human rights later this month.
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time now to check on the weather around the globe. there's heavy rain over the korean peninsula and our meteorologist joins us now with the latest. >> it's in the middle of the rainy season for much of the korean peninsula and parts of northern china. we have an active seasonal frontal system here. and north korea and north china are receiving the worst of it at this moment. we have 150 millimeters of rain in parts of north korea and heavy rain for northeastern china as well. thunderstorms and gusty winds are likely throughout the day. we're expecting heavy rain of
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about 200 millimeters for north korea. rain is expected to come back to the northern area starting this afternoon. some stormy weather will affect northern japan as we go into late wednesday and that will continue into thursday. this area was hit by excessive amounts of rain last week. so additional rain is not welcomed. now across the west, remnants of what was once a severe tropical storm is affecting much of southern china with widespread rainfall. the ground is saturated. and then towards the south a tropical depression has formed just east. it could intensify to a tropical storm by tomorrow morning local time and head towards the north aiming for taiwan once again. and this area was hit by a typhoon on saturday. so additional rain will raise the potential for flooding as well as landslides and mud
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slides there. the northeastern section of the philippines will see heavy rain and high waves as we go into the next couple of days. now across north america we have a stubborn low pressure system over the southern plains that have been causing copious amounts of rain. we have reports of 100 millimeters in waco, texas. that's more than we normally see for the month of july. more heavy rain is likely for the next couple of days. and monsoonal showers intensify over the four corners region and new mexico which is not necessarily bad news, because these areas have been dealing with the drought conditions. but this could raise the potential for flash floods. and towards the north, rain is happening in the northern plains. four tornados have been reported and hail the size of a golf
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ball. and across the northeast, very hot. temperatures expected to shoot up to the mid-30s in places like boston, chicago and new york. the arm temperature this time of the year is in the mid to upper 20s. so very dangerously hot conditions for the next few days across the northeastern u.s. finally, in europe, they're mostly try thanks to a big area of high pressure. there are a few things to talk about. mountain showers are likely across northern spain and the alpine region. and a series of lows is producing wet and windy weather for the north and unstable weather continues for the balkan peninsula. it's very hot across central and western europe. here's your extended forecast.
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people who watch britain's royal family are eagerly awaiting the birth of a royal baby. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their first child any day now. officials say other babies born on the same day will receive silver pennies as gifts. the mint will produce commemorative coins. they will come in a pouch along with a message card. people in britain customarily give silver coins to the paurnts of new borns for good luck. parents can apply for the coins by the mint's web page within 60 days of the baby's birth.
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they ask them to attach a copy of their baby's birth certificate. and that's all for this edition of "newsline." thank you very much for joining us.
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tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley.tonight a conversation about the ramifications of the george zimmerman trial as the not guilty verdict reverberates across this country. we will talk with tricia rose from the study of race in america and brown university. issues of racial profiling, the proliferation of guns command unequal justice continue to divide america. closed forourthouse business over the weekend, but the court of public opinion is still in session. thank you for joining us with
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tricia rose coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> once again, the verdict in a
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high-stakes trial has shot dennis done a bonus country and reignited the debate about race in the justice system that has smoldered for generations hearin. the acquittal of george zimmerman has enraged many americans. that a young man can be killed on is way home from a store and no one is held accountable from brownricia rose university, good to have you back on this program. >> thank you. tavis: your take on the verdict when you heard it? >> the first feeling was profound sadness which was trying to translate into anger at every turn. then a strange realization that it really wasn't that surprising. and that of course


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