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tv   Newsline  WHUT  September 14, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. the japanese coast guard says six chinese ships entered japanese waters near disputed island in the east china sea. three remain in the area around the senkakus. the coast guard is warning them to leave. the officials confirmed that two vessels belonging to chinese
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state oceanic administration entered the area at 6:20 a.m. japan time. they passed 22 kilometers off the senkakus. four ships later entered japanese waters. officers say the crew of the chinese ships told them they're conducting a regular patrol. the crew reportedly said the island have traditionally been chinese territory. this is the first time since july, that the chinese government vessels have intruded into japanese waters. the japanese government bought the senkakus from a private owner. japanese chief, cabinet secretary, expressed regret over the incident. he said the government is demanding that the chinese fleet leave the area immediately. >> translator: it is the first time that as many as six ships have intruded into japanese territorial waters. it's regrettable that these issues concerning the disputes island have occurred. the government is urging china to withdraw the ships
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immediately. meanwhile, japan's foreign ministry summoned to japan. vice foreign minister told the ambassador friday the island are an part of japanese territory. the cct broadcast say two fleets comprising of six ships began patrolling walters arouwa the island on friday morning. the chinese government says its ships will protect fishing boats operating near the island. fishing crews will head to the area after a seasonal ban is lifted on sunday. the website of chinese agriculture ministry posted comments by official bureau official regarding chinese claims to the walters. the official said fishing crews
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will set out after the three-month ban is lifted. the official said continuous patrols will protect fishing in the country's walters in accordance with chinese law. >> in april, ships blocked a naval ship. the incident led to a two-month standoff. japan's purchase of the island angered many chinese. locals in shanghai, assault aid group of japanese, some of whom were injured. the nationalization of the island has sparked almost daily protests in several cities. one in beijing on thursday, continued into the night. the japanese consulate general in shanghai says some chinese assaulted a group of japanese at a restaurant late at night. another person was kicked in the legs. consulate officials say at least four japanese have sustained major injuries since monday.
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the u.s. federal reserve stepped in again to try to stimulate the economy. the fed will buy $40 billion worth of mortgage debt each month until the jobs joutlook improves. >> the employment situation however remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path of moderate recovery it isn't growing fast enough to make progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced their decision after a meeting of policymakers on the federal open market committee. but, members of the committeeta improvement. >> the idea to quicken the recovery to help the economy begin to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs, and reduce
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unemployment rates. committee members said they plan to keep interest rates exceptionally low into mid 2015. the federal reserve has done this twice before. over the past few years. and i spoke with a correspondent who followed the events and is economic koement correspondent washington bureau. high started by asking why the fed went with this decision. >> all about jobs, jobs, jobs, latest data that came out last week showed the u.s. unemployment data is still around 8% a round 6% in august 2008. lehman brothers declared bankruptcy the next month. that failure tregeriggered even that affected economies around the world. we are still seeing some of those effects today. many fed officials think it will take a few months for anything they do to have positive effect.
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they felt they simply couldn't wait any longer. as the you said the committee also set near zero interest rates would likely be extended to 2015. chairman bnanke seems deter menned to do whatever it takes. >> right, now effective is this measure going to be do you think? >> well the fed kind of introduced the first respond of quantitative easing in november 2008. this time, the amount of assets the fed will buy will be only about 2/of 3 what they did in that round. and the policy makers say they will continue with those purchases until the jobs picture improve. helped guide monetary policy for the fed. he says the fed could have taken bolder actions. >> i think they're being way too timid. i see no reason why they shouldn't make qe 3 as big as qe 1. but, for example instead of
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saying a fixed amount and end date they have left it open. they have said this will continue indefinitely. they're hoping that those kinds of language changes will enhance the effect of, of the qe 3. >> going ahead with the decisions was not really easy for the fed. politicians inside and outside the united states are lining up with criticisms. so we are curious to see what kind of impact qe 3 will bring to the economy. >> policy makers at the fed are looking down the road. they released their outlook on u.s. economic growth for the next 3 years. central banked lowered its betw. from 1.9 and 2.4% projected in june. members of the federal open market committee expect the economy will pick up in the coming years. they project growth to reach
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between 3% and 3.8% in 2015. the fed kept its forecast on unemployment unchanged at between 8% and 8.2% over the last quarter. committee members expect joblessness to ease. they expect it to fall to between 6% and 6.8% in 2015. japanese government analysts chartered what its ahead of their economy. they downgraded their assessment for a second straight month. the governmentnom -- economic recovery has taken a pause downgraded from august. that something jessed the economy was moderately recovering even through some weaknesses. the first time the government has issued two straight downgrades since it lowered assessments for five straight months from october 2008 to february 2009. this time, analysts lowered their assessment forren dus trel production from flat to in a
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weak turn. this is dew to fall in production of items such as electronic parts. the government also lowered its assessment for private consumption, saying it is flat and weakening. this is attributed to a drop in automobile sales. people across the arab world are leaving their homes and their offices and heading out into the streets. protests against an american-made anti-islamic film are growing. the growing turmoil follows tuesday's attack on a u.s. consulate in libya which killed the ambassador and three other staff. demonstrators in yemen are also targeting american diplomatic missions. they gathered in front of the heavily guarded u.s. embassy in sanaa. they chanted religious slogans. some threw stones at the building or attempted to climb over the walls. embassy staff say one person was killed and five were wounded after yemeni security forces
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opened fire. protesters are angry the american-made film ridicules the prophet muhammad and includes scenes of sexual nature. muslims object to any depiction of the prophet. tensions are also high in egypt as anti-u.s. demonstrations continue. nhk world's yu kobayashi reports from cairo. >> reporter: protesters are out on the streets again. they gathered around the u.s. embassy for a third day. security forces shot tear gas to disperse the crowd. the demonstrators fought back by throwing stones. security forces are trying to break up the protests. they want to make sure it doesn't get out of control. more troops were sent in.
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the protesters were pushed back toward tahrir square, several hundred meters from the u.s. embassy. but there were no signs of return to order. overnight, vehicles were set on fire and protesters tried to force their way through security barriers. egyptian health authorities say more than a dozen people have been injured. egyptian health authorities say more than a dozen people have been injured. there are calls for more demonstrations on friday. the islamic day of prayer. a huge crowd is expected to gather in tahrir square.
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egypt is braced for another day of tensions. yu kobayashi, nhk world, cairo. the u.s. government is increasing security at its embassies around the world following the deadly attack in libya. the federal bureau of investigation is trying to determine who was responsible. nhk world's anthony yazaki reports from washington. >> reporter: the fbi has sent a team to libya to investigate the benghazi attack alongside local authorities to examine the possibility of al qaeda or other terrorist groups' involvement. a high ranking u.s. official has characterized the attack as elaborate. the assault fell on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the u.s. president barack obama reacted
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sharply. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: during a phone call with the president of the libya's national assembly mohamed magarief, obama asked libyan authorities to secure the safety of u.s. embassy staff. the leaders confirmed that american and libyan officials will cooperate to identify the assailants and bring them to justice. at the same time, the obama administration is apparently trying to show consideration for protesters in the arab world. the president criticized the american-made film that angered many muslims. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey made a phone call to a christian pastor who had expressed his support for the production and asked the pastor to reverse his
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position. the pastor had sparked controversy in recent years by burning the koran. the obama administration is now facing the difficult challenge of condemning the killing of its ambassador while at the same time trying to calm anti-u.s. sentiments in the middle east. anthony yazaki, nhk world in washington. north korea has established a new administrative bureau in charge of amusement parks. political analysts say the move as an attempt to cast kim jong-un as a benevolent leader. the newspaper is published by the pro-pyongyang general association of korean residents in japan and reported the news thursday. the newspaper says the bureau was set up in may to instruct workers and maintain amusement parks in the country. the bureau plan to introduce new attractions and build additional entertainment facilities. the latest news report explained the expansion and operation of amusement parks is a national undertaking promoted by supreme leader kim jong-un. in may, a story was run showing kim inspecting an amusement park. after discovering its subpar maintenance he became angry and
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ordered repairs on the spot. state media also reported that in july, kim and his wife attended the opening ceremony of an amusement park in pyongyang and sampled the rides. the regime tightly controls its people and the flow of information. once in a while, outsiders get a snapshot of life in this reclusive nation. an nhk crew returned from there. for the first time since kim jong-un took charge we were able to head into the countryside. our coverage started in the capital, pyongyang. bright lights illuminate streets. it runs counter to the belief that they suffer from energy shortages. crews are working to construct more buildings. despite all new, people enjoy the old. many visit the city's, most famous cold noodle restaurant.
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>> translator: i have not eaten every type of food around the world, but i believe nothing could compare to this cold noodle. >> reporter: even an informal interview abut food out food is. they usually keep citizens from communicating with foreign media. outside of the capital, we fond north koreans enjoyingly sure activity as long the seaside. >> translator: we are having a good holiday with relatives. eating grilled meat like this. >> translator: it is delicious. >> they seemed happy. but it hard to know what life is really look for them. even government organized gatherings seem to be changing. the regime often uses choreographed events to teach
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north koreans about its dogma. this one focused on entertaining younger people. authorities are trying to soften the image of new leader, kim jong un. >> what did you take away from this trip? >> the north koreans i saw a little bit of them i expected. i came across young women wearing fashionable clothing. even people are using phones. i was surprised to see many north koreans riding bicycles from children to seniors. but, in the countryside, roads are not well maintained. we once encountered a car that runs on burning charcoal.
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areas seem to be behind economically. >> north korea of course has very tight media restrictions. how did that affect your coverage? >> i was surprised that north korean officials seldom stopped us from shooting images or interviews. our cameras could capture almost anything with the exception of military facilities. but that doesn't mean we were able to go wherever we wanted. we were not free to streike out on our own. north korean officials, worked out our schedule and route beforehand. we had to follow instructions. so, while our crew had more freedom, than usual. we still faced tegt ight restrictions. >> do you think the regime will open north korea. >> the country has changed little by little since kim took
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power last december. there is possibility north korea leaders are trying to show they are making reforms. but as far as i can tell, they are not breaking from their basic political policy. they are still putting the military first and they continue to urge people to praise their leader. so, it will likely be sometime before we will see a leader change in north korea. japan's bullet trains are famous for being fast and punctual and rightly so. the average delay last year was 30 seconds on the shinkansen line. that time keeping requires more than just the latest technology. here's a look at what's going on in the driver's cabin. >> reporter: for some people,
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punctuality is a virtue. for takanori usui, it's a driving passion. >> translator: my goal today is to be within one second of the schedule when passing stations and five seconds for station stops. >> reporter: he has been driving bullet trains for ten years. today, he is departing from osaka station. his destination is tokyo, a journey of 2 hour, 36 minutes. the automatic control system sets a maximum speed. depending on the spacing between trains. but the computer can't determine the optimum speed to stay on schedule. that is still in the hands of the driver. >> translator: on time. in order to be on schedule, i calculate the speed by subtracting the distance to the next station to the distance to
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tokyo station. >> reporter: that number, 163, is the distance in kilometers from tokyo station. usui uses this number to figure out the exact speed needed to arrive at the next stop on time. no computers for this calculation. it's all done in his head. so far, usui has stopped at two stations and passed two others, on time to the second. but then -- >> translator: nagoya station, departing 15 seconds late. >> reporter: it took time getting the passengers on and off. usui accelerates. he wants to make up for the delay, but he has to be careful. if he goes too fast, he'll trigger the automatic brakes.
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nudging the shifter, usui keeps just inside the speed limit. time check. >> translator: passing. three seconds late. >> reporter: usui makes up the lost time over the next two stations. by the third station, he's got train and time tables synchronized again. >> translator: passing on time. >> reporter: with the exception of the two through stations, usui has kept precisely to the schedule, all the way to tokyo. >> translator: i was getting worried, but in the end, i was able to keep my schedule. >> reporter: his 2 1/2 hour journey is recorded on a shift card.
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it's all there. speed, acceleration, even brake usage. second by second. on a good day, usui's card is a record of driving perfection, one his passengers will never see. that's fine with usui. his eyes stay fixed on the clock. >> a typhoon and here is meteorologist sayaka mori. this storm is very powerful. actually a violent storm. it's definitely the strongest typhoon of the year so far. looks like it will move up toward the north and will likely move through the main island of okinawa sunday morning local time. a very strong typhoon and head
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toward the korean peninsula or western japan. stormy conditions will start to affect the okinaw island from tomorrow. we are expecting very strong wind. dangerous sea conditions including storm surge and swells as well as high waves and rough seas from tomorrow. rainfall is going to be significant. we are expecting 300 to 500 millimeters to fall in the okinaw islands in 24 hours. that its certainly enough to cause flooding. well, you will notice that not only okinawa. west coast of the philippines may see very heavy rain. that's because, the southwest monsoonal flow. as for the rest of east asia. we have a season frontal line. stretching from the shanghai into korean peninsula and western japan. heavy rain and thundershowers. will reman throuin throughout t. looking dry throughout most of
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china. but down toward the south, most of the showers are intensifying over the indochina peninsula. moving into the americas. we have a couple of tropical storms out toward the east and west. let's first talk about tropical storm nadine. could become a hurricane in 48 hours. it will likely veer toward the east and affect the azures island. any time between east tuesday, wednesday, local time. stormy conditions are on the cards across the azures island. then we have tropical storm christie, southwest of mexico. it will continue to move towards the northwest. in parallel with the west coast of mexico. over the next several days. as for the u.s. frontal line affecting the southern plains up toward the great lakes region. underneath the system. you are seeing short term heavy rain and thunderstorms. it looks like wet weather in texas and oklahoma will continue for the next several days. up to 100 millimeters, likely over the next 24 hours.
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or 48 hours or so. and then let's go to europe. then we have remnants of tropical storms. affecting the british isles as well as scandinavian peninsula. you can see, isobars close together. very strong wind are blowing scotland. has had wind of over 100 kilometers per hour. the system will move toward the east. then to the south. we have stationary, strong low-pressure systems, impacting italy and the balkan peninsula. heavy rain, thunderstorms, and even hail are possible into tomorrow. temperatures are looking like this, central europe, looking moderate. 19 degrees in vienna. same goes for berlin. out toward the west, the one hot spot, lisbon, 35 expected friday. that's the for me now. and here is your extended forecast. ♪ ♪
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that is a all for now on this edition of newsline. i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for watching.
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