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tv   Newsline  WHUT  July 18, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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back to "newsline." we are starting off kim jung the title korea. the leaderhecenter
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of the country's power. top branches of power, the state, the military and kim's circle. authorit was ill. out.f power after he has
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complete control of the country and the military. fighone. no place forny buildings
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assad up assad regime in country. he was a member of thehe wit syriacized the assad administration in a statement. he said he left the military because soldiers are told to keep fighting inharmed. he said authoritieske part in security operations.
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efforts to stop fighting in syria. piano calling for action by he is stressing that the international community should continor us to move forward on this critical issue. >> annan did not say if the russian presidt re putin is believed to have
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maintained his stance on the sanctions. co u.s.-european resolutions. the measure th the security council will decide the current deployment expires friday. compiled a laundering. funds
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expected to have handles things with igized tohsbc has fall up short of our expectations and the expectations of our steps to avoid in worth of travellers ch secondhand al fixing her vin
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king said he found out about thend the role $453 million attempting to reporting of wrong doing to officials years spread worldwide. king
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dysfunctional and not operating the c sye benchmark interest rate. flawed. i would like to see additional reforms to the libor once the scheme was discovered in 2009. the system. the associatio bernanke that
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progress in reducing unemployment is likely to be action profit fell over 4% in april to june period from a year d worl 4.3% to about $2.8 billion semiconductors for priced notebook the year will be limited to 3 to 5%. that is lower than the firm's forecast. as a smart phones and more
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intel's earnings are s firm and mobile devices and country. new york city reconstruction agency advantage of the sendai. firms taxes for five
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years and explainedhe feed ands for energy renewal which we will be looking at a lot. groups of areasyear's earthquake recovering. center of the disaster zone. why are thesearea?
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>> reporter: the aim is to give people from other countries an ity to see for themselves the scale of the disaster and the rebuilding efforts. between now and next march the government will invite students from asia some with a visited the miyagi prefecture. they s earlier this month. isdisaster. >> on the first day the students listen as the people from the town describe their own personal experiences.
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850 year to pull herself together to everybody what they experienced in the tsunami. >> seeing the >> reporter: the group was taken to one of the places that suffered the most damage from the tsunami.ate in 2005. trees, cutting off all roads to her hometown. her family had to stay with relatives for a month and a even so harris was not prepared for the scale of the destruction
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caused by the tsunami. >> comparing it to a friend >> just see it would be completely gone like >> reporter: the next day, the students were taken to visit a shellfish farm that produces scallops and oysters. the tsunami wiped out the entire facility along >> may i have a taste? >>
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>> t their fish.>> so what kind of impact did the visit have on the american students? >> isly they situation was back the students i spokets ofvolve theirawarenessrts. they aim to raise funds for the disaster areas by washing and soup.
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thathk rebuilding you every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time here on so much so that people like to drop by even when the shop is closed on sundays. nhk world's kentaro fukahara reports. >> reporter: sunday morning and t? >> translator: they all have >> reporter: they come to look at the bad days ma
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sorry, we're closed. illustrated by han owner.s 89. >> translator: i love being in my store. it's my entire life.
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and he as if he were actually talking with them.ranslator: it's too blunt just to say "shop closed today." nd a message to my so i
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wrote to raise people's spirits summer with a blue sky overhead. reach for theposted this one after last year's march 11th the eart even so, spring is here and the cherry blossom is out. >> reporter: now sakamoto's
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sundays.on why psame sentiments about life. this autumn, thetiring. he gave his final performance on he chose one of his own pieces for his turn in the spotlight. 1996.
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critics andistic ofrom supported me came together to >> he will officially retire in
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september. he plakies here in tokyo but in westeion could get severe rachel duringson with her world weather forecast. contending it is a severe tropical storm kannun. of south korea fall. that said is it bringin being felt here just off the japaneseouthern a high concern as
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western japan was inundated with heavy more heavy rain. strongnur. the next rain to a pl bangladesh and mean mar and nort cards in the northern
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united states from montana through the great lake rejohn and in the in the southeast. you had a histo in a we had a report of a tornado touching down in kansas. a mixed bag of theay but looks like a coming down in very much significant vo today across places like oklahoma city at 38 37 in d.c. and 35 in new york ures more m in
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northern the south. the stormiest conditions are in the british isles but a frontnates most of the south. that means that the fading have figures in the upperrossnd top story
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before we leave you this the nation's military chairman of the
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national defense commission and top post's the military chief was kim. struggles between the workers party and the commander. he has for now ontion of
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