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tv   BBC Newsnight  WHUT  December 18, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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not to have to carry that around anymore? [applause] well, you asked what do you have to lose, maybe 30 pounds? maybe you have to gain saving your marriage. >> and your mind. >> your mind. >> there's some good things to stick around for, i would say. i'm here with dr. amen. also with us this morning is david ginder. we'll return to more the amen solution, thinner,.
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we encourage you to make your pledge in support of all the programs you value right here on weta, your public television station. it's easy to do, simply call the number on your screen or pledge online at when you make that call we have some special ways to say thank you. and we're going to have dr. amen tell us a little bit more about that. >> i would just be thrilled. at the 90-dollar level, you get the dvd of this show plus an extra hour of bonus material, so it's a two dvd set. >> i was going to say, one thing that's great about that i think you may be watching this, watching this program, you're thinking, i know someone who needs to watch this with me, so you can have. >> it makes great gift. >> it makes a great gift, or watch it again with somebody you care about that maybe encourages a conversation that needs to happen. >> at the 120-dollar level is my brand-new book, the amen solution, the brain healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. it seems like what mos everybody calls in for is the
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amen solution master package which is really the best value. it includes the dvd of the show with the extra bonus material, it includes thehe hard cover bo, it includes a six cdrom, the secrets to being thinner and happier now, six cd audios. three e books, get healthy with the brain doctor's wife, a peokbook, questionnaire. look at my wife and say how do you look like that, she lives the message. the coaching guide edited her book, she -- tanna said keep reading.
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she said i have no idea what to eat. she said keep reading. and since then the editor lost 30 pounds, her whole family is dramatically different. so the cookbook and coaching guide is very special. then there is the amen solution master questionnaire, we just came out of the show talking about theiftferenop types, well, how do you know? the questionnaire that i've developed will help you know your type. so if you can't come to one of my clinics, i have a clinic here in weston, i feel like this is coming home for me, it's about $3,500 to come to one of my clinics. so less than 10% of the cost of that you get all of this great material plus the questionnaire to help you know your type. and then my very favorite part is the new amen solution online program that literally holds appism.nd to get thinner, i happier. i wanted to develop something so special that you would use it every single day of your life.
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so it comes with the questionnaire online, food journals, brain journal, hundreds of brain healthy recipes and tips from my wife, there's a brain gym where you can test your brain and then based on how your brain tests, like focus, energy, mood, anxiety and so on, we give you individualized brain exercises in the form of fun games to optimize your brain. plus, there's a relaxation room that has six individualre hypnos audios that i do for you as if you were in my office. and there's a kill the answer room which we'll talk about, it's just very fun. >> it's a very full package. one of the things i really appreciate about that is it's one thing to say, okay, i want to make a change in my life or, you know, i know there are some things i need to address, this really walks you through it. i mean, it really gives you all the support that you need to be able to make some change. >> maybe people are like me, they get a book, they read it,
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they're really serious about it, they under line it and then they put it down and they never look at it again. and i'm tired of that. it's my 28th book, i wanted to put something together that would make a difference in your life for the rest of your life. because we can't afford what's going on in our society. you know, i have two new grand babies, and i just adore eli and emmy, but they will never be able to afford the tsunami of illness that is going to hit us if we don't as a society get healthier, but it has to start with you and it needs to start now. because there is no other time than now. if you do this, i promise you you'll get not only thinner but smarter and happier all at the same time. >> it's really keeping in mind what is the whole -- the whole picture. and you really talk about that too as a family, that your whole family is really approaching this again. and i love the stories that you tell about people taking this on to support each other.
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and i want to say it's great to have you in our area because you actually have a clinic here, which you mentioned, and again, what an incredible value this 240-doll package is considering if someone would to go to the clinic, which is a great option, that's significantly more. but you can get a huge support to make changes in your life for $240 and support your public television station all at the same time. >> right. now, it is just -- it's great value. i trained here in washington, d.c. at the walter reed army medical center and love washington which is why we put one of our clinics in virginia. but i know not everyone can afford to do it. my books are translated into 30 languages. so i developed these great questionnaires to help you know what your brain is like so you can then target and tailor the program to your own individual brain. of course if you need to come see us, come see us, but that's not the point of this. the point of this is it's our way to say thank you for
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supporting weta. we'll give you these great thank you gifts and i can promise you they'll change your life. >> we'll have a chance to talk some more, enteramen, it's wonderful to be here. we're going to hear from david, who is going to tell us about why it's so important. >> you make a powerful impact when you join the team of the thousands of people in the greater washington area who are weta contributors. you make possible programs that elevate the quality of life here in our community. these are programs that stand as the benchmark against which all other television programs are measured. these programs are chosen with an emphasis on quality and your interests in mind. and we hope you consider these programs worthy of your support. if you do, please go to our telephone and call the number on your yourdon wit phouou y yr pde rght now.
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you know, we have a lot of gifts you can choose from for your pledge of support from weta. for a 90-dollar pledge we have a two delved set, it includes the program plus bonus material. for 120-dollar pledge the hardcore book, the amen solution, the brain healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. that's for 120-dollar pledge. for a 240-dollar pledge the amen solution master package. it contains everything i just mentioned, the two dvd set which has program plus bonus material, the hard cover book, the amen solution, plus a cdrom with lots of great material, the great get healthy with the brain doctor's wife e books, including a cookbook, a coaching guide, and
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a brain healthy workout guide. there's also a six cd audio course, wonderful in the cars. the secrets to being thinner, smarter and happier now. plus the questionnaires, figuring out what kind of overeater you are, what kind of specific help you need, that's what you'll be determining by taking the questionnaire. plus 90 days free of dr. amen's new online program all for your pledge of $240 in support of weta. let's go back. >> thank you, david. ivities -- i was just thinking about that incredible package, $240 package, you have an interesting story from your time in houston. >> i was in houston recently, and as people were calling in, there was a 91 year-old woman who called in and ordered six master packages. and so i got on the phone with her, i'm like, well, thank you, why did you do that? and she said i have six children. i want to give a complete package to each of the six children, so it can change their life and that will be my legacy to them.
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and i just think that's so smart. because what we found is that if you get healthy and work the program, other people in your family are going to want to do the same thing. that's how you can make this contagious. and i've just seen it work over and over again, we're going to tell you a couple very special stories why that's important. >> i want to say too, one of the things we talked about early in the show is knowing your motivation to make change, why do you want to do some things differently. and i was thinking about how critical that is. you know, i have a year and a half year-old, i'm almost 40 years old, i need to stick around for a long time, right? that's a pretty powerful motivation. and if i can keep that like in the forefront. >> one of the things we do in the online program, it's very cool, so in the online program you fill out an exercise we call the one-page miracle. on one piece of paper or one computer form you write down what you want, what's important
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to you. and then you look at it every day. and every time you log in to the online program your one page miracle says hello to you and you look at your goals. and then every day you ask yourself is my behavior getting me what i want? so as soon as i had my first grandson 19 months ago, it's so sunk in my head, my grandfather was very important to me, but he had his first heart attack at the age of 49 and he had his second heart attack that took him away from me way too early. i did not want that for my grandson, plus, he's so much funny want to be here to be part of his life for as long as possible, but what that meant is i had to get healthy now. i couldn't wait for monday, i couldn't wait for next month, i couldn't wait until january 1st, i had to be serious about it and get healthy now. that's why it's important for you to go to the phone and call now and make this program part of your life.
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>> and you're saying this is not about deprivation, this is about understanding your brain, understanding what kind of brain you've got, understanding how to approach whatever your issue is, why are you overeating, are you anxious? all of those things, there an add issue, depression. you know, you get -- this is such a specialized program which again is one of the things i really appreciate. it's not saying we all have to fit into one mold and somehow if we fail it's our fault. you're really saying like know yourself. and it's also about abundance. the thing that surprised me is my food choices got better, not worse. i'm just smarter in how i spend my calories. so i really think of calories like money. so if you ask my wife, you know, is daniel cheap, she'll go no, he's not cheap, but he wants value for whatever money he spends. i think the same thing for my calories. and what you'll find, especially in the cookbook, is there's
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great value that tastes great. so when you stop eating the bad food, your taste buds actually come back and so an orange, which used to sort of taste flat because you were eating the cinnamon roll, the orange will now explode with flavor and you will now begin to enjoy your food so much better, plus you'll know you're doing something good for your brain and your belly at the same time. >> dr. amen, let's go through the thank you gifts again so folks have in mind really what are their choices here as they are supporting public television and this program as well. >> it's only on public television you're going to see a show like mine. i've been on every other show on the television, you know, from larry king and good morning america and i always have four minutes to say something brilliant. it's only on public television that they bring you programs that literally can change your life in a positive way. so at the 90-dollar level, it's our way to say thank you for supporting this station, you get
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the dvd of the program and an hour of bonus material. at the 120-dollar level you get the brand-new best selling hard cover book, the amen solution, the brain healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. at the 240-dollar level is the best value, because you get the double dvd set, the book, the six cd audio course, the secrets to being thinner, smarter and happier now, you get the three e books, get healthy with the brain doctor's wife with over 100 brain healthy recipes, the coaching guide, the exercise guid plus you get the questionnaire to help you know youre, type. but my favorite part is the 90 days of my new online solution that will literally hold your hand to get thinner, smarter and happier. it's got the brain journal, the food journal, the brain gym. you can log on anytime and work out any brain gym or get a brain healthy recipe. if you're feeling sad, mad,
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nervous or out of control, you can go to the ant room. there's just so many tools. >> it is a wealth. it's great to hear the phones ringing off the hook. i want to say if you have a question about a thank you gift, you can ask the volunteer on the phone. actually we want to hear from david too. >> did you know that sustained giving is an incredibly convenient way to support weta? our single society members are a group of dedicated members who cruelty on a monthly basis. this provides a consistent reliable income stream for weta. their yearly membership is renewed and it feels great to be making a difference every month of the year. so join with other society members today by making an ongoing commitment of $10 a month, is a dollars a -- $15 a month, $20 a month by calling the number on your screen. we'll be happy to answer any questions we have about this very special group of supporters. >> thank you so much, david. i'm really enjoying this chance to chat with you and this
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program is so accessible, we're learning a lot from dr. amen this evening, and he's here with us in the studio. we were just talking a little bit and you were saying you've actually even created an entire online community. >> it's brand-new, it's just a few weeks old but we already have thousands of members in the community. and i've been a psychiatrist for just about 30 years now, and what i wanted to do in this community, like in my book, put all the tools i use day to day in my office with patients. yes, i still see patients at the amen clinic. and so if you log on, you're going to get the same information, including the hypnosis cd's, same kinds of things i do with my patients, how to kill the ants, the automatic negative plus. we'll talk about in the next segment. you're going to get the brain journal, the brain gym where you can log on anytime. that's sort of the beautiful thing about it. you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to go see a therapist. do that if you need it, but here
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you're going to get all the tools you need from a double board certified psychiatrist who has been doing this for a very long time who's rooting for you to get healthy and you can do this. i know, i get stories every day, in fact i got one story that made me cry yesterday. this woman who lost her daughter to cancer two years ago after she suffered with bone cancer for four years, and after that she just went to bed for two years. she was crying and eating too much and drinking too much, and finally she realized this has got to stop and she got my last program from public television, and started doing the exercise, read the book, she realized what she was doing was not helping her, did the whole program just like i'm sharing with you, and in 10 weeks lost 23 pounds. and she said the most important part of this not only was working the program but was
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teaching her family how to do this as well. so i just started crying when i read that. >> yes, that's really beautiful. and i think it's so important, the reminders that we're not alone, right? so whatever's going on for you you're not alone. there's a resource available to you. this station has been there for you again and again with incredible programming like this one and we'd love to say thank you for a pledge of support. and this maybe is an opportunity for you to turn a corner in your life. if you make a pledge of $90 we'll send you ts program dvd, it's a two dvd set, it's got an hour of bonus material. for 120-dollar pledge there's the hard cover book, the amen solution, the brain healthy way to lose weight and keep it off, such an important detail. and then for 240-dollar pledge the amen solution master package. and if you just want to run through that a again, that'd be great. >> it's got the dvd of the show with the bonus material, the hard cover book, amen solution. it's got the three e-books get
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healthy with the brain doctor's wife, which is my favorite part of this, cookbook, coaching guide, brain healthy workout guy, six cd audio course that you can listen to in the car. if you listen to all six hours it will become embedded in your unconscious. >> and chances are you're stuck in traffic enough in this area you've got time. >> i've been there today. >> what a good way to put it to good use. >> plus the questionnaire and the online program that has the questionnaire. i talk about the five types, but when you add up the combination of types people can have there are 15 different types. so if you take on online you'll know exactly your type or your combination of types and what supplements are best for you, what diet is best for you, what's the right program for you. plus you get the brain gym, the brain journal, the food journal, the relaxation a.m., -- room. all the tools as if you were sitting with me twice a week for a year. these are the things i would be teaching you to make a big
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difference in your life. >> it's really tremendous. we really appreciate the time that you've given us this evening coming back home to this area. and there's lots more. in fact, the next segment of the show is just terrific. so stick around. we'd like to thank our volunteers from the american association of university women working to bring about change for women and girls in educatio. workplace. and we'd like to thank our friends ping from charlie chang. stay with us, dr. amen will be back with us in the next break. now back to the amen solution, thinner, smarter and happier. [applause] >> welcome back. as i mentioned in the beginning of this show, this is not
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weight loss for dummies. it is for thoughtful people, but one of my favorite stories about dumb ways to lose weight comes from a television station in texas. when i arrived at the studio, the producer, with whom i'd worked before, looked thinner than the last time i saw him. when i asked him what he was doing, he told me he lost 20 pounds on a medically supervised 500-calorie-a-day diet. whoa. i don't like those diets, because they don't teach people how to live in the real world. they're a quick fix, and people usually just gain the weight right back. the day i was at the studio was the last day of his diet, and as a way to celebrate, he had two of his favorite deep-dish pizzas flown in from chicago so that he could eat them over the weekend. "you're kidding," i said. "no. why?"
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"you're acting like an alcoholic who just got out of rehab, and as a way to celebrate your sobriety, you are planning on getting drunk." not the sign of intelligent life. when i saw him a few months later, he had put back on all the weight and more. it's time for a new approach, not just for a few weeks but for the rest of your life. in this final segment of the show, we're gonna talk about smart ways to get thinner, smarter, and happier, including the thoughtful use of targeted supplements, powerful ways to stop emotional overeating, and influencing those you love to get thinner, smarter, and happier too. amen solution number eight: targeted supplements to boost your brain and your body.
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when i first started our brain-imaging work in 1991 at the amen clinics, i was so excited because i could see the underlying brain patterns of many of the problems i treated, like a.d.d., brain injuries, autism, mood disorders, and alzheimer's disease. initially i thought our imaging work would lead us to use more medications because we were dealing with biological problems. but in fact, over time, our imaging work has actually led me to use less medicine because i didn't like the effects some medications had on the brain. some anti-anxiety medications, for example, looked like alcohol on the scans, and many painkillers were worse. this led me to look for alternative ways to optimize brain function. and to my surprise, there were many natural ways that had good scientific evidence for optimizing brain function,
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including your diet, meditation, and using natural supplements. and what i found most interesting was that the same supplements tended to help people be thinner, smarter, and happier at the same time. for example, i recommend that all of my patients take a multiple vitamin every day. most americans do not eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, the minimum required to get the nutrition you need. i think of taking a multiple vitamin as insurance, and a recent study found that taking a multiple vitamin every day significantly improved mood and mental performance. i also recommend that all of my patients take fish oil every day. fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have been found to be low in people with a.d.d., depression, suicide, alzheimer's disease,
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and obesity. taking fish oil has been found to be good for your heart, your skin, your eyes, your joints, your hair, and your brain. in a recent study, taking omega 3s have been found to decrease your appetite and your cravings. one of our patients lost 40 pounds and attributed the bulk of his weight loss to taking fish oil, which he said completely knocked off his appetite. i usually recommend people take between 1 to 3 grams of high-quality fish oil a day. for people who cannot take fish oil, flaxseeds or flax oil is my second choice. as i mentioned before, another critical supplement is vitamin d. know your vitamin d level, and take vitamin d3 or get more sun if your level is low. there are supplements that can help with cravings. chromium and alpha lipolic acid
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can help balance blood sugar, which, as we have seen, is critical to getting your cravings under control. and there is a very interesting supplement called n-acetyl-cysteine that has been shown in five studies now to decrease cravings and compulsive behaviors for cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, and gambling. then there are supplements i recommend for each brain type. for example, if there are issues with moodiness and pain, i often recommend same. if i need to boost focus and impulse control, i may use a green tea extract, or if i want to calm worry and overthinking, i often recommend 5htp, saffron, or st. john's wort. in our study of retired football players, we used the whole program to help them get thinner, smarter, and happier and also relied heavily on nutritional supplements to help them be successful.
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all of our players took a multiple vitamin, fish oil, and targeted supplements to help their memory and mood. today we have 32 players with follow-up scans and cognitive test scores. not only did our players lose weight, they also felt smarter and happier; 70% reported tirhe memories were better, 53% noticed improvements in their attention, and 40% said they felt happier and more motivated. in addition, we saw highly significant increases in the front, decision-making part of their brains. at 34, cam cleeland was one of our youngest nfl players. he had just retired as a tight end and was struggling with depression, irritability, memory, weight, and marital problems. his wife, who was at her wit's end, found out about our study.
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cam had had three concussions in college and five in the pros. his brain showed evidence of physical trauma along with being compulsive and sad. after eight months on our program, his testing showed dramatic improvements in mood, attention, and memory. plus, his brain was better, and he lost 35 pous and four pant sizes. of course, supplements will never work by themselves if you eat too much or do not exercise. to be smart, you have to do the whole program, including knowing your brain type. there is much more on the thoughtful use of supplements in the program materials. amen solution number nine: tools to end emotional overeating. too often when people get stressed or upset, they turn to food as a way to soothe their mind.
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i've certainly done that. i remember one day when i dealt with four suicidal patients, two violent teenagers, and two couples who hated each other. when i got home, i felt like i deserved all seven of the chocolate chip cookies i ate. some foods, especially those filled with simple carbohydrates, like cookies, cake, or bread, boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin that can quickly make us feel less anxious and less depressed. the problem, of course, is that these comfort foods can become addictive and cause us to lose control. there are better ways to deal with stress. if you want to get control of your mind and your waistline, it is essential to stop emotional overeating. here are several simple techniques that i use whenever i feel stressed


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