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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  July 20, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." why doesn't he do more than to give a half apology and provide a full apology now for hiring and nicholson and bringing him into a downing street? -- andy coulson. >> i would say to stop hunting feeble conspiracy theories. most that was just -- let me thank him and what he said about the panel, which we have sent the names to his office this morning. on most of the other questions, i feel that he wrote to the questions before he heard my statement today.
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about the issue of british sky broadcasting. there was no breach of the ministerial code. you heard the evidence yesterday saying that there was not one single in a group of conversation. and when it comes to setting out meetings with news corp., i have sat at every single meeting. they published a list this morning, but it does not go back to the last election. when are we going to see the transparency from tony blair and from gordon brown? , -- second issue, his questions about couslon. >> oder.
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we wan -- order. >> no one has raised a single question about coulons's conduct on downing street. there's only one party with a news international executive equipment a -- in his hand. pink, the question that he raises about my chief of staff ed llewellyn, is the leader of the opposition suggesting that he knows better than the chairman of the home affairs committee, and the cabinet secretary, than john yates, van paul stephenson, and all these people, including jeremy hayward? is he saying all those people are wrong and that he's right?
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that shows a staggering lack of judgment. let me desk answer the question about the resignation. , butw it's inconvenient sir paul stephenson set out to reasons for his resignation and explains why this situation was so different from downing street. most of the questions that he asked, i had already answered. the role of the teeth of staff and the role of mr. neil wallis, answered. let's be clear about what we heard yesterday, rupert murdoch said "politician i was closest to was gordon brown." let us remember, who was the adviser and gordon brown was the chancellor? >> we will want to hear the answers given by the prime minister. >> let us remember that the
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right honorable gentleman the was the adviser to gordon brown. let us remember during the last parliament that the information commissioner and ignored reports of the select committee, ignored the the failure of the police investigation. now we know which party was the slumber party and it wasn't a d everyone can see what he's trying to do, an attempt to play this for narrow party advantage. that has taken place over many years. the problem is one that the public expects us to stop playing with, but to rise to the occasion and do what is for the good of the country. order. mr. davis.
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>> under the previous labor government, damian green was arrested by the metropolitan police. the prime minister and home secretary were not notified of the details of that investigation. pass the time the labor front bench insisted as a matter of party that they would not tell us. is -- a matter of propriety. >> my right honorable friend makes a good point, when you read the exchange of e-mails and you see what's ed llewellyn said the, you will see its was cleared in advance by jeremy hayward. we don't live in a country where the prime minister orders who should be arrested. >> almon johnson -- allen johnson. >> the home secretary
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misstatement on monday of over 1000 words, but "neil wallis" was not mentioned. she was unaware, like me, of his appointment. neil wallis's best buddy was working for them. did you know that he was working for the police? >> i was not aware. one of the issues is the transparency and information. one thing everybody has to say about no. 10 downing street is there was no hiding the fact we had employed coulson. i thank the prime minister for the announcements, but will he say that all governments from
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this one back to over 20 years have been far too close to the media giants in this country? that that has to end, meaning no more backdoor visits to no. 10? havehat's we should possibly cabinet papers and recommendation of the information commissioner and others to be implemented to increase criminal penalties immediately for illegalities? >> official meetings as well as private meetings we have had. in listen to the meeting i had with rupert murdoch, the meeting was declared in the proper way. in the old days the only way you would find out if someone had met with rupert murdoch was to wait for alistair campbell's
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diaries. [laughter] i think we need to go further in this regard. this should be the new standard. i say to the right honorable gentleman, why can we not see right back to the general election? >> when the prime minister read of the extensive investigations in the "new york times on the first of september of last year, what was his reaction to that and what did he do? >> the question i asked myself all the way through was is there new information coulson knew of hacking at the news of the world. if so, that meant that he would have lied to the police and courts of law and that he would have lied to me. i made the decision to employ him in good faith because of the
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assurances he gave me. there was no information in the article that would lead me to change my mind about those assurances. if it turns out that he knew about the hacking, then that would be a matter of you to regret and i would greatly apologize and it would be a disgrace that he worked in government and could be something for prosecution of him. >> sir john -- this might friend agree that what people care about is the appalling revelations about what's been going on in the newsroom of news of the world and across the metropolitan police and about the public anger about that is expressly felt if by thousands of hard- working and honest journalists and thousands of dedicated and courageous police officers? it's essential the police investigation should be
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completed as quickly as possible, and the judicial inquiry should get under way as completed -- and completed as quickly as possible. can you give assurance that they should have been completed a long time ago? >> my friend is right. at the heart of this we have to keep the victims of the hacking scandal. those are people who have suffered appallingly already and were made to suffer again. the key thing is the scale and scope of the judicial inquiry. an inquiry like this has not been held for many years. it has been talked about and debated. it's now going to be under way. i want to get on with this work as rapidly as possible. >> tom watson. >> i must challenge the prime minister on one of his assertions. he said that nobody raised coulson's conduct with him.
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i did. that was in a letter on october 4 last year into new allegations that he had listened to a voice- mail messages. i said in a letter that this cast doubt on the accuracy of coulson. i'm still waiting for a reply. >> let me respond to the gentleman. the point i am making is simply this. that the time coulson spent a downing street, the work he did for the government, no one is made a complaint against. that seems important. what i said is i gave him a second chance after he had resigned from the news of the world because of what happens under his watch. no one is raised with me his conduct at no. 10 downing street while he carried out that stopped. >> mr. charlie --
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime minister has setback contact with the media be published since the general election. i say i don't think that is good enough. what we need to know is the contact that the government has had for the last 10 years with the media. we need an investigation into the home office of what the ministers are doing. >> the point i make is this inquiry is specifically looking at the relationship between politicians and the media and at the request on behalf of the do wler family, to examine the relationship between politicians and media, the investigation can go back as far back as necessary. we did spend too much time trying to get on with media companies to get our message across. as a result, if we have put on the back burner often the issues
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of how to regulate the media. that is a mistake we made. we first have to be honest about that. it's not just the relationship with news international. it is also about the work we do with the bbc or the independent or "the guardian. let's be transparent about the meetings we've had and then we can learn the lessons and use this as a cathartic moment to sort out the relationship and put it on a better footing. >> i am not sure if the prime minister was awake at 5:00 this morning, but the home affairs committee published a unanimous report which points out the fact that we believe a serious misjudgment in the police investigation as well as the news international has deliberately awarded the police investigation. you would not have had a chance to read the evidence of lord mcdonald, a city to a five minutes to look at the files to
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realize there was criminality. the file was with our local four years, but he sent out the message that anyone who matter should handed over immediately and explain why it has been withheld. >> i thank the right honorable gentleman for the work is committee has done. i have not been able to study all the evidence estimate. i did look at the conclusions of his report this morning. the work that he's doing, which goes down into the conduct of news international and the police is valuable. now what we have to let happen is the police investigation to get underway to get to the truth and to make sure there are prosecution's as appropriate. then select inquiry get under way to do its work as well. i think the gentleman has played a good role in helping make that happen. >> andrea --
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we're involved in a very important discussion about the terrible issue of phone hacking at a time when most people in the country are most concerned about what's going on in the euro zone area and the impact that might have on their jobs and their employment, that the leader of the opposition so narrowly centered. >> the point i will make to all honorable members is the public wants us to sort this out. one of the reasons they want us to a sort this out all across party basis is they want us to get on to a the other issues they care so deeply about. if everyone must recognize the threat and problems we face as there are difficulties in the euro zone, difficulties that will affect us in the u.k., that i fully understand and recognize that we must get on to those issues. >> ben brac sop. >> in the conversations wicks
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the murdochs, mrs. brooks mccabe -- with rupert murdoch and james murdoch and rebekah brooks -- >> he asked me to answer the question. perhaps he will be transparent as he was about all the contacts that he's had for many years. i have set out to clear this possible position and now it's for others to do the same. >> revelations about how close the and close the relationship was between news international and tony blair. meetings at 10 downing street. [inaudible] [talking over one another]
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a judicial inquiry into a phone hacking. >> people should not shout at the honorable lady. she's making a fair point that does not reflect very well on either conservative or labor party, which is there were many warnings about what was going wrong. warnings from the information commissioner, warnings from the select committee, but we did not put high enough up the agenda the issue of regulation on the media. we should be recognizing that we need to work on this to get it right, to respond to those reports and put some of the proposals into law. >> my right honorable friend, the member earlier referred to the files involved in 2007 which were sent off to the legal firm our locharbuckle.
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this blinding evidence police officers were paid for information by the newspaper. news international is still refusing to allow that to be fully considered and are insisting on client confidentiality. so the firm is an important british firm and is unable to put their side of the argument. is this not clear evidence that news international is still refusing to cooperate fully with the investigation? >> that information, if it is germane to the police inquiry, needs to be given to the police and to the inquiry. what we need to happen now is for the police and then after the police this inquiry, to go in pursuit of the truth. if people have been paying police officers, those police officers need to be prosecuted and the people who did the paying need to be prosecuted. >> after hearing the evidence given to the committee, malcolm
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what my honorable friend has said today about the attention which will be given to victims of phone hacking, which includes licy members of the pub which have separate tragedies in their lives. it will take considerable number of time for the victims to be properly informed. we need to make sure they are informed as quickly as possible and to make sure their cases for our investigated. >> many thousands of people whose phones were hacked and you have the current rates of progress looking into this, it could take a long time to get this done. there will be conversations with the police to make sure adequate resources are put into this investigation. it is already a far bigger investigation than the first failed investigation, but we will make sure they get to the bottom of this. >> matt welcome the prime minister's assertion dubai in the inquiry to include not just
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contrast, but broadcasters and social media as well. may i be reassured that it will also include other illegal and unethical activities such as hacking into e-mail accounts and would extend all parts of the united kingdom can and that in the interest of the victims of crime and terrorism that both main parties will be absolutely open about the extent of their relationship with the murdoch empire. >> i have been totally transparent on the relationship with the murdoch empire. the inquiry can look at all the information crimes that have been documented. one of the issues in the terms of reference was if you mention some forms but not others you are given additional priority. we should go where the evidence leads. >> after the extraordinary events of the last few days,
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blasting the general public wants to see. see is partisanship. couslont a focus on comes ill from the party of damian mcbride. >> i commend the lady for her questions and what she did yesterday. she showed commendable -- as well as asking pertinent questions. >> in the course of the past few minutes the prime minister has been asked a simple question twice and refused to answer.
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as prime minister, did he ever discussed the question of the british sky broadcasting news international? >> i never had one inappropriate conversation. let me be clear, i completely took myself out of any decision making about this bid. in it or no role in when the announcement would be made. >> order. the house needs to calm down. the question was properly heard. the prime minister's answer must be properly heard. >> i have answered the question. the point i would make is, unlike the party that he's been supporting for the last i don't know how many years, this party
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is that out all the contacts and all its meetings, everything it did. >> mr. speaker, judging the mood of the chamber, this might be unpopular to say, but i'm getting the impression the nation has had its fill on this subject. it's getting fed up. it wants answers about police corruption and answers about the hacking and answers about the relationship between the press and the media. there's an inquiry under way. that's where the answers will come. there are other pressing matters that this nation needs to focus and expects us to focus on. >> we have set up the fullest possible inquiry, an inquiry that was never held under the 13 years ago last government. now we have to let that inquiry
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find answers to all these questions. if it looks at the police and the media and british sky broadcasting, and the conduct of politicians, and is able to ask all those questions. we should allow it to get on with the job. >> yesterday news international's defense shifted from one wrote reporter to one possibly more rope lawyer. they still not fully revealed who knew what and when and who possibly participate in the cover-up. -- one rogue reporter to one rogue lawyer. what would be your advice? >> to simply tell the truth. >> does the prime minister agree that having failed in 2006 when the government ignored warnings, and having failed victims in 2009 when the eight-panel review dismissed evidence in their own
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possession, that we should not fail them now by apportioning blame? what we need is real reform about police, the media, and politics? >> i think the lady is right. we could go back over the reports and the missed warnings. the inquiry will be able to do that and they should use the information to get media regulation rights. >> this function is about confidence. the debate that's going to take place. does the prime minister really feel that his contact as leader of the opposition and then as prime minister should inspire confidence, bearing in mind the phone hacking allegations and the way in which he employed the former editor of the news of the world? does he not realize to many people how he has acted in the last few years as being
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insulting? >> yes. which government has set up a judicial inquiry? this one. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los le
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