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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  April 28, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> syrian human rights activists now say around 500 have been killed since anti-government protests began last month. governments worldwide condemned the oppression being used. hello. welcome to g.m.t. with me. we bring you a world of news and opinion. also in this program. more than 100 killed in the southern u.s. as a wave of storms make a path across the region. and -- >> we're live where the bride to be kate middleton and some
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of those who will accompany her have been here for one final rehearsal. >> it's midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington and 2:00 in the afternoon in syria where opposition to the government is mounting. now 200 members of the ruling beapbeap have resigned in -- baath party have resigned in protest to the heavy violence. condemnation of the syrian government abroad has strengthened. e.u. governments are meeting to discuss possible sanctions. mike aldridge has the latest. >> the town of dara after the syrian government sent in the tanks to crush the uprising that's at its epicenter in this southern province. 200 members of the ruling baath party from the government have
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resigned over the treatment of the protesters joining others in the country who had already resigned. in a statement that the latest defectors say in view of the negative stance taken on by the arab socialist baath party and after the deaths of hundreds and the wounding of thousands at the hands of the various security forces, we submit our collective resignation. and there's no sign that either side has any intention of backing down. a resident of damascus who didn't want to be identified told the b.b.c. that there were people in the capital who pledged to make tomorrow the friday of anger in support of their brothers in dara. they've taken precautions for the electricity and water and the internet being cut off.
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the u.n. security council failed to agree on a statement condemning the crackdown that had been initiated by a number of european countries. >> the demonstrators do not have tanks. they do not arrest people ar by trailerly and they do not curtail journalists and their reporting. the continued violence against peaceful protesters is completely unacceptable. it must stop immediately. >> russia argued that outside interference could make the situation worse. and said some council members have wanted to create a mess over syria but didn't get anything. >> my government is -- government's keen interest in the process of reforms according to the wish of our own people. this process emanates from
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domestic national necessity. it is not and will not be dictated for us from the outside. >> a syrian army convoy said to be heading south towards dara. though as with much of the video emerging, this can't be independently verified. the question now is whether the threat to the government's political control in the area where there's been the most trouble will have any influence on the strategy of that the president assad is pursuing. >> journalists are restricted from reporting in syria. so our correspondent jim has been monitoring from niche. so the members of the baath party not seen here resigned. not seen here, but nevertheless quite important. >> yes. these are local baath party members, and there are thousands and thousands of
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baath party members. but this is 200 or so in the dara area and others elsewhere. they all very publicly with a ringing indictment resigned saying the security forces displaced all the values we were brought up with and destroyed the slogans and the ideals of the baath party, and for them to do that in a country where the baath party is everything, where it's monolithic where it runs everything and purveys everything, it is really burning their bridges politically with the government and shows places like dara they are politically and emotionally out of control of the government. they've had to send the tanks in there to regain physical control because apparently in that area and other areas they are losing a lot of the area. >> does that mean the potential
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for a more conciliatory ending is expected? >> certainly it's hard to see. a lot are saying there's no going back now. we have to go on. they are calling for friday to be a day of rage throughout the country. and there are signs that there are preparations in a lot of towns and cities and villages for people to come out and dental straight their solidarity with dara that is going through something they would suspect is close to hell at the moment. there is also speculation on the same pages that the government itself may take a more subhanded approach, because it's concerned about international sanctions on their key leaders and some of their family and so on. they might want to change their image at least for the short term so not allowing the shooting of demonstrators, but
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we'll see what happens on the day. >> thank you, very much. well, in the last hour or so, britain has readvocated the readvocated the inhave i -- revoked the invitation to the syrian ambassadors. thursday morning there was a final chance for the bride to be and the small selection of the wedding firefighter -- the syrian ambassador disinvited from the royal wedding? >> yes. interesting to see how the activity happening in syria is affecting this. those countries who have normal
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relations usually are invited. but the invitation was rescinded because of the recent activity. the two former british prime ministers tony blair and gordon brown are not invited to the events here tomorrow. however, in the runup to the wedding, we have had a few more details released. the music surrounding william and kate's wedding ceremony will be mostly british composers and kate middleton will not be promising in her vows to obey him during the course of their marriage. let's get the latest now. >> it's the last chance for a rehearsal, and here's kate and the best man, prince harry, arriving at westminster abby. this is the brand-new picture of william and kate released this morning and taken by the
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fashion photographer mario gistino. this photograph will be in tomorrow's official souvenir program and order of service. and now we know that the music, too, will be the coronation kate will walk up the aisle to. it's called "i was glad" by sir charles hastings. as the choir starts to sing, she will begin her 3 1/2-minute procession with her father, michael, by her side. other music tomorrow will include the hymn jerusalem, guide me now thy great redeemer and love define great excelling and the doctor additional melody green sleeves. in the lead up to the wedding
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there's been much speculation about whether or not kate will promise to obey her husband. now it's been confirmed she won't. but she will promise to love, comfort, honor and keep him. when the couples sign the marriage register, prince charles and the dutchess of cornwall will be there to witness it, and so will kate's parents and her sister. her brother james will have an important role too. he's been asked to read the lesson included in the biblical passage is the plea to love one another with mutual affection and live in harmony with one another. "bbc news." >> well, i can tell you that here at westminster abby people have already been catching out trying to get the best possible view when kate middleton and her family arrive here. some of the early arrivals have become a bit celebrity with
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passers by saying i've seen you on tv. with me now is one of those people the kenyan high commissioner, his excellence as i, welcome. how does it feel to be representing your country here tomorrow? >> well, i feel it's great. i feel it is a very great honor for me to have been invited for the government and people of kenya. this is the wedding of the year. >> now william and kate have a special connection with your country. >> yes. william and kate have a special connection to kenya. it is in kenya last year where prince william and kate decided to get engaged. and i believe it was a very public occasion for the simple reason that the area they chose is called -- on beautiful mount kenya.
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it is an animal sanctuary. it's the one area in kenya where you see some of the animals that you cannot find anywhere in the world including the big -- [inaudible] that is the lion. the elephant. the cheetah. the rhino. including the -- rhino. >> how much interest in kenya is there in this royal wedding? >> a lot. in fact there are parties all over the country. and people have been and will be celebrating. of course, even here in kenya in london i have received 30,000 pieces of roses that were being distributed in london wednesday [inaudible]
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they were donated by a farm. >> do you know if they will be returning to kenya for their honeymoon? >> that is a big secret. but i think the people of kenya send their warmth and hospitality that would be fitting for a -- a royal couple. >> what do you think about the syrian ambassador no longer being invited? >> that is not for me to comment on. because i'm really here to cement relations between kenya and the united kingdom. and here in london, i would rather not comment on other countries. >> thank you for talking to us, and enjoy your day tomorrow. one further bit of news.
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there has been controversy over the guest list of the bahraini crown prince who was invited dyeded himself not to attend. for the latest but wedding for more on the royal wedding. >> a report by the international the organization said although the u.k. spends more on children than most developed nations, cuts threaten recent gains. in the b.b.c.'s home, we have a reporter. >> over the last decade or so, britain has been one of the biggest investors among family. child poverty in the u.k. fell more than in any of the other
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world's richest countries after 1995. state spending on a child from birth to the age of 18 was 128 thousand pounds in 2007. that compares to an oecd average of just under $95,000. although progress has stadium and recent cuts to benefits and early years provisions risks seeing the number of children living in poverty rising. they urge ministers to protect welfare and family services such as sure start, while welcoming more free early education to disadvantaged children. the report says government could be subsidizing child care for working parents and says the high costs mean the effective tax rate is 68% compared to an oecd average of 62%.
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the department says the answer is not throwing money at poverty but reducing a welfare dependency. however the oecd warns without investment in families, it's going to be difficult for the government to fulfill its promise of making work pay for all. mark easton, "bbc world news." >> you're watching g.m.t. for "bbc world news" we share our headlines. governments worldwide condemn the use of violence on syrian protesters. now 200 members of the ruling party resign in protest. and the wait for the most anticipated wedding in the year is nearly over. the bride to be kate middleton and a small entourage took part in the last rehearsal ahead of friday. now let's see what's happening
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in the world of business. sara here to join us with news from the electronic giant panasonic not very good? >> no. not very good indeed. the panasonic giant has announced a major restructuring of its business resulting in the loss of 17,000 jobs over the next two years. japan's biggest home appliance maker also announced its operating profits dropped by 1/3 to 41 billion yen or $499 million dollars. it seems japan's economy sustained more damage from last month's disaster than initially acknowledged. a plunge in factory outlets in the wake of the earthquake and su keenan. -- and tsunami. it's the largest reduction since 1953. g.d.p. figures are out in just over an hour and most economists are expecting growth
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overran stemming sharply from the -- that racked up in the last quarter of 2010. there's growing concern over the rise of food and energy prices. royal dutch share has announced a 41% increase on the back of higher oil prices. they say profits for the first three months of the year were $6.9 billion compared with $4.9 billion a year ago. that's it for me. see you again shortly. >> look forward to it sarah. now the governor of alabama says 128 people have been killed in his state alone after powerful storms and tornadoes battered the south of the united states. scores of deaths have been reported in several other dates including arkansas and tennessee and the two carolinas. president obama has approved a
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request for emergency federal assistance in alabama including search and rescue teams. this report, from washington. >> mesmerizing in its power, this touches down in tusk loosea, alabama. they have been touching down like this all over the state. a rash of storms with alabama, perhaps the worst-hit. and this is what the tornado did. parts of us the can a loose kay were eadvice rated. homes and businesses smashed. scores of people are dead, and states of emergency have been declared across the state. here, in van zandt county, texas. another tornado. angela hard wick standing amid what remains of her house told of lying down over her children to protect them as the storm closed in. >> we were just like this over them. they were underneath us, and
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the dog nosed her way in. >> they all survived. but reports of people killed in collapsed houses and overturned vehicles were coming in through the night. president obama has ordered extra search and rescue teams to the south but says the true extent of the damage may not be clear for days. there's worries, too, about the possibility of flooding along the mississippi river. tornadoes plague america's south and central states every year. but rarely are they like this. "bbc news," washington. >> the news now in bahrain four pro democracy protesters have been sentenced to death after the killing of two police. these are the first trials of the protesters. martial law is now in effect. a bomb attack on a pakistan
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naval bus in the city of karachi. the city's naval base is often a target for militants. this is the third blast this week alone. four of the dead were naval officials. thailand and cambodia have announced a cease-fire. at least 15 people died and tens of thousands of people fled their homes after the fighting, the worse seen in years. they agreed to a truce and said the check point will now reopen. before we end this edition of g.m.t., let's go back to westminster a abby. michele? >> well, here at the abby, there's no mistake something's in the air. the police are out. people are camping. there's lots of union flags around. there's the excitement building in the last hour we saw the convoy of cars carrying kate
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middleton, the bride to be in the abby. she had one final walkaround and rehearsal before her big day tomorrow. of course one person who won't be there on prince william's big day is diana, but it's clear her presence is keenly felt and some who have come from long distances say they are here because of diana. with me now is the royal historian. hugo, how important do you think diana is to this day, you know, even though shep won't be here in person? >> well, i'm sure when prince william wakes up tomorrow he'll be thinking about the two most important women in his life, his bride of course but his mom. and in a way, the last time the whole world really focused on prince william was on that sad day when he followed his mother's coffin on foot the same route he will travel tomorrow. and i think the enthusiasm for
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this wedding is now he's grown up. he didn't go off the rails. he made good and went a into a super young man, marrying a very lovely girl. >> the thought of him traveling the same route, buckingham palace to westminster abby in 1997, as he'll do tomorrow. >> it is a route he'll travel. it is a route he'll travel many times. you know, he didn't really want to walk in that procession and prince phillip said he thought he would regret if he didn't walk behind his mother's coffin but he was fed up with the media and prince william was tapped on the shoulder and it was great solidarity.
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>> what do you have about to think about the kate middleton not promising to obey him? >> well, this is a much more traditional wedling. a longer route through the city of london and carriage progression. this one is actually pretty traditional. i know the palace says we painted it a bit lower key. not very much, frankly, and after all prince william will one day be our king, and what i think is fantastic is miss middleton arrives in a rolse arrives and in a roles royce and leaves in a carriage. >> thank you for talking to us. obviously it's a bit of a mind field the guest list.
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heads of state do not have to be invited because it's not the marriage of a sovereign or heir to the thrown but domestically here in the u.k. tony blair or gordon brown, neither of them are invited nor will they be here tomorrow. what it's like to actually be here at the abby, the early campers, those who have been here some of them becoming celebrities in their own rite and are playing a royal note because lots have been wearing princess-style tiaras. >> you know everywhere you have your own tiara. >> thank you, very much. this is the home of the royal wedding. don't forget at this time tomorrow we'll be watching the newlyweds making their way to buckingham palace. that's all from "bbc world news." goodbye.
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