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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  December 15, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> accused. six powerful kenyans are named by the international court claiming they deliberately masterminded violence. the heat is on for bp. the justice department said it is suing the company and several others for the mass of gulf oil spill. 800 people are arrested in moscow. an attempt to stop ethnic clashes prompted by the shooting of a football fan. welcome to "bbc world news". coming up later. the migrant tragedy. 27 died in their boat is smashed on the rocks of christmas island. so malia's refugees 0-- and
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somalia's refugees. have courage, says president obama. resist those who want to drag your country back into the past. he has appealed to the people of kenya to cooperate with the international criminal court as it investigates violence that followed the country's election three years ago. 1200 people died and the chief prosecutor has named six men he believes are responsible. they include the deputy prime minister. >> the person who should face
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justice. >> people gathered around tv sets to watch the long awaited announcement. >> the disputed 20107 elections where 2000 were killed and politicians are accused of instigating the attacks as they fought for power. the suspects named by the prosecutor in include --include the son of the first president, uhuru kenyatta. alsmany of those killed were sht by police. the icc prosecutor wants to put the former police chief in the dock.
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all attempts to seek justice in kenya have been blocked by the all powerful politicians. some say the accord as the only option to end impunity. >> the contributed in -- they contributed in the killed. >-- the killings. >> it depends on the government whether to defend them or not. >> the kenyon press and mwai kibaki said they are committed to set up their local tribunal. there could be many hurdles to overcome before any of them make it to the hague. >> after last weekend's fatal shooting at a football match followed by an outbreak of ethnic violence, russian police
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are taking no chances. on wednesday afternoon, they rounded up hundreds of people in a massive security sweep. our moscow correspondent has the story. >> on the streets of moscow, there were thousands of police. and hundreds of arrests. right police spread out to prevent ethnic violence. there had been reports that people from the caucasus region would clash here. far right groups attacked them. the kind of interrupted -- violence that happened last week and threatens the stability of the state. that is why the red police are out, to police more trouble. this was moscow last saturday.
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fascistthe death of a russian fl fan put thousands of protesters to the streets. he was shot. the crowd shouted "russia for the russians" and went on the attack. police were on patrol early. one of moscow's busiest train stations. they detained anyone suspected of planning trouble and confiscated weapons. >> this police spokesman said there is a string of offensive weapons they seized including knives and air pistols. police claim they're sure force prevented major violence. it is not likely to have reduced the level of racial tension in the capital. >> the prime minister of
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bulgaria has called for the sacking of 45 top the planet's. an inquiry revealed they were secret agents under communist rule. the current investors to rome, london, and tokyo are among those named. the un security council has lifted the international sanctions imposed on iraq in the 1990's during the rule of saddam hussein. the restrictions have been removed. the government has killed four people includinin a shooting in. the spanish man drove to a bank where he killed two staff and surrendered. the u.s. government has announced it is suing bp over the gulf spill.
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a spokesman said there will get -- they will hold the former campbell. >> the explosion on the deep sea oil rig killed 11 men. it plugcaused havoc in the u.s. safety of regulations were violated, the u.s. said. bp failed to use the best available technology and failed to maintain equipment. the u.s. deliberately went for a cap -- will not put a cap on the amount of money they are claiming. >> we are attempting to prove they contributed to the massive oil spill and the defendants are responsible under the oil pollution act for removal costs, economic losses, and environmental damages. >> president obama's team have been criticized for their response and are keen to put bp
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in the dock. they're looking for fiennes as well. if they can improve gross negligence, that can amount to 13 billion pounds. >-- they're looking for fines as well. >> the case was against them was expected, bp said. the company says the allegations will be answered in a timely manner. they point out is paying for the cleanup and that will take a long time, perhaps not as long as this lawsuit. >> ukraine's former prime minister said she is under investigation for the alleged misuse of state funds. she has dismissed the move as a political attack. investigators have ordered her not to leave kiev. the prominent dissident was refused travel to europe.
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thhethe prize was presented to n empty chair draped with a cuban flag. 40 people have been killed in what was thought as a suicide bombing. it was attacked during morning ceremonies. our correspondent reports. >> the attack targeted worshippers in the southeastern city. near iran's border with pakistan. the worshipers had gathered outside a mosque on the eve of the religious ceremony of ashura. when they commemorate the death of the grandson of the prophet mohammed. explosives were hidden among a group of pilgrims and they say the police identified and shot a second bomber. reports say that a sunni moslem
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insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the attack. this is the man who used to lead the group. he was detained in february this year and hanged in june. his execution has not stopped the group's attacks. in july, two bombers carried out an attack near the pakistani border. more than 25 people were killed when two bombers detonated explosives during a religious ceremony. this morning's attack will overshadow the commemorations held across the country. the president mahmoud ahmadinejad takes place in ceremonies. -- takes part in ceremonies. they accuse the u.s. of
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directing the attack. >> good to have you with us. stay with us if you can. still to come. fighting back against colombia's drug barons. joining the battle to stop the flow of cocaine. police in athens have clashed with protesters during a general strike against government austerity measures. a former minister was chased and yomay find some pictures disturbing. >> these were some of the most vicious clashes seen in greece in the year of austerity and financial crisis. a lynch mob atmosphere erupted as a former senior conservative minister emerged from parliament. he was chased down the street by
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more than 100 protesters and beaten up. one eyewitness said he thought the crowd would kill him. he managed to take refuge in a building. simultaneously, fighting broke out near luxury hotels. demonstrators threw petrol bombs and firecrackers at riot police. the police responded with tear gas and some picked up the missiles and threw them back at protestors. the demonstrators were furious that m.p.'s pass legislation that would cap the pay of staff working for state-owned companies and the setting lower wages. the reforms were carried out under instruction from the imf and european union and underlined the fact that greece has lost its financial independence. as far as the trade unions are concerned, all these implement reforms are things that will set labor relations back in greece
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back to the middle ages as far as they're concerned. it was essential to give the firms the flexibility of the wages so they could stay afloat and they would not -- there would not be more unemployment. this may have been some of the worst social unrest the country has seen. the government refuses to be derailed from the path of austerity laid down by the international creditors. >> here the haight -- latest headlines. three years after kenya's election violence, six figures have been named publicly on the international criminal court. the u.s. justice department announced it is suing bp in several other companies for the mass of gulf oil spill. at least 27 refugees heading for australia have died in suspected
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people smuggling boats that smashed against the coast. it is -- has the country's largest detention center. our correspondent has the dramatic video of the boad disintegrating. >> residence said they feared the boat was in trouble when they heard the screams of children. it was crammed with asylum seekers and had been dashed against the rocks in the most angry seas that locals had seen for months. within minutes, the waters were strewn with debris and people doing anything to keep themselves afloat. the men, women, and children are thought to be from iraq and iran and was headed toward australia in search of a better and safer life. now, they have fought to save themselves from drowning. just a few meters from land. >> it was terrifying to watch
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and there was nothing we could do. they're obviously sick, some of them. they were not moving. >> you could hear children screaming. >> they held ropes and -- through robes and life jackets in the hope of rescuing survivors. australian navy boats were quick to respond. the rescuers confronted by the most hellish of scenes. >> it was a woman and child a months the seven. a very large wave with debri ris knocked herher off. it was like a war movie in slow motion. >-- horror movie in slow motion. >> we're expecting to get these
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gentlemen in. >> it was crewed with people smugglers, packed with 70 people seeking asylum. these giant waves had claimed dozens of lives. a journey born of desperation that ended in disaster. >> we reported on the conflict raging in somalia between the government in al-shebab militia. we look at the human cost of this fighting. it has created one of the world's worst refugee problems. thousands have been stranded for more than 20 years. >> somalis freeing the violence travel light to get here, arriving with little else but hope. the tiny state has become a
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major springboard for refugees. at the border, a group of your rivals from mogadishu -- new arrivals from mogadishu. many are destined to remain in camps perhaps for years waiting for resettlement in the west. others tried their luck to make it across the gulf. >> this young man is 16 and he seems incoherent and traumatized. a shell landed on his home, killing all his family. others took pity on him and paid for his bus ticket. the young man is likely to end up here. 14,000 refugees live at the camp. most of them from somalia. the government is praised by the
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united nations for its efforts in hosting the refugees. how far is your open-door policy? >> they are recruited to be refugees and workers and modern slaves. >> you are trying to stop them. >> this is corrupting our people. >> it is a bridge between africa and the arab world and the un backs its attempts to prevent somalis being smuggled to yemen. they patrol these waters 24 hours a day. they're up against the work of smugglers who ferried 500 refugees every week to yemen. the human traffickers charge 100 u.s. dollars for a journey that can take up to six hours. as these pictures show, some
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simply never make it. so wretched are their lives that they still flee in their hundreds every week. leaving a precarious passed to venture into an uncertain future. -- past to fintor into an uncertain future. >> israel has started building a wall across its southern border with egypt. costing hundreds of millions of dollars that is meant to keep out african migrants who tried to cross into israel. some feel they should be allowed to stay because the country needs cheap manual labor. we tried to speak to some who just made that long desert journey. >> the sinai desert. hundreds of thousands of square miles of nothing but sand and emptiness. it must be one of the most inhospitable places onerous.
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-- on earth. such deterrents are no risk for desperate people. they are living eritrea or other troubled african countries. -- leaving eritrea or other troubled african countries. >> why did you come to israel? >> we came -- to protect our lives and we want to live here. >> some say they are political refugees. others like these men are clearly looking for work. the situation is getting out of control, israel says. this is the scale of the problem facing israel. a well-worn path going through an open unprotected border in the middle of a vast, empty desert.
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that is egypt at the bottom of the dry river bed. it is through pass like this that 700 migrants cross into israel every week. after recently flying over the 250 , their frontier, benjamin netanyahu announced a $400 million project to build a huge wall on the border. many in the tourism sector say that is the wrong approach. they need to pour a laye-- cheap foreign labor. the jobs are being filled by migrants from africa. >> about 1500 employees in their jobs. there are no israelis who really want to do these jobs. even though we offer them a wonderful condition.
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no is really wants to do it. >-- israeli once to do it. >> a friend wire fence separates two different worlds. despite the dangers, thousands of migrants are unlikely to be deterred by israel's latest attempt to keep them out. >> columbia's battle with aids drug barons it -- it'ss drug barons, trying to stem the flow of cocaine into britain. >> captured by the colombians. at alleged gangster accused of murdering 12 people in the struggle to control the cocaine
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trade. with u.s. and british help, the authorities are seizing half the cocaine produced there. it is a relentless fight. i flew across the country with the police to visit juggle commandos, -- jungle commandos. they are trained to assault drugs will board feet -- laboratories. many have lost legs due to mines. they are training in close quarters combat. they look like soldiers but they're actually police and it is a sign of how militarize the fight against drugs here is in colombia. what is britain's role? >> we have a team of specialists that are working here and other -- in other latinthe work closed
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aid in training and their capacity. they work hard to share intelligence that we can collect. >> i've traveled south with my wheelchair to the country's highest concentration of coca bushes. they are hard to detect from the air. >> they produce the coke and distributed to other nations. that is why they concentrate here. now they are going up through the pacific coast. >> this is a typical jungle laboratory in colombia. this is where they turn the coca leaves into base and they will
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now blow it up. one less laboratory and one less shipment. the more they will be tempted to shift their operations across the border. >> a couple of updates for you. "time" magazine named mark zuckerberg as person of the year. the british actress dame judi ganedench has been voted best actor of all time. the main story.
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the international criminal court has introduced 65 -- accused six canyons of being behind violence after disputed elections in 2007. -- six kenyans of being behind violence after disputed elections in 2007. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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