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than a place just to workout... 'we have a really tight community, weve had babies together and gone through all kinds of family things together and its more than just a place to work out its really building community here. the two women said they found out about the closing via social media... 'its disappointing that they cant support the community. 'the ymca started renting space here at the grimes community center in 2008....the y also promised to build a facility on this land that was donated to them for free 10 years ago, a promise that no longer is going to be kept.' '10 years ago the ymca made a commitment to grimes to build a new location on the northeast part of town and just to see that being abandoned it frustrating.' city council member doug bickford says the land, just south of the wal-mart, was donated to the 'y' from knapp dedicated park space required by the city for any builder.. but now the land is going up for sale.. 'its obviously disappointing that the ymca is leaving.' in a statement the y said .... one of the three imperatives in
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build the organizational capacity necessary to effectively fulfill the y cause in our community. this involves prioritizing how the ymca allocates its financial, facility and human resources. the association will focus time and resources on projects currently underway."but for grimes residents the y provided the only family friendly gym in town and losing that will be hard... 'the y has definitely been the most cost effective for me to have a gym and to work out so to not have that available that will be a financial strain for my family well have to make some choices. the ymca will close its grimes location on april 30th...members can go to other y locations or cancel their monthly membership. an spokesperson from the ymca said they plan to list the land for sale in the near future. the ymca says the money from the land will stay within the organization... and there's one project that
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the olympic size swimming pool unfinished. the y hasn't been able secure funding for the pool, but fundraising efforts are underway. six communities will split more for efforts to make iowa healthier. it's all part of the state innovation model initiative... a federal grant will be divided by communities to find new ways to connect iowans with health agencies. the branstad administration says efforts like the healthiest state initiative are already paying off. last year, iowans took part in counties. the new federal grant goes to communities that according to their applications show a commitment to health. clabugh....3548 they really demonstrated capability. they're really talking about the organizational structures they already have in their community established already. they're demonstrating willingness to engage in this work." health services in dallas, marion and webster counties were among those
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help iowans with issues like obesity and diabetes. the des moines driver charged in the deadly crash of a 22 year old woman is on trial this week. troy mure junior is facing one count of vehicular homicide for the death of scalicity perez boyd. the mother of four died last november when the car she was riding in crashed on 35th street. an accident investigator determined that mure was traveling about 86 miles an hour when he wrapped his car around a utility pole. witnesses testified that the couple was being chased by another vehicle at the time. handgun inside that other car and it rammed him..causing him to lose control. there is no jury in this case... the bench trial is expected to last about three days. the search is still on for two inmates who escaped from the newton correctional release center. michael amodeo and jessy foley were discovered missing after a routine count saturday night. amodeo is serving a 10-year sentence. foley was sentenced to 27- years
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both men were convicted of meth charges. the newton correctional release center is what's called a "minimum live out facility"... which is supposed to prepare inmates for discharge. authorities say anyone with information on amodeo or foley... should call 9-1-1. one person is recovering after a shooting last night... around 10-30, a man said he was shot outside a home in the 14-hundred block of east 17th court. 22-year old dustin curtis told police he was leaving a friend's house when he was heard a pop... and felt a sharp pain. the police report noted a small wound in his stomach and curtis was sent to the hospital for surgery ... investigators say they dont have any suspects in the case. a norwalk family is doing some repairs, after a car crashed into their home last night... police say the driver of a p-t cruiser took a corner too fast on shady lane drive... ran over a stop sign and slammed into the garage. police say the driver and her passenger received only minor injuries. the homeowners, along with their son were inside watching tv - but
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turning to weather... tomorrow morning's commute might be slow going... snow is heading into iowa. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now.. looks like winter is coming back, after a nice stretch of warm temperatures... skies are cloudy and temperatures have dropped back to the 40s. a winter weather advisory begins at 6 pm. a light rain snow mix will develop through 9 pm. it will transition to all snow by 11 pm. it will continue through early tuesday morning. 1 to 2" of snow looks to fall in the metro, but should be done by the morning drive in. it will be colder and cloudy through the day on tuesday. temperatures
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a navy seal who risked his life to save an american hostage received the nation's highest honor today. president obama awarded senior chief special warfare operator edward byers, jr the medal of honor. he was part of a mission to rescue an american hostage from the taliban in afghanistan in 20-12. one of his fellow seals was killed during the operation. president obama calls today's ceremony a rare opportunity for americans to glimpse into the heroics of a navy seal.
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english ed lept across the room and threw himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullets. another enemy fighter appeared and with his body ed kept shielding the hostage. with his bare hands ed pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action." senior chief byers is the sixth navy seal to receive the medal of honor. the ceremony was held at the white house..with byers' family in the she'd be able to attend ... "we also welcome ed's mom, peggy, who i understand had one question when ed told her about this ceremony. 'do you think i can come?' that's so sweet. yes, mom, you're allowed to come when your son gets the medal of honor." senior chief byers has deployed overseas 11 times with nine combat tours.
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state cyclones... it's the last night at hilton for seniors... and that includes georges niang... the mark he's leaving on cyclone history... and what his mom thinks of his time at i-s-u. @11:51 "your life changes overnight." a new baby brings with it a lot of changes.. how a new service in iowa will help parents get through the night...
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"it's the worst sleep
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experienced in your life." bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming... especially since new parents are running on little sleep... a new service could make it a little easier. it helps new parents get some much needed sleep. channel 13's megan reuther has the story. it's new at five. @21:25 megan myers has her hands full... @2:24 "wah, wah, we want a drink." with almost three year-old lucy...and four and a half month old lydia. @11:43 "i'm not sure any one person can describe how overwhelming it really is." @14:08 "i knew i was forgetting something." so, this time around myers looked for a little help... after bringing home her second baby. @57:45 "i'm known as the iowa baby lady." katie nyberg has been a birth doula and child birth educator for six years. now, new moms like myers can enlist her professional support
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the birth. @2:28 "we provide the emotional support, physical support and just that practical support after the baby arrives. we don't do anything medical. i'm not a babysitter." nyberg started offering post partum services last year. it's popular on the coasts, but only a few offer it in iowa. now, nyberg will even take overnight shifts. @59:10 "if mom is breastfeeding, i can bring the baby up to her when it's time for the baby to eat, but then i take care of all the diaper changes and the burping and the rocking the baby back to sleep so she can get the most uninterrupted sleep possible and the partner and spouse too." nyberg is certified through the childbirth and postpartum professionals association. post-partum packages range from 270 to 1,350 dollars. overnight help starts at 240 dollars for an eight hour shift. @59:57
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or a few breaks during the week where you can get at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep really helps news moms battle everything from sleep deprivation to post-partum depression and just helps them gain more confidence." @15:02 "so what do you think about all this" myers gained confidence...and sleep...when nyberg visited during the day. @17:29 "it's really hard to leave. i think she remembers you though." she says it would have been a big help at night too..especially when getting ready to go back to work. @17:42 "you've changed." @12:50 "they're there to support you through that stressful part, so you can enjoy this amazing time in your life that goes by very quickly." in urbandale, megan reuther, channel 13 news. the iowa baby lady announced her overnight services this month. the iowa doula agency plans to start offering overnight services this fall. and this was a special day for
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it's leap day. one of those babies is zane. he was born at 4:31 this morning, weighing at eight pounds, six ounces... parents, ashley and nik said they knew it was a possibility to have a leap year baby but didn't think they actually would. as big cyclone fans, the family joked that zane wanted to come early for tonight's big iowa state game... the little guy is already sporting full iowa state gear. mom and baby are both doing
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temperatures will continue to fall tonight from the 50s to the 30s. clouds will continue to stay overhead with a mix of rain and snow developing across northern iowa and parts of central iowa through 10 pm. the rain-snow mix will transition to all snow by 11 pm. a winter weather advisory will be in affect across northern iowa through 8 am tuesday. the first of the snowfall will melt, limiting totals. the snowfall will stay the heaviest and most consistent across far northern iowa and
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range from 1 to 2" for the metro with 3 to 4" in parts of north central to northeastern iowa. the snow will end before 5 am in the metro, but the morning commute will likely be slick. the remainder of the day, cloudy skies will give way to more sun by afternoon. temperatures will be much colder with highs only in the low 30s. winds will be breezy from the north at 15 to 30 mph. we'll return to the low 40s on wednesday with another chance of a light rain-snow mix late wednesday through thursday morning. temperatures gradually moderate to mild conditions again during the weekend. skies will be sunny and highs will be back
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the iowa state cyclones play their last home game of the season tonight. and for seniors, they last time they'll play at hilton. coming up next, we'll go live to hilton coliseum, as cyclone favorite george niang prepares to take the home court one last
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it was a slide for the iowa hawkeyes and iowa state cyclones this week... iowa, once fourth in the a-p poll drops to 16th... the hawks have lost three in a row... iowa state is near the bottom of the poll, coming in at 21st. iowa state looking for some hilton magic tonight... it's senior night... and that means it's the last home game for cyclone favorite, georges niang... let's head out to ames.. where johns sears is chatting with
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stick around, we'll get another
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finally tonight.... going on a diet is nothing new to people... but it's a different story...for hedgehogs. at four pounds, jabba the hedgehog weighs nearly three times the weight of the average hedgehog. but that extra weight won't be good once he's released back into the wild... since he's so big, he could not curl up into a protective ball if predators approached him. rescuers in swindon england say jabba had to give up his fattening meal worms.
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tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to


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