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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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good evening i'm dave price we start with a developing story out of knoxville. a man got seriously burned after he caught on fire. this happened at 1605 oregon drive around 1-15 this afternoon. the man had been working in his driveway on a very windy day. channel 13's ben oldach is live in knoxville fire crews say the man is in his mid 50's and was working on his truck in the drive way when it suddenly caught fire. the fire spread to the man's coveralls which then lit the tops of his boots. his two adult sons came out to
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sever injuries to his legs. despite the pain, firefighters say the man was able to walk to an ambulance. he was life flighted to a burn center in iowa city. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. thanks ben... we heard about new stats from the fbi that showed violent crime is down a lot across the country. and two iowa cities in particular are especially falling fast. but channel 13's reid chandler wanted to find out why. he joins us with more in the studio...hey reid. it's new at five. if you're looking to live in a safe community, look no further than the state of iowa. data analyzed by 24-7 wall street from the f-b-i between 2010 and 2014 shows dubuque and ames are the top two cities nation-wide where violent crime is plummeting. 11:19:37 "we've been pretty fortunate over the years to have a very low violent crime rate. and so, that affords us the opportunity to
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neighborhood and work on a lot of quality of life issues." - commander jason tuttle - ames police department for ames, the data shows a 56 percent drop in violent crime over five years. there was only one homicide in the five year span of the study...with zero from 20-12 to 20-14. police say the study doesn't include 20-15 data...where the city had just one homicide, classified as "justifiable" due to self-defense. 21:23:59 "i've lived here for 30 years in the same neighborhood, and generally i would say i've never had the perception that violent crime was ever a problem." - debbie lee - oak to riverside neighborhood leader debbie lee is the leader for the oak to riverside neighborhood association. she credits the police department for being proactive - by forming close relationships with the city's neighborhoods - for the low crime rate. 21:24:37 "progress doesn't happen in a vacuum, and i would really credit - ames has been fortunate to have an exceptional police chief who has been willing to be creative and try different approaches." - debbie lee - oak to riverside
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different approaches include training landlords to keep crime out of their apartments, meeting with students every fall at iowa state university, and providing resource officers to neighborhoods. 11:47:42 "i credit this very much to the leadership in the police department, that has...been working very hard on being a proactive rather than a reactive situation." - mayor ann campbell - ames commander jason tuttle says it's a cycle...if you have a low violent crime rate, you can focus your energy on preventative measures to keep it that way. 11:20:27 "and so, when we can do that, and we have the time to do that, we can get into the neighborhoods, work with some of the community leaders, work with some of the neighborhood association leaders on trying to solve specific problems in our neighborhoods." - commander jason tuttle - ames police department with plans to add another police officer to the force next year...the ames police department says its doubling down on its efforts to keep it at the top of these kinds of lists. while homicides specifically are down in ames, sexual assaults for the city are above the national average for 20-14, something that police say could be affected by having a college campus in town. alright thanks reid. a des moines man will try to
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someone else is responsible for another man's death...not him. 24 year old troy mure junior is charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving it involves an incident last november. police say he was speeding when he crashed into a tree... the crash killed his passenger, scalicity perez. mure claims he was trying to get away from people in another vehicle who were chasing and shooting at him. his bench trial is set for tomorrow morning in polk county. authorities have to figure out two things because of what's happened in jasper county...where are two inmates who've disappeared from the newton correctional release center? and...did someone help them escape? prison officials say these two men are the missing convicts. they are michael amodeo and jessy foley prison staff realized the men had disappeared after checking the facility around ten last night.
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drug offenses. those record breaking temperatures we had yesterday seemed to blow right out of town today. temperatures dropped....and the wind definitely picked up. meteorologist amber alexander joins us now. 48 hours from now will bring the widest test yet for the
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candidates. it's the day known as super tuesday. jennifer johnson shows what's at stake fresh off her huge win in south carolina...hillary clinton worked the crowds sunday in tennessee...a super tuesday state. presidential candidate :07-:12"and i need your help on tuesday - the tennessee primary is really important!" clinton clobbered bernie sanders by roughly 50 percentage points. presidential candidate :16-:21 - super already on screen!super in upper corner - nbc meet the press - already on screen "we got decimated...that's what happened. among older african americans, it was pathetic." a new nbc, wall street journal, marist poll shows donald trump
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homestate of texas on super tuesday...but trump beating both cruz and marco rubio in georgia and tennessee with 30 and 40 percent of the votes. cruz and rubio are attacking trump....cruz about taxes...rubio saying trump's a fraud. presidential candidate :41-:50 "and so the time has come to remove the mask and unveil him for what he is --donald trump is nothing but a first rate con artist- who is trying to carry out the ultimate con. presidential candidate :51-:56"the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggests that there's a bombshell there." trump says he has released his financial records but can't show his tax returns because he's under an irs audit. presidential candidate 1:03- 1:09"and until the audit is completed, i wouldn't show anything. i'll show it once it's completed...i have nothing to hide." cruz is warning conservatives the trump train could be unstoppable if the front-runner rolls to big victories tuesday. audio outcue: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. ad lib an iowa community decided to help victims of that poisoned water an iowa community decided to
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crisis in flint, michigan. but organizers never expected the generosity they found. coming up on the channel 13 news at ten... see how much water they collected and now what they have to do to make sure all of it gets to the people who need it also ahead... 4:16:43:12-4:16:48:05 "not only are they getting a haircut today they got lunch by planet sub and will also get a bag of goodies to take home." why one hair salon decided to give people a lot more than just a cut today...for free a month-long drive in eastern
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michigan is winding down... and organizers can hardly believe how successful it's been at the start of february the organization, resources unite in dubuque -- kicked off the "just add water drive." since then -- people from all over the tri-state area have donated for the cause. this is just one storage unit
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michigan. flint's water is contaminated with lead, after the water supply was switched. so to help the people of flint -- many people in dubuque and others nearby are helping out. the drive's been an overwhelming success. josh jasper, resources unite "the campaign has exceeded our wildest expectations, we set a goal to collect 1,000 cases of water, and we are currently over 300,000 bottles of water and filling our ninth semi." the goal was to fill one semi with bottled water, along with hygeine products. now -- they need four more because of how much water has been collected. nearly 20 people from the area will travel to flint this coming friday. they'll be going door-to-door -- dropping off water -- and installing water filters in homes. a metro salon decided to help people by not just giving haircuts for free...but also breakfast, and
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ricky devore, getting a haircut 4:17:45:01-4:17:51:14 "oh it felt great..they pamper ya...i never had a experience like that before" bella salon and spa partnered with the ymca today to give what they call "haircuts for hope". the salon partnered with the ymca today at the johnston location. they didn't make people demonstrate whether they could afford a haircut. they decided to just offer those cuts for free to anyone kimberly heemstra 4:14:18:17-4:14:35:15 "it's been great so far the ymca is incredible to be able to bring everyone to us, which is easier for us and easier for them..the first ten people, one of the gentlemen said that it feels like it's his birthday so being able to take care of them and being able to give them a fresh clean look has been awesome. " 21 people signed up today to get free haircuts. winds will begin to weaken this evening and clouds will
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our tempetoward the east. this will allow our temperatures to drop back into the lower 30s for early monday morning. you may need your sunglasses on the drive to work, but you won't need them on the drive home. highs will be in the middle 50s early monday
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pass through which will once again shift winds toward the north and bring in a layer of clouds. the difference in this cold front is that we will see a little more moisture and a chance for a rain/snow mix early tuesday morning followed by light snow. snow totals are not expected to exceed 2" in the metro, but could create slick conditions for the morning commute on
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despite losing 3 of their last 4 games the hawkeyes can still win the big 10. but more important than winning a conference title, finding that mid- season swagger as the postseason nears. on the road today at ohio state. 1st half. defense leading to offense. anthony clemmons the steal, then coast to coast for the layup. hawks lead 8-7. later inside to peter jok, posting up. takes the contact, bucket and the foul. iowa still up 1 16-15. more on the break. mike gesell, proving white boys can jump. 2 handed flush. lead is 2. more gesell. this time with
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welcome to the mike gesell poster. but the buckeyes end the half on a 9-2 run, and lead 35-30 at the break. fran, not happy. 2nd half they pick it up. jarrod uthoff, nba range. hawks lead 44-42. more from deep. dom uhl, out of hibernation, big time 3. lead is 6. 58-52. but ohio state rallies. williams hits the long 2 to give the buckeyes the lead 63-62 heres a look at the updated big 10 standings... big game tuesday night against indiana. senior night for woodbury, big game tuesday night against indiana. senior night for woodbury,
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the regular season is winding down for the drake women jennie baranczyk's crew currently in a tie for 2nd in the mvc, 1 game back of in-state rival uni. home finale taking on bradley. my man griff, #1 mascot in the land, never camera shy. 1st q. nicole miller, slicing to the hoop. 2 of her 11 points. good, bulldogs up 2. then on the break. maddy dean to caitlin ingle, out to lizzy wendell. bottoms up from 3. 24 for wendell. drake up 4. later its ingle, baseline, strong take. 11 for the former southeast polk star. drake rolls on senior day, 78-45
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mens missouri valley conference tournament is set. drake will play missouri state on thursday night. northern iowa earned the 4 seed and will face southern illinois on friday in the quarterfinals. should the panthers win they'll likely face wichita state in the semis. solid bench, jameel mckay returned to his old form and iowa state took care of business on saturday against kansas state, rolling over the wildcats by 19. after leading by just 1 at the break the cyclones blew it open in the 2nd. matt thomas scored 20 points, georges niang added 17. but the story was jameel mckay, energy, focus...14 points, 17 rebounds. senior night tomorrow against
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senior night tomorrow against oklahoma state...abdel nader, jameel mckay and georges niang will play their final game at hilton. tipoff set for 6pm. and in case you missed this last night in the golden state oklahoma city game... tied at 118, time winding down. step curry pulls up from 38 feet. ball game!!! what a shot. 46 points, 12 -three pointers for curry. unreal.
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before we go...a farmer in ohio
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "pauliamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollood insider
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he's not voting for. yes this message saying "no trump" spread with manure on his farm. he says he wants his message to be big enough for all people and see and....smell.
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with all of the headlines in the news this week, there was one that got overlooked. and that's a shame because it's the one that tells me that state of ours is going down the toilet. it's what's bugging andy, sunday n on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. officer and former marine killed on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police department in mourning.
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the intense debate in one state that would allow the smallest hands to put their fingers on a trigger. the snack craze a lot of people are chewing on. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: decision 2016. this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow reporting tonight from austin, texas. good evening from austin, texas. just over 36 hours until polls open here and across 11 other states. it is shaping up to be a pivotal night for so many campaigns. the republican race took on a mean edge today. ted cruz and marco rubio attacking donald trump over everything from his taxes, to foreign policy. and trump was on defense, especially when it came to an interview this morning in which trump was asked about a


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