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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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py-02fr :49 - :53 ""i witnessed him shoot the shots. i mean, that vivid, i can still see it."1:00 - 1:03 "he yelled hey, and then boom, boom, boom " witnesses describe the awful scene... as an employee starts shooting people at a kansas business. what we know this morning about the attack. controversy surrounding a racially-charged high school basketball cheer may finally be over this morning. how students decided to turn this into a learning experience.. it's friday february 26th...
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the light sw winds and the added sunshine this afternoon will make for some nice friday weather. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s and lower 60s. the winds will gust close to 40 mph. more winter weather is in the forecast by tuesday. parts of the state have a chance to see
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first on 13... we're waking up to a tense situation in kansas this morning... following a series of deadly shootings there yesterday evening. overnight, police faced more tension as they investigated the suspect's home. the whole situation started unfolding at around five last night... officials say an attacker opened fire at a company in hesston, kansas -- that's near wichita. when it was over four people were killed -- including the gunman -- more than a dozen were wounded, many with critical injuries. the first officer to arrive single handily took the gunman down. then overnight while investigating his home, early reports from neighbors led authorities to believe more victims or a possible second shooter could be inside... "we had to deal with it as a very volatile situation. especially after like what we saw in colorado where there were booby traps and so we had to treat this- you know, for the safety of so
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they eventually found out the home was empty. no word on an exact motive this morning, be we are told the shooter was an employee at the business. one person is behind bars this morning after an evening chase through the streets of des moines. it all started last night around 9:30.. and eventually came to an end in the 3600 block of kinsey avenue. that's where this van -- labeled field pro painters -- slid off the roadway... a tow truck had to be called in to pull it out of the ditch.. officers then searched the inside with flashlights. we're told one person was taken into custody. no word on what that person is started. there was no stopping insults from flying between republican presidential hopefuls last night. presidential candidate :14-:20 "anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants." presidential candidate :21-:26 "you're the only person on this stage who's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project illegally. you hired some ..." presidential candidate :27-:30 "no, no. i'm the only one on this stage who's hired people. you haven't hired
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most of the insults flew in the direction of front-runner donald trump... as senators ted cruz and marco rubio joined in a tag team to attack him. they attacked not only trump's immigration ideas but his health care plan, among other issues meanwhile ben carosn and john kasich, now at the bottom of the pile -- fought to get airtime at all. of course this is all leading up to the next big test... super tuesday. march first... voters in 14-states will make their pick for president. donald trump is winning all the polls in those states except texas where ted cruz serves as senator in congress. but the democrats have one final hurdle before then... tomorrow hillary clinton and bernie sanders compete to win over south carolina voters. recent polls show clinton is leading as
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dorm life is about to get more expensive for iowa college students... all three state universities are proposing an increase on room and board for the 2016-2017 school year. that'll bring average rates from the numbers you see on the left to the numbers you see on the right... it evens out to about 300 dollars
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some of that increase at the university of iowa is thanks to wage changes for student employees. a higher minimum wage for student employees. 13-hundred students work in the dining hall... and the university is raising wages to match similar increases across most of johnson county. on june first the wage will go up to 9-50 per hour... then on january first of next year it will jump again to 10-25. spring is just around the corner and soon we'll be thinking about cleaning and maybe even redecorating. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from valley junction, where they hope to give you a couple new ideas this weekend. let's go to josh now, what store are you at? discover all that historic valley junction has to offer with a day full of learning. join demonstrations, classes and craft sessions at diy in the junction... from 10 to 6 saturday. the
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area high schoolers are stepping in to put a stop to a controversial courtside cheer... donald trump donald trump donald trump this video of dallas center
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over and over went viral earlier this week after a sub-state game against perry high school. the chant was meant to intimidate perry's latino players... but it's also set off a state-wide controversy. now it appears the fans themselves are ready to put it all to rest. students from both schools met yesterday to discuss what happened and how to move forward. and last night's perry game had fans from dcg, ankeny, johnston, lincoln and greene county all joining the perry side to cheer them on. students say it's just one step in the right direction. hoping that other schools can take from this and realize whatever they are saying can have an community and such." "how everyone is accepted, everyone is united, it doesn't matter your race, your color, or
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be accepted... dallas center grimes students are now working on a program with perry to introduce their students to more diversity. after an emotional week, the bluejays say they just wanted to play basketball. and they did. perry hosting boone. that's boone's lane losh for two. torreadors down 11. then shammon ivory passes to rashon ivory. perry is definitely in control. then janier puente throws down the coffin nail. blue jays win 75-57. perry will now play on monday in the sub-state championship game
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coming up in today in iowa...he's been gone over a century and he's got no living relatives of any kind, anywhere. so is there anyone who can step up to help fix the memory of an
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the light sw winds and the added sunshine this afternoon will make for some nice friday weather. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s and lower 60s. the winds will gust close to 40 mph. more winter weather is in the forecast by tuesday. parts of the state have a chance to see
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he spent only a small part of his life here in iowa... but during those years, he fortified our troops, shaped our government and named our towns. we'll tell you what brings an iowa icon back into the news
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our top story... we're learning more about an evening chase this morning. it started around 9-30 last night at east 19th and grand. the driver eventually went off the road and hit a tree in the 3600 block of kinsey avenue. officers arrested michael field after he tried to get away on foot. he had a warrant out for his arrest and is now facing a list of other charges. paying tribute to one of iowa's founding fathers is no small task... and over time the memory of governor samuel merril has started to fade here in iowa. but now, a monument in his name is headed for a facelift, thanks to some helping iowans. faint as it is, our memory of samuel merrill is of a man who never left well
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political career in new england and opened shop in iowa. 104318 '...he was a mercantilist, a tri- goods store...' he did well, but when war broke out in 1861, he was ready to do more... 123840 'he actually recruited a number of the troops himself...' 104236 'he funded the uniforms for the first, second and third volunteer regiments.' but even that wasnt enough. merrill soon joined the iowa volunteer infantry and became an officer. 104348 'leading the charge at the battle of black river bridge, he was shot through both legs. critically wounded on the field, removed from the field, that ended his time as a soldier.' but he was hardly finished with iowa. he was elected governor in 1868, running on his leadership skills honed in battle. 104455 'youre leading men through bayonet charges, you have to assert yourself in that manner.' 130806 'there is nothing that is going to cast a person
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reason why iowans chose civil war soldiers and people with civil war experience to lead the state after that.'honors for merrill starting coming before his term even expired...he laid the cornerstone at the then new state capitol in 1871...a small town in northwest iowa took his name the following year...and a des moines middle wait, thats actually a different merrill, but you get the point. by the time he was laid to rest here in 1899, his legacy was assured, etched in a marble monument for a hundred years. 105012 'when the oak tree fell, it fell and it hit it moving all this out, breaking away a certain amount of the foundation.' when the damage was done, samuel merrill had no known relatives left. so there was no one to authorize or fund repairs to his grave.
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here.' local history buff, jonas cutler, took up the charge and began a seeking private donations to help renovate the grave. he knew just where to start... 124440 '...being a student of history, i chose some of the more distinguished iowa governors to adorn this office.' terry branstad shared $1,000 of his own money with the cause, after all, he and merrill share the same office...and same ideals...if not the same look... 124545 ' no, hes got more facial hair than many, and the early governors—y ou look at these portraits-- a lot of them had beards.the renovation effort is now just $6500 short of completion and the hope is that sometime this year, the honor that this iowa icon deserves will be restored to him. 131710 'when it was all said and done, governor merrill chose makes
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left well enough alone. he came here, helped out, because it felt right. returning that favor would seem to feel the same. we've just learned governor branstad has advised the iowa history fund committee to cover the remaining 65- hundred dollars for restoration of samuel merrill's gravesite. the history fund gets its money in part from the sale of governor brandstad's autobiography. the committee is expected to approve the request soon so that construction
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