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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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seconds to wait for traffic to clear so they can change lanes and there are just so many that wont.' avid cyclist and kyle's bike employee bill lorenez says he would feel safer on the roads if this legislation was put on the books... 'its not going to change everybodys behavior but its just something that will be on peoples minds and if it makes an improvement its all for the better.' last year... officials say mat phippen was riding near vinton... when a pick-up buzzed past him.they say the truck got too close... and nearly hit him. the incident was captured on a camera attached to his bicycle, however the driver was never charged. iowa law does not specifically define just how close you can be to a cyclist on the road, so the coalition is hoping if passed this legislation would clear things up.... 'i think it would increase education and make people more aware on how
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the proposed legislation would not require a motorist to change lanes if there is a designated bike lane. the bill passed the senate yesterday and is now headed over to the house for debate. lawmakers are also working on an amendment to the iowa constitution relating to electronic communications and data. the joint resolution would make it necessary for law enforcement to get a warrant to access that electronic information, from items like a computer or cell phone. the measure would have to pass two successive general assemblies before iowans could vote on it. 25:03 i think that philosophically, i think that our fourth amendment liberties should be held and protected zealously. and i think that is what a lot of iowans expect and obviously you have to balance that with public safety. the constitution is very clear on many of those things 25:23
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the f-b-i says they want a one-time hack of the iphone from the san bernardino terrorist. today apple asked a federal court to throw out an order requiring the company to unlock the phone....saying the fbi is seeking what it calls "dangerous power." house republicans say they're ready to make the transition to a privatized medicaid system. the move was pushed back to april first... majority leader linda upmeyer says they are working to fill holes and answer questions from iowans worried about gaps in coverage. republican leaders say they would consider a bill proposed by senate democrats that would establish take place. the legislature just needs to do its job. we have all kinds of oversight and authority, we just need to and i think things will work out just fine. but we're happy to talk about might have about 560 thousand iowans use medicaid. three months after police say a
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the suspect is now charged with the murder. 47 year old barney fraaken faces two counts of first degree murder. police say fraaken shot his wife amy and 16-year old daughter amber on november 22nd. both bodies were found in the family's home on hull avenue. police say fraaken then shot and seriously injured himself. 38:14 he's got to the point now that he was able to understand the charges against him and able for the detectives to interview him 38:21 and at the conclusion they went ahead and charged him with two counts of murder. 38:25 fraaken had been in the hospital until last night. he was arrested and charged upon his release.... the trial of a boone man accused of killing his wife continued today... the victim's sister gave emotional testimony... alex fazzino faces first degree murder charges...prosecutors say he killed his wife, emily in their home in january of 2012. the state called emily's sister ammie dighton dighton claimed she knew nothing about emily's addiction to prescription medication, and said she still didn't believe emily had one. dighton testified about
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emily's death as paramedics took her body out of the house. "i kissed her. where was alex fazzino whenever you saw emily's body? he was running downstairs." an investigators who worked on the case also testified this morning. that included an hour and a half long interview with alex fazziino. police say one person was killed in an accident on i-80 in davenport, after debris went through the windshield of the vehicle. the crash happened just before five yesterday afternoon. police say 65-year old richard miedma of walcott was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. police have not said what broke the windshield just yet. a passenger was also hurt, but her injuries are not life threatening. officers in the metro hope their presence improved traffic safety today. extra patrols were out along i-235. watching for speeders but enforcing all traffic laws. more people became trapped in grain bins in iowa last year
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state. thats according to a new study from purdue university. you may remember a story we told you about in the summer of 20-13 in which a man was rescued after being trapped in a grain bin. it happened on a farm just south of iowa falls. a fire captain who won an award for that rescue says using "grain bin rescue tubes" made saving the man's life possible. 06:58:05--21 'that was the only way that we could get to him the fastest. yes, we still, for the pure size of the grain bin that we were in, we still cut holes inside the grain bin to drain the corn, but using these tubes was initially how we got to him.' coming up at six o'clock, hear from a local farmer who is trying to raise awareness about the importance of rescue tubes. two high schools are coming together after reports of inappropriate chants at a basketball game... on monday, a few students on the dallas center grimes side were chanting 'trump, trump.' it was a taunt against perry's largely hispanic roster. .
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today the perry principal tweeted out this photo. it shows perry and dallas center grimes students meeting to discuss the issue. and it doesn't stop there. some d-c-g students plan to go to perry's game tonight against boone. it's is at neutral site in johnston. tip off is set for seven. most of us won't have problems sitting down for meal at dinner time... but it's difficult for people struggling with an eating disorder... coming up... the effort on the iowa state campus to tackle the issue from different angles... and the reason why many college students struggle with the disease... and the mumps can be easy to spread on college campuses... the new cases popping up at iowa state... and the approach the university of iowa took.. to get the virus under
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and next.. the minimum wage increase in johnson county... is impacting the university of iowa... why it's impacting student workers on campus... and the how much it could cost
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the iowa board of regents met today in ames... and the issue of minimum wage was discussed... johnson county raised it's minimum wage last year.... that's the home of the university of iowa. the school is feeling the
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the new wage doesn't apply to university of iowa jobs, but students might decide to find higher paying jobs off campus. so starting june first, iowa will raise the minimum wage for students to 9-50 an hour... the board says that will cost the university an additional 750- thousand dollars. also at the meeting, iowa state president steven leath announced the departure of an institution at the school.. on june 30th, longtime vice president warren madden will be retiring. madden graduated from isu in 19-61 with a degree in industrial engineering. he has served seven presidents of iowa state, and has been vice president of business and finance since 1984. steven leath/ isu president i must say hes been instrumental in the expansion and transformation of the campus over the last five years. he was involved in the development of the iowa state center..reiman gardens isu research park cy- ride and the gateway hotel president leath shared the news of the madden retirement during
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iowa state mens basketball game... madden got a standing ovation from cyclone faithful. iowa state university is dealing with the mumps. the director of the thielen student health center reports nine mumps cases on campus since december. is spread through contaminated saliva or mucus. it causes fever and swollen glands... among other symptoms. the health center recommends all m-m-r vaccines... more than two hundred cases of the mumps have been reported at the university of iowa since mid july... the university offered free vaccines to prevent the spread... the iowa student health and wellness center administered close to five thousand vaccines... a sioux city couple turned their grief, into generosity this week. earler this month, we shared the story of the cotters. one of the twin girls lisa cotter was carrying died in the womb... the cotters other daughter, evelynne was healthy. after losing elizabeth, they
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dealing with loss. and on tuesday, they donated a "cuddle cot" to unitypoint health st. luke's. it gives grieving parents time with their babies, by slowing the body's changes after death with a cooling unit. the cotters say it's elizabeth's birthday president to the hospital. they raised enough money to buy the cot and donate 27-hundred dollars to the neonatal intensive care unit. that's where evelynne spent the
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if you're tired of the colder and dreary weather, you're in luck! clouds will continue to clear out through the night tonight, paving the way for more sunshine on friday. temperatures will be cool but average tonight with lows in the middle 20s. winds will also die down and become more southwesterly for friday. this combined with the sunshine will help warm temperatures into the upper 40s throughout central iowa. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s
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the iowa state campus is taking on the issue of eating disorders... but it's goal, is to help more than just college students... "you don't have to be a certain weight or a certain amount of sick to get help." coming up next... the new approach to helping people with eating disorders... and the growing group of women affected by the disease, that
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"eating disorders is an issue that affects a lot of college students."
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students struggle with disordered eating and body image. but, the issue doesn't just affect that age group. this week is dedicated to raising awareness about eating disorders and bringing hope to those battling the illness. channel 13's megan reuther has it's new at five. it's a busy day...for chloe an honor your hunger baked goods giveaway." as she gets ready for a week of events. @31:03 "i think increasing awareness on eating disorders and body image in general can save people's lives and impact so many people's lives." it's an issue the iowa state senior knows very well. @26:26 "i was 15 when i was diagnosed." @27:00 "i stopped hanging out with friends. i really isolated myself. i used my control to control my food and how much i ate. @27:17 "what finally made me realize i needed help was the fact that no matter how much weight i lost i was still
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doctor, a therapist and dietitian, she got the treatment she needed. @28:28 "it hasn't been an easy road, and i can't say it's something that is completely gone." now, she's part of a fairly new called image and eating disorder awareness. @33:43 "eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, but you can't look at someone and know they have an eating disorder, and i think people really need to know that." standup@45:16 "events like this are aimed at raising awareness on iowa state's campus, along with the entire community." @19:54 "college students are more pressured. however, the population where we're seeing the greatest increase in eating disorders is in the females that are 60 and older." certified eating disorder
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time of transition, similar to college. she's co-founder of the eating disorder coalition of iowa, which aims at raising awareness throughout the state. @19:01 "we really try and highlight eating disorder awareness prevention, screening tools and really bring to the public information that recovery is real and recovery happens and it's so important to reach out and get help." it's something lundquist is glad she did early in her illness, as she looks forward to helping others one day as a dietitian. @29:05 "i want to use my career path to teach people to enjoy food again, and that there are no good and bad foods." in ames, megan reuther, channel 13
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eating disorder coalition of iowa will host events this saturday for the annual eating disorders awareness day. it's from 8:30 to three at the holiday inn on merle hay road. speakers from five national treatment centers will be there, along with the authors of andrea's voice. all events are free and open to the public, but they will take donations. you're encouraged to register at e-d-c- iowa dot org. stick around, we'll get another
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here's what we're working on for the channel 13 news at six... buying and selling items online will get a little safer in west des moines... how police are making sure your exchanges go smoothly.. and how it can also help parents in child custody cases... and tonight at ten, andy fales brings us a piece of iowa history... he'll introduce us samuel merrill... how he became iowa's first post
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piece of his history, and how governor branstad is getting involved. don't miss this iowa icon story, tonight on the channel 13 news at ten.... finally tonight.... the latest item on the menu at a missouri restaurant is getting worldwide attention. and it will either make your stomach turn... or growl.... ellie soderstrom / customer :08 "it is like all the delight of a pizza mixed with the joy of a burger into one huge pleasure experience." midtown pizza kitchen in joplin missouri created the "townie." its a hamburger patty put between two mini pizza buns... and images have been making the rounds on social media. the townie has been out for a little more than a week and the restaurant has already sold roughly 200 burgers. midtown pizza kitchen is in the process of creating more
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developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen
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destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's mar to the nomination. super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror. the chilling moment that made erin andrews courtroom. as jurors see the tape that she says turned nightmare. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. states of emergency are in effect in virginia, and north carolina right now. among the places that


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