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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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um.. i think i just dominated and since then.. briar cochran hasn't stopped dominating... the family goal he was trying to achieve.. and the support he had along the way. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. thank you for joining us. students from perry say shouting trump's name had nothing to do with politics. instead they say it was aimed at the school district's hispanic population... channel 13's mike dasilva shows us what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again... when the fans in the stands are
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court or to anyone at the event...what is supposed to happen? and who's in charge? well according to the executive director of the iowa high school athletic association, there are guidelines and policies in place that govern such a scenario. alan beste says it's up to the school administrators of both teams to take action. theyre the ones who are probably visiting amongst themselves to determine whats going to happen and the policy, which is called 'conduct counts' that addresses chanting and cheering directed at opponents. 02:05 there are several different ways that they can handle it. they can simply give an informal warning to the students or the spectators and say this is inappropriate, stop. or, they can give a formal warning and say if it continues were going to eject you and then if it gets to tha point where the fans are being belligerent, then there is a possibility of those fans being ejected from the contest. dallas center grimes activities director steve watson was at the top of dcg's student section when he heard the chants....
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stairs, i heard the chant, it was probably chanted three, four, five times at the most and as soon as our kids saw that i was there, they knew it was wrong and they stopped it.' 04:40 'im not even sure i had to say anything. i think it was just my presence, that they knew i was there. we also had two other administrators there too.' watson considers anything that's not a positive cheer inappropriate. 07:03 'its inappropriate i mean you know but kids are creative and you never know what theyre gonna do next. so when something is inappropriate you have to squelch it at the time and you deal with it later. 07:24 in this case the game was over its pretty hard to throw anybody out watson does not think his school district should be defined by this incident. 08:28 it cast a bad light on our school., but you know what were still a good school and we have good kids here and you know well educate our kids and move on.' watson says it was not a large group of students who were chanting...he estimates that it was about 10-15 percent of the kids that were there at
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grimes students and adult spectators have above average sportsmanship ratings. and that he and perry's athletic administrator are good friends, we have been for years and will continue to be.... this week, students and faculty are celebrating diversity at des moines area community college... and today they brought in a former skinhead, turned civil rights activist. at just 14-years old frank meeink joined a neo-nazi gang in philadelphia. he was in and out of juvenile detention... and eventually prison for kidnapping a rival gang member. he says that stint in jail changed him. he found friendship among people he was taught to hate. now...meeink speaks across the country, sharing his advice for combating hatred and racism. "it's empathy...if i have empathy for you in any way, shape, or form, i cant bleep hate you. if you have empathy for me in any way, shape, or form you cant hate- i'm telling you it's impossible. last year the anit-defamation league honored meeink with its
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hero of the year award. school districts across the state are finding governor branstad's mandatory school start date is affecting more than just the beginning of the school year... channel 13's justin surrency explains why it's changing study habits for students... for years the ames community school district had to hold first semester finals after winter break... 'iowa state is a large presence and a lot of our families are associated with the university. so we must align our schedule as much as we can.'finally it was straightened out... 'two years ago we were able to arrange a calendar to start the year early enough and end for the first time, the first semester before winter break.' students and parents rejoiced 'as far as my children are concerned they would rather have their finals before break. then they get a proper break.'but with the stroke of a pen last legislative session governor terry branstad changed all of that
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then things changed.' the governor enforced a new mandatory start date no earlier than august 23rd directly after the iowa state fair... 'sorry but we tried.'it also took away a school districts option to receive a voucher application for an early start date causing many in urban school districts to question the decision... 'i wish that the governor had left control with the local school districts. the rural districts they do have participation in the state fair but those are concerns we just dont have...on monday the ames school district reluctantly approved calendars for the next two school years, forcing students back to taking finals after winter break... 'it does give students time to the positive there.'opponents arent saying its a bad deal for everyone, educators just wish the governor could have been listened a little closer... 'listen and think about the things local districts are
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the job they are trying to do in their community and their family and ames, justin surrency channel 13 news semester exams will also come after the holiday break at both southeast polk school and des moines school districts. iowa will make the switch to a private medicaid system on april first.. and the people affected by this want to make sure their care won't suffer. 09:12-09:24 ames is a decent size town but i have a hard time finding services, i called a dozen places in december and they all said we can't provide you services, we cant provide you services, so if its already a problem i'm concerned that its going to be worse. dozens of people shared similar concerns with lawmakers today. in response... senate democrats vowed to take up a bill next week to increase oversight of the three companies that will take over medicaid. senator harry reid is outraged that iowa senator charles grassley is doing what he once encouraged...
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10:00-10:20 by nearly every metric the judicial committee under chairman grassley is failing dramatically, setting all records of failure in this "great" body. the committee is failing the people of iowa and the nation. to the senator from iowa, the senior senator from iowa, i stress, i plead don't continue down this path. that is the exact opposite of what senator reid called for in 20-05. at that time he advocated for delaying supreme court hearings during an election year. senator grassley says he fears president obama is trying to stack the court in order to lead by executive order. 08:02-08:22 we have a lot of concerns about the president saying i got a phone and a pen and if congress won't i will. and then we've seen him pack the d-c circuit could of appeals so that he would have enough judges, friendly to him to rule in favor of his executive actions president obama could still use his phone and pen to fill the
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if the senate goes into recess for at least three days... president obama could use a recess appointment to temporarily appoint his nominee to the court. the person would be able to serve without senate approval until the end of 20-17. the city of des moines will end up paying nearly half-a-million dollars to the victim of a car crash involving a police officer. this is what kaileigh joiner's car looked like after it happened she was t-boned by a des moines police officer in april of 20-13. the officer ran a red light.. and he didn't have his emergency lights and siren on. according to the des moines register... a polk county jury awarded joiner and two other people in the car 422-thousand dollars for their injuries. des moines water works customers will see their rates jump 10-percent in april... and that could be just the start... today the water works board approved a 5-year, 241-million dollar improvement plan. the bulk of that will go toward
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a large portion will also be used to remove nitrates and contaminates during the water treatment process. of the total costs... 184-million will come from customers in the form of higher rates. it is a first for the town of moravia. briar cochran became an iowa state wrestling champion, last week... and as michael admire shows us... there was one fan who was celebrating every bit as much as the wrestler. briar cochran was born to wrestle. old video 3:26 'i really dont know what wed do different. thats all we know' fade 40:46 we come from a strong wrestling family. i know briars been wrestling what wed do different. thats all we know' fade 40:46 we come from a strong wrestling family. i know briars been wrestling a strong wrestling family. i know briars been wrestling since he was in 3rd grade. i wrestled 40:46 we come from a strong wrestling family. i know briars been wrestling since he was in 3rd grade. i wrestled when i was in third grade.' since he could fit in a singlet... briar was on a mat. old video 1:45 'want you to go up to the stand and say cochran go check- in' groomed for the stage of championship saturday... briar became the 2nd wrestler from moravia to compete in a title
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38:56 no matter what happens hes going to be proud of me 39:27 i told him beforehand that i dont have anything to tell you because i dont remember my finals match 25 years ago. youre just going to have to out there and do your ingirt ya. en jamie wrestled that ampionshimch in 1991ravia hadnt won a state title... 25 years later that statement stood true. 38:35 during the grand march i wasnt nervous. i didnt have butterflies. usually when i get nervous my legs start shaking, but i felt... wasnt nervous. i didnt have butterflies. usually when i get nervous my legs start shaking, but i felt... calm. he every reason to be nervous, but briar had the confidence. old video 2:53 um i think i just dominated fade to winning championship nats full 40:19 its a pretty cool story there. but this time he redeemed his dads loss so im pretty proud of that. 37:32 it hasnt even sunk in teally,but i can definitely tell you is is the greatest thing in e world. old video 1:57 oure just as good as any of ese kids.' now a state champion. 36:41 'i think i kind proved myself today.' michael mrie channe1sports. x tease- ter an uyoss to pennstate... the hawks a primed
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after an ugly loss to penn state... the hawks are primed for a bounce back game... find out if they were able to pull it off against a team trying to keep their n-c-double-a hopes alive coming up in sports. the delays and cancellations are one thing... what a johnston man went through is something entirely different... right after the break... the disgusting surprise he found in first
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11:23:14 i said, i am sitting in
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have you ever wondered what an airplane? this johnston mans experience might make you 'check fly. mike feinberg flies a lot for business. hes experienced flight delays... waiting on the tarmac for hours
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but hed never encountered anything like this... and he hopes you dont either. channel 13s sonya heitshusen has the story. mike feinbergs flight to st. louis on january 12th started out like any other business trip... it wasnt until his return trip to des moines... via chicago... that things went bad - really bad. by this time, mike estimatest hed been sitting in his first class seat - a seat hed been upgraded to - for about an hour. it didnt take mike long to realize what he was sitting in.
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flight attendant. mike says she felt terrible... the flight attendant gave him blankets and a trash bag to sit on... his experience with american airlines didnt get any better. when he finally reached the gate... about three hours later. the response from the gate attendant - american did eventually provide a shower and a change of clothes. they also offered a 200-dollar voucher... for another flight on american airlines. by protocols... mike means protocols for cleaning planes
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bio-hazardous waste. remember, hes a medical rep... who deals with bio- hazards... like urine... blood and other bodily fluids... on a weekly basis. american airlines refused to give mike its protocols for dealing with bio- hazardous waste... saying its a privacy issue. when we contacted the airline... a spokesperson told us: 'our aircraft cleaners are trained to look for visible items like trash left on the seats, floor and seatback pockets. we regret that the cleaners did not detect that this particular seat was wet. if our customer service agents or flight crew had been notified before the flight, we would have removed the affected seat cushion and replaced it with a new, clean one.'
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future... sh channel 13 news. american airlines says its policy for handling bio-hazardous waste is part of the flight attendants manual, which is not a public document. after we contacted american... the airline increased feinbergs compensation to 1000-dollars... returned his 10- thousand frequent flyer miles and paid for his 500-dollar suit. skies will remain mostly cloudy through the evening and overnight hours tonight. it won't be until thursday afternoon when we start to see some sunshine breaking through. winds will remain out of the northwest between 15 and 25 mph on thursday, this will help keep temperatures on the cool side, making it the coolest day of the week. if you have been longing for the warmth to return, you'll just have to wait until friday. this will be the start of a major warm up over the few following days. friday's high will mover around average in the lower 40s, but saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest day over the next week with highs reaching the upper
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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the hawkeyes take the court tonight after a week off. hawks ready to show their recent supbar stretch was just a lull, not a trend. but iowa has lost five straight to wisconsin. jarrod uthoff leads iowa at sold out carver-hawkeye arena. crowd into it early. uthoff first 3. 5-0 hawks. wisconsin doesn't wilt. khalil iverson with authority. fran mccaffery not happy, and it would get worse. big first half for peter jok. this three ties the game at 25. then jok again from three 28-25. jok had 17 first half points.
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49-43 iowa. woodbury 6 points, career high 18 rebounds. crazy dunk by wisconsin's khalil iverson 53-51 badgers. this guy should just take the rim home. jok jumper tied at 56. peter leads iowa with 21. three by bronson koenig. hawkeye fans see their team lose at home for the first time this hawkeye fans see their team lose at home for the first time this season. hard to believe, but early exit after iowa collapses at crunch time. badgers win again, 67-59. iowa women also having a disappointing season. tonight, the hawks lose at penn state, 81-68. northern iowa finds its new athletic director in ames. david harris goes from associate a-d at iowa state, to the a-d
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the 44 year old harris faces several challenges at uni, almost all them dealing with finding the funds to keep panther sports programs thriving. like this one. senior night at uni, it's a final home game for wes washpun. and paul jesperson. and wouldn't you know it, we have highlights from both. jesperson drops three on indiana state. then washpun steps back, sinks three. he had 16. uni cruises, 66-44. 8 of 9 for the panthers. another valley loss for drake, bulldogs 52 missouri state bears 61 cyclone star seanna johnson did not make it back to ames for tonight's game. johnson's with her family in minnesota. her father recently suffered a stroke. cyclones sure missed their leading scorer. kid blaskowsky did what she
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point lead. but k-state runs away from isu at hilton coliseum, 68-53. isu falls below 500 on the season. former cyclone paul rhoads will work for former hawkeye bret bielema. bielema hires rhoads to coach arkansas' defensive backs. rhoads coached iowa state 7 years, but he was fired in november after the cyclones sixth straight losing season. iowa state still owes rhoads 4 and a half million dollars. state bowling from plaza lanes. and johnston rolls to the class 3-a state championship. morgan wolfe had a two game total of 457, while chantelle foster had the dragons best single game, 257. lincoln fifth, roosevelt 7th. cedar falls won boys 3a, marshalltown, southeast polk,
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reporter: "so when you hear, say, one side, saying that they'd like to wait 'til "the next president is in office to appoint a justice, what do you think about that?" justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now,"
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, mike birbiglia, musical guest fka twigs. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 424 compton.


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