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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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and a patient at a waterloo hospital is accused of making his own exit... in a stolen ambulance.... find out how police were able to track him down. it looks a lot like iowa... long lines and record crowds for the nevada caucuses... tonight the state is picking its republican nominee for president. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters... the results are being tallied right now. and if the polls are accurate... it should be donald trump's third win in a row... this is where he will take the podium later this evening win or lose... the most recent poll had trump up by 26-points in nevada. we'll bring you the results as the come in. iowans are still chanting donald trump's name, weeks after our state's caucus... but not in the way you might think... channel 13's justin surrency joins us... and this is a bit of head scratcher... because high school basketball fans are trying to get into
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using a politician. we've all taken pride when crowd's chant u-s-a in fan filled arena's...but for the perry high school basketball's turned into a mockery as opposing fans have used the chant to blatantly target the minorities who's parents may be from other countries... perry high school bucks the trend of what is typically found in a rural iowa setting... "we are really more of an urban school in a rural setting. here at the high school we are 48percent minority."they embrace that diversity and it shows on the basketball court with players of latino, native american and african american desent... "it's all about who you are as a person and tha'ts what is great about a small town like perry...unfortunate ly that diversity isn't being celebrated by everyone... "we are all aware of racism, it's alive and well in small portions but it's alive and well and it's just hurtfull to see that's what they resort monday nights game against dallas center grimes opposing fans used trumps disdain for illegal immigrants to target several
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"with the political climate the way it is this year, it's a little more charged"it's cut the communty and players like senior shammond ivory deep... "it's honestly disrespectful, that's how i take it. i hear it during the game and on and off the court everywhere i go."it's been a constant almost all season for perry... "we had an instagram issue 2 weeks ago with a conference school and the school administrators took care of it very well."the jayhawks have found a way to turn the other cheek... "there's a way to be loud and proud and we live by that and we do it every single day we are respectful, we're loud obviously we win, it works we don't need to be disrespectful...they' ve turned hatefull chants into motivation...12:15:56-12:16:08"a s soon as i hear something like that it just triggers me and it makes me strive for more and to do it for my team, coaches and my community." "a list of sportsmanship traits immediatelty greets all those that walk into the perry
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teams follow suit and if they don't, they hope their play on the court can change their hearts and minds about race... "it's not about the color, we are all equal." steve watson the dallas center grimes activities director confirmed the chants at last night's game and said that he issue has been addressed at the school...he declined to comment on whether or not any students were disciplined...last monday perry coach ned menke was awarded the iowa high school association's character counts
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one person is hospitalized and des moines police are searching for the gunman who put him there... police say the victim was shot in the upper leg shortly after eight o'clock near park avenue elementary school. officers focused on that area.. searching by flashlight for evidence and bullet casings. police have not released the victim's condition. police say an iowa city man has a history of secretly videotaping students. police arrested 23-year old robert hightower last week for reportedly recording a female university of iowa student as she showered. police say he got into the bathroom using keys stolen from a dorm room. a check of his phone turned up two other videos of unsuspecting students showering. hightower faces multiple charges and the possibility of nine years in prison. a mental health patient is back in a waterloo hospital tonight, police say he crashed through a closed garage door in a stolen ambulance to make his escape...
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its just really unusual for that to happen on a tuesday morning. and that seems to be what every neighbor on lindner street in waterloo is saying...after police catch an escaped mental patient on their steet..just blocks from covenant hospital. joe lingua/witness - i looked out the window and there was about four or five squad cars out here and they had him down on the ground, handcuffing him. and he was screaming bloody murder that they were going to kill him or something." police say 36 year old joshua rohner was in the emergency room before he stole an ambulance and took off.. crews are seen here repairing the damages after he alegedly drove out through a closed door. he didnt make it too far...police say he ditched the ambulance and was walking down lindner street, a few blocks away.. looking for another car. "he was trying to get into my neighbor's truck and then he saw my truck in the driveway and i saw him walking up the driveway." rohner's father reached out to kwwl after the news broke..saying his son was at covenant for a drug
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says his son is a good man but he's struggling with drug addiction right now...he's hoping his son can receive the help he needs..he was also worried, wondering how his son was able to get out? ...meanwhile neighbors are asking the same thing- hoping it wont happen again. i dont want to see that again a nearby school was briefly put on lockdown until the situation was a nearby school was briefly put on lockdown until the situation was resolved. the des moines school district's horticulture program is searching for a missing s-u-v. the black 19-99 suburban and other equipment were stolen from mccombs middle school over the weekend. 14:37-14:56 the suburban was purchased by the program, the fund from the horticulture, we have a really successful business here and the money goes back to the kids program and the school ... its a
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the s-u-v should be hard to miss. it has school district license plate and bumper sticker reading "we give a crop about agriculture." if you see it please call des moines police. a council bluffs man was caught on camera running a red light last week.. and he's happy about it, even after getting a 100-dollar ticket in the mail..... the driver responded with this... a thank you letter to the council bluffs police department. it reads in part.. "i don't know what i was doing and concentrating on when i was driving, and that scares the hell out of me! i generally think i'm a good, safe driver, but now i see i need to be much better." it appears, whomever president obama nominates to the supreme court will never end up serving on the supreme court. i think take it a step at a time. i'm going to take it a step at time. i will take it a step at a time. that what he said last week.. but now we learn there's not
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next step. senator charles grassley heads the senate judiciary committee. today, he announced the committee will not consider a nominee to the u-s supreme court until after the presidential election. in a letter announcing that decision.. senator grassley used the words of democratic senator harry reid from 20-05. at that time reid stated, "the duties of the senate are set forth in the u.s. constitution. nowhere in that document does it say the senate has a duty to give the presidential nominees a vote." iowa democrats have raised doubts... but just last week the department of human services announced it was ready to move forward with plans to privatize the state medicaid system. if i called cms would they say everythig is ready to go and everything is marked completed and we're going to move forward march first. couldn't speak for cms i don't know how they'd respond to that , but what i do know is, so we really don't know, we believe we are ready march first. today c-m-s did call... to say
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says the three private companies that will take over the system are still training case managers.. and likely won't be finished until after march first. that... in part is why c-m-s is delaying the change for another month. in a letter to the iowa department of human services... c-m-s writes... "although we understand the state's preference to move forward on march 1, the april 1 effective date provides additional time for iowa to complete activities needed to ensure a smooth transition. they're already legal in most of the country... and now a majority in the iowa house want to make suppressors legal in iowa. this morning this morning, represetatives approved their use on firearms. the device reduces the sound of gunfire by 20-to-30 percent. here's what it sounds like... the second shot you hear is with a suppressor. nats gunshots supporters say the sound reduction helps protect the hearing of hunters and target shooters.
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protect the hearing of hunters and target shooters. opponents say gun owners should but earplugs. 'earplugs a good thing, suppressors not so much.' 'i think there is too much danger involved to legalize one more offensive weapon to be a non-offensive weapon in iowa.' they are for hearing protection, a suppressor itself is not a weapon, its an accessory thats put on a firearm just to cut down the noise as a hearing protection device.' also approved in the house today... a measure allowing a person riding an a- t-v or snowmobile to carry a loaded gun... and a measure prohibiting gun confiscation in iowa during a state of emergency. a clive hunter finally has his
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-wx tease- big wins tonight for two metro basketball teams.. they've punched
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tournament. find out who's moving on coming up in sports. and the state historical building wants to show off more of its collection... but leaders say they need a smaller building to do it. see the plans... and find out what will become of the third of the building they don't want. iowa's largest economic development project is now the focus of liens and lawsuits... right after the break... why a candidate for u-s senate thinks its just the start of a much bigger problem.
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fertilizer plant... but a subcontractor is worried about a different bill... his own. we brought you the story yesterday... liens, lawsuits, and claims of unpaid bills in lee county. a u-s senate candidate says it a sign the worst is still to come.. orascom planned to open the plant earlier this year... but several work stoppages have delayed the timeline. just yesterday... a subcontractor filed a federal lawsuit against orascom. the suit claims the contractor hasn't been paid since october and is owed
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the state historical building has a unique problem... the building is too big... 03:10:37-10:47 what we would do in this proposal is right size the building, we would have the right amount of space for example for the exhibits, for the collection storage now here's what they mean by "right-sizing" the building. the current building is 233- thousand square feet. right sizing it would remove the east side of the building reducing it to 155- thousand square feet. a cafe and retail space would go in on the south side.. and the portion of the building that was removed would
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03:11:10-03:11:23 what we know is we have a real challenge because we haven't necessarily had the funding to keep up with the square footage that we've had so there have actually been exibits that have been on display since this building opened 28 years ago funding will again be the issue for the proposed changes. the total cost is 82-million dollars.. and organizers hope 65-million of that is approved by lawmakers this session. a davenport attraction is also in need of a renovation... this is video of the ferris wheel at modern woodmen park last week. you can see the gondolas swinging wildly in the 60-mile per hour wind. several were damaged.... and one had to be removed because of fears it would fall. "we have the manufacturer actually out here now taking a look at things and patching everything up and trying to figure out the best way to move forward to prevent any winds from doing anything again." the manufacturer might not be the best consultant. last year the gondolas were
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the manufacturer advised them to just cover the gondolas with a tarp. the tarps caught the wind.. likely
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300!
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get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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but one more win, and it's next level: on to state. 14th ranked valley at number 5 indianola. even the college coaches came to see this one, bill fennelly and jennie baranczyk. 3rd q. tiger freshman zoey young starts to take over. floater in the 16 for young. but the indians answer with their freshman. maggie mcgraw, buries the 3. 19 points for mcgraw. tied at 42. 4th q. young the steal, all the
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but indianola doesnt blink. the senior, maddie glascock, 3 from the corner. and then glascock great feed to grace berg. 12 for berg, indians up 5. then back outside to close it out. haley vesey drops in 3 more. she scores 14. indianola on to state for the first time as a 5a school, 73-64 the final. indianola will face linn-mar in the state quarterfinals. the number one team in class 5-a... the johnston dragons.
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without rachel hinders, one of the best players in the state. dragons elle brown with the skillz. 47-40 johnston.dragons starting to pull away, paige sieren for three. good! 52- 44. taryn knuth adds a career high 29 points!johnston advances to state, 66-54. you can bet that banner shows up in a few photos. cenntennial and sioux city west. jaguars keanna williams drives to the rack and-one centennial trailed 5-0 to start the game. jaguars answered with
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to end the first quarter. kylee macke from long range. centennial fans are feeling it. sammy stoelk driving the baseline... the floater is good. centennial wins 66-42. other regional finals, linn mar turns back dowling. and southeast polk upsets iowa city high. waukee a winner in overtime at iowa city west. women of troy. in class 4-a, pella heads back to state with a win over boone, and ballard by six over carlisle, 43-37. and congratulations to the urbandale jayhawks bowling team. the boys won the 2a state championship, waverly shell rock second, mt pleasant third.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey. bill and melinda gates. musical guest kygo.


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