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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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find out what this clive hunter was accused of doing... and how his case could change state law. a famous boom county bridge is no match for the thousands of pound of ice... see the damage done.. and why there might not be anything left to save later this week. nearly three quarters of a million dollars in unemployment checks paid out by mistake in 2014.. may never be recovered. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. the people who run iowa workforce development admit they messed up... and that we likely won't see any of the over payments returned. a state senator doesn't even want to try... channel 13's mike dasilva explains why... 02:12:27--35 it was really workforce developments fault.
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forward and pointed it out and said i want to return the check and they said no.' that's why state senator bill dotzler believes the iowans who received unemployment checks in 2014 due to an error by iowa workforce development...should be allowed to keep that money...even though they got money that they weren't supposed to. dotzler, who's a non-voting member of the iowa workforce development board, is proposing that iowans should not have to pay the money back. 02:12:17--29 'you cant get blood out of a turnip and when somebodys been laid off and they dont have any resources, youre gonna have to go through procedures of garnishing wages and all that. andy roberts of the plumbers and steamfitters local union 33, is the chairman of of the iowa workforce development board. roberts is in favor of dotzler's proposal. 01:50:15--24 'i just feel that what its gonna cost for the state of iowa taxpayers to recuperate this money is far more, outweighs the amount that youre gonna receive back in.' both dotzler and roberts think that money would be better spent trying to go after folks who try to defraud the system intentionally...and to make sure that mistakes like this don't happen again. the taxpayers we spoke with agree. 01:58:58 'and i think that what they should do is look at preventing this
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future rather than trying to go back and reclaim money thats already get that back is just gonna waste more 02:00:11--23 'because thats government agencys error so, and the money shouldnt be taken away from the people who received the money. plus it cost them more. 02:01:00--16 'i think that its time to just drop it, because it was a big and i think it would be more costly to go after it and it would tie up a lot of peoples time i mean think they should just improve the process going forward.' senator dotzler will deliver his proposal to the board this friday. a spokesperson for iowa workforce development director beth
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waiting to see which direction the board goes in this friday, and that this decision is really up to them. governor branstad is dollar tax hike. in his budget, branstad didn't account for what's called coupling. that's when iowa lawmakers make it so that state tax deductions mirror the same deductions at the federal level. if they decide not to this year, it would have a big impact on farmers... teachers.. and small business owners... laura...2105 for my farm family alone, it's like asking us to write a check for $62,000 in taxes." :06 the owners of a fertilizer plant in lee county have had no trouble collecting millions of dollars in tax breaks...
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242-million dollars in state and local tax breaks to build the one-point-nine billion dollar plant. the plant was supposed to open last year... then in early 20-16.... and now there's concern whether it will open this year at all. and this adds to that concern. maintenance enterprises l-l-c is suing orascom saying it hasn't been paid since october. the federal lawsuit says orascom owes more than 53-million dollars. it also claims the company is refusing to return tools and supplies to maintenance enterprise employees. the iowa national guard was called to help with a drug bust today. it started when police served a search warrant at home in centerville... they say drugs weren't the only thing they found inside. they were concerned about an unidentifiable white power... so they asked for help from the guard. members of the 71st civil support team determined the powder was potassium cyanide. the deadly chemical is used in gold mining. police haven't said how it ended up in the home. once the guard gave the all clear...
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meth.. drug paraphernalia... and a rifle believed to be fully automatic. police made two arrests. 38 year old raymond rhodeman of des moines.. and 43-year old renee zanders of centerville. zanders' photo hasn't been released. both are charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a controlled substance. des moines police say the search for a murder suspect is over... on january 24th... 71-year old beaten and stabbed to death inside her found inside the home belonged to ali yahia. 09:03:34 he had , we know now, through the course of the sustained a serious laceration to his hand. he went to the hospital with a invasion 45 police say yahia is the same man who was killed in a shoot-out with urbandale officers earlier this month. 9:04:59 'you know when we think about the reason we get into the business and putting bad guys in prison... this is the guy were thinking about. this guy was a known violent offender... no empathy for
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he had no conscience and his that he was very violent.' but that didn't stop the court him. in 20-14 he was charged with but was sentenced to probation as part of a plea deal. he was sentenced to probation on second... charges. a des moines motorcycle rider failed in his attempt to outrun police this afternoon... they tried puling the man over near east 26th and university because the license plates didn't match the bike. police say the man took off... but crashed just a few blocks away. he was hospitalized with minor injuries. his name.. and the charges he faces haven't been released yet. a clive hunter has cleared his name in court.. in november joe franz was accused of poaching a deer on his own property... he was forced to sell the land in order to pay for his defense. today it paid off...
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a judges decision to clear joe franz friday of with hunting over bait charges was more than personal 'i think the verdict that was handed down today is a victory not only for my family and i but also for all the hunters in the state of iowa because i think its been a landmark decision.'in august of 20-14 franz bought land outside of the melcher dallas area in marion county in preparation to hunt palmer, a large buck many considered a lifelong dream... 'such a beautiful creature.'in october, franz fulfilled that dream... 'i never imagined in a million years that id be so fortunate, i thank god for the opportunity.'but over a year later the d-n-r accused him of hunting over bait 'any time bait is in the vicinity and obviously being used to attract wildlife to the area being hunting.'franz says the mineral licks were from the areas previous owners and made sure they wernt an issue by calling the d-n-r well before the hunt and filming the process... 'i contacted the dnr officer a week before hunting season and he instructed me to cover up the sites, which i did and i thought everything
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"the dnr shouldn't be trying to make it more difficult to thin the deer herd than it needs to be"republican state senator mark chelgren hopes to pass new bills to put an end to what he believes are vague baiting laws... "across the state it's been handled differently based on the interpretation of different officers and that doesn't do for legislators what we need done..."the dnr says they are willing to change "we want to be able to work with both legislators and hunters to come up with something people can understand in the field..."and it's what franz wanted to see, but now, despite the victory he's no longer sure if he wants to be a part of... "i have no plans to go hunting anytime soon, it actually feels like part of my
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another issue that state senator chelgren hopes to address is the d-n- r's authority to take a hunter's items before they are convicted of any charges... franz has been without his bow, rifle and trophy buck since the accusations were brought forward this past november... the d-n-r says it will return the items. a piece of iowa history is at risk of being destroyed... and this weekend's warm weather is partly to blame. channel 13 ben oldach.. shows us the damage already done in boone county... and the risk that's still lurking to the north. this was the scene at around 10
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near logans port. tons and tons of ice flowing down the des moines river actually bent the bridge in several places. meanwhile an ice jam south of ledges state park caused some roads to flood out and be shut down. this is what the river looks like now and after the jam broke up and moved down stream...water levels in some of the flooded out areas have receded...though not enough for 255th street in ledges state park... according to andy bartlett with the d-n-r. "it effects traffic coming through here. it's only about a half a mile closure bit it cuts it off, so you can't get through so you gotta make alternate plans on how you're gonna come to the park if you come south from boone." further north at the y camp near boone.. most of the ice has passed by. executive director david sherry says there hasn't been much damage reported. "a lot of the horse trails and hiking trails are under water. i'm sure we'll have some clean up to do, some trees, some debris that will need to be cleared up this spring; but no facilities or buildings were damaged in anyway that we can see yet." stand up: now to just give you an idea of how much ice has actually been deposited, i'm standing right now where the bank of the river would have been. these jams happen
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like these and then causes problems for everything up stream. the two main jams near the boone water works and fraser have melted and broken up with the weekend's warm temperatures... and now... authorities turning their attention to a major ice jam in fort dodge. if that were to break loose the officials say the wagon wheel bridge could take another structure may succumb to the river. in boone county, ben oldach, channel 13 news the dnr expects roads to reopen in the next few days. after riding the bench... cyclone's starting center
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tonight... later in sports... iowa state looks for an upset road win. "the girls will actually get really aggressive, when she's in the game, because they want her to have the ball." and ashlie hite knows what to do when she get it... after the break... the senior leads her team as they take the court for the final game of the season. when your campaign is already struggling.. the last thing you want to do is put your foot in your mouth... why john kasich is apologizing right
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after a poor showing in south carolina... john kasich is back on the campaign trail... but he isn't either. kasich finished fifth in south carolina... but is vowing to continue his presidential campaign. the return to the campaign trail didn't start out well when he talked about his first state senate race in 19-78... how did i get elected? nobody, i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who, and many women who left their kitchens to out and go door to door and to put yard signs up for me, within a few hours of that comment... kasich was dealing
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a group of women rallied outside a town hall event saying they left their kitchens in order to protest. sure i'm sorry if i offended someone. i'm more than happy to say, 'i'm sorry' if i offended somebody out there, but it wasn't intended to be offensive. kasich wasn't the only candidate doing a little explaining... instead of an apology... senator ted cruz handed out a pink slip... cruz fired this man.... communications director rick tyler. last night he posted a video online that falsely claimed cruz' opponent marco rubio was dismissive of the bible. in announcing the firing today... cruz also worked in a shot at senator rubio. none of you have heard me throw the kind of insults at marco rubio that he throws at me every single day. if other candidates chose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same. rick tyler's a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. tomorrow nevada voters will pick
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hillary clinton won the democratic caucuses in nevada on saturday. the presidential candidates might need a lesson in competing with integrity... they can find it at lincoln high school in council bluffs. "we live in a society where not everyone is accepted at all times, and so your biggest fear is... i was going to have problems with her at school." that fear didn't last long... ashlie hite spent her first two year of high school supporting the basketball team. last year she decided she wanted to be a part of it... and the team was all for it. "when she first started the program, our plan was to get her in one game. i think the last two seasons, she got in over 20 games." ashlie played her final basketball game last week. she will graduate at the end of the year. -panda takes a tumble at toronto zoo. zoo says he saw snow and got excited the cyclones are sick of following the twists and turns
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the cyclones are sick of
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soap, "mckays of our lives". mckay and the cyclones at west virginia, ready for the focus back on basketball. abdul nader continues his hot shooting. 23 points cyclones
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mckay checks in, and shows he cyclones trail though. late in the first half, jayshawn paige from the corner, got it! paige the break. credit isu, they come back strong. good ball movement. to matt thomas. underrated. 14 points. cyclones lead. but isu gets in foul trouble. georges niang playing with four, can't defend. he'd foul out with 14. mckay also fouls out with 10 points, 5 rebounds. west virginia outscores isu, 97-87. it's an exciting night of opportunity for several girls basketball teams. win, and it's onto state next week. class 1a. 8th ranked grand view christian and mount ayr.
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tess shields answers. 3 from the corner. raiderettes back on top by 3. megan stubbs catches fire for gvc in the 4th. 3 with a minute to play, and we head to overtime tied at 44. in ot. kelcie shields takes over. bucket and the foul. mt ayr up 4. then the offensive rebound, putback to seal it. let the celebration begin. mount first time since 2011. raiderettes win 56-51 in overtime. 1st round boys substate. des
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3rd q. ben hayes, bottoms up from the corner. polar bears rolling. indians keep fighting. freshman evan gauger hits the deep 3. but north can score a lot. jal bee-jik, turnaround, for the 6-7 junior. north up 36. then its the fantastic freshman tyreke locure , all the way for 2. north rolls by 45, 89-44. north advances to play ankeny on friday last week, hawkeye head coach
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hosting n-c state in the natial duals. brands had this to say about the wolfpack: and now, even more on the radar. the 2nd ranked hawks fall to #4 n-c and now, even more on the radar. the 2nd ranked hawks fall to #4 n-c state, 21-17. iowa wild and manitoba moose. wild's zac dalpe scores with 1:58 remaining, his second of the game, wild win
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before go tonight... music from the dark side of the moon... we're not talking about pink floyd. in 19-69 apollo ten astronauts heard what they though was music. at the time they were on the far side of the moon... making it impossible for the sound to be coming from earth. the audio was recently declassified... here's what they heard. "the music sounds outer spacey doesn't it?"
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jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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