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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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quickly caught up with them. 'the suspects tried to run from the car but not a wise move with the fresh snow, it was easy to follow their tracks we had them in custody in a matter of minutes. 31 year old zeferino padilla and 33 year old felipe padilla were both arrested and are facing several charges including felon in possession of a firearm, felony attempted burglary and traffic violations.... 'you always want to be in the right place at the right time and the circumstances last night sometimes it doesnt work out but worked out well last night.' police say even though the slippery roads and the snow fall they continued the chase because of the severity of the crime. both men are currently being held in the polk county jail. polk county deputies are investigating a fatal car crash in ankeny... just before noon... a car went off the road in the 69- hundred block of north east 29th
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deputies found the car on its side. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. a young child was also found inside the car. paramedics took the child to the hospital to be checked out - we don't have the child's condition. the names of those involved are not being released. a fight at a des moines school landed a teenage boy in the hospital this week. and his family says the school didn't do enough to prevent it from happening during tuesdays lunch period at merill middle school -- john brillant says his son got into a fight in the bathroom. ever since he's remained hospitalized for a severe concussion and injuries to his arm and leg. doctors say he will need several weeks of therapy. according to witnesses -- both boys were in a "play fight" a few weeks ago...and tuesday's fight was a rematch. the victim's father was aware of issues between the boys... but says the school should have never let it go this far... 380107 - how many staff members or teachers would over see the cafeteria at the time, it seems like that you have a lot of kids there at
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and in the same sentence there is only three is because they are understaffed. i said this understaffing is a problem, what if things turned out to be worse -- john brillant sr. - des moines brillant sr. - des moines a statement from des moines public schools reads... there was ample supervision in the lunchroom, however, the investigation clearly concluded that both students went into a restroom -- away from adults -- and willingly participated in the fight. both students are facing disciplinary action as a result. end quote newton police have tracked down the fourth person wanted in connection with a drug-related child endangerment case. 23-year old mariah dawson was arrested this week in ottumwa. she is now charged with child endangerment. dawson along with three others face charges after four children tested positive for methamphetamine last october. the kids were two, four, six and care of dawson,
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dawson was the last of the four to be arrested. she's expected in court next wednesday for a preliminary hearing. the iowa supreme court has ruled on a case about the value of the wellmark headquarters in downtown des moines. back in 2011 the polk county assessor set the valuation of the building at 99 million-dollars. wellmark contested that amount to the polk county board of review . after appeals, the district court set the propertys value at 78 million dollars for tax purposes. after even more appeals, the case went to the iowa supreme court. the justices reversed the district courts ruling and agreed with the boards original valuation of 99 million dollars. the justices say the new building cost 150-million dollars to build.. and has had little depreciation.. traffic should be moving again, after it was slowed this morning by a water main break on the city's south side. water works crews were called to the area of watrous and southwest 12th street around
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a pipe broke last week. workers spent the afternoon repairing it... just in time for the evening commute. a water main break in northern pennsylvania caused an icy mess. the break happened early thursday in a scranton neighborhood. it flowed uninterrupted for three hours before a utility crew could contain the break and begin repairs. because of bitterly cold temperatures, water from the 20 foot geyser quickly froze on homes, trees, power lines and just about everything else. we're dealing with our own plummeting temperatures... this weekend will bring colder air.. and snow... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now... ed..if we get through this
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iowa state could have a key player back on the basketball court
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jamell mckay was suspended last week... he missed two games... the cyclones won one, but had a disappointing loss at texas tech. mckay was practicing today... coach steve prohm and mccay are set to meet after practice today. the cyclones also tweeted in the last half hour that mckay's suspension has been lifted. the hawkeyes now have to share the top spot in the big ten conference. iowa is in a three way tie with indiana and maryland. the hawks lost to indiana last night...85-78. iowa is back at home sunday, taking on minnesota. the count down is on to valentines day... that's just two more days for you procrastinators... coming up... how much people plan to spend on their sweethearts this holiday... and the psychology behind sending flowers to your loved one's
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and honoring a child lost before birth. how an iowa family is comforting others going through a painful
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grieving parents are taking their tragedy and helping other parents who might go through a similar situation. time is a precious thing. no one knows that better than parents of children who are stillborn. as matt breen shows us, one family is helping others deal with the pain of losing a child.
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and, family is the blood that pumps through that heart... nats ...until one day that heart skips a beat. "we were expecting twins..." one month before their due date, jeremy and lisa cotter had a regular appointment with their ob. the doctor blindsided them with news no parent wants to hear. "...and we found out that one of the twins did not have a heartbeat," lisa cotter said. with little time to grieve, lisa was prepped for surgery. "we had an emergency c- section, and we delivered our lisa cotter said. "and, our other daughter, elizabeth, was stillborn." "the rest of the day was like a bad dream," said jeremy cotter, father. a dream the family couldn't wake up from... forced to celebrate life, and grieve death, at the same time. "we would have to ask a nurse to go and get our daughter's body from the morgue, or wherever they were
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cotter said. precious time for a grieving family. but, that grief led to an act of generosity. last month, the cotters started fundraising for what's called a "cuddle cotot" made in the uk, the device allows a child's body to be cooled, at a mother's bedside, preserving the body so it won't decompose. "we would not have had to send her back to the morgue... every time we were visiting with her," lisa cotter said. the cotters hope they can help other families, dealing with a loss, by donating a "cuddle cot" to unitypoint health- st. luke's, in sioux city. "we would have been able to have her with us whenever we wanted to see her," jeremy cotter said. mercy medical center already has one. and, the cotters hope, one day, they'll be available to every grieving family in their
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the cotters will donate the "cuddle cot" to st. luke's, in elizabeth's name, on the anniversary of her birth and her death, february 23rd. they had enough money for the cot after just one month of fundraising. a new super hero is fighting crime.. .proving big heroes come in small packages... nine-year-old dominic in sydney australia is battling cystic fibrosis and always wanted to be a superhero. so police and the "make-a-wish" group hatched a plan, police put dominic in an iron man costume and sent him on a mission to rescue a kidnapped t-v reporter. dominic fought the villains and saved the reporter. many celebrities sent tweets to support dominic... including robert downey junior, who plays iron
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sw22 and gannett... blowing snow high pressure will remain in place through the overnight hours, which will keep skies clear but cold. wind chills will dip way below zero, so a wind chill advisory is in place for those north of hwy 30 until 8am on saturday. because we will start the day below zero on saturday, highs will only get into the middle teens at best. we'll see an increase in cloud cover from the west as the next
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make another appearance late saturday night into sunday morning. we'll get a light dusting to half inch late saturday with an additional inch expected before sunrise on sunday. the highest amounts will fall in the northeast part of the state, so the farther north you go along interstate-35, the more snow you will see. likewise, the farther southwest you go, the less snow you will run into. the good news is, the snow looks to be wrapped up before the middle of the day on sunday, so if you have valentine's day plans in the
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it will be a cold valentine's day weekend... but many iowans are getting their gifts now... coming up... the reason florists say today will be busier than the actual holiday. and the music some sweethearts are
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valentines day is just two days away.... and that means chocolate shops, flower stores, and the card aisles are very busy places... americans expect to spend 20-billion dollars this valetines day... the top three gifts: flowers, candy, and dinner out... and florists in the metro say today will be busier than the actual holiday. boesen's in beaverdale says it will deliver more than one thousand bouquets today. most people want to give flowers to their loved one where they work... and psychologists say, there is a reason ... video id: 405895 "when you get something at work for example a bouquet or flowers you're not only hearing from the person loves you expressing it. but you get validation of that relationship from your friends, others around you and your co- workers. some places it's a status symbol if you get a nice bouquet. but it's a way to validate it to the people that
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the average american will spend 150-dollars on valentines day.... if you want to go beyond the typical gifts.... the drake choir will help you out. 2:12: no i never heard them at all, til' there was you. 2:20 singing valentines were delivered today by the drake choir. this is nick baker and megan jensen's fourth year serenading love struck valentines. they say they love to watch the reactions when they brake out in song. 4:41 the reactions are great, and just the smiles you get, the surprise faces you get. they don't know what's coming. 4:47 it;s nice to be about to give someone something beautiful, it doesn't happen everyday so its a nice surprise
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the singing valentines aren't just for fun... it's a fundraiser. the money supports the drake choir's upcoming concert tour in latvia, estonia, and finland. the singing valentines will continue tomorrow. a husband in indiana, might even put a singing valentine to shame. patrick sullivan surprised his wife patty with the billboard this week. it reads... pat and patty forever... 27 years and counting... you complete me.. love pat. she wasn't prepared for the grand gesture... patty told her husband to just write a note or get a card.... patricia sullivan, wife "and i just started gasping and crying just like oh my gosh i can't beleive it." patrick sullivan, bought a billboard "she just started crying and she just totally lost it and it was really exciting that's what i wanted to surprise her and let her know how special she is and let her know that these 27 years have been great for me." the pair married in 1988.. and
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stick around, we'll get another
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the breakhere's what we're working on for the channel 13 news at six... a metro school district is changing how it celebrates valentines' day. the reasoning behind a ban on homemade, and even store bought treats... and what the school says kids can bring to school instead... and coming up at ten... a star athlete at iowa state is directly affected the by the water crisis in flint michigan. find out why monte morrie hopes more people take notice of the problem, how its given him added motivation on the basketball court... and how you can help him make a difference. justin surrency brings us that story, tonight at ten. finally tonight...move over starbucks... san francisco is upping it's gourmet coffee game... the bay area is a buzz over a 15- dollar a cup of coffee. while it smells, grinds and drips like you're typical cup of joe, its anything
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the beans come from the mountains of panama. the first crop, which took 8-years to produce, was small which explains the hefty price tag.. tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly
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threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. mhete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold for fraud. one out of three americans hit. how to protect your most sensitive personal information. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. there are warnings tonight of a dangerous freed about to plunge a huge part of the country in its grip as the dreaded polar vortex moves south.


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