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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back. [ echoing ] just sayin'. another round. drivers could face a second day of slick roads this morning. we'll tell you why the snow won't be what most iowans are worrying about. blowing snow. yesterday, "if we bring out large numbers of people, we are going to win next tuesday!!!" next contest. all eyes are moving away from iowa to new hampshire. how much sanders leads clinton going next contest. all eyes are moving away from iowa to new hampshire. how much sanders leads clinton going into the tuesday's primary. it's wednesday february 3rd, today
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first on 13... the snow will be coming to an end soon.. but drivers will have some slick roads to deal with this morning as they head out..
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and the weather isn't just affecting the roads...high winds have knocked out power in the northern part of the metro.. here's a live look at the midamerican's outages. it looks like there are without power. this morning more than 13-hundred people in ankeny went without power earlier this morning before 3. but it has since been restored in the past hour. officials say the outages are due to tree limbs falling onto power lines. clinton's win over sanders really did come down to the luck of the coin flip. is tails the former secretary of state
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caucus sites to break ties with sanders. the sanders campaign says it doesn't have a problem with the coin toss tiebreaker. 14:47: 13 folks that don't follow it as closely can get a little jumpy - oh there was a coin toss here or a coin toss there- you know, it's part of the rules and you know the rules before it starts 23 but since first and second place were so close, the campaign is asking the democratic party to check its count. it wants to look at all the paper reports to make sure that the results from each precinct matches what was reported. but state party leaders say they're already verified and finalized the results...and staffers with the clinton and sanders campaigns took part in that process. clinton didn't waste any time celebrating her caucus win...
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presidential candidate: "so new hampshire, come with me this week. make this journey with me. stand up with me. fight for me. clinton rallied supporters this morning in nashua, new hampshire... and she'll need help from all of them. in the latest polls she trails senator bernie sanders by double digits leading up to next tuesday's primary. doctor ben carson says he wants to set the record straight...he will be campaigning in new hampshire, and is not dropping out of the presidential race. on caucus day, congressman steve king sent out this tweet... "carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope." king says the tweet references a c-n-n report saying carson would take a break following the caucuses. candidates usually go straight to new hampshire...which holds it primary a week after iowa's caucuses. carson's campaign manager tried to knock down the rumors on caucus
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underway.... carson supporter jason wisneski says he witnessed the spreading lies first hand at an altoona precinct. 16:47:39--16:47:55 i made the case for ben carson and then i sat down and then the cruz speaker went up and ended his speech with saying that ben carson was dropping out of the race and that they shouldnt waste their vote on him, they should vote for cruz instead.' congressman king has since tweeted, "i respect ben carson and regret any miscommunications." ted cruz's campaign has also apologized for spreading false information about ben carson. this was supposed to be iowa state's finest year of basketball in a decade, but last night, the cyclones stumbled at home once again.. iowa state had won three straight over west virginia..hilton coliseum has been death for most visiting teams...sure looks good early... matt thomas drills a 3-pointer...cyclones would lead
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lead at the half..37-33. 2nd half, i-s-u put the mountaineers on their heels early but they answer.. west virginia lands 4 points in just ten seconds...they dominatethe rebound and turnover margins... and it's a rare home loss for iowa state...81-76 mountaineers. cyclones have lost two in a row. tonight the hawks get back to work...they're heavy favorites against a penn state team that's just 2-7 in the big ten... tip off is at six. iowa trails
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coming up next, david geiger agribusiness report. facing multiple charges including murder is
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and it's not the longest race, but it is the tallest. see how runners in new york city are lacing their tennis shoes for a very
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time for futures trading yesterday. the move was a response to a national cattlemen's beef association meeting last week, where cme chairman terry duffy heard complaints. market analyst jamey kohake with paragon investments says it started a little over a year ago where limit moves started up a volatile cattle market. that wrecked balance sheets because of robot trading. kohake says, "and that's what everyone's so disgusted over. was people losing the generation of wealth over robots in new york and/or chicago. push these markets over based on no fundamentals at all. so they're talking about putting circuit breakers in to limit that. so we n't have the big extremeves. there was also talk to over how do we link the future
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...then agribusiness new york real estate heir robert durst is expected back in court today. durst is expected to enter a plea on felony firearm and drug charges in new orleans. the 72-year old millionaire is also facing a first degree murder charge in los angeles, california. police say he killed crime writer susan berman, at her california home in 2000. he has yet to be arraigned in the case... and has maintained his innocence. a house oversight committee is scheduled to hold a hearing in washington, dc on the safe drinking water act in flint, michigan. flint's tap water was contaminated with lead after the source switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014... a cost-cutting move made while the city was under state financial management. the corrosive river water was not properly treated and caused lead from pipes to seep into the
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runners in new york city are probably getting lots of stretching in this morning... today is the city's 39th annual empire state building run-up. the event is the world's oldest and most famous tower race.. challenging runners from around the world to race up 86 flights... that's more than 15-hundred steps. the distance climbed during the race is about one-fifth of a mile vertically. monday night's caucus made history in more ways than one. hillary clinton became the first female winner of the iowa caucus. coming up...we'll tell you the record number of voters who came out to
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