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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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our defenses. >> more about the san diego shooting spree and who else may have been involved. an attacker at a subway station causes new security concerns. plus, u2 pay respects to the victims of san bernardino. the eagles upset the pats and much more on a busy monday. "early today" starts right now. and good morning, everyone, nampgs for being with us. i'm shannon molair. the president said although the threat of terror is real, we should rely on our american values to overcome it. >> the threat of terrorism is real. but we will overcome it. which will destroy isil and any any organization that wants to harm us.
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values or giving into fear. that's what groups like isil are hoping for. instead, we will prevail by being strong and part is, resilient and relentless and by drawing across every aspect of the american power. >> the president didn't offer new strategy but went on to talk about what is being done to combat the threat. >> we are working to zrups isis, disrupt plots, cut off financing and pre vent them from recruiting more fighters him since the attacks in par res, we are working with turkey the seal its border with syria. we are cooperating with muslim majority companies. with our muslim communities here at home to counter the vicious ideology they promote online. >> nbc's brian moores a this report. >> reporter: good evening. in a rare over afc request.
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act of terrorism. a part of a greater fight that began on 9-11. >> i know many americans are asking the we are are confronting a cancer that has no immediate cure. well, here's way want you to know. the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. >> he defended no new strategies. >> we should not be drawn once more into a long an costly ground war in iraq or sir kra. >> he called on congress to authorize military force against isis, caution caning the american people against an anti-muslim backlash. he urged muslims to fight extremism. >> there the a real problem, muslims must confront without excuse. >> ultimately, he said,
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>> let's not forget what makes us exceptional. let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. >> still it's a fear that last week became a terrible reality. the president alsoing a knowledged the terrorists have entered a new phase, no longer as complex, but potentially every bit as deadly. brian moore, nbc news, washington. reaction to the president's address has been swift across the political landscape. republican presidential front runner donald trump criticized the address, writing on twitter, is that all there is? before say, well, obama refused to say that we are at war with terrorists. speaker of the house paul ryan tweeted the address was disappointed. bernie sanders issued a statement saying the president is right and we should cottiotnot undermine our rights as we fight o'seiss. president obama's address was to
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attacks an last week's san bernardino shooting. nbc's chris jansing has more. >> reporter: good morning. this president wanted to calm the fears of the american peopleing acknowledging those fears in the wake of what happened in paris and, of course, here in san bernardino. he started by talking about the 14 lives that was lost here if a very personal way but moved on to what the administration is doing to counter the threat by isis, even if it's not clear what roles it might play. increased cooperation and intelligence sharing with our partners. he promised the americans would be strong, part is, resilient and relentless, hunt down everywhere. okay, a lot of this in reaction to what habl an unrelenting set of attacks by a lot of republicans, especially on the 2016 campaign trail.
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shows the moment. the oval office. only the third time he has given a speech there as president of the united states. shannon. >> all right. chris jansing. thank you for that report. this morning, there are security concerns as well if london where counterterrorism miss are investigating a stabbing which two people were wounded in by a pan with a knife. a suspect is in custody. we get more now from nbc's keir simmons. >> reporter: two police officers take down an assailant with a knife, who had attacked apparently a random victim in the subway station. video of the moment posted on social media. >> the victim was screaming, please, somebody help me, somebody help me. >> reporter: with britain on high alert for terrorism, there was panic. the words witnesses say the attacker used spreading fear. >> i heard him say, this is for syria.
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lawmakers voted to join the u.s.-led air campaign against isis and syria as the attacker was led away. members of the public shouted, you're no muslim. we are treating this as a terrorist incident. a police commander said in a statement. >> this subject has been arrested himself, he is in custody. he will give his account. we need to examine the evidence. >> if it was terrorism, it appears another lone wolf attack, days after san bernardino a. 56-year-old commuter suffered serious knife wounds. doctors say the injuries are not life-threatening. but if these anxious times, one pan with a knife caused terror. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >> the assailant has been charged with attempted murder and will appear in court for the first time. attorney general loretta lynch plans to announce the justice department will open an investigation into the justice police department.
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investigation will focus on whether chicago police engaged in a practice of violating civil rights. they called for a federal rights investigation following the release of dash cam shooting showing the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. some called the investigation a coverup. the officer involved jason van dyke has been charged with first degree murder. they have a second investigation going on into the shooting. last night irish rock band u2, they were postponed after the paris terrorist attacks. bono included heart felt words to the victims during the performance. >> tonight, we are all, we have few words to speak to the loss
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city tonight and what an honor and a privilege it is to serve you this evening. >> it was the first large scale event in the city since the attack. security was tight in the venue that held a soldout crowd of 17,000. record rainfall in the u.k. brought major flooding over the weekend. 13-and-a-half fell in a 24 hour-hour period. tense of thousands of homes are without power. in norway it caused a 19th century bridge to cave in. nbc meteorologist bill kierans says look at our weather at home. hopefully in ug that severe. >> it's often like that. the weather in the eastern europe is very active. the temperatures are just ridiculous.
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we have a cool morning. starting the morning at 43 in st. louis. there is no signs of winter cold. all the cold air is up in alaska and northern canada. it's cut off. so above average highs today. we will easily be 15 degrees in kansas city. 56 in philadelphia. it's really everywhere east of the rockies that have seen this incredible warmth. let's talk about the week ahead. we will see a few showers along the southeast coast today in south florida. middle of the week, showery type weather. snow spreading through the rockies late in the week. it's the temperatures that will feel the headlines. a lot of this will spread towards the east coast. even next weekend. looks like a very unusually warm middle of december week for everyone east of the mississippi.
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thank el 19nino. now a closer look ahead. look at this in the southeast. a beautiful weather pattern, 76 if orlando today. dallas will be 50. almost near 60 degrees. denver 58 degrees. salt lake city at 52. how about business park at 50? >> so after a brutal winter, two winters in a row, people in new england are like, wow, we deserve it. >> we have this time. >> all right. thank you, bill. some surpriseding fuse from our 39th president. plus, fighting for their rights, the 9/11 responders call on congress to renew expired health care benefits.
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earlier this summer, cancerous spots had been found in his brain and liver t. 91-year-old nobel laureat had undergone radiation therapy and used a new trug keytruda they used last year for melanoma. a 4th grader who held a sign saying don't let other dads die. i miss my dad. supporters are calling for congress to renew the zadroga act before leaving for the holidays. it provides benefits for responders hit from the 9/11 attacks. nasa successfully launched a spacecraft sunday. it carried critically needed supplies. preev launch attempts this last
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check this out, a gargantuan christmas cake the germany. the cake is 12 feet long weighs over 700 pounds and contains more than 1,600 pounds of butter. mmm. plus, they had to use that giant knife there just to cut the cake. it seems like one is a health hazard, butter, knife, one of the two. just ahead, tom brady's patriots get stung by the eagles as the cardiac katsz survive a close call in the big easy. then these amazing sights out of
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waves. >> this morning on "today" explorers find what may be the largest sunken pressure. find out where it was found and how much the bounty is worth. in sports the carolina panthers remain perfect. this last minute touchdown pass helps preserve the panthers pursuit of perfection with a victory and a 12 and o record. can you believe they're the only ones left? incredible. next, they passed up 14-o. eagles battled back. the score, next, the eagle's special teams block a pass punch, come up big time with the
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long one. he goes. 99 yards for the touchdown to live the eagles the lead. yes, he was that fast. final score philly 25, pats 28. late last night, the pittsburgh steelers made easy work of the indianapolis colts, including the punt return by antonio brown to take it back 71 yards for the touchdown. he flagged for what the ref says is ouch. using the goal post as a prop. steelers win 45-10. hope it was worth it. an unlucky day for ravens quarterback, the dolphins scored two touchdowns just 20 seconds apart. >> that has to be some sort of record.
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brackets are set. the semifinal clemson faces alabama. the winners face off for the national championship january 11th in glendale, arizona. nba champion golden state warriors remain perfect after crushing the brooklyn nets. warriors are 22 and o this season and have a 26-game winning streak, dating back to last season. incredible. finally, some of the most exciting action of the day took place in hawaii, where surfers faced massive waves. some as high as 50 feet. it was a part of the big wave tour held on maui in a location physical named just as for its unpredictable surfing conditions and unusually large waves. just ahead, can you believe who brought them to tears at the honors?
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. a scary situation for morgan freeman. a private plane carrying the actor from houston to mississippi was forced to make an unscheduled landing because a tire blew off during takeoff. the 78-year-old released a statement say figure part, thanks to my excellent pilot, jimmy hobson, we landed safely without a scratch. i cannot say the same about my plane. i appreciate the concern for our
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singer songwriter carol king and actress sicily tyson were among the kennedy honors last night. host stephen colbert was able to add a little political humor. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. distinguished honorees, elected representatives, diplomats, dignitaries and the small handful of you not running for president right now. >> and a touching moment past honoree aret that franklin brought president obama to tears from her singing. ryan gosling could not hold his laughter during an alien abductor sketch. >> they were in a line. then one by one they'd step up, slap a knocker and go to the end of the line, wait for another turn. >> how did the aliens return you all to earth?
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>> there is nothing funnier than when they lose it. it makes me laugh harder. "early today."
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. leading the news on bloomberg, can beijing turn smog into diamonds? an artist bets his own money on it. he created an air purifying tower that stand at 23 feet tall called the smog free tower. it's ready to be shipped to beijing. it can clean up to 30,000 cubic meters of air in an hour t. latest goal is to install the towers into at least 20 public parks.
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a man tries to snort cocaine during a traffic stop t. man was initially pulled over for driving without his lights on. the incident quickly took an unexpected turn t. driver tried to claim it was vitamins, was eventually booked for possession of a narcotic. president falwell is encouraging students to legally carry guns on campus. in the wake of the shooting in san barndz, california, he faid made some controversial remarks during the school os convocation on friday. one of the largest christian colleges. they offer a free concealed weapons course. secretary of state john kerry is headed back to paris on climate change agreement. he'll join other top officials to fight global warming. yesterday marked the start of hanukkah, observed around the
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candle is lit and a mennora another hanukkah traditions are having a dradle. santa and helpers are taking a pre christmas tradition. they hosted 150 skiing and snow snowboarding cianci. participants had to be in full gear to get on the slopes. dotations were made to the community fun. the non-profit charity supports local organizations and those santas raised $3014. isn't that confusing for kids? >> everybody needs a little change. even santa. >> that's true. now a look ahead. today is the 74th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor, which killed more than 2,000 people. remembrances will be held across
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in hawaii, survivors will join a flag raising and uss arizona memorial. we want to wish a happy birthday to aaron carter. and larry byrd is 59.
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i'm shannon a home invasion turns deadly over the weekend. we'll tell you what we know today about who was involved... and why police say the shooter may be innocent. "this was an act of terrorism, designed to kill innocent people." presidential pep talk... hear what americans have to say about the president's talk on fighting terror. and which political leader is calling it "half-hearted" skywalk detour.. you may need to find a different route to work, if you take the skywalk. what part is closing today and how the city is helping you find your way this winter.
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today in iowa starts now....
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