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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,comimi up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 happening now 3 an amber alert is active in north carolina- authorities are searching for four missing children- the were taken from high point-- and believed to be with this woman, dominique lecco- 3 here's a look at where high point is at in the tarheel state-the children range from three to ten years old- they could be in a 2001 dodge intrepid with a north carolina plate- 3 the tag number is d-d-x-2-1-3-4 -if you see these kids, their accused
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3 the votes are coming in for super tuesday 3 and not surprisingly - donald trump and hillary clinton are looking to claim a majority of tonight's delegates.both gaining at least six states - super tuesday of course a huge night for this election - and could potentially help decide who will be on the november ballot. 3 several races were called early tonight-georgia called first - almost immeidately after polls closed - going to trump and clinton-in total twelve states held primaries or caucses today- it's been a great night for both clinton and trump- but bernie sanders won his home state of vermont and oklahomated cruz won his home state of texas and oklahoma as well. 3 again, the front runners celebrating tonight-but the key is the delegate count- donald trump is holding a news conference inside home in palm
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3 earlier tonight, clinton who is also in florida, down in miami, thanked her supporters and of course looking ahead to the florida prmiary- 3 3 3 we're going to work for every vote and we will need all of u to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can - talking to your friends and neighbors because this country belongs to all of us - not just those at the top! top! 3 you know i watched hillarys speech and shes talking about wages are poor and everythings poor and everythings doing badly and we're going to make it - she's been there for so long -she hasnt straightened it out by now she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years - its just going to become worse and worse. 3 so here's what we're looking at so far -donald trump has claimed the races in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia, arkansas, and vermont.
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his home state of texas as well as oklahoma. oklahoma.on the democratic side- hillary clinton has claimed alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennesee, texas, and virginia. virginia.and bernie sanders claimed his home state of vermont as well as oklahoma. 3 and this is where ted cruz and his supporters are rallying his home state of texas.he won by a wide margin in texas... cruz has not yet taken the stage... but it will happen at any moment..we'll keep you updated. 3 as the numbers continue to come in - and we hear from all the 2016 presidential candidates - stay with us both on air and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 a developing story- 3 out of pickens county- many of you reached out to us asking what in the world was going on in easley this evening-
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3 we understand it's a domestic related situation-fox carolina's sharon johnson has been on the scene where she is at this hour-sharon what do we know? 3 the shooting happened just down the road here -on pope field road here in easley. 3 the pickens county sheriff's deputies responded to a call around 5:45 this afternoon. when they arrived- they found 2 people shot and being transported to the hospital. according to deputies, there were 4 people at the home when the shooting happened. they say- a woman was shot in the hand. and a man shot in the chest. they say the 2 people shot are married. but separated. deputies say... the gunshot injuries were from the same gun fired by a third person. that gun has been seized as evidence. they say, that gun belonged to one of the uninjured people at the home. 3 no arrests have been made so
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continues. 3 covering our counties 3 nearly a month after an anderson county dog was found shot and blinded - those taking care of the pup are speaking up to make change. tonight's county council meeting - the organization helping to nurse amara the dog back to health pleaded with local leaders to adjust current policy to keep animals like amara safe. 3 you may remember amara-she's a two-year-old boxer mix - who was found wandering around townville.animal care officials say she was already starving - when she was shot in the charges were filed in the case - the owner told the judge amara was shot in an attempted euthanization - and didn't know the dog had survived until seeing amara on the news.tonight those rehabilitating her are speaking out - saying shooting your dog or cat should be illegal. 3 i feel like there is still some resistance and were not going away were going to
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that they just told us i mean were not stopping the citizens in this town are outraged you know its times for a change 3 the current laws in place surrounding euthanasia are state policy -so there's no saying when and how they might change -but those taking care of amara say they'll do whatever it takes. takes.and we should note - her caretakers say amara has gained weight and is recovering well - they say she's playful, but that she's just beginning a long rehabilitation process - both physically and mentally. 3 shots fired at a greenville county trailer park caused a major scare scarethis is a story you'll see only on fox..just after three witnesses say shots rang out along boggs drive- you can see this mobile home is riddled with bullets--- fortunately no one was hurt- neighbors say this is not out of the ordinary, but they still took cover as soon as the shots were firir- 3 3 3 "i was ducking down so nothing could happen, just trying to
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safety."a woman who lives in the home that was shot up told us a man came to their door and fired on them.the sheriff's office says they're trying to track down a red dodge charger-if you have any information on this shooting call crimestoppers at 1-88-crime-sc 3 in spartanburg county - lyman police are looking for two teens who wewe missing from a childrens home. home.kimberly burrell and tina parker were last seen at the southeastern children's home lyman on february 2727.police believe the two may be with a male named jaylin, who may be 18-years-old. jaylin is believed to drive a toyota highlander and lives at culpepper landing apartments in duncan. anyone with information should contact lyman police. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast.
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your forecast including cooler weather after the rain! rain! 3 this upstate teacher... quit after nude photos she took for her husband ... were swiped off her phone by a student and passed she'd like to see that student punished. a man accused of cloning credit cards - on the run after more than a week!how one upstate sheriff says you can avoid becoming his next victim.and eddie's law is moving forward -upstate tow truck driver eddie mills was killed on i-85 - tonight his memory is being honored, as tow trucks descend on the state capital.
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3 in a developing story... 3 a parade of tow trucks... arrives at the state capitol! it's in honor of an upstate man... eddie mills...a tow truck operator, just doing his job, when he was killed along i-85! 3 his family is still mourning his death...but they're also focused on making sure no one else gets they're supporting a bill called eddie's law... in his honor. comes... on his birthday as he's remembered in columbia and here in the upstate. carolina's sarah danik was at a vigil for him... she's live in spartanburg
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3 diana and cody - family and friends of eddie mills gathered at wood memorial park, where eddie mills is buried.we spoke with his wife and daughters tonight.while it's been an incredibly difficult tiime, they are thankful for all the support they've received.and tonight -was about laughing and crying - and remembering a man they all loved. 3 3 3 tonight is eddie 3 mills birthday ...and his daughter courtney knew she had to honor her late father the way he would've liked likedi don't think he would want us to be sad i don't think he'd want us to sit around and cry and all that but to have fun and just remember the fun times we had together he like to have fun so we can have fun for himso she, along with her sister and mother - family and friends gathered, to remember a man so many loved. loved."he was wonderful vvery
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was probably one of my favorite qualities of his he was funny"mills' wife and daughter say it hasn't been an easy road - but they're trying to find good in the tragedy of wake of his death.obviously very difficult bc he is my dad but the lord has given me strength and i believe it was a blessing in disguise because i was able to be with him in his last momentsmills was killed last november while on the job as a tow truck driver...courtney was with him that she, along with the rest of the family is pushing for change with the state's move over law.and today - in columbia - there was good news.the bill" eddie's law" - that would require drivers to move over whwh a tow truck is pulled along the side of the road working at *any time - is moving forward in the legislature. legislature.people know to move over when they see a red light or a blue light that signals emergency vehicles but with tow trucks it doesn't
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with tow truck drivers being killed on the interstateand to support eddie mills - and other tow truck drivers killed on the job - dozens of tow trucks made the trip to columbia today - to show their support for a lost brother. it's a gesture that means so much to mills''s just really crazy because i never thought we'd have the opportunity to share our story well i hope there would never be a story like this but because it happened and it had to happen that we were able to share is awesome i am thankful for the opportunity that people have gone the word out) 3 "eddie's law" now moves to the full committee - there will be a hearing on it tomorrow.and if it's passed out of committee - it will head to the full house. 3 a big night in the 2016 presidential election 3 it's super tuesday -- the biggest day so far on the primary calendar... and
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trump appear to be tightening their grip on the democratic and republican presidential nominations. just about all the polls are now closed... closed...ryan nobles joins us now live from the nation's capital...ryan, what do we know at this hour? 3 republican frontrunner donald trump took his campaign to ohio today -- a show of confidence, given that the buckeye state is *not* part of super tuesday.despite recent controversy over his support from white supremacist groups -- trump leads in the polls in almost every super tuesday state.ted cruz needs a win tonight in his home state of texas -- it's the big prize, with 155-delegates up for grabs in the republican contest there.florida senator marco rubio took the fight directly to trump this week -- but, snagging his first win of the campaign tonight remains a long shot. it's the same story for ohio governor john kasich, who told me in a sit-
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tonight goes, he's staying in.3 on the democratic side, hillary clinton stands to sweep the deep south tonight -- building on her big victory saturday in south carolina. she's largely avoided attacking her challenger, bernie sanders -- focusing
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3 essentially all of the candidates - on both sides-- have vowed to stay in the race tonight.. are scenarios where we could see the field narrow? 3 meanwhile donald trump took to twitter to blast south carolina to blast south this afternoon donald trump meanwhile donald trump took to twitter this afternoon to blast south carolina governor nikki haley to his 6-point-5 million followers. followers.she's out stumping for marco rubio...even speaking on his behalf during some recent events because the senator was losing his voice. and after the major endorsement for rubio - it seems there might be some bad blood. blood.trump tweeted... the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley!he seemed to be referring to her
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trump to release his tax returns. returns.governor haley responded less than a half hour later...simply using the southern phrase... bless your heart. 3 according to a new poll out-- donald trump may face a tough and losing battle with the democrats if he wins the general election.a c-n-n-o-r-c poll found that in a hypothetical match up with trump... 3 senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton would beat out the republican frontrunner. clinton tops trump... 52- percent to his 44-percent. percent.and the vermont senator scored 55-percent support in a pretend head-to- head match against trump's 43-percent 3 now to a fox carolina follow up 3 we're learning more tonight - as deputies investigate the shooting of a 5 year old boy in spartanburg county.
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home on rowe street in the arcadia community - we brought it to you as breaking news last night at ten!the sheriff's office confirming tonight the boy was shot in the head - and they believe the incident was arrests have been made - and the boy is expected to recover. recover.activist group put down the guns young people will pass out gun locks tomorrow from 4-6 in response to this incident. group founder jack logan says he wants to stop any other children from getting hurt. 3 its a visit a mother can never imagine--officers arriving at one womans door saying that her daughter had been shot in the line of duty! duty!thats what happened to one upstate mother who says her daughter refuses to let go of her dream--after being shot in the lowcountry... it's an interview yoiu'll only see here on fox! fox!plus-- an upstate high school teacher turned her back for a secondwhen a student stole her phone and passed around private nude photos-- now shes out of the job and talking to fox carolina!
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3 a live look out in spartanburg county - 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 rain is on the way for tonight, with a few t-storms possible this evening. cooler air will follow for the rest of the week.strong wind gusts will be the main threat with any storms that develop. rain will stick around through about 1 a.m. then slowly clear out.light snow will develop near the tennessee border in western north carolina toward wednesday morning. lows will drop into the 30s in the mountains and mid 40s for the upstate.wednesday will be sunny with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate, while the mountains will hold onto clouds through the day with highs in the upper can get the latest forecast at 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings
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carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 some chick fil a owners are trying to bring families closer together...througa new mealtime challenge 3 they're encouraging everyone to drop their phones in a "cell phone coop" until after they eat.and there's even a free reward. details next nextplus.... only on fox... more details on an upstate native and deputy... shot in the line of duty!she works in the lowcountry...but now her mother is speaking out about her injuries... her surgeries... and when she'll be back on the job!
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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3 happening now 3 an amber alert has been issued for four missing children in high point north carolina - and this woman dominique lecco is the alleged abductor. abductor.high point police are looking for the children - who range in ages from 3 to 10.
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traveling in a tan 2001 dodge intrepid with north carolina tags. tags.that tag number is ddx2134 -if you see this car or this woman - call 911. 3 in a story you'll see only on fox---- 3 its been 5 days since deputy kimber gist was shot multiple times in berkeley countyand for the first time the woodruff natives family is opening up about the night she was shot and how she is doing now nowgist is still recovering from her wounds at trident medical center in charleston charlestonfox carolina's adrian acosta talked with gist's mom - and brings us her story tonight. 3 3 3 3 3 "when she was a little girl she always wanted to be a police officer we would watch 'cops' any police show we had to watch it"deloise gist says her daughter...kimber gist... made that dream come true.... after graduating from woodruff high school...she studied
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with the berkeley county sheriff's officedeloise gist talked to us over the phone from trident medical center in charleston"kimber is a go getter, whatever she sets her mind to do you are not going to defeat her thats just who kimber is and who she will always be"and last friday kimber gist would again refuse to be defeated....when investigators say she was shot multiple times during a struggle...while checking out a suspicious vehicleher mom says officers showed up at her home in woodruff to tell her the news"she is doing good today, she is having one last surgery on her foot today""we are taking it dadaby day..we are truly blessed that she is alive and god took care of her" deloise gist says the outpouring of support from the community and from law enforcement from across the country has been amazing"its been outstanding,,anything and everything she's needed...they are right there...they sit
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with her"and gist said so many people including a good samaritan...helped save her daughter's life"im thankful for the lady that trained her, thankful for the justice academy that trained her, the civilian that helped her when she lost her thankful that god was with her and for her determination to not let him defeat her"3 in gc, aa fcnt 3 deloise gist says she hopes her daughter will be released in the next few days...and after that she plans on bringing her back home to the upstate to recover recovera fund has been setup to help deputy gist with some of the costs of her can find a link to that on the as seen on section of foxcarolina .com 3 in tonight's most wanted 3 greenville police are looking for a man who stole an atm
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right out the front door! door!take a look at this--- police say the man walked into the crown plaza on congaree road -and made off with the machine without being stopped by anyone inside.the machine was later recovered in spartanburg - though its unclear whether the money inside was stolen.police say the suspect was likely driving an early 2000's model jeep cherokee. if you have any 3 information - call crimesoppers at 23-crime. 3 and deputies in greenville and spartanburg counties say they're on the lookout for a man responsible for cloning at least two credit cards and racking up charges around the upstate.spartanburg county sheriff chuck wright says there are things you can do to
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3 "who is this weeks most wanted? "well, we have a gentleman that we are going to show you in just a minute, he is cloning credit cards and he targets the walgreens and walmart and some of the other small places like this, he has been going to walgreens and walmart and things like that. we think that this guy lives between the greenville and spartanburg area. you know, there are so many different ways that they can get your number and hack into your account so again, just be cautious about who you give your credit card to, how long the people are with your credit card and if you see something that looks strange just ask them, what are you doing with my credit card. the immediate thing to do is make sure you keep an eye on your account.""and then if somebody thinks that their card has been compromised what do you suggest that they do?""well, you can stop that credit card immediately, don't wait, and them go report it to the police jurisdiction that you are in, whatever that maybe, if it's greenville- spartanburg, whatever, because the quicker we can get to it, then we can probably get to see the film, just like this fella, he was caught on the
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help me identify him, because he is praying on people that actually work, this guy apparently don't work, he like to live off the good people that makes america great, so get him off the street." 3 continuing to cover our counties... 3 this union county woman... who's been a teacher for years... is off the job.she says she felt forced to resign after a student saw nude photos on her phone and shared them with his classmates. 3 she says she took the pictures of herself on valentine's day...and planned to share them with her husband. husband.instead... she says a 16 year old student snooped through her phone...and exposed the photos to anyone who wanted them. 3 she's a mother and a wife... and now leigh ann arthur says she's out of work: work: 3 3 "i don't know if this student thought of it as a joke or exactly what, but it's not a
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my job, my marriage, and 3 my child."she says nude photos she had taken of herself were on this phone.she left it on her desk at union county high school's career and technology center... and was out of the room when a student went through it.(16:50:29)leigh ann arthur"the student actually used his cell phone to take pictures of my cell phone so my cell number was never used in any of this."she says, at first, she didn't realize what had happened.leigh anne arthur (16:51:23)"he turns around to me and he says your day of reckoning is coming."but was told by another student the next day.leigh ann arthur (16:52:12)"a student approached me and said, ms. arthur there are pictures of you going around. a student has took pictures and sent them... and it's not right and i want you to know that." arthur says she felt forced to resign from her job...and says police are investigating the student's actions.she believes, based on school rules... he should be expelled
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material.(16:55:32)leigh ann arthur"that's your personal property. that does not give anyone the right to go through it and i feel the district at this point is supporting that. they are saying you are in the wrong as a teacher because you knew better. "but while she's at home...he's still in school.leigh ann arthur (16:55:56)"at some point in time, you've got to ask those kids what's the difference between right and wrong. he's 16 years old. he knew 3 right from wrong." 3 an official with union county schools confirmed her resignation, but declined to comment further.leigh anne arthur says many parents have been supportive...and there is a petition going around to get her back on the the police investigation continues, she says she's consulting a lawyer. 3 two weeks from today, voters in spartanburg county district 7 will head to the polls, to cast their vote on what's become a controversial subject. subject.there's a 185 million dollar bond at
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high school in the district - something the superintendent says is needed to make sure the students have what they need in the best possible learning environment. property taxes would go up if the bond passes - by about 40 dollars for a 100,000 home.but there are some in the district opposed to the plan -- and are urging voters to say "no" on march 15thh.they say the debt for future generations is too much - and the community never had a say about the proposed now is the time to make their vocies heard. 3 3 3 23:28:23 the proper way to do this would have been to address the needs of the district before asking for the money and to meet with the community and address the needs first we're not convinced those are the needs and it would've been better to have a dialogue with the community community23:21:00 this is about the building this is about programming this is about 21st century learning and giving our students the spaces that they need and deserve deservethe vote takes place on tuesday march 15th, polls are
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says to contact the county election officie to find out where you can go to vote.the last bond referendam to 3 build new school facilities was in 1998. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 the commercials have probably caught your attention.a service - that promises to give you more information about your 23 chromosomes - without having to leave your home. home.and the direct-to- consumer genetic testing service 23andme is doing well. they have more than a million customers - who have learned more about their ancestry, personal traits, wellness and carrier status from the reports.but there are also plenty of other genetic advances taking place in our own backyard - at the greenwood genetic center in the upstate. 3 3 19:06:24 the cost of sequencing has gone down becoming affordable and that
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3 what 23 and me does is let you look at every part of your dna 16:34:50 the fun parts like how much neanderthal do you hve compared to your friends and family - what is your ethnicity your genetic ethnicity what is your ancestry as well as your health and wellness traits 16:35:00 16:35:00tomorrow night 316:35:00 16:35:00and wellness traits 16:35:00 16:35:00tomorrow night at ten - we'll hear more about the future of genetic testing, what some of the concerns are about the technology - and what fox carolina's sarah danik found out about her own dna when she got the results back from 23-and-me. 3 happeneng now 3 well if you're a fan of chick-fil-a, you may have heard about a new challenge they're bringing to the table. it's called the 'cell phone coop family challenge'. this is what they look like, families can take one and put their phones inside the coop. chick- fil- a says it's a way to bring families closer together and stop using their
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3 we actually have one here at the desk with us tonight, given to us by the chick-fil-a on pelham road, they say they're the only location in this area to be taking part in the program. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with chick-fil-a staff today, as well as families, and even a psycologist to weigh in on just how much cell phones can affect family interactions. rebecca what did you find out? 3 cody and diana, this is a really neat program, and it's something that a lot of people have been talking about on social media. we've heard of families putting devices away at their dinner tables at home, but this is taking that to a whole other level. 3 3 3 3 "welcome to chick-fil-a this is jackson how may i serve you
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pelham road in greenville county tries to make their place fun and and 3 family laughingand to promote family togetherness, the fast food chain has started a new challenge. challenge. 3 "parents and even couples get distracted by their phone calls and distracted by their phones, playing on phones. i've seen people not even speak to each other cause they're not on their phones." cheri shilling is the marketing director at the pelham road chick-fil-a. she says because of phones distracting families, they are taking part in the cell phone coop family challenge. challenge. 3 "the challenge is rather easy, all you have to do is put your phone on silent, drop it in the box and close it ." ." 3 "it went well, thankfully we during our meals but it was great, we didn't even miss it." delacey riley is a mom of two boys. she says it was great to just talk with them during their meal. because they completed the challenge... challenge... 3 "cup or cone?"they were all given free ice cream.i spoke with an upstate psychologist that says cell phones can significantly impact how
10:41 pm
3 "we have a huge problem with people's ability to connect to other human beings and i think a huge part of that is us staying on ipads, cell phones, especially kids it's a little worriesome for me with children."martha durham is an upstate psychologist and with kids of her own she thinks this is a great program to stop the excessive use of cell phones. "it kind of forces parents and children to communicate and kids when they see you communicate, are going to follow your example."so before your kids fly the coop, chick-fil-a is hoping you'll spend a little extra time and push the phone aside. 3 and not every chick-fil-a is taking part in the cell phone coop challenge, each location can decide whether or not they would like to share the challenge with their guests. at this location it will not be offered every night, but they will update their facebook page and let their customers know what night's
10:42 pm
3 three years after a wrong way crash killed a greenville county mother and critically injured her three children - their family is filing suit. suit.they're targeting the drunk driver and the strip club they say he left just before the crash...up next, why they believe the upstate gentleman's club is also responsible for the fatal collision. toddler helps to save her mom after their living room catches fire! what the little greenville
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layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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3 happening now 3 the gamecocks women's basketball team continues to dominate. south carolina finished out the regular season 16 and oh in the s-e- c....that's just the second time that's happened in league history. 3 sports director aaron cheslock has covered this team for all of this historic season... and this is a national title contender, right? right?absolutely...they enter the postseason with a 28 and 1 record... third straight year 3 they've won the s-e-c... and they've certainly got the talent...sports anchor shannon
10:46 pm
certainly been a very illustrious season for the gamecocks.... 3 that's right this season's been pretty special for the south carolina women' basketball program. and the accolades keep rolling in....head coach dawn staley named the s-e-c coach of the year for the third straight season. and sophomore aja wilson tabbed both the s-e-c's player of the year and defensive player of the year...but the one title they'd all prefer? national champions... 3 they're focused in on the task at hand and the task at hand was winning being 16 and 3 oh in this league and actually doing it and its the kind of focus that you need if you're trying to win a national championship because it doesn't get any easier it gets a lot harder as we take each step toward competing for a
10:47 pm
take that kind of focus.3 and for senior tiffany mitchell who earned all-s-e-c first team honors for the third straight season...she's hoping that 16-and oh conference record is just the first of many achievements. "we accomplished one of our goals for but like she said we're not done at all. we still have a lot more that we want to accomplish. another tournament championship and getting to the final four again. and it all starts at the s-e-c tournament...the pressure...its on us to repeat as conference tournament champions and that's what we wanna do. in the s-e-c tournament the gamecocks are the 1 seed so they'll take on the winner of the game between the eight and nine seeds missouri and auburn. that'll be on friday in jacksonville. reporting from the studio shannon sommerville fox carolina sports. 3 they're the heavy favorite heading into jacksonville.. we'll continue to follow the gamecock women throughout the
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3 plenty more coming up at 11... including a clarity on the future of panthers star josh norman... is the greenwood native staying in the carolinas? plus basketball and baseball in just minutes in sports at 11... 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. forecast. 3 3 just want to mention some of the fun meteorlogist ted phaeton had tonight -he was the emcee for the miss travelers rest pageant at travelers rest high tonight! 3 rain is on the way for tonight, with a few t-storms possible this evening. cooler air will follow for the rest of the week.expect showers to increase across our area after 5 p.m., then a few t-storms developing this evening. strong wind gusts will be the main threat with any storms that develop. rain will stick around through about 1 a.m. then slowly clear out.light snow will develop near the tennessee border in western north carolina toward wednesday morning. lows will drop into the 30s in the
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upstate.wednesday will be sunny with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate, while the mountains will hold onto clouds through the day with highs in the upper 40s. thursday will bring a chance for some light rain late in the day. highs will reach the low 50s in the upstate and upper 40s in the mountains. weather will take a sunny turn for friday through the weekend. a nice warm-up get going, leading to 60s by late surain is on the way for tonight, with a few t- storms possible this evening. cooler air will follow for the rest of the week.expect showers to increase across our area after 5 p.m., then a few t-storms developing this evening. strong wind gusts will be the main threat with any storms that develop. rain will stick around through about 1 a.m. then slowly clear out.light snow will develop near the tennessee border in western north carolina toward wednesday morning. lows will drop into the 30s in the mountains and mid 40s for the upstate.wednesday will be sunny with highs in the mid
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mountains will hold onto clouds through the day with highs in the upper 40s. thursday will bring a chance for some light rain late in the day. highs will reach the low 50s in the upstate and upper 40s in the mountains. weather will take a sunny turn for friday through the weekend. a nice warm-up get going, leading to 60s by late to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radarbe sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am.
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be a day of rest - but what if you could face jailtime for working on that day? day?that's one of nearly a dozen south carolina laws still on the books in 2016!but lawmakers are looking to make some changes - details next.
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now to some new information... 3 many states have outdated laws that most people find silly in today's standards-- standards--and south carolina is no exception! but now some
10:56 pm
those laws repealed. repealed.for example - its currently illegal to work or dance on sunday in the palmetto state -juveniles also aren't allowed to play pin ball, and it is illegal to challange anyone to a sword or gun fight.these are a few of 11 state laws that are being repealed--and the bill to do so advanced unanimously today by the house judiciary committee. 3 and in pickens county--3 a domestic dispute turns violent. violent.tonight at least one person has been shot...coming up next we're going live to the scene to find out the latest on the investigation. 3 and three years later a greenville strip club is getting slapped with a lawsuit--after a man they served left the club and went on to hit a car head on... killing a mother and
10:57 pm
childrenthe details- next.
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air will follow for the rest of the week.strong wind gusts will be the main threat with any storms that develop. rain will stick around through about 1 a.m. then slowly clear out.light snow will develop near the tennessee border in western north carolina toward wednesday morning. lows will drop into the 30s in the mountains and mid 40s for the upstate.wednesday will be sunny with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate, while the mountains will hold onto clouds through the day with highs in the upper sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news--


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