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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news. 3 back to you. 3 we're following breaking news- 3 out of spartanburg county-- where the sheriff's office says a five-year-old child was rushed to hospital...after he was shot at a home on rowe street.that's in the arcadia community.the sheriff confirms this was an accidental shooting...but so far no other details leading up to the incident have been released.
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underway in greenville-after police say a man showed up to the hosptial with a gunshot wound. officers tell us the man says he was shot in the back by an unknown suspect at brookhaven apartments - just after nine o'clock tonight. right now - police say they're not looking for anyone.the man is expected to be o-k. 3 we'll continue to update you on both of these developing stories on air and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 happening now- 3 an easley high english teacher is no longer teaching in his high school classroom - after a poem, written by him and shared with some a-p students - got some parents upset.they say it includes inapropriate language that describes a sexual encounter. encounter.but many of greg fish's students are speaking out in support of him...telling stories about how he has changed their lives. carolina's sarah danik is live outside of easley high school ...sarah -
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3 diana and cody - mr. fish's students are talking - and acting.they've created a facebook page and t shirts reading "fight for fish" ... and have started an online petition to keep him in the classroom.3 3 i spoke with several of his current and former students today, who tell me how much he has impacted their of the girls -sarah price - is a current senior, and tells me she was in the poetry roundtable class, where the controversy started.the a-p lit class is held once a month, off campus at a local cafe.students and mr fish write anonymous poems and share them with one another. the controversial poem was never read out loud.3 price says it's always been an open class, and even though the poem is being scrutinized now, she says she saw the poem, but wasn 't offended.and tells us it shouldn't define a man who was an excellent teacher. 3 3
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small line of a very important p[oem that has literary merit and in ap lit we learn it's not just a word there's meaning behind everything and one word shouldn't effect how people view things and you need to really analyze the literary merit of something before you judge it 23:10:57 3 23:04:55 it's unbelievable this happened - but we just have to be here for him and support him and whatever happens is meant to happen 3 3 students are also making t- shirts ..and plan to wear them to school tomorrow.they had planeed a sit in but it's not clear if that will be moving forward in hte morning or not. 3 when we first reported this story at 4pm, the pickens county school district did not want to go on camrera for an interview, but issued a statement, saying that mr. fish was placed on leave and would not be returning to the school or classroom.since then, they issued an updated
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saying:on february 26, the school district accepted the resignation of mr. greg fish, an english teacher at easley high school. mr. fish will assist the teachers who will instruct his classes for the remainder of the year, although he will not be returning to the school or the classroom. on tuesday, students will be expected to attend their classes and comport themselves in a respectful manner. manner.we are aware that some students may be planning a "sit-in" in response to this issue. the administration will handle any disruptions caused by a sit-in through normal procedures and policies. the primary focus at easley high will continue to be the education and welfare of their students 3 sarah have we 3 heard from the teacher? teacher?diana i spoke with him over the phone today- he declined an on camera interview but said he is
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from his past and current students. 3 in tonight's most wanted- 3 deputies say if you see bradford williams..don't approach him and call 9-1-1. he's accused of gunning down two people in greenville county.. and cutting off his ankle monitor after posting bond. carolina's jennifer phillips has moreon the search for williams.. and what the bond agent is saying about him being on the run 3 3 3 deputies say bradford williams is dangerousand he may be armed.right now they're looking for him and so are bond agentswho believe he ran.. to ditch a drug test they'vebeen told he would've failed and didn't want to go back to jail. jail. 3 3 williams is accused of killing sylvester fuller and jamal justice back in november2014- thanksgiving day in greenville county.deputies arrested him..
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200- thousand dollars.but recently.. williams cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet and now investigators are looking for him.we talked to scott willis.. c-e-o of palmetto surety corprotion.. the company who are underwriters.. for williams' bond.south carolina law states.. everyone has a right to bail.and willis says agents approved williams' application based on his family.. collateral.. and a judge's decision to setbond bond 3 3 3 "we would feel if they've already had a pre-trial hearing that they went through, some deliberation to get to set a $200,000 bond there may be some circumstances in this this case that might be to the defendant's credibility." credibility." 3 "we looked at surrounding states and prepare our agents through what we call a bolo system to let them know- we have somebody running from the state of south carolina." agents with the surety company believe williams will turn himself in..theyeyay they hope so.. for his sake and the sake ofthe victims and their families. families.jennifer phillips fox
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3 as we continue to cover our counties- 3 a sad update to pass along..a five-year-old girl has died.. after being pulled from a burning home in anderson county. county.sophia rhodes passed away at the augusta burn center tonight-after suffering internal injuries from smoke inhalation. inhalation.flames broke out at the home on green street in honea path around 10:30 last night.firefighters say they found the little girl unconscious between a coach and a wall - after going into cardiac arrest.four adults and four other children were also in the home at the officials tell us the family was trying to get all the kids out-and were not able to go back for sophia because of heavy flaas and smoke. smoke.the cause of that fire remains under investigation.a church in honea path is collecting donations for the more information - head to our website fox carolina dot com. 3 also in anderson county-people who live in west pelzer are being asked to boil their water. officials sent us
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break this evening.they tell us water samples will be tested tomorrow.residents are urged to check the town's facebook page for the latest updates. 3 happening this weekend- 3 a benefit will be held in honor of a greenville county deputy - who was shot in the head in the line of duty. duty.this saturday, march 5th, you're invited to ride along in "a love run for officer dave dempsey."the event kicks off at one p-m at the greenville county square-and will be a straight ride to the travelers rest police department.all the money raised will go to officer dempsey and his family. family.back in december- dempsey was shot in the head during a burglary call in taylors. he spent 41 days in the hospital recovering.. and d has already undergone weeks of rehab.but we're told he still has a long road to recovery. event organizers say the support for dempsey and his family continues to pour in. 3 3 3 "and then the people that i've met througohut this whole process, just the outpour of love, the outpour of wanting
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amazing." 3 again- "a love run for officer dave dempsey" is being held this saturday at 1 p-m. organizers say whether you're riding a motorcycle or driving a car - you're welcome to join. there will be a 10-dollar donation for every person participating.and at the finish at the travelers rest police department-"our band of brothers" will be selling hot dog plates for five bucks. 3 as you decide 20-16- 3 presidential candidates are preparing for a super tuesday showdown. showdown.11 states and one territory are up for grabs-and we could see clear front runners from *both parties emerge. emerge.a new cnn poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are ahead in their respective contests. according to the poll-trump is running away with the race with 49-percent support among republicans-while clinton leads sanders 55-percent to 38- percent.the former secretary of state is of course coming
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south carolina. 3 here's a look at the three hopefuls on the democrcric side. side.3 as well as all the candidates vying for the republican nomination.remember for the latest election news and headlines-you can always head to our website fox carolina dot com. 3 you may recognize his face.. and if you don't.. you'll never forget his voice.tonight - how the upstate community is remembering the life of musician "wolfman grant." 3 plus..high hopes in tiger season may still be months away.. but that isn't stopping clemson from hitting the field.what coach dabo swinney says is in store.. for the 20-16 season! 3 and..two lucky k-9 deputies have new names! find out how western north carolina students.. were given the opportunity to choose them. 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you
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3 oscar-winning actor george kennedy has died at the age of 91. 91.kennedy appeared in more than 180 movies and t-v shows over his career - which spanned nearly six decades. kennedy won a best supporting actor oscar for his role as the convict "dragline" in 19- 67's "cool hand luke".he was also a staple in 19-70s disaster movies like "earthquake" and the "airport" movies.and of course, he brought the laughs as a police detective in the "naked gun" trilogy. 3 happening now- 3 the henderson county sherriff's office is welcoming two new and cute k-9 investigators to the force! force!but before they start their trainingthese two nine
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names!and fifth grade students from hillandale, clear creek and etowah elementary schools helped deputies by submitting names for the newest little the winners were recognized at a pep rally!please welcome k-9 deputies bailey lola sniffer-doodles and echo charlie foxtrot! congratulations to the winners jacob nance, eric rasheed, and lillian stones! 3 3 3 we both came up with bailey. how did you come up with that name?umm, i was just thinking about a tv show that i saw. i saw, boys don't usually think about girls names, so i just came up with a girl name off a tv show. show. 3 more than three hundred students competed in the naming competition--the winners were choosen from the star--or sheriff's teaching
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3 new tonight..3 3 in union county... school officials say a teacher resigned after a nude photograph of her spread through the school. school.the woman worked at the career and technology center. she filed a police report stating that while she stepped out of the classroom a 16 year old student went through her phone.she said this happened on february 18th. 3 trending tonight- 3 the upstate community is mourning the loss of a well- known musician. musician. 3singing singing3 wolfman grant passed away last night.according to a facebook post from his girlfriend-he died of natural causes in his bed.grant was well-known throughout our area.. performing at several different louie tells us he was scheduled to play there last friday night.. but couldn't because he was
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prayers during this difficult time. 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look at your forecast- 3 after beautiful weather to start the week, things will change for tuesday and wednesday. rain is back, plus
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later this week.tonight expect mostly clear skies and cool overnight lows. tuesday will begin with clear skies and temperatures in the mid 40s for the upstate and upper 30s in the mountains. clouds will build in through the day, along with scattered light rain. heavier rain and the chance for a few t-storms will arrive tuesday evening into the overnight.strong storms can't be ruled out, but most of what we see will be showers and just a few general t- storms. expect pockets of heavy rain through tuesday night, before skies clear for the upstate wednesday morning. skies will remain clouds in the snow falls near the tennessee border. it will be winds out of the through highs will drop back into the 50s for the rest of the week, with a chance for some rain thursday night into friday with a quick moving system. the weekend is looking dry for now with seasonably mild conditions in place.after beautiful weather to start the week, things will change for tuesday and wednesday. rain is
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filter in for later this week. tonight expect mostly clear skies and cool overnight lows. tuesday will begin with clear skies and temperatures in the mid 40s for the upstate and upper 30s in the mountains. clouds will build in through the day, along with scattered light rain. heavier rain and the chance for a few t-storms will arrive tuesday evening into the overnight.strong storms can't be ruled out, but most of what we see will be showers and just a few general t-storms. expect pockets of heavy rain through tuesday night, before skies clear for the upstate wednesday morning. skies will remain clouds in the mountains as snow falls near the tennessee border. it will be breezy with winds out of the northwest through wednesday.highs will drop back into the 50s for the rest of the week, with a chance for
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friday with a quick moving system. the weekend is looking dry for now with seasonably
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3 fox carolina sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now--even though it seems like football season just back to practice for a lot of college teams....right shannon? shannon?that's right...not much of an offseason for football here in 3 the carolinas...but its back to the gridiron for a lot of teams...including teams...includingthe wofford terriers...who finished the
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overall...looking to make some improvements for the 2016 season...the terriers have 15 scheduled practices including 2 scrimmages. one on march 12th and another on march 19th. and while a lot to look forward to with the football team...there's a lot of excitement around the basketball program as they look to knotch their third consecutive southern conference title this weekend in asheville. and if they do they'll get a bid to the tourney...they'll play western carolina on saturday. of course we'll have you covered on that game right here on fox carolina. 3 less than 2 months ago the tigers suffered their first loss of the season in the national championship today in tigertown in the first spring practice...a key playmaker on offense back in action that could have a huge impact next season... season...a former tiger turning heads on the last day of the n-f-l scouting combine....that and more coming up in sports stick 3
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tigers finished the season ranked number two in the nation after falling to alabama in the national championship game. that was 49 days ago... but as the first spring practice got underway in tigertown....head coach dabo swinney says today is about getting to number one... one... 3 the song "the 3 boys are back in town" blasting through the speakers
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facility as players took the field...handshakes and smiles all the work begins to get back to the national championship game..quarterback deshaun watson leading the tigers onto the practice fields on a sunny day in tigertown...the first practice since clemson played for the national championship game on january 11th....that loss to alabama while disappointing...only seemed to strengthen the players' determination and resolve heading into a new season.... 3 there's no satisfaction on this football team that's what i like. theres nobody showing up satisfied with last year. last year's over. this is a new year. and everybody knows what it takes the type of committment it takes. how weve gotta work. now its about putting the work in. a different part of the journey starts today were still in that get ready phase of our 2016 journey." journey."a key player on that journey will be wide receiver mike williams...williams suffered a neck injury in the first game against wofford and missed the entire 2015 season. but he was back practicing with the team swinney explained that he's
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activities but still he'll be dawning that green no tackle jersey for now.... 3 it was great just to be out there again running routes. it just felt good." good."we'll keep you posted on williams' progress as well as the progress of the rest of the team throughout the spring right here on fox carolina. 3 there'll certainly be plenty of opportunities for some new playmakers to emerge for a lot of big names headed to the n-f- l...and as tigers spring practice kicks off....the n- f-l combine winds in indianapolis a big day for the defensive backs.... backs....out of the 8 former tigers who participated in this year's scouting t-j green might've elevated his draft stock the most with his performance showed off his wheels with a 4.34 in the 40 yard dash that'st he fastest official 40 time recorded by a safety since the combine implemented electronic testing in 1999. head coach dabo swinney of course impressed with all of his former players... 3 those guys all have dreams of
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it never gets old seeing those guys have opportunities to fulfill it." 3 for all you gamecocks fans, spring practice for south carolina football kicks off on march 15th. in the meantime, the men's basketball team's got two more regular season contests before the s-e-c tournament gets underway... underway...the gamecocks square off against georgia at home this thursday night. looking to exact a little revenge as s-c lost to the dawgs earlier this month. coming off a tough loss at mississippi state...but despite the loss head coach frank martin confident in his bunch going into the 3 3 i have no idea what the future holds nor do i consume myself with that but it shows why my continued trust and faith in the group of kids we've got in that locker room conytinues to get stronger with each passing day. day.that game tips off thursday night at 7. the tigers meanwhile have a tough test ahead of them tomorrow night. they're hosting 4th ranked virginia. the tigers in search of their first top five win since 2008 against duke.
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last four meetings that game tips off at 7 p-m at the well. 3 we're back with (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection
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it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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