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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 monday will see a mix of sun and clouds but sunshine will likely win out the day. expect temperatures to peak near 70 in the upstate with a high of 69 degree while western north carolina peaks in the low 60s. a cold front arrives late tuesday into wednesday bringing the return of wet
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 back to you 3 new information tonight 3 a greenville county boy scout is now safe at home tonight-- after he went missing on a hiking trip.deputies say the 12 year old - john quay - was trekking with his troop when he went missing. missing.that search lasted all night last night--and into the afternoon today.we were told his parents were out all night as well, looking for their son. 3 deputies say the chilly weather last night was a big concern for rescue crews---and that timing was extremely important. but--again, good news tonight, he's back home. carolina's shale remien has been following this story since it broke last
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3 he was actually found by a family who lives nearby that was hiking in that area.all of the people we spoke with today are ecstatic john quay was found safe and unharmed--and leaders of his troop say his role as a boy scout could have helped him survive the night. 3 3 3 "we have fire here, ems, sheriff's department as well as park rangers all working together to try and find him." it was all hands on deck for search and rescue volunteers and law try and find missing 12 year-old john quay last night. night. 3 "the boy scout group happened to be hiking on a trail and they did a head count, they realized he was missing from the group."the boy scout went missing at jones gap state park--and after he disappeared--dozens of deputies hit the ground putting out mile markers and searching.but it wasn't the deputies that found him. him. 3 "i'm elated, it's always good when things turn out for the best and we're glad that everything is okay."after nearly 18 hours--a family,
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3 "it's very usual for it to happen, we do have a buddy system. we also have the leadership. so i was shocked when i heard about it because we're always teaching that." deputies say ther boy was just in a t-shirt and jeans overnight.but troop leaders say his role as boy scout may have helped him make it through the night. "we teach each other, if you happen to get separated. stay where you are, especially when the sun goes down. we teach them how to make shelter, we teach him how to start a fire."leaders of troop 3 210 say the rest of the boy scouts were concerned for their friend--but are happy that a happy ending has come to the search."they become their brothers. when i told my son about it. he was immediately like "let's gogo they are very close knit and like a 3 john quay's troop, troop 210-- is based out of the powdersville and easley area. quay was checked out by a medical team after he was found.were told he is in good condition tonight. sarah?
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remote area of greenville we need to emphasize---they couldn't really contact him if he had a cell phone, right?they *had to do a ground search. search.yes.cell service in northern greenville county can sometimes be difficult.that's why the search teams were out-- and there was also an air team out looking for the boy last night.sarah and derek--back to you. 3 in tonight's most wanted 3 the man charged with shooting and killing two men more than a year ago, is now on the run. greenville county deputies say bradford williams removed an ankle monitor .... and took off. off.williams is accused in the deadly shootings at the *bugatti grand nightclub on north pleasantburg drive,it all happened on thanksgiving, in 2014.he had been released on house arrest last month - and was taking part in the 'ankle monitoring program'. 3 this is williams' second time on the run--investigators say - he ran off two years ago after those deadly shootings. shootings.deputies says williams is considered armed and dangerous. fox carolina's sharon johnson talked with the victims' families about williams being on the run.
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3 the 2014 thanksgiving holiday was tough on the fuller and justice families.the greenville county sheriff's office says - that night a man gunned down both sylvester fuller and jamal justice outside the bugati grand nightclub in greenville. greenville.20:39:44 "oh, its like it was the day of, didn't want to beleive it when it happened and now its so refreshed."back on their minds because the man charged with killing his son - is out of jail and on the run.brdford williams is facing two murder charges.he had been in jail awaiting trial for more than a year.the victims' families said then - they hoped williams stayed in jail. jail.16:10:29 "i pray to god that he don't ever get out. he doesn't deserve to walk the streets. i'm not saying i want them to kill him in jail, but i want him to suffer. i want him to go through what we have to go through." 16:10:38but williams was released on ankle monitoring through the home incarceratioioprogram last month - january 20th.20:39:24 "for them to let him out is scary, it really is, we don't know what he's thinking."
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ankle monitor off thursday morning and they don't know where he is.investigators say they're working to find him. but sylvester fuller's father says he should never have been let out of jail anyway. 20:41:04 "when they had to find him the first time, we had no idea where he was. so,thats another thing, why would they let him out when they had to find him the first time. with him on the run the first time, he was a flight risk, then why would you let him out again?" williams is known to have family in greenville and taylors - friends in oconee and anderson counties as well.and rumored to have connections as far away as greenville county--sharon johnson, fox carolina--the ten o'clock news. 3 deputies say bradford williams may be driving a 2005 cadillac deville with south carolina tag "kld 207".again - bradford williams is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.anyone with information about him should call 911 or 23 crime. 3 democrats in south carolina have spoken.
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for hillary clinton- she won the south carolina democratic primary yesterday - by a huge margine.clinton took the state -- with more than 200- thousand votes.bernie sanders came in second place -- with more than 90-thousand votes. willie wilson took last place, with just over 13-hundred votes. 3 the win for clinton is her third this election season. there have been *four primaries so far.clinton thanked south carolina for the victory last night.meanwhile, vermont senator bernie sanders continued his campaigning in minnesota--but did congratulate clinton- and said his campaign is just beginning. willie wilson -who had only a handful of ballots cast in his favor - told media last night- he is hoping to have better luck in mississippi and illinois. 3 we're just two days away from super tuesday!12 states are voting that day- and we could see clear front runners from both parties emerge. 3 right now- five republican candidates are in the running fighting to win their party's nomination. in an average of national polls - 3 donald trump is still leading
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clinton- bernie sanders and willie wilson are seeking the democratic nomination.hilliary clinton is leading that group. remember you can find all the candidates' profiles on fox- carolina- dot-com. 3 and remember for the latest on the news anytime--be sure to download the fox carolina news app--just text the number on your sseen for instructions on how to download the app to your iphone or android 3 ted let's get another look at the forecast 3 3 the work week will start off with a mix of sun and clouds but rain will follow shortly. find out when the wet weather arrives in your forecast coming up. 3 a story out of virginia that's making headlines across the
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shot in the line of duty--on her *first day on the job. we'll have the latest in the investigation. 3 plus - preparing for the *worst in a house of worship. we'll bring you to a security and safety training program in the upstate. 3 and one south carolina lawmaker wants to put guns in the hands of teachers and administrators.but his plan is now on hold.we'll tell you why. that, and more when the ten o'clock news returns.
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3 developing t tight 3 in virginia- a police officer is dead after her first day *back on the job. two other officers are injured- after they responded to a domestic violence shooting yesterday. yesterday.authorities say officer ashley guindon had just been sworn into the department on friday. friday.authorities arrested ronald hamilton in connection to the shooting. hamilton is a member of the army--and worked at the pentagon. 3 officers say they received a call from hamilton's wife asking for help during a domestic the time officers arrived--the wife was dead--and that led to the shootout with police.two other officers assisting with the call- were shot. one is in critical condition. right now- the prince william county police department is in mourning. 3 3 prince william county police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley guindon last night. our condolences go out
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extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department 3 the two other officers involved in the shooting are recovering.the police department says the officer that was killed--ashley guindon--interned at the station- and later became an officer.she was rehired just two weeks ago. 3 an oregon man is locked up - accused of shooting and killing his two roommates. roommates.police say a neighbor heard the shots friday night--before a car sped offan 18 year old and a 21 year old were found dead inside a nearby home.police were able to track down the suspect.his name is mitchell morris.police are still piecing together what led up to the shooting--but neighbors say the victims were a couple-- and morris had moved in a few months ago.they say he kept to himself--and never showed any signs of violence. 3 new tonight 3 13-people are in jail--and three others are recovering .... after a k-k-k rally turned violent in california this weekend.we want to warn you, some of this video may be disturbing. disturbing.authorities say
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by several dozen counter- protesters outside of a park. that led to a fight.several people were stabbed and another was hit with a *flag pole*.it's not clear who started the fight. but several videos show protestors punching and rushing the k-k-k members. 3 3 "that ultimately led to a melee in the street that stretched almost a whole city block...where a number of other fights broke out." out." 3 "we came here for a peaceful protest for white lives mattete and we get jumped.""i think you had to expect something." something."police there are also looking to make one more arrest. they're searching for a man in connection with the stabbing.officials say those who were stabbed are expected to recover. 3 closer to home--happening tomorrow-- 3 a man accused of killing another man---and then killing and dumping the bodies of *two women in buncombe county--will be in court tomorrow. tomorrow.pierre griffin is accused in all three murders. you might remember this story from late last year.griffin led police on a three-county
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octoberhe's accused of shooting uhon johnson at his apartment right before that chase-- chase--and just days later, was accused of murdering and dumping the bodies of alexandra king and tatianna diz in the french broad river. we hope to get more information about what happened to the victims in that hearing tomorrow.we will let you know what we find out. 3 in news across the carolinas tonight-- 3 in orangeburg--a woman will spend 15-years in prison for killing a man, after she read text messages about him being with another woman. 3 a jury convicted 25-year old courtney price of voluntary manslaughter. price told jurors that samuel simians tried to choke her before she killed him back in september of 20-14.authorities say price became angry- after seeing a text message on simmions phone about him and another woman-- and the child they had together. 3 a new south carolina bill that would allow school employees to carry guns on campus--is now on hold.a state house subcommittee voted to set aside the bill.educators asked legislators to wait until the state education superintendent releases the school safety
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decision. the lawmaker behind the legislation says the bill would allow for safety in smaller schools that can't afford a school resource officer. 3 3 turning now to weather-- 3 lots of you getting out to enjoy the beautiful weather today.this is a look at downtown travelers rest and the swamp rabbit trail.people riding bikes.. walking.. and just hanging, ted can we expect the sunshine to stick around? 3 3 clear skies will continue to 3 deliver warm days and chilly nights as lows fall into the mid-40s across the upstate and upper 30s across western north carolina.a weak cold fronts will approach on monday, bringing a bit of cloud cover to start the work week. sunshine will likely win the
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however with highs peaking in the upper 60s in the upstate and low 60s in the mountains. winds will be out of the west southwest between five and ten miles per hour throughout the day in the upstate. western north carolina will be a bit breezy with a north northwest wind between 5 and 15 miles per hour and gusts reaching as fast as 23 miles per hour.
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3 3 you probably see it when you go to church on sunday--but don't really think about it. we're talking about church security. security. 3 tonight--one upstate law enforcment agency is training churches for the worst...should anything happen in their houses of worship. 3 and a tragic story out west--a quadruple murder-suicide in a home--and a community is still coming to grips with why it happened. 3 bensinger: this week we look back on the trials and triumphs of some of the biggest names featured in the show's history, from kobe bryant's criminal charges to brett favre's painkiller addiction.favre: i had about
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had hit rock bottom. i said 'i'm going to flush these down the toilet.'bensinger: how these figures came out on e other side. all that's coming up [next/later] right here on [insert station name] 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
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3 an ohio pastor is dead-after being gunned down during a church service this morning his brother. 3 officials say reverend william schooler was shot and killed while the choir was singing. church members say- schooler was walking to his study- when his younger brother, daniel schooler shot and killed him. daniel was arrested on scene. news sources in ohio say- daniel had a history of violence and mental illness 3 happening now- 3 when a place of peace turns violent- the anderson county sheriff's office wants *you* to know what to do.... deputies brought that "potential reality" to the forefront -- as leaders and security teams from several different churches-- gathered to learn more about how to protect their house of worship. 3 from what to do in active shooter situation ... to tips on *how* to spot a threat, the anderson county sheriff's office brought hundreds of people together this weekend... to show them how to of worship.
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got an up close look at the training and has more on how this community is preparing for the unthinkable. 3 3 3 a place normally packed for prayer... prayer... 3 active shooting scenario packed on this day- with people preparing for a situation like this... this... 3 active shooting scenario 3 3 if you're gonna hide, you better be ready to fight- and have a plan to at least be able to take the bad guy out. its a lesson todd carron- a hostage negotiator and member of covenant baptist church's security team taught to a crowd of several hundred people in anderson county.. county.. 3 todd talking as part of a church saftey awareness seminar the anderson county sheriff's department put together together 3 3 this time and day that we're living in- we just don't know if we can be safe in our own churches.for cynthia williams- attending church is different these days. the event that transpired on the evening of june 21st 2015 in charleston south carolina- changed her... and prompted her to sit among this crowd. crowd. 3 they invited this young man to come in and allegedly he already had something in the back of his mind so i want to
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house of the make williams and others *feel more secure*... carron used videos and *planted items* items* 3 is this something you would normally find sitting underneath the seat in a church and showed this group-- *what* to look for... 3 3 talking about how to spot a bullet proof vesttalking about how to *spot* odd behavior left tony bigham advice to bring back to his church. church. 3 just being more aware of what's going on around- more actions to look for from individualsbeefing up security- carron says- is also about knowing what to do if this happens 3 3 gun shots shots 3 one person try to go for the weapon- the other person try and go for their kneesand above all- if this group leaves with *one* thing- carron hopes it's this... 3 3 trusting their instincts- like i said in there- the hair on the back of your neck stands up for a reason. in anderson county- ashley minelli- the ten o clock news 3 anderson county sheriff john
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one-on-one training in churches throughout the area. he added that every church should have a *plan* in place-- but also know exactly *how* to carry out that plan in the event of an active shooter.for more information on training- you can call the anderson county sheriff's office. 3 3 another big night in south carolina last night--and a big win for hillary clinton. clinton. 3 but that's not all that happened.we'll have a complete wrap-up of last night's south carolina democratic primary. 3 and a group of young people in our area - joining forces to feed *thousands of hungry children around the they're making that incredible impact.ted. 3 the work week will start off with a mix of sun and clouds but rain will follow shortly. find out when the wet weather arrives in your forecast
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by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 3 in washington state--police are trying to figure out what led up to a *quadruple murder-suicide. murder-suicide.authorities say david campbell shot and killed his wife, two sons, and a neighbor on friday.police say they used tear gas to flush campbell from his home--before
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himself.neighbors say the lone survivor is a 12-year-old girl--who was adopted by the family from china.those who used to work for campbell say they would sometimes see flashes of anger--and he would threaten to use his guns. 3 3 "his mood swings were really up and down, he was very verbal, threatened physical violence." violence." 3 "i am so saddened for the whole family, it is so sad. i think it could have been avoided if he didn't have the weapons." weapons."the community is now coming together--and taking comfort in the fact that their 12-year-old daughter did survive.they say they will continue to support her in whatever way they can. 3 a four-year-old is home safe tonight -after authorities say she was *abducted from an indian reservation in montana, nearly *two days ago. amber alert was issued yesterday - after witnesses say a man took *maci lilley from a park where she had been playing friday night.that man was later identified as 20-year-old john *lieba.police say the girl was found in good condition on sunday - a few miles from where she was last
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custody.the f-b-i is now investigating what exactly happened. 3 three florida middle school students are facing *felony charges.they're accused of *spiking their teacher's soda with red pepper. pepper.investigators say two of the girls poured the crushed flakes into their teacher's drink - while another distracted her on tuesday.investigators say it was all was done in retaliation-after the teacher sent one of the girls to the principal's office.the teacher says she's heartbroken - and her career will never be the same.those who live in the area say the girls need to be 3 3 3 3 "it's a terrible thing. i don't understand why kids have lost all respect." respect." 3 "they gotta be held responsible for their actions or they, they're never, they're never gonna stop." stop."the teacher reportedly suffered a sore throat, stomach pains, and shortness of breath.investigators say the original plan was to vandalize her car with paint. all three girls are charged with poisoning and tampering. 3 you decide 20-16-- 3 former secretary of state hillary clinton is coming off
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night. 3 but not once in her victory speech did she mention her rival - vermont senator bernie sanders.instead - she thanked her palmetto state supporters - and seems to be looking ahead to super tuesday--and possible going head to head with donald trump. 3 3 3 3 3 for the second weekend in a row - voters headed to the polls in south carolina.last weekend for the republicans - and this weekend for the democrats.hilllary clinton had spent much of the week in the palmetto state - and it seemed to pay off. off. 3 clinton dominated the primary - snatching up 39 of the state's 53 delegates...which translated to nealy 74% of the was a landslide.and she let her supporters know - she her sights set on bigger things things 3 "tomorrow, this campaign goes national!")clinton also made it clear - she is not like any of her republican challengers, and wants to set a different tone in her campaign.("we
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great again it never stopped being great ")one person you didnt' hear her talk about much in her speech was vermont senator bernie sanders.he brought in 26% of the vote on saturday.there were several watch parties for the senator in sotuh carolina ..but sanders had left the state before the polls closed.and he made his remarks about the primary from the road. road. 3 i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory tuesday. over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many of them.)meanwhile, democratic candidate willie wilson brought in less than 1% of the vote..but says that won't stop his campaign. however, he said he is willing to listen to the other presidential campaigns. campaigns. 3 "whoever can come and say 'we need your support' you can have my support if you can listen to the platform i have
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3 one key to clinton's success in south carolina is that she won big with african americans. polls show that she had more more support from black voters than president obama did in 2008. 3 here's another look at the three candidates on the democratic ticket ticketas well as a look at all the candidates on the republican side.remember you can always head to our website - fox carolina dot com - for the latest election news and headlines, and information on all the candidates. 3 fox carolina is continuing to cover our counties-- 3 in greenville county- four dogs are safe after a home they were in caught on fire this evening. 3 this is video from officials responded to edwards lake road this afternoon. firefighters- say when they arrived the home was fully engulfed in flames. it was put out- in an one was injured. the cause of the fire is unknown. 3 in anderson ocunty--people there are paying their respects to a well-known paramedic. and friends gathered at the mcdougald funeral home in anderson- to say goodbye to james kaiser. kaiser died unexpectedly on monday. he had served with
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several years--serving as a paramedic and supporting the agency's i-t systems. before the funeral- emergency vehicles including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and more... honored kaiser with a flashing light procession. 3 3 obviously he ahh james had a great impact on alot of folks and they are a wonderful family we obviously hate to see them go thru something such as this but as you can tell by all this workers ems and medshore he had a profound effect on people people 3 kaiser was also a member of the medshore ambulance administrative team--and previously worked as a police officer in the midlands--along with being a hazmat coordinator for dhec. 3 in henderson county--a group of young people gathered today to make a difference worldwide. the church teamed up with 'stop hunger now'--and donated their time to feed over 10 thousand children across the globe. 3 meals were packaged for two hours today. and they will be shipped out of raleigh to feeding programs worldwide. here's fox carolina's shale 3
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3 volunteers at first united methodist church in hendersonville are hard at work packing boxes and sorting food.all for a good cause. cause."tonight our youth are packing meals for stop hunger now organization which provides relief, food relief to places around the world." these kids packed about10 thousand meals. 3 all the contents going to stop hunger now locations around the globe. 3 "each one of these meals are composed of vegetables, rice and vitamins and each meal costs 25 cents." all these meals are packed by kids...for kids on the other side of the world. world."it is so satisfying to know you are feeding 10 thousand people."volunteers say although they don't get to see first hand the impact these meals will have, it's worth every minute of their time. time. 3 "it is important to put things into your faith. you can't just say we need to help people around the world, because that's not doing anything. you need to take action and really stand for what you believe."coordinators
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have a long lasting impact on the volunteers as much as those who are receiving. "there are so many ways for us to give back and to meet the needs of our neighbor, both in our community and worldwide." shale remien, fox carolina-- the ten o'clock news. 3 the meals will be going to places like schools, orphanges and medical clinics. members of the church also donated money to the cause. 3 on the fox carolina money watch-- 3 if you have the distinct honor of having your birthday on february 29th--having that birthday every four years must make you feel really young-- and it also entitles you to some freebies. freebies.if you have a birthday tomorrow---you can get some free mini-deseerts at olive hut is also giving you a free one-topping personal pan pizza.great american cookie--that cookie store at the mall--they'll give you a cookie'll have to show your i-d at all of them to prove you were born on the 29th.krispy kreme is offering a deal for everybody, regardless of birthday--- participating shops will offer a dozen donuts for $2.29.
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disney - you'll want to listen to this!depending on the time of year you visit - you could be paying a different price.'s how it will work- the calendar will be divided into value, regular and peak periods at both disneyland and disneyworld.a value one-day pass at disneyland - monday through thursday when most schools are in session - will *drop to 95-dollars.but a regular pass for most weekends and summer weeks will go up to 105 dollars.and if you're planning a trip in december, spring break, or july weekends - it gets even will cost you 112 dollars on peak days. 3 trending tonight-- 3 it's another big weekend for 'deadpool'--and it's putting the film into the record books. books.the movie took in 31-point-5 million dollars this weekend.that was enough to keep it at the top spot at the box office.the movie has taken in over 285 million dollars--making it the number the third most popular r-rated movie of all time. 3 in at number two this weekend was 'gods of egypt'.many analysts say this movie is
10:38 pm
it was panned by critics--and there was also a controversy before the film was even released about a movie about egypt--and all the characters being took in just 14- million dollars this weekend. 3 and in at number three--and still doing well--is 'kung fu panda 3'.it took in 9 million dollars this far, it's taken in around 130 million dollars at the box office. 3 3 some *incredible pictures tonight half-way across the world. world.three floors of an apartment complex come crashing down.what led to the collapse?we have the asnwer, coming up. 3 coming up in sports...last week featured the closest finish in daytona history...this week in atlanta? an overtime finish! another exciting weekend in nascar and we've got your recap... 3 the work week will start off with a mix of sun and clouds but rain will follow shortly. find out when the wet weather arrives in your forecast
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99, it's gotta be d's. 3 at least three dozen people are believed to be dead tonight--after an explosion at a mine in russia.this is video of the rescue operations happening there.they took place earlier in the week. government officials say tonight, however, that there is virtually no chance that the miners, who were all
10:42 pm
explosion is being blamed on a buildup of methane gas. 3 and take a look at this--in china--six people are dead tonight after an apartment building came crashing down. authorities say improper renovations on one of the floors led to the collapse of three floors in the building. rescuers managed to pull eight survivors from the debris. 3 new tonight-- 3 there's more news tonight about mexican drug kingpin 'el chapo'.he's willing to plead guilty and be extradited to the u-s--under one condition-- and it's a condition that american authorities might not like. like.'el chapo'--that's his nickname, his real name is joaquin guzman--says he won't fight extradition if he gets transferred to a medium-security prison here in the u-s.federal authorities might not want to say yes to that, though.if you'll recall-- he has escaped *twice from maximum security prisons in mexico--and was only caught again just last month. 3
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3 clear skies will 3 continue to deliver warm days and chilly nights as lows fall into the mid-40s across the upstate and upper 30s across western north carolina.a weak cold fronts will approach on monday, bringing a bit of cloud cover to start the work
10:44 pm
the battle throughout the day however with highs peaking in the upper 60s in the upstate and low 60s in the mountains. winds will be out of the west southwest between five and ten miles per hour throughout the day in the upstate. western north carolina will be a bit breezy with a north northwest wind between 5 and 15 miles per hour and gusts reaching as fast as 23 miles per hour. monday night will get chilly once again as lows dip into the mid-40s and upper 30s. tuesday will be partly cloudy but warm with highs in the low to upper 60s. a second cold front will move into the carolinas late tuesday into wednesday and bring the return
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 3 sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now..and
10:48 pm
about stephen curry's incredible game last night. night.yeah.. the golden state guard *tying the nba record for three pointers in a game.. but that's not all. all.check it out..curry hitting the deep three .. an estimated 32 feet.. with just seconds left in overtime.. to lift his team over oklahoma city.curry finished the night with twelve from behind the arc.. as if that wasn't enough.. the 27-year-old also broke his own record for threes in a season.. he now stands at 288 triples made and counting..right now he's on pace for more than 400 three pointers made this season. 3 3
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3 the n-f-l combine continued today...four tigers took the field to make an impression on scouts and how'd they do? we'll tell ya. 3 and last week in nascar featured the closest finish in the history of what would the atlanta motor speedway have in store for
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week's nascar finish at t was the closest finish in the history of the race....but the folds of honor quiktrip 500 in atlanta did not disappoint... disappoint...leader kevin harvick (on the left side of the screen) pits under green and gives thelead to jimmie johnson...with 3 laps to go... johnson appears headed for victory, until ryan newman blows a tire bringing outjust 2nd caution of the dayso we
10:52 pm
restart, johnson leading but kyle busch who had fought his way back gets agreat start from 3rd...but johnson is able to hold him off...there is a wreck on thebackstretch but johnson had reached the "overtime line" and johnson staysout front and gets the win....johnson gets his 76th career cup victory...that ties him with the legendary dale earnhardt for 7th all-time 3 from atlanta to indianapolis where some n-f-l hopefuls looked to raise their draft linebackers and d-lineman took the field...a good showing for 4 former tigers... tigers...shaq lawson showing off his speed clocking a 4.7 in the 40 yard dash..that ranked 4th among the defensive lineman group...he was also a top performer in the the broad jump, 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuttle and vertical jump. kevin dodd ran a 4.86 but pulled up with an injury on his second run and didn't go through positional drills. bj goodson was a top performer in the broad jump, 3 cone drill and 40 yard dash. dj reader was a top performer in the 40
10:53 pm
so a great day for the former tigers... 3 from the gridiron to the diamond...another series in the books for the tigers and the gamecocks...clemson looking for a series sweep at doug kingsmore stadium today... three against james madison...freshman right hander brooks crawford earned his first career win by tossing 2 and 2 thirds hitless innings in relief. and got plenty of run support....eli white driving into left center for the rbi....6-2 tigers... later in the inning...seth beer loops it into the gap that'll score another... another...tigers win it 11-2 for the series sweep...over the three games clemson outscored james madison 27 to 4.they'll host wofford tuesday night. 3 over in columbia, the 15th ranked gamecocks hosting penn state...and the hottest hitter in college baseball would continue to tear it up...the sophomore catcher john jones chops one through to right knocking in 2 in the bottom o o the third...went 8 for 8 in this three game series with 2
10:54 pm
the gamecocks to a 4-2 win... win...south carolina now 8 and oh on the year. s-c back in action tuesday in charleston to take on citadel. 3 elsewhere in columbia the women's basketball team playing in their season finale at colonial life arena...the gamecocks looked to finish out the year with a perfect record in s-e-c play... play...facing l-s-u on senior day...s-c taking control in the second quarter tina roy finds aja wilson down low she gets teh basket and draws the foul for the 3 point play.... next possession tiffany mitchell drains the put the gamecocks up 22-11... she'd finish with 24 points on the day. 3 as south carolina crushes the tigers 75-39...with the win the gamecocks finish the season 16 and oh in the s-e- c...for just the 2nd time in school history. head coach dawn staley hopes her team can stay locked in as they head into the postseason. 3 its the kind of focus you need if you're trying to win a national championship. because it doesnt get any easier it
10:55 pm
harder."the gamecocks open play at the s-e-c tournament on friday in jacksonville. 3 to high school hoops action...three teams from the upstate are headed to colonial life arena next weekend to battle for a state class a the christ church girls took down c-a johnson 64-41they'll square off against timmonsville on saturday at 11. in class 2 a boys abbeville defeated keenan 58-51 so they'll play timberland on saturday at 4 for the state title...and in class 4-a byrnes beat spring valley 69-66...they'll face irmo friday at 8:30. so congrats to them...we'll have all your coverage of those game right here on fox carolina. 3 the southern conference regular season wrapped up yesterday so the bracket is set for the socon tournament next weekend in asheville. the terriers finished the season tied for third and will be the 4 seed. so the two time defending champs begin their quest for a third consecutive title on saturday against 5 seed western carolina. 3 the paladins take the 3 seed in the tournament...they'll go
10:56 pm
greensboro saturday at 8:30 in the final quarterfinal of the day. 3 turns out you *can teach an old dog new tricks.and that's exactly the case for these pups rescued from slums and abandoned lots in brazil.the shelter dogs were trained as "ball dogs" for the brazil open tennis tournament.their job is to retrieve balls that go out of bounds.. and give them back to the players.of course, they enjoyed the "getting the ball" part a little bit more than giving it back.a local shelter is hoping to raise awareness with its "ball-dog" initiative. 3 *ad-liblet's take one 3 more look at the forecast. forecast.monday will see a mix of sun and clouds but sunshine
10:57 pm
expect temperatures to peak near 70 in the upstate with a high of 69 degree while western north carolina peaks in the low 60s. a cold front arrives late tuesday into wednesday bringing the return of wet weather. 3
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
same way you do, get up and tell the media what you just told me. you don't care if i'm guilty or not. you're making sure i go to jail for life. this week on a special episode of "in depth," a revealing look at some of the vital names in sports and their road to redemption from their struggles with addiction. >> i shook every night, cold
11:00 pm
>> to bad boy images. >> that's not who i am anymore. >> from legal troubles -- >> some days just seemed endless. like this is never going to end. >> to exposing the cheating culture of an entire sport. >> there was no way out for me because it all led to lance. >> the athletete we know well candidly share their life stories and how they've risen above their challenges. >> i'm trying to be a better man. >> we begin with trials and triumphs of a boxing icon. >> i was born to be a fighter. >> oscar de la hoya, boxer of three different weight classes, as he worked to succeed in his career, he struggled privately with drug abuse and alcoholism.


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