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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tonight.sarah danik and ben hill are also in columbia.they were there as hillary clinton gave her victory speech .. we'll check in with them first... 3 what a night for clinton - claiming victory over bernie sanders by even more than expected. a big celebratory crowd here at the usc campus- cheering with signs etc. clinton taking the stage a little before 8 and riling people up/ some of her speech sounding like something you'd hear in church 3 that's right a lot of focus on unity and bringing people together. on peace and kindness. and you heard people reacting in the crowd with cheers and claps - she spent a lot of time thanking voters
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volunteers here. she seemed relaxed and comfortable up there speaking to this supportive crowd. but she took a few shots at donald trump in her speech take a listen 3 3 'despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. (cheers) but we need to make america 3 whole again..(cheers) tear down barriers show that we are in this together 3 3 because together we can break down all the b briers holding our families and our country back. we can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every single american has the opportunity to live up to his
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3 hillary clinton also making mention that from here on out the campaign turns national. obviously looking ahead to super tuesday and the states that will vote on march 1. 1.and she will definitely be taking that momentum on the road that she got here in south carolina. with a strong win here and possible strong wins in other southern statat it could put her- on the path to being a front runner. runner.we will have to wait and see on tuesday-cody and diana 3 bernie sanders isn't in south carolina tonight -- instead he's spending time in states that will vote on "super tuesday" tuesday"despite their candidate being an underdog, bernie sanders supporters are cheering him on until the end. end.lauren elise is live in columbia where people are gathered to watch the numbers come in.
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aren't surprising but still disappointing.we are live in columbia at the bernie sanders watch party. party.3 the crowd has died out but earlier dozens of bernie supporters gathered to talk about the race.talking with supporters tonight, they knew south carolina was a long shot and are proud of the grassroots campaign they put on when sanders spoke echoed the same sentiments and thanked the thousands who did choose him. 3 3 3 on a given night sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory tuesday. over 8007 over 800 delegates are at stake and we plan to win many of them. them. 3 it's on to super tuesday for
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believes after one win and a couple of narrow losses in iowa and nevada they have a ton to be hopeful for. 3 live interview: aneesa mcmillan meanwhile -- here in south carolina it's been a busy primary season for them, they're hopeful he can do well in the rest of the country. country.
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country.3 3 3 state election officials say the turnout for this primary was light.. as expected. expected.after last week's republican primary.. state election officials say there were more than two million voters who were eligible to vote today.right now, results show more than 360-thousand people cast ballots in today's primary.we caught up with a couple of voters in greenville to find out what motivated 3 3 "i did vote for hillary clinton. i feel like she
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for the job with all the different jobs she's had, and obviously being the wife of president clinton in the past, she knows what it's like to be in the white house." house." 3 "i voted for bernie sanders." sanders.""mostly because he has not run a negative ad campaign." campaign." 3 last week's republican primary brought a record 740-thousand voters to the polls. 3 these first in the south primaries can help set the tone for the rest of the campaign season. season.and that means a lot heading into super tuesday - -fox carolina's jennifer phillips is standing by with dr. brent nelsen in the
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3 clinton did very well in rural counties.. high african american voter turnout..less
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more in the 65-70% range 3 3 clinton did very well in rural counties.. high african american voter turnout..less well in the upstate.. she was more in the 65-70% rangesuper tuesday has 12 states.. 6 in the south.. she should still do well...sanders will do well in the northsanders needs to get his people out.. young people he does well with.. white men..clinton will be
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3 3 clinton did very well in rural counties.. high african american voter turnout..less well in the upstate.. she was more in the 65-70% rangesuper tuesday has 12 states.. 6 in the south.. she should still do well...sanders will do well in the northsanders needs to get his people out.. young people he does well with.. white men..clinton will be doing the same thing..did people think clinton was going to run away with it?the polls were showing clinton with a huge lead.. gop voters also didn't know if they should vote or when. 3 we'll check back in with you guys coming up in the next half hour hourcody and diana back to you 3
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but we do want to 3 talk about rain chances on the horizon. stick around and find out when the wet weather arrives in your forecast. 3 the first in the south primaries are all wrapped up.a look ahead to super tuesday ... and the fight for delegates to secure the nomination. 3 plus.. we're also following a developing story out of the upstate.a suspect in a double murder.. now on the run.we'll have the latest on the manhunt..coming up.
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3 our you decide coverage continues ..hillary clinton with a huge win tonight here in south carolinathe numbers showing clinton with about three quarters of the vote. 3 there was another democrat on the ballot in south carolina. carolina.chicago businessman willie wilson..he's in columbia tonight after making some upstate campaign stops earlier this week - -fox carolina's derek dellinger is live in columbia tonight.he caught up with wilson a little earlier.. derek? 3 it was not a night that the wilson campaign was anticipating. they were expecting around 15-20 percent to get a share of substantive
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through.wilson received less than one percent of the vote-- but that did not keep him from meeting with supporters tonight.and he told us tonight that there were a lot of reasons for that.he believes he was stifled by the other high profile campaigns, and establishment democrats who were largely supporting hillary clinton.but he says that tonight's results are not stopping him from continuing to campaign--and hes willing to listen to other campaigns, too. 3 3 willie wilson: "whoever can come and say 'we need your support' you can have my support if you can listen to the platform i have for america" america"3 he also says the name recognition factor also did not play in his favor--and he says all candidates should be on equal standing and get equal treatement from the democratic party--no matter who they are. 3 wilson is only on ballots in a handful of states.he told us tonight that he is hoping to have better luck in mississippi and illinois. he came in third in the chicago
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diana?and a lot of people are asking in the last few days about who willie wilson is and what does he stand for.what are his big campaign points? points? 3 -free education including college-civil rights-humanitarianism -humanitarianism3 3 a lot is going on in the state capital tonight -hillary clinton addressed voters just a couple of hours ago -and bernie sanders supporters hosted watch parties of their own there and here in the upstate. upstate.ryan nobles joins us now with more on tonight's results - and what it all means heading into super tuesday
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hillary, hillary!"3 crowd chants: "hillary, crowd chants: "hillary, hillary, hillary!"this is hillary clinton's third primary victory... clinton's third this is hillary hillary, hillary!"this is hillary clinton's third primary victory... compared to bernie sanders' lone win in new hampshire. the only real question was the margin of victory... and whether voters would hand her a resounding win. when you look at the numbers... that's exactly what happened. 3 "despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again."for clinton -- african-american voters made all the difference... with 87% supporting the former secretary of state, according to cnn exit polls.but sanders held an advantage with white men -- 57 to 43 percent. the vermont senator hopes that
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forward"tuesday over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them."sanders and clinton have little to time to waste -- as democratic voters in 11 states hit the polls on super tuesday. tuesday. "we've now gone through 4 early states and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race. and tomorrow this campaign goes national!"3 clinton hoping saturday's win is a sign of more victories to come.
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you.3 ryan, thanks3 3 time to talk weather 3 a sunny weekend so far -but we may see some rain next week - -let's check in with ted for the latest. 3 sunday keeps the sunshine coming with temperatures expected to peak in the mid to upper 60s. look for a mix of sun and clouds to return on monday with temperatures hovering in the low to upper 60s to start the work week.
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3 the latest on the weather any time, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather section. there you can check out any watches or warnings in our area... view current temperatures and check out our weather blog. 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3
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coverage of the south carolina democratic primary coming up. up.and we're also following a developing story out of greenville county..a double murder suspect is on the run tonight.. after escaping custody.we'll have the latest.. when we come back. 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers..
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3 the polls are closed... 3 and hillary clinton has claimed a decisive victory in the first in the south democratic primary. primary.the race was called nearly as soon as polls closed. the former secretary of state heavily favored in the palmetto state early on.she's in columbia celebrating the win tonight - and we'll have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. 3 but first let's get to tonight's most wanted 3 the man charged with shooting and killing two men more than a year ago is now on the run. greenville county law enforcement says - bradford williams cut an ankle monitor and took off. off.investigators say williams was involved in the deadly shootings at the bugatti grand nightclub on north pleasantburg drive on
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released to house arrest last month on the ankle monitoring program. 3 this is williams' second time on the run--investigators say - he fled in 2014 after those deadly shootings. shootings.deputies says williams is considered armed and dangerous. fox carolina's sharon johnson talked with the victims' families about williams being on the run. run. 3 3 the 2014 thanksgiving holiday was tough on the fuller and justice families.the greenville county sheriff's office says - that night a man gunned down both sylvester fuller and jamal justice outside the bugati grand nightclub in greenville. greenville.20:39:44 "oh, its like it was the day of, didn't want to beleive it when it happened and now its so refreshed."back on their minds because the man charged with killing his son - is out of jail and on the run.bradford williams is facing two murder charges.he had been in jail awaiting trial for more than a year.the victims' families said then - they hoped williams stayed in jail.
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that he don't ever get out. he doesn't deserve to walk the streets. i'm not saying i want them to kill him in jail, but i want him to suffer. i want him to go through what we have to go through." 16:10:38but williams was released on ankle monitoring through the home incarceration program last month - january 20th.20:39:24 "for them to let him out is scary, it really is, we don't know what he's thinking." deputies say - he cut that ankle monitor off thursday morning and they don't know where he is.investigators say they're working to find him. but sylvester fuller's father says he should never have been let out of jail anyway. 20:41:04 "when they had to find him the first time, we had no idea where he was. so,thats another thing, why would they let him out when they had to find him the first time. with him on the run the first time, he was a flight risk, then why would you let him out again?" williams is known to have family in greenville and taylors - friends in oconee and anderson counties as well.and rumored to have connections as far away as greenville county--sharon johnson, fox carolina--the ten o'clock news.
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may be driving a 2005 cadillac deville with south carolina tag kld 207.again - bradford williams is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.anyone with information about him should call 911 or 23 crime. 3 3 hillary clinton wins big in south carolina...we'll have more live coverage from the clinton victory party in columbia.. coming up. 3 and we're live here in greenville to talk about the impact of social media on tonight's race and the 2016 presidential campaigns. 3 and social media is buzzing over an incident involving bill clinton in south carolina. you'll hear some of those tense moments.. when we come back. 3
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3 fox carolina's you decide coverage continues tonight-- south carolina democrats say "yes" to hillary clinton.the former secretary of state came out on top in today's primary by a huge margin. 3 congressman jim clyburn said clinton is on her way to the white house -introducing her about an hour after the polls closed for her victory speech. carolina's ben hill
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columbia, where clinton's supporters have been celebrating. 3 3 cody and diana things have quieted down here now but it was like a rock concert a few hours ago when hillary clinton at the stage just before eight. people excited after her huge win over bernie sanders in the state tonight - it was expected but she had an even wider margin of the win claiming most of the states 53 delegates. she brought a tone of unity in her speech and looks very comfortable up on stage tonight. 3 3 yes sarah many people said that this was one of her best speeches on the trail. reports showing that hillary clinton actually received more of the african-american vote than president obama did in 2008 in
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the tone for clinton as she heads to the super tuesday voting states.and tonight clinton also hitting on her relationship with female voters. talking about equal pay for equal work- and trying to bring a positive tone to the campaign trail, as she works to stand out against the republican front runners runners 3 3 lets break down the barriers that keep people on the sidelines of our economy...especially women (cheers) don't you think we have waited long enough for quality affordable childcare and paid family leave. don't think it's time for equal pay for equal work
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3 hillary clinton also stuck around for about 30 minutes after her speech talking with voters in the crowd and taking pictures with them. thank you in many of them in her speech on stage tonight.clinton will now be heading to arkansas and tennessee tmrw -super tuesday is coming up on march 1 when 12 states will be taking part in primaries and caucuses. 3 cody and diana back to you 3 clinton's democratic rival-- bernie sanders-- wasn't expected to win south carolina. he's not even in the state for today's vote. vote.but his supporters did gather on his behalf. carolina's adrian
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the watch parties in greenville.. adrian what has the mood been like? 3 here at the bernie sanders in greenvillea&.spirits are still high even though tonight did not turn out the way they had hoped hopedjust a short while ago one of the volunteers here gathered everyone up and said what we'd been hearing all night long and that isa&."the fight is not over"and in fact here in the upstate is where sanders put up his best fight gaining over or near thirty percent in greenville, spartanburg, oconee and anderson and he had his best showin in the state in pickens with more that forty percent of the vote thereas for the the results of tonights votea&volunteers here reject the notion that sanders gave up on the statea&they say they had an organized ground campaign and office across the statea&.here in greenville alone several hundred volunteers worked out of this officejust a short while ago sanders spoke to supporters in
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what he had to say 3 3 3 "no president, no well intentions no matter how hard working he or she may be. no matter how smart no president can take on the power of wall street, corporate america , corporate media and these huge campaigns contributors alone. that's why, i am going to be asking for your vote on tuesday tuesday 3 "i like what he was saying and i felt like i was going to get hillary." 3 "we changed the conversation and you don't see any sad faces here, we are all happy with the the work we did and still hold our principles regardless of who won." 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 as the candidates campaign in the carolinas for votes... they're also campaigning for clicks...among young voters. 3 fox carolina's andrew reeser joins us live from the greenville county elections office...he found out just how much social media matters in this 2016 race. 3 with a plethora of platforms to get news...young people tell me it's sometimes overwhelming to stay up to date on the issues...but they say if these candidates want to make any kind of impression...they have to reach them online. 3 as voters hit the polls...nat the issues that have run across their t-v, computer and phone doubt are running through their minds. and experts say it's these smaller screens...that are
10:36 pm
"parlay"...09:53:58"social media's gonna play a huge role in 2016 and it's gonna play a huge role in elections to come."brandon boatwright runs clemson's social media listening can see which candidates are getting the most online attention... attention... 3 09:54:02"35% of 18 to 29 year olds actually use social media as their primary means of gathering information about political candidates, political issues and the like." asked if they rely on twitter, facebook and other social media sites for their political information..clemson students said on a scale of one to 10....10:10:34"maybe a 5...."10:10:44"probably about a 5 also." also." 3 10:04:07"i use it for probably about 20 percent of my political knowledge."still, candidates are using those platforms to reach young voters...bernie sanders leading among them right now... but not all young voters are sold. 3 3 10:13:11"they're all over tumblr and twitter..."10:13:20 "when you ask his voters what he's all about they don't really understand what he believes in...and that's why i think social media can be a
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even app developers are tryng to reach young people this political season...smartphone apps like 'voter'...patterned after dating app tinder...lets you swipe left or right on the main issues...then, 'voter' will match you with a candidate.boatwright says to expect more of this in upcoming elections. 09:55:44 "it's apps like this it's social media that are really galvanizing that demographic." 3 surprisingly...several students i spoke with said they're not even paying attention to this election... saying they're somewhat disillusioned by all the back and forth among candidates and constituents on social media... still with candidates taking selfies and hashtags like feel the's hard to deny its power. live in greenville county andrew reeser the ten o clock news. 3 people on social media have also been talking about a tense exchange that happened during a campaign stop in south carolina. carolina.on friday.. former president bill clinton got
10:38 pm
military veteran who interrupted his speech. speech. 3 3 "you listen to me now. do i have a right to answer? i'm not your commander in chief anymore but if i were i'd tell you to be more polite. sit down. " 3 the former president was 3 talking about 9-11, when the protester interrupted.. saying hillary clinton had tried to cover up the benghazi attacks. the former president tried to quiet him down.. but the man was eventually escorted out. 3 3 high pressure is in control but we do want to talk about rain chances on the horizon. stick around and find out when the wet weather arrives in
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3 3 we have breaking news in greenville county- deputies are searching for a missing 12-year old who went missing at jones gap park just a short time ago.details are limited but right now helicopters are in the air.. searching for the child. we're told deputies are assisting rangers at the park. the circumstances around child's disappearance are unclear. 3 remember to stay with fox- carolina for the latest information online and on facebook and twitter . 3 3 south carolina democrats make their decision.. giving hillary clinton her third win of the 2016 presidential race. right now, it looks like
10:42 pm
bernie sanders will get 14. 3 after voters came out in record numbers for the republican primary..state election workers were not expecting a high turnout today...the latest numbers from the state election commission show just more than 12 percent of registered voters went to the polls - totaling about 360-thousand ballots cast. 3 there's been a lot of focus on south carolina's first in the south primaries.but the candidates have an even bigger day coming up next week, with "super tuesday." tuesday."fox carolina's jennifer phillips is in our newsroom with doctor brent nelsen.. talking about today's results, and what's next in
10:43 pm
3 we've been talking about the numbers all night..hillary 39 delegates..sanders 14 3 3 we've been talking about the numbers all night..hillary 39 delegates..sanders 14all the delegates are not going to the
10:44 pm
than doubled sandersclinton is going to pull away in a big way tuesdaysuper tuesday is 12 states.. 6 in the south.. we'll see if they can test all their electoral basesclinton will do well with minorities.. sanders with young voters 3 3 we've been talking about the
10:45 pm
delegates..sanders 14all the delegates are not going to the same person.. but hillary more than doubled sandersclinton is going to pull away in a big way tuesdaysuper tuesday is 12 states.. 6 in the south.. we'll see if they can test all their electoral basesclinton will do well with minorities.. sanders with young voterstrump is the wild card here.. he will say lots of things to keep interestedclinton will run against someone who is unconventional 3 we want to thank dr. nelsen for joining us tonight 3 cody and diana back to you. 3 3 mostly clear skies will brings a big swing in daytime highs and overnight lows. expect temperatures to fall quickly overnight with lows dipping into the mid-30s in the upstate and upper 20s in
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will usher in more sunshine as high pressure continues to dominate. expect highs to gradually climb into the upper 60s in the upstate and mid-60s in western north carolina. winds will be a bit breezy across the upstate, flowing out of the southwest between 5 and 15 miles per hour. wind gusts can reach as fast as 20 miles per hour throughout the day. western north carolina will see winds mainly out of the south between five and ten miles per hour.sunday night will be chilly, falling into the mid-40s in the upstate and upper 30s in western north carolina.a weak cold front will move into the carolinas on monday bringing a slight increase in cloud cover. expect a second cold front to move in mid-week bringing the chance of showers to the
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3 be sure to wake early with thee monday morning.local and national need to know...and traffic every it's on thee news...from five 3 3 lots to get to in sports sportssome former south carolina standouts making their presense known at the combine today...but it a former tiger who wasn't even working out today who stole the spotlight... 3 and in high school basketetll playoffs...which teams earned
10:50 pm
trip to the state championship game? that and more coming up in sports stick around.
10:51 pm
3 its the most grueling tryout in football...the n-f-l combine continuing today in indianapolis...some former tigers and gamecocks all
10:52 pm the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends took the main stage... stage...former gamecock jerell adams showing off his wheels... adams posted the fastest 40 yard dash time of any of this year's tight end participants. he was also one of the group's top performers in the 60 yard shuttle, 20 yard shuttle, broad jump, and vertical jump. boosting his draft stock significantly. his south carolina teammate pharoh cooper did not participate in the 40 yard dash due to a quad injury...but dorman high school's charone peake did... the former tiger clocked in at 4.46....but the one player who really stole the show didn't even workout today...clemson's mackensie alexander...the outspoken cornerback had plenty to say addressing the media at the combine... 3 "there's nobody more dedicated than me. and whos put more time who's more of a competitor than me. i dont care you can line up a safety we can break down film. we can break down anything. i'm here prepared. and i'm telling you. i'm the best cornerback in this draft class." class."alexander and the rest of the defensive backs work out tomorrow.
10:53 pm in the upstate...high school basketball teams vying for an upper state title and a trip to the state championship game... game...the christ church girls taking on c-a johnson looking to defend their title at the well...the cavaliers dominating...up 10 in the 3rd quarter...led by unc committ- shayla bennetthere she is mixing it up down low for the basket...getting the cavaliers fans on their feet...later in the quarter...bennett again drives it in for the layup she'd post 30 points 3 as the christ church girls basketball team cruises to a class a upper state title. 64-41 the final. 3 in 4 a boys action....the byrnes rebels taking on spring valley...playing for their first upper state championship in 23 years...ray miller on fire in this game...hits the pull up jumper...but the vikings also knocking down their shots...deangelo ward from downtown....keeping things close in the first half...but here's miller again....nothing but net...19 points for him in this one as the rebels keep rolling...this one went down to the wire....
10:54 pm
hold off the vikings for the 69-66 win. they'll play for their first basketball state title ever 3 abbeville going up against keenan in 2a...but the panthers struggling early majerle poole coming off the steal bounce pass to rodriquez marshall for the easy bucket... after teh first quarter the raiders on top 15 to 6...but the panthers mounting a comeback...kadeem bryant bangs it in off the inbounds... abbeville would start to find their rythym on offense taiquan moore grabbing the offensive board for the putback 3 abbeville wins it 58-51. so they're heading to the c-l-a for the state championship game. 3 over to some college hoops now...frank martin fired up...his gamecocks down 41-28 at mississippi state...a team they beat a month ago at home...but struggling in starksville...south carolina committed 21 turnovers in this game- a new season high...and mississippi state able to turn that into 24 points off turnovers...including the two here.... here....just too much for the
10:55 pm
fall 68-58. they're back at colonial life arena next thursday to host georgia. 3 in the southern conference, final day of the regular season.the paladins at western carolina trying to rally and recover from 16 costly turnovers in the first half... devon sibley hits the triple to bring the paladins within four....sibley would put up 15 on the day ... ...but it wouldn't be enough as the catamounts win it 73-62. 3 elsewhere in the socon....the terriers at e-t-s-u- the team ranked 2nd in the conference... wofford fought back from a 13 point deficit....down by 1 with 4 minutes to go...but desontay bradford drives in for the lefty layup...that puts etsu up three... three...they'd hold off the terriers for the 71-66 win. so wofford locked into the 4 seed at the socon tournament next weekend in asheville... 3 a look at some college baseball scores...the tigers dominate james madison. starting pitcher clate schmidt was dealing. gave up just 3 hits, no runs in 7 innings of work. at the plate clemson led
10:56 pm
homer and 5 rbi's on the day. over in columbia, posted 16 runs on penn state gamecocks vs. braden webb the winning pitcher for s-c-. alex destino 3 for 6 with 2 homeruns. 3 *ad-liblet's take one 3 more look at the forecast. forecast.3 sunday keeps the sunshine coming with temperatures expected to peak in the mid to upper 60s. look for a mix of sun and clouds to return on monday with temperatures hovering in the low to upper 60s to start the work week. rain chances return by
10:57 pm
3 thanks again for joining us tonight for this special edition of the ten o'clock news. news.we have much more "you decide" coverage on fox cacalina dot com.
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>> conservative firebrand ted cruz has been shaking things up in washington since his arrival as a freshman senator. >> this country remains a country, i believe, grounded in principles, grounded in faith. >> and this republican presidential campaign is no different. >> that is my hope, that we will energize and mobilize courageous conservatives all over this country to pull this
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monday hoi! looks like the american takes this one. - ( laughs ) - ( speaking japanese ) - an ultra! - ( energy crackling ) ( rumbling ) - uh... - ( grunts ) ( rips ) - ( grunting ) - how long's this gonna take? - ( yelling ) - ( yawns ) ( rumbling )


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