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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 county-out o3 polls open at seven a-m... 3 and democratic presidential hopefuls- are taking one last swing- at undecided voters before tomorrow's south carolina primary! 3 hilliary clinton and former president bill clinton made stops throughout the state today- including in columbia tonight for a 'get out the vote' rally on main street.t-v host star jones, and former gamecock and n-f-l receiver alshon jeffery--also showed support for hillary tonight. clinton- encouraged voters to make their voices count- while also- speaking on current issues- like isis, immigration- healthcare - and
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3; ; 3 3 i want to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, ready for progress, ready to make a difference and i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee to turn sc a little bluer this year. 3 3 3 'i want you to vote for her not because she is the best qualified though she is by a lightyear, not because she would be the first woman president, but that would be a good thing (cheers) but because this country has been paralyzed long enough. 3 senator bernie sanders- was also stumping across the state. he spoke to students at clafflin university in orangeburg and then met with voters in columbia for a get out the vote rally at the township auditorium. 3 3
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here in 3 south carolina (cheers) we need you bring out your brothers and your sisters and your mamas and your dads and your kids, and your grandparents, we need a big turn out tomorrow. 3 polls in south carolina will be open in less than 10-hours! 10-hours!county election offices are reminding everyone what they need to cast their ballot tomorrow.polls open at 7-a-m and close at 7-p-m. voters need a government photo i-d with them to vote. 3 if you don't have an i-d you must bring your voter registration card with you-- and you will be able to vote using a provisional ballot. ballot.if you're not sure where you are supposed to vote or unsure if you're registered to vote.visit our website fox carolina dot com and go to the as seen on section...for a link with that info. 3 coming up in minutes...our democratic primary special - hear from all three candidates on the ballot on the major issues including the economy, health care and higher's all coming your
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out of greenville county- 3 deputies are asking for your help tracking down a double murder suspect who was out on bail and is now off of his ankle monitor.take a close look at bradford williams.the sheriff's office tells us he removed his ankle monitor yesterday..and they need to find him. him.williams is accused of shooting and killing two men outside the bugatti nightclub on pleasantburg drive on thanksgiving back in 20-14. deputies say sylvester fuller and jamal justice were killed after a fight.'s another look at his mugshot.deputies say williams is considered armed and dangerous.if you see him - call 9-1-1. 3 in a fox carolina investigates 3 a thief is hitting homes in greenville county... and he hasn't been several
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including sugar creek, canebrake, thornblade, and boiling springs estates. deputies say that person is taking everything from electronics to jewelry. 3 we spoke to several people tonight who say they are taking extra precuations and looking out for their neighbors. 3 fox carolina's shale remien has been talking with law enforcement and spoke with many concerned people today. shale, what did they tell you tonight? 3 diana and cody -the sheriff's department says this has been an ongoing problem for a couple of weeks now. one woman i spoke with on the phone tonight says she lost tvs, electronics s d even her jewelry while she and her husband were gone. in one case, the man broke a door off its hinges to get into a vacant home. 3 the sheriff's department says it is looking into at least 5 reports of buglaries.they say they are confident all of them are resident from boiling springs says the neighborhood wants to install cameras to give them some piece of mind. one woman we spoke with tonight says a man rang her doorbell and then
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3 3 "i looked around and i saw a guy wearing glasses and suit, like a business man and got into his car and drove away." 3 she and others we spoke to say they are looking out for other neighbors and watching their surroundings. deputies say if you see anything that is suspicous to call 23 crime. 3 when i was around the boiling springs neighborhood tonight, they say the closed website group called next door has been really helpful in relaying information to one another. people around the area say they say the man driving either a dark honda or camry. diana? 3 shale, it seems like a scary situation?are they taking any extra procautions in their neighborhood? 3 the people i 3 spoke with the boiling springs area says they are working with greenville county to try and install cameras in their neighborhood.they say it would
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mind. 3 fox carolina is covering our counties 3 in pickens county- two people are behind bars- and one is on the run- after deputies say they stole from mailboxes. mailboxes.deputies say- over the last few weeks mail has been taken from homes in the dacusville and easley areas. authorities say- thieves targeted mailboxes on clear dawn drive , hollywood drive, and old dascusville road. deputies say checks were forged.joshua jackson and christina epps are now charged. charged.they are also searching for a third suspect. cheyanne holland.deputies believe other people may be involved. anyone with information- should call the pickens county sheriff's office. 3 tonight the pickens county sheriff has released a statement. 3 sheriff rick clark says in part quote-"we continue to encourage our citizens to avoid placing outgoing mail in a residential mailbox due to the risks associated with identity theft and the ability to forge checks. these thieves get up every morning and go to
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except their job is riding around and looking for the checks that you have written to pay your bills." 3 the greenville county- sheriff's office says they're prepared and ready for any conceivable type threat. 3 sheriff steve loftis posted this picture to the county's facebook page today. loftis said under the photo- the county's swat team has achieved a 'tier one' ranking. which means- they're able to deploy and defend against any threat, including terrorist threats involving weapons of mass destruction. right now- there are only a few other swat teams in the state that have the same ranking. 3 construction on eye-85 in spartanburg county- could cause delays- if you're headed out this weekend. weekend.sloan construction company says- they're repaving between mile markers 63- and 67.starting tonight at 8 - the left lane going both directions was closed -and starting at 11pm tomorrow - two lanes will be closed in that stretch - leaving the interstate down to one lane until 5 am sunday morning.
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3 an update on corporal kimber gist - the berkeley county sheriff's deputy - in south carolina's lowcountry, who was shot multiple times.she's had surgery... and is recovering. recovering.the sheriff says gist did fire back at her attacker...and hit him. travis smith ran from the scene and later killed himself during a standoff. standoff.deputy kimber gist is from the upstate and graduated from woodruff high school.she was an honors student and athlete.e.she was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle behind a grocery store in goose creek.corporal gist's assistant principal called her an outstanding leader. and her high school family is sending prayers for her recovery. 3 3 19:24:40 "my main thing is honoring kimber and letting her know we appreciate her for doing what she does and she is one that we will keep praying for that she gets better and gets back in the line of duty." duty."corporal gist has been with the berkeley county sheriff's office two years. sheriff duane lewis called
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woman, from a strong family" the woodruff police department also sent well wishes through a facebook post. 3 a beautiful weekend is in store, with a cooler first half, then milder end. a chance of showers returns middle of next week.expect a chilly start to saturday with temperatures in the upper 20s for the upstate and mid 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate and warm the afternoon temperatures into the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel very comfortable outside.some clouds will ride through on monday as a weak disturbance rolls by, then our next good
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tuesday night into wednesday. a couple t-storms are possible, but no severe weather is expected. temperatures will drop significantly as the rain moves out, brining colder than normal air for thursday and friday. a beautiful weekend is in store, with a cooler first half, then milder end. a chance of showers returns middle of next week.expect a chilly start to saturday with temperatures in the upper 20s for the upstate and mid 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate and warm the afternoon temperatures into the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel
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clouds will ride through on monday as a weak disturbance rolls by, then our next good chance for rain will come late tuesday night into wednesday. a couple t-storms are possible, but no severe weather is expected. temperatures will drop significantly as the rain moves out, brining colder than normal air for thursday and friday. 3 and download the new fox carolina weather app. you can get weather info on the go, along with alerts on watches and warnings in your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 coming up-3 make sure to stay tuned for our democratic primary special -we'll hear from all three candidates on the south
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you their take on the nation's biggest's all coming
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3 tonight, fox carolina presents "you decide 2016: the south carolina democratic primary". 3 good evening, i'm diana watson. watson.and i'm cody alcorn.we are pre-empting the rest of tonight's newscast to let you hear from the democratic presidential candidates. 3 south carolina's democratic primary is, of course, tomorrow.polls will be open from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. so over the next 15 minutes, we'll hear where each of the candidates stand on three issues. 3 they are former u-s secretary of state hillary clinton. vermont senator bernie
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lesser-known candidate will be on the ballot - chicago businessman dr. willie wilson. 3 tonight, we'll let you hear from them on the issues of the economy, healthcare and higher education. we'll do them in alphabetical order to be fair...starting with hillary clinton. 3 while at a campaign stop at south carolina state university this week, hillary clinton agreed to a one-on-one interview with fox carolina's ben hill. so we'll give you her unedited answers to each question. 3 ben started off by asking her how she would grow the economy if elected president. 3 3 28:17 ben: secretary, i want to talk more about your plan for america's economy. what you can do to either perhaps continue what president obama has done. how do you continue, though, to grow the us economy and would also think about increasing the minimum wage? clinton: i would like to see the minimum wage increased. we have, i think, 35 million americans who work minimum wage. 2/3 of them are women, often supporting themselves and their kids and they can work as hard as most of them
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think we're way overdo to raise the minmum wage and to do it in a fashion that would not surpress jobs, but actually raise incomes. i also believe that we can do more on investing in infrastructure: our roads, our tunnels, our bridges, our airports, every civil engineering society says "hey, we're way behind." this is an economic issue. we've gotta be competitive. i also would like to see us change the tax code so we bring more manufacturing back to the united states. and then i think the best way to combat climate change is investing in clean renewable energy. that would also put many americans to work. everything i just mentioned - they can't be exported. those are jobs that have to be done in the united stastes. i want to get back to creating as many or more jobs than my hsuband did when he was president and getting incomes to rise for everybody again. so, i think there are a number of steps that the government can take in partnership with the private sector to really spur job creation. 00:29:38 3 they moved on next to the issue of healthcare.
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would keep the affordable care act in place, but also make some improvements. 3 trt: 3800:29:39 ben: as president, do you keep the affordable care act essentially as-is or do you make any subtle changes? clinton: we're gonna make some improvements. i'm going to keep the basic foundation because it is working for 19 million americans. but look, we've got to get costs down. that's a continuing challenge we have in healthcare in our country. we've got to tackle the problem of rising prescription drug costs. i hear about that from a lot of elderly people but others as well. nearly everywhere i went in this state, somebody asked me, somebody raised it, so we've gotta tackle that problem. so, keep the basic framework but let's keep improving it. you know, we're good in america if we set our minds to it at making things better and that's what i want to do with the affordable care act. 00:30:17 3 the third topic tonight is higher education. education.our ben hill asked hillary clinton about her plan to make higher education more achievable for young people. 3 trt: 5200:30:17 ben: you spoke briefly on your plan for higher education, speaking to a lot of students today. what is your core difference,
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higher education and how students would pay for it? clinton: well, senator sanders has a plan for free college for everybody and i think that is not the right way to go. i think we have to have what i'm calling the new college compact, where you will have debt-free tuition: you will not have to borrow money to go to college to pay your tuition. but we also, i'm asking young people to work 10 hours a week, because we really want to make sure everybody's invested. i'm asking states to put more money into higher education again. they used to and they disinvested. we don't need anymore prisons. we need more investment in higher education. and then, i have a very specific plan in bringing down the debt that students already have because that's a huge burden on, you know, millions of people. 00:31:09 3 two more democratic candidates to go tonight... tonight...up next: vermont senator bernie sanders. we'll hear from him on the economy, healthcare and higher education. 3 you're watching "you decide
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3 you're watching "you decide 2016: the south carolina democratic primary" 3 welcome back. tonight, we're hearing from the democratic presidential candidates ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary. in our first segment, we let you hear from former u-s secretary of state hillary clinton. now, we'll hear from vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders.senator sanders was not able to do a one-on-one interview with us. however, we
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greenville this week.on the subject of the economy, he told the crowd that the current minimum wage is a quote "starvation wage" that no one can live on. 3 3 23:20 that is why, together, that is why, we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. $15/an hour over the next three years. (applause) 23:33 3 senator sanders also told the crowd that the u-s is in need of a massive federal jobs program. 3 and he said investing in infrastructure will help create those jobs.through the "rebuild america act" that he's proposed, he says he would invest one trillion dollars in infrastructure over five years, creating 13 million good-paying jobs. 3 3 00:31:00 our infrastructure, our water systems, not just in flint, but all over the country: wastewater plants, roads, bridges, levies, dams, rail, airports, in many parts of this country, that
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and that is why i believe we should invest heavily in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, creating millions of decent paying jobs. 00:31:30 3 on the subject of healthcare, care act. act.but, he said, there's much 3 3 00:25:24 my view is that, while the affordable care act has done some very good things, we have got to do better. so, let me stand before you and tell you what i believe. and that is that i believe that healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. i believe that it is wrong that we pay 3 the highest prices in the
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29 million americans have no health insurance and many of you are underinsured with high deductibles and co-pays. and that is why i believe in a medicare-for-all, single payer program. 26:18 3 on the issue of higher education, sanders said he wants to public colleges and universities tuition free. 3 he says we need the best educated workforce in the world, but right now, he says too many young people can't afford college *or* they leave school with a mountain of debt. 3 3 00:19:11 now, i have been criticized, like 12 times a day, for being too ambitious. bernie, these are great ideas but in america, we just can't afford it and do what germany does and scandinavia does. we
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people to go to public colleges and universities tuition free. we can't lower student debt. it is just impossible. it is too expensive. people 3 say, well bernie, how you gonna pay for it and i will tell you how we pay for it. we pay for it through a tax on wall street speculation. (applause) remember 3 this: please remember this: when wall street's greed and illegal behavior nearly destroyed our economy, they went to congress for a bailout, which they got. now it is wall street's turn to help the middle class of this country. 00:20:26 3 sanders also said, under his plan, student loan rates would
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3 we have one more democratic candidate to hear from tonight - and you may not know much about him. him.willie wilson is a businessman from chicago.he has been campaigning this week and he will be on tomorrow's ballot in south carolina.we'll hear from him, next. 3 you're watching "you decide 2016: the south carolina democratic primary"
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lesser-known candidate on the ballot: willie wilson. wilson.he's a businessman from chicago who has spent this week actively campaigning in south's how he responded when we asked for his plan on the economy. 3 3 well the economy for me would be pretty simple because i balance budget. you have to take those dollars and focus them overseas again, but bring them to the united states first. create jobs, roads bridges, and things of that nature. you have to take the economy and make sure you lower these taxes on a citizen. if you lower these tax, you don't raise taxes in my opinion on major corporations because, once you raise on major corporations they take the jobs and go over seas. if you get those tax laws, those businesses wont go over seas. they will stay here in america. we will balance that budget that way cut out some of this unnecessary wars. it would be pretty simple to me.
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wilson about healthcare. 3 he said he'd provide free healthcare for all. 3 3 all healthcare should be free. i mean look other countries can do it. we are the greatest country in the world. we should definitetly have free healthcare. we can stop all the wars over seas. uh you take, take even five percent of the budget, you know from the wars over seas. take five percent from taking those satellites from the sky. at one point, seven billion dollars a year. take five percent of that, then you will have free healthcare, those things are free. why can't we have it. 3 wilson also very briefly touched on the issue of student loans, telling us he'd fight for student loan forgiveness., if you are voting tomorrow, there are a few things you need to know before you go to the polls. 3 you can only vote in one presidential primary, so if you voted in last week's republican primary in south carolina, you cannot vote
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3 also, you must be a registered voter. if you haven't registered already, it is too late to do so. 3 finally, you must have a photo i-d, such as a driver's license or government-issued i-d card. 3 polls will be open tomorrow from 7 a-m to 7 p-m.if you are in line by 7 p-m, you will be allowed to vote. as far as where to go to vote, election officials say you should doublecheck your precinct online so you know where to go. we have an easy way for you to do that in our as seen on section on foxcarolina dot com. 3 and we will bring you coverage from tomorrow's democratic primary right here on fox carolina.we'll break in to programming as soon as a winner is declared...and we'll bring you their speech live. and get the results as they come in at our website, fox carolina dot com,as well as on our fox carolina news app and on social media-follow us on facebook and twitter for coverage throughout the day. 3 thanks for joining us tonight
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presentation. 3 we'll see you back here on fox carolina for coverage of the democratic primary tomorrow
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i think that if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates and really reflect upon what our country can be, and look at who can best get us to that place. i think it's hands down hillary clinton. hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight the injustice too
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